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1/The sudden support for trade unionism by the Labour right (yes, @PeoplesMomentum, that includes Rayner) tells us 3 things:
Firstly #littlekeir #Starmer has failed. His purpose was: destroy the Labour left (basically accomplished) while safeguarding the party as a vehicle for...
2/... Right wing Liberals (failed). For the second to work, the right would have to deligitimise Corbynism by providing that Blairite Labour could win elections, framing this as the only way forward.
3/ a Blarite Labour on course for election victory, need not worry about unions because they would be doing well enough out of private donors buying in influence. And this brings us to the second point: Labour is going to lose the next election & frontbenchers know it.
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1/ It's very easy to dismiss this chart, allegedly by Paul Mason as nonsense. Much of the content, such as the implication that @STWuk's @JohnWRees is somehow influenced by China is bizarre. However...
2/... structure of the chart itself resembles the strategic/conspiratorial thinking of the British security services, as outlined by once infamous anti-Soviet spy Sidney Reilley, in his memoirs:…
3/ Outlining how his networks in the Soviet Union operated, Sidney explained:

"It was essential that my Russian Organisation should not know too much and that no part of it should be in a position to betray another." ...
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1/ The truth is probably not as clear cut as the MSM media would suggest. Just one poll, and an outlier at that. But it suggests that it is entirely *possible* for #Johnson to win the next election. #Labour is not where it needs to be...
2/ By elections are strange beasts. It's important that oppositions win them to show that they are successfully eating in to the support of the Governing Party. But oppositions who win by-elections don't necessarily go on to win General elections...
3/ This is because they tend to be used as protests against the Government, as do local elections. MSM journos are picking & choosing their political precedents. It's true that the vote of confidence means that #Johnson is less likely to lead the Tories into the next election...
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1/ There's a real chance that things will get even WORSE for #Labour in the coming months. Imagine #Starmer is fined for 1 or other alleged lockdown breach but isn't challenged 4 reasons set out below. Party wld go into nxt GE as a laughing stock with lame 🦆 leader...
2/ All sensible polling analysis looks at trends. It's now been confirmed that #Starmer has led #Labour backwards in the 2022 local elections. We predicted underperformance. This was easy because of the trend of by-election losses under #Starmer.…
3/ But it gets worse for #Labour. Under #Starmer, the party has consistently performed worse than it did under Corbyn (forget polls, think real elections). According to this trend #Labour doing worse in the nxt GE than it did in 2019 is a real possibility.
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1/ Agree on the "unimaginable levels of hubris &. incompetence" point but nobody is going to call for #Starmer to go. All who you'd expect to do that are feting him for his "integrity". Lansman has even said the left shld defend his position.
2/ There've been many opportunities to depose #starmer in the last 2 yrs:
The withdrawal of whip from JC, Hartlepool defeat, etc.

The SCG has now closed ranks around him. Hard to see a legit pretext for challenge from the right, other than "he is useless"
3/ Moreover, the role of #Labour leader is now a poisoned chalice for a careerist. The party is on course for defeat at nxt GE which may be sooner rather than later. Does #Labour's next leader want to head into an electoral defeat & be branded a loser before they've got going?
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1/ A thread on why this is a stupid idea:
Starmer doesn't want to quit.

What if #Starmer is found to have broken the and fined and decides he doesn't want to stand down? That would look even worse.
2/ Fines aren't the only penalty for breaching lockdown laws, so it is feasible that #Starmer can be found to have broken the law but not fined.….
His reputation would be ruined but would he still stay on to drag Labour down at the next election.
3/ If he is fined and has to resign, #Labour will have to run a leadership contest. There could be a long contest and a new leader won't have time to establish themselves before an election.
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A sincere, no BS, friendly message (and strategy) to all #StarmerOut folks.

It's a long 🧵but please read.

#KeirStarmer #Starmer #Labour #labourdoorstep #LabourParty #ProgressiveAlliance #SocialistSunday #socialism #Progressives #progressive #FBPE #FBPA
Firstly, there's no disagreement between us. Starmer has proven one of the most ingenuine politicians in our history. He has repeatedly rowed back on his leadership pledges & sentiments and proven untrustworthy in his words and actions as leader.
He has been a babe in the woods. Policy illiterate and not particularly interested in ideas. Electorally inept, taking the hand of his elders when he's lost and then caught in the headlights when the strategy handed to him doesn't work.
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1/ Been an awful week for #Tories in Westminster but in real elections in the real world #Labour has been crashing and burning. OK, so local by elections aren't individually representative of national trends...
2/ But taken together, the results show a clear swing AGAINST #Labour that isn't being picked up in opinion polls between them.
If you have to choose, go by the actual results cast in real elections.
3/ How to explain the discrepancy? Could be that a lot of the Tory "don't knows" who've given #Starmer his lead are in fact voting Tory when they turn out. Of course, young people are traditionally more likely to vote #Labour and less likely to vote in by-elections. That said...
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1/ It was shocking at the time & remains so now that the Momentum "left" considered this a legitimate position People said at the time: "what else was she supposed to do?"
Not excuse #apartheid.
PPL who said so at the time were dismissed as "cranks."
2/ It's wrong to single out RLB, a decent person badly advised. Rather, it illustrates a broader problem on the soft left of British politics: a desire to be accepted by the establishment & mainstream media. Too often, positions are not taken for reasons of truth & accuracy...
3/ but to please institutions and organisations that will NEVER willingly accept a left wing Government. This led to the dumping of arguments that were not only defensible on grounds of basic fact but could have been used to advance progressive causes...
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1/ To call this "full fact" is misleading. It omits that, prior to the conclusion of the investigation #Starmer commissioned into his own CPS, he claimed he'd been assured that that "the decisions were the right decisions based on the information and evidence then available"
2/ Later, investigations concluded this claim to have been incorrect and that "mistakes were made".…
3/ Moreover, the report makes clear that there were "no insurmountable barriers to prosecution" and that an explanation as to why charges were not brought as only been offered "in part", laying the most of the blame on police...
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1/ Thread on why #Labour is on course to lose and what it's current trajectory and strategy suggests for its future:

It's tiny lead is declining, suggesting, as many of us have explained previously, support is soft. The softness of #Labour support is a feature of "strategy"...
2/ #Starmer wants to win over former #Tory voters alienated by #Johnson's more than usually explicit corruption. As #Corbyn was aware (and demonstrated more effectively than Miliband and Brown) , winning an election requires expanding #Labour's supporter base...
3/ But this isn't what #Starmer is doing. His strategy seems to be based more on out of date 1990s dogma than actual electoral politics. It assumes that swing voters won't be attracted to #Labour if they percieve it to be "too left wing"...
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1/ Didn’t get to finish the full thread last week, so here it is again: the imperial ideology of Eugenics from the British Empire to today.

This clip is from Pilger's superb Utopia:

This thread explains the ideological origins of this appalling racism.
2/ The ideology of Empire is Eugenics. Transhumanism is a modern branch of Eugenics advocated by Jeffrey Epstein. He held meetings with famous scientists & academics to discuss his ideas. Apparently, he wanted to "seed the human race with his DNA".…
3/ Epstein is not alone and just a recent example of the powerful dabbling in this pseudo science. The influence of Eugenicists on Western imperialism is longstanding & widespread. Of note are the views of Cecil John Rhodes, who many regard as the architect of Apartheid...
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Under Keir Starmer's leadership Labour have been losing their vote share in council and by-elections across the country, making greater losses than in GE 2019, despite that year’s smearing of Labour and its leadership (now pretty much ‘on hold’).

#Starmer #KeirStarmer
Is this poor voter performance and Starmer’s continuing unpopularity the result of strategic mistakes on the part of him and his team?

Let’s look at what appear to be Sir Keir Starmer’s top ten errors of judgement.

#Starmer #KeirStarmer #Labour #mistakes
Mistake No.10: Being Starmer

It was a strategic error for Labour to choose a leader so stale, male & pale he makes even ultra-privileged Johnson look anti-establishment. Tactically, should Starmer have put himself fwd for the leadership role?

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1/ thread on why the @jeremycorbyn situation has backfired massively on #Starmer and #Labour generally. #Corbyn
2/ Firstly, to understand how this has happened requires an understanding of #Corbyn himself, who has been woefully mischaracterised in soft left accounts of his period as leader, perhaps most notably (for the left) @OwenJones84's "This Land"...
3/ #Corbyn is not "indecisive". Thankfully he's not a weathervane either. When making a decision he considers a range of views before determining the correct course of action. When comes to a view he sticks to it firmly and usually he is right.
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1/ Final long thread for this week. Many people believe the attempt to extradite #Assange to be morally repugnant & based upon legally dubious arguments. Less well understood are the details of the “enabling act” that facilitated it & reduced all of our rights. #FreeAssange
2/ The offending legislation is the 2003 Extradition Act. This was designed to pave the way for new extradition treaties, including, most controversially, the “unequal” extradition treaty with the United States:….
3/ Somewhat ironically, although it was much criticised at the time, the 2006 Extradition Treaty, under which Assange is being threatened with extradition but the “enabling act” of 2003.
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1/ Another thread on the awful #NationalityandBordersBill: a lot of commentators are saying that the Bill "creates second-class citizens of millions of Britain’s dual nationals" or allows "the Home Secretary" to strip citizenship without warning". As usual the reality's worse...
2/ As is true of left commentators' rhetoric on the "Tory #HealthAndCareBill", the idea that the #NationalityandBordersBill makes "second class citizens of dual nationals", overlooks the problems brought in by #Labour legislation: the 2006 Immigration Asylum and Citizenship Act.
3/ The truth is that the Home Secretary has had the power to withdraw citizenship since 2006. The new legislation "just" ensures that citizenship can be withdrawn without telling them first. This will obviously make it harder for people to challenge. #NationalityandBordersBill
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1/ The tide turning against #johnson over #DowningStParty is odd. Yes, it was terrible behaviour but we've come to expect it & his gov. has done much worse without the same scrutiny. So, why now and why over this? #DowningStreetChristmasParty
2/ #Johnson the populist was a useful means of defeating #JeremyCorbyn in 2019. A more obviously "respectable" establishment figure would have struggled* (*see Theresa May). But as Ken Clarke explained in 2019, Johnson is not the establishment's ideal PM…
3/ This isn't because he is unusually venal & corrupt* (*see, for example, most British Govs.) but he doesn't participate in the parliamentary theatre in the correct way: a way that would disguise the fundamental corruption of Britain's ruling class...
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This is WORSE than I thought!! MUCH WORSE!! 😡👎…

"Vichy Starmer

Starmer’s latest slogan – after his ‘WTF’ fiasco was unsurprisingly a catastrophe – appears to be:

Community, family, country
"Starmer claims in his ‘essay’ that these not Conservative ideas – but the words are strongly reminiscent of the motto of the Vichy France government that collaborated with the nazis during the second world war, “Family. Country. Work”:

"Contribute or starve?

The #Labour press release claims that #Starmer’s essay ‘sets out vision for a “contribution society”’ – an idea that will rightly send cold shivers down the spines of this country’s millions of disabled or unemployed people and those in poorly-paid and..
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@UrbaneSlave @AhoFrank @Rachael_Swindon 1/ #Starmer's positive personal approval ratings were the cause of a huge amount of complacency when he first became leader. What was overlooked was that, even at the start, they were in decline. There was a collision between expectations and reality...
@UrbaneSlave @AhoFrank @Rachael_Swindon 2/The more he supported the Tories, the lower is ratings got until they tanked completely. I was clear in 2020 that Labour was not benefitting from Tory errors over #Covid_19 due to #Starmer's position of support for the Government. This was ignored to #Labour's detriment.
@UrbaneSlave @AhoFrank @Rachael_Swindon 3/ Bear in mind that the "20 points ahead" argument that advocated #Starmer as leader was based on a real trend of oppositions - particularly Labour - results are worse in real elections than mid term polling. Historically, Government's that are slightly behind go on to win.
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1/ Friday morning polling analysis: A lot of people are getting excited about this poll because they think it means Labour may have a chance of winning under #Starmer. Actually, it's a bad poll for the Tories and #Labour. Here's why...
2/ 35% is on the high end of #Labour's polling range under #Starmer this past year but it does not represent a significant uptick in support from what we've come to expect. The really interesting figure is that the Tories are on 33%...
3/ over the past year, Tory polling has been bottoming out around the high 30s and previously reached as far as the high 40s. But the decline in support is real and more recently, they have been polling at the lower end of this range...
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A 🧵

1/ Sweden wanted to prolong war in Afghanistan. Along with its NATO buddies it wanted to sell weapons to kill and maim people while allowing Swedish companies to profit off the misery . See link below

Then remember this (weaponising feminism to prolong war)…
The Swedish state stitched up #Assange by denying him due process. British prosecutors in #Starmer’s CPS put pressure on
the Swedish prosecutors to keep things at preliminary investigation stage for 7 years.…

H/t @TheCanaryUK
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1/ This article is everything wrong with @BBCNews and shows why much of its output is propaganda, not journalism. Awful. Going to use this thread to pick it apart piece by piece. It will take a while, so sorry for the gap between posts… #JeremyCorbyn.
2/ The article - as is usual for the BBC - centres entirely around opinion in the "Westminster village", assuming what a small circle of MPs think is representative of the party and country as a whole. It's the world according to whoever @bbclaurak chose to have coffee with.
3/ This statement goes uncontested: "We're now getting to a position where on the polls we're about even, so that's a step in the right direction." This is false. In the past months, Labour had at points been level with the Tories but it is now consistently 3-4pts behind
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Leaked plans revealed that the Labour party leadership are seeking to 'rebrand' the party along 'patriotic' lines. With Starmer's approval ratings falling, the right think that cloaking themselves in Union flag bunting will win back the 'red wall'. [A THREAD]

Image: @guardian Image
As we have explained, this flag-waving rhetoric is doomed to fail: "Rather than lulling ‘Red Wall’ voters back to Labour, it plays straight into the hands of [the Tories], who will have no qualms about pulling politics even further to the right." #Starmer…
What's the logical conclusion of this reheated Blairism? "The result will not be to gain the Labour Party votes, but to embolden nationalists and xenophobes, leading to a ramping up of attacks on migrants, of racism, and of imperialist military adventures." Image
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