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Thrilled and delighted to be a part of the GOAL trial team – published in @NEJM this week.…
What is the GOAL trial and what does it mean? A thread.
1/🧵 Image
GOAL stands for GwokO Adunu pa Lutino meaning “Protect the Heart of a Child.” ❤️🩺🚸
This trial tested a new strategy to prevent premature death and disability from Rheumatic Heart Disease #RHD 2/ Image
RHD causes >300,000 annual deaths & enormous morbidity, esp in LMIC countries, Indigenous and disadvantaged communities. Many are children or young adults in their prime. Most present with advanced disease, so little opportunity for intervention. 3/…
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Now that #COP26 is over, what lies ahead for resource-constrained, climate battered economies in #Africa? The view from @gyude_moore
“Over 60% of the continent is dependent on some form of agriculture”, he points out. Most of that is rain-fed, with minimal irrigation.

“Any climate disruption has a significant impact on livelihoods. We’re seeing a climate induced famine in Madagascar.”
Heavy spending on R&D on drought resistant seed is vital, @gyude_moore argues, and governments need to own that IP.

“If someone else has the intellectual property, it puts us at a disadvantage.”

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10 photographers, 2 cars, 16 days on the road, Nairobi to Bujumbura.

Pick a comfortable seat. This is a long thread.

Welcome onboard.

Images by @OneTouchMediaKe members.

#OnetouchLive #AfricanTravel
We originally wanted to do Nairobi - Namibia. Instead of cancelling the entire trip when finances refused to cooperate, we changed our destination to Bujumbura.

We even appeared on NTV’s The Trend with @LarryMadowo to share our vision.
We were @paulobuna @truthslinger @joemakeni @efi_m @AmungaTheGreat @iamnyingez @nkatetei Joe Were and Esmeralda DeSouza, aka Onetouch - a visual art collective documenting & showcasing the beauty and cultures of Africa to shift perceptions from the common narrative.
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Covid testing on arrival #Uganda flops and successes. A thread. Advance communication - a flop. As usual, passengers go through confusion with each new rule at Entebbe. However, people on the ground are doing their best to help.
Immigration. Efficient and focused process. A success. Luggage belt efficiency: a success. Luggage scanning, a success. Fast and efficient. Exiting the airport building to walk in a long loop uphill to a holding area - total flop. It’s coming to midnight and everyone has luggage.
Bank payment: partly a flop. Test cost of as communicated in USD, $30 per nose. PostBank however receives cash UGX so if you have cash $ you have to exchange for UGX. Long queue to pay though staff are quite efficient.
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#BREAKING Talks with Taliban must continue to safeguard Afghan gains: German Chancellor Merkel
#UPDATE The international community must maintain dialogue with the Taliban if it is to protect improvements made in #Afghanistan during two decades of NATO deployment, German Chancellor Angela #Merkel said Wednesday
#UPDATE Huge crowds of Afghans faced an increasingly desperate race to escape life under the Taliban in their country on Wednesday after President Joe Biden confirmed US-led evacuations will end on August 31 #Afghanistan
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@DrTedros "In January of this year, a midwife from #Uganda called Harriet Nayiga joined our press conference to talk about her experience as a health worker during the #COVID19 pandemic"-@DrTedros

@DrTedros "While vaccines were being rolled out in the wealthiest countries, Harriet was one of many #healthworkers in Africa and around the 🌍 who was still waiting for her turn to be vaccinated. At the time, #Uganda – like much of Africa – had relatively few cases of #COVID19"-@DrTedros
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At least 25 killed and 200,000 displaced by evacuations as torrential rain floods China's Henan province
Flooding in Turkey's Black Sea region
In Russia, a suspension bridge by the village of Uryum, east of Chita, collapsed when a truck tried to drive over it. The driver survived. Dozens of villages are flooded in this area of the Trans-Baikal region.
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PNAS issue “Sustaining the Commons” reports on a set of pre-registered, harmonized RCTs in 6 countries to assess how community monitoring of common pool resources can lead to better resource outcomes.
3-min video:
[1/11] Image
@gotonura & I on what we can learn from the Special Feature, incl. the challenges of developing generalizable knowledge about institutions in complex social-ecological systems & of synthesizing empirical evidence in sustainability science [2/11]… Image
#Meta-analysis: @tara_slough @dktr_dr @RoeeLevyZ & country teams use all the data for Big Picture meta-analysis. Read the individual studies below to see full richness of lessons learned about mechanisms & moderators of impacts across contexts. [3/11]… Image
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The recent outbreaks of #Zika Virus in #Kerala has renewed interest in this virus. This tweetorial explains some key aspects about the virus and why we should be actively using #genomics for #GeneticEpidemiology Image
The disease in most people is mild. Majority of people infected with Zika virus DO NOT develop symptoms. Symptoms are generally mild including fever, rash, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, malaise, and headache, and usually last for 2–7 days.
Source: @CDCgov Image
Death is RARE
Infection during pregnancy can cause microcephaly & congential malformations.
Neurological complications like Guillain-Barré syndrome, neuropathy and myelitis are seen in some.
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Our new article has just been published in @FrontPharmacol!

Pharmacological assessment of the antiprotozoal activity, cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of medicinal plants used in the treatment of #malaria in #Uganda

#ethnopharmacology #INPST #DHPSP

@FrontPharmacol The new paper in collaboration with @UAntwerpen, @Makerere and @UWMedicine investigated the potential antimalarial & toxicological effects of 16 medicinal plants frequently used by traditional healers to treat malaria, fever, and related disorders at our study site in Uganda. 2/N
In addition, the traditional healers indicated that one plant is used as a ritual plant to boost fertility & prepare young women for motherhood in some communities where a high incidence of rapidly growing large breast masses in young female patients was observed. @TUBerlin 3/N
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#CoronavirusUpdate #Tokyo2020 2021/6/30🇯🇵Ruling party MP reveals one more positive case among the 80 passengers onboard the Qatar/JAL flight where two of the 🇺🇬#Uganda Olympic team members tested positive for #COVID19 upon arrival, with one of them contracting the #DeltaVariant.
According to MP Sato, it was also revealed that the 🇺🇬Ugandan team was NOT kept in the bubble but mixed with other passenger in their economy/business class seating arrangements. They even shared the restrooms. The information was revealed in an internal foreign affairs meeting.
From this revelation, it would appear that “safe & secure” Olympics is contingent on each national team’s (or its government’s) wealth to enable a ‘bubble’ arrangement onboard a commercial flight. Not every nation can afford that and particularly, low-income countries.
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I think there should be serious discussion in the US for a male president who out of fear of COVID will send HIS WIFE INSTEAD OF HIMSELF and that makes it OK. What does it say about the country? Is it OK because it is diplomatically OK, even during a global pandemic?
There is a historical precedent where President Obama sent The First Lady during the London Olympics. But that was during normal times. It was a diplomatic decision made during peace time. But today, we are in the midst of a global pandemic.…
Health experts around the world, including government advisors are warning about #Tokyo2020 becoming a possible place for mixing of variants & super-spreader event. And the possibility is getting REAL by the day. I wonder if the Americans are caught up.
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LIVE: Join our press briefing on the latest #COVID19 updates in #Africa, including discussions on the third wave & COVID-19 vaccine passports.…
"There have now been more than 5.3 million #COVID19 cases on the African continent, & 138,000 lives sadly lost. The third wave is picking up speed, spreading faster, hitting harder." - Dr @MoetiTshidi
"This is incredibly worrying. With rapidly rising case numbers & increasing reports of serious illness, the latest surge threatens to be #Africa's worst yet." - Dr @MoetiTshidi
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🧵Pregnant women are at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID. This second thread is dedicated to pregnant women worldwide who lost their lives during the pandemic. By telling their stories we'll ensure that their memories live on #SoulsLostToCovid Image
In a worldwide study of 2,100 pregnant women, those who contracted COVID-19 during pregnancy were 20 TIMES MORE LIKELY to die than those who did not contract the virus. #SoulsLostToCovid… Image
Getting a COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy protects you from severe illness from COVID-19.…
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Happy #WorldBloodDonorDay!

Despite the #COVID19 pandemic, young people around the world continue to play a key role in ensuring a safe blood supply.

👏A big thanks for their incredible contribution to the health of their communities 👉
Every few seconds, someone, somewhere, needs safe blood 🩸.

Let's #GiveBlood and keep the 🌍🌏🌎 beating 👉
Safe blood saves millions of lives and improves the health & quality of life of many patients every day.

On #WorldBloodDonorDay, don't stop the beat, #GiveBlood 👉
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Here at 12:13 pm is @UN_Spokesperson Spox Haq in the UN Press Briefing Room from which Inner City Press is banned by UNSG @AntonioGuterres. It has emailed him Qs on Tigray, #Uganda, #Nigeria, SG scam "election, #Chad #Belarus #Cameroon, #Honduras, thread below
Inner City Press asked Haq, "On Uganda, on which you have refused to answer Press' Qs about the digital ID system which excludes people from vaccination, what are UN's comments and actions if any on that Uganda has recorded its highest number of coronavirus cases
Inner City Press asked, "On Ethiopia and Tigray what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that Ethiopia's electoral board has postponed until September elections in Somali and Harari. The voting will also not take place in Tigray
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"You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts." - Daniel Patrick Moynihan

A thread on the #COVID-19 wave in #Uganda
Our opinions can't change facts. Science does not bend to our opinions. Our opinions can't change facts that we do not like or which do not fit our preferred world view. The novel coronavirus doesn't bend to our views on economics. It isn't subject to faith or political opinion.
The second Covid-19 wave requires us to sit our (sometimes egotistical) opinions down and pay attention to facts. The novel coronavirus causes serious illness. So many people are so seriously ill that our health system is overwhelmed. The treatment is very expensive.
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Today's #NorthAfrica and #HornOfAfrica forecasts follow.

Below a satellite picture this morning with all the Nile basins including the #Abbay/#BlueNile in #Ethiopia (where it passes through the #GERD) + White Nile, #Sudan, #SouthSudan, #Uganda & the states around Lake Victoria.
10 day rainfall forecasts from the CMC, KMA, GFS and ECMWF models for June 9th through 19th.
A few animations. This one is connected to the separate tweet threads about #EuropeBigWet, which appear to be being driven by Jets of wet air coming off the Atlantic and crossing the Sahara into Europe.

This animation shows a jet crossing Libya and pumping water into Georgia.
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"A third wave of Covid cases is likely and "the question is how big will this wave be", #Wales' health minister has warned."… Image
"#Uganda is currently facing the second wave of the pandemic, which is more deadly and devastating. Health experts say the wave is worse than the first one since it is more transmissible and affecting young people."… Image
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The biggest fallacy of our time is thinking #technology is the panacea to all our problems. Street CCTV debate in #Uganda suffers from same limitation. Human element is still going to be relevant for very long time in analysis/interpretation. #Security should attract best brains.
Technology is only an aid/enabler. It is not the solution in and of itself.

A famous technologist once remarked that;

"Technology is not a substitute for competence."
It has become fashionable lately to hear statements like, "show us the CCTV footage" and law enforcement agencies bow to the political & social pressure- sometimes jeopardizing the investigations.

In the bigger scheme, even the best digital #surveillance must be intelligence-led
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#COVID_SSA Week 61 UPDATE to 8/5/21 – 36,291 new #COVID19 cases last week (-12% on Week 61) and 973 deaths (-4%). W Africa now -70% below peak for new cases, Central -5%, E -64% and Southern -89%. THREAD👉 for more details @NIHRglobal @AfricaCDC 1/10> 👉
39/ 46 sub-Saharan African countries have had a resurgent 2nd wave, which 28 have suppressed. #Congo #Kenya #Mali are in a 3rd wave.
#Botswana has yet to control W1
Last week
- the long 1st wave in #Togo peaked
- #Djibouti suppressed its 2nd wave
- #Congo entered 3rd wave
Seven countries reported >1,500 cases last week
#SouthAfrica 11,975 (+41%)
#Ethiopia 4,155 (-42%)
#Kenya 3,185 (-15%)
#Cameroun 2,696 (+20%*)
#CaboVerde 1,984 (-2%)
#Angola 1,622 (+23%)
#Madagascar 1,578 (-22%)
* Trend from 2 week rolling average (intermittent reporting)
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On April 30, Chapter Four’s @nickopiyo appeared in court for mention of the spurious criminal charge in money laundering case.

In this #thread, we reproduce highlights of the court proceedings.

#Uganda | #iStandWithNicholasOpiyo
State: Your Honour, inquiries into this matter (case against @nickopiyo) are still ongoing. We pray for an adjournment.
“Your Worship, the State has adopted a practice which reduces these proceedings to a ritual and a recitation of certain incantations. On each occasion that we come here, the State says inquiries are still ongoing.” - @dfkm1970, @nickopiyo’s lawyer. 1/8
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Today is shaping up to be a huge day for thunderstorms across the Arabian Peninsula, #NileBasin and Horn of Africa.

#KSA #SaudiArabia #Yemen #Oman #Iraq #Kuwait

#Ethiopia #Sudan #Eritrea #Somalia #SouthSudan #Uganda

#ArabianStorms #DesertRain
Live weather radar of #ArabianStorms across The Arabian Peninsula. /2
Inside the Grand Mosque in Makkah Muslim pilgrims and the @HolyKaaba. /3
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