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28 Jan
Turns out our kids will walk into a new lower secondary school curriculum for #Uganda, when the new term starts next week
#Uganda #Education #NewCurriculumUg #Olevel ALL PHOTOS @Educ_SportsUg @NCDCUg
@Educ_SportsUg @NCDCUg SLOW START: Training of O Level teachers on the New Uganda curriculum to delay opening of 27 schools across the country. FULL LIST here ⬇️
#Uganda #Education #SESEMAT #NewCurriculumUg #Olevel
@Educ_SportsUg @NCDCUg MIN OF EDUCATION: The new curriculum is competence based, emphasizing the learner to be at the center of learning. It focuses on learning out outcomes and aims at producing a holistic learner.
#Uganda #Education #SESEMAT #NewCurriculumUg #Olevel
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17 Jan
PROF CHIBITA: An #InauguralLecture is an opportunity to close the gap between the ivory tower & the public square. The Inaugural Lecture is a joyous occasion that allows a University to 'launch' its new Prof with a degree of celebration! 1⃣ #BetweenFreedomAndRegulation
PROF CHIBITA: Under #Museveni, the #Uganda press has had a degree of editorial independence. However, the NRM Govt has been uncompromising with the media when they have published stories deemed to threaten 'public order' & 'national security.' 2⃣ #BetweenFreedomAndRegulation
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24 Dec 19
WILLIAM RUTO: If you cannot trust your child with an #education system that you are supervising, who else can trust it. All my children do the #Kenyan education system. #NBSPeopleAndPower #Interview
WILLIAM RUTO: I do not fit in any of the stereotype descriptions. I do not have much of a family name, neither do I belong to the largest community in Kenya, nor have the financial muscle. That is the Kenya of yesteryear. Today we have a different #Kenya. #NBSPeopleAndPower
RUTO: You cannot execute a national assignment using ethnic tools. You cannot run a national agenda using an ethnic vehicle. That is why you should safeguard the foundation of #NRM, and all other parties - they should all work to have a national constituency. #NBSPeopleAndPower
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13 Nov 19
➡️Tough times in 🇺🇬
✳️ Water Bill 🚰 - sh104,000
✳️ Result - Disconnection
✳️ Re-connection bill - sh11,000
✳️ Money to be paid before re-connection to @nwscug - sh115,000
🤔 Time to think deeply about water harvesting 🌊
@nwscug The Disconnect-or-er walking in and out of my compound like one who's won the US Jackpot 😂😂😅😂😅 #PipedWater 🚰 #Uganda #Water 🌊
@nwscug I told the Disconnect-or-er that I had not expected him, the bill's actually on my reading table to show its importance, so let him give me a few days since I am a loyal customer since 2010.... 'He laughed' at the joke #PipedWater 🚰 #Uganda #Water 🌊
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7 Nov 19
Ker Luo & Kwar Adhola start World Forum of Luo Kings | Joint communique signed after first official meeting in 500 years.

#Culture #Tourism
KWAR ADHOLA: The return of our brother to trace where he left his brother, is not an act of apology, rather it is a remembrance & proof that when we make a decision for the good of our people, it is a decision made in good faith. #LuoEldersVisitToUganda #Culture #Tororo
KWAR ADHOLA: Padhola must be feeling renewed. Padhola can now pick courage to stand on their two feet, and say this is the land which our forefather found for us. #KwarAdhola #LuoEldersVisitToUganda #MosesStephenOwor #KerOpiyoOtondi
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17 Oct 19
FRIDAY: #KampalaGeopolitics Day 2 will be some day!
TODAY: #Keynote ▶️ “Africa In The World…And The World In #Africa: The ‘Kategaya Doctrine’ by Charles Onyango-Obbo at 9.30am.

✳️ Followed by some 'explosive' round tables & panels #Culture #Politics #Tech
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SAMSON TUSIIME: The #KampalaGeopolitics panel list shows media doesn't have to get talking points & sound bites from same people every damn time. And most importantly, there are enough QUALIFIED #women not to have manels on ANY topic. #Namate
📷 @KasUganda @Sambannz @reachahand
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29 Sep 19
REVIEW: Many things were said in the heat of the moment, at the 7th #Uganda National Social Security Fund #NSSF Annual Members Meeting on Friday #NSSFAMM19

⏭️ Time to reflect, and let the figures tell what could have been 'lost in translation' ... #NSSFfigures19
✳️ In FY 2012/13, #NSSF 🇺🇬 committed to pay members 'a real return' – at least 2 percentage points above the 10 year rate of inflation.
✳️ Year - Interest
2012 ✅10.00%
2013 ✅11.23%
2014 ✅11.50%
2015 ✅13.00%
2016 ✅12.30%
2017 ✅11.23%
2018 ✅ 15%
2019 ✅ 11%
✅ The amount of money paid in Benefits to qualifying #NSSF 🇺🇬
members increased by 25% from UGX 360 Billion in 2017/2018 to UGX 450 Billion in 2018/19. #NSSFfigures19
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29 Sep 19
That sunny 🌞Sunday afternoon in 🇺🇬when you get an #NSSFtext🔥 and have to 🕶️...... #NSSFAMM19
➡️ To check your new balance after the 11% interest rate, dial *254# and follow the prompts. #NSSFAMM19
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