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“When a (nun) becomes pregnant, the priest insists that she have an abortion,” the report added. ‘‘The sister is usually dismissed from her congregation while the priest is often only moved to another parish — or sent for studies.”… #NunToo
“Many members of the church, experts said, suffer from a medieval mind-set and consider the priests who commit abuse against nuns to be the victims of seductive temptresses. Since the victims in these cases are adults...there is also a reflexive tendency to blame them”
Abuse is result of “a rot in clerical culture that leads priests to believe they are a higher authority,and thus entitled to do what they want with/parishioners.In developing countries, where the abuse of nuns seems more prevalent, priests tend to be put on even higher pedestals”
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“And when your son looks at you and says ‘Mama look you won. Bullies don’t win.’ And I said ‘Baby, they don’t. Because we’re gonna go in there, we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker.’” - Rep. Rashida Tlaib
#WhyIsayFuck #116thCongress
“People are like, ‘Rashida, maybe you should put the bullhorn away.’ No! ‘Maybe you shouldn’t wear those gym shoes everywhere.’...I say fuck that.” h/t @rerutled #WhyIsayFuck
“I didn’t change or try to run away from being Arabeyya,Muslimah, Falestenyya &’s such an addition on top of that to being a badass organizer.Don’t ever let anyone take away your roots,culture,who you are bec when you(don’t change) people love you & you win” @RashidaTlaib
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Feminist scholar @drstellanyanzi will appear again in court on Monday on charges of “offending” #Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni and his late mother. Fuck civility. Fuck politeness. Tyranny and authoritarianism are not civil nor polite.
Nyanzi faces a 1 year prison sentence if convicted for posting a poem on Facebook wishing Museveni’s mother’s birth canal had poisoned him upon birth to save #Uganda from him. The poem ends with “You Should Have Died At Birth, Oh Dirty Delinquent Dictator.” #FreeStellaNyanzi
Read this by @MKSerumaga: “A controversial scholar attacks Museveni with her incendiary pen. She is accused of bad manners. But is she more badly behaved than a regime that peels away the skin of its people?”…
E Review. #FreeStellaNyanzi
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Fuck civility: feminist scholar @drstellanyanzi is on trial for “offending” Uganda's president, Yoweri Museveni. She is a proponent of "radical rudeness", a traditional Ugandan strategy for unsettling the powerful through the tactical use of public insult.…
Nyanzi was detained for 5wks in 2017 for calling Museveni a “pair of buttocks” - her least profane criticism of him. She currently faces a 1yr prison sentence if convicted for poem she posted wishing Museveni’s mother’s birth canal had poisoned him upon birth to save #Uganda.
Nyanzi’s next Court appearance is Dec 10. Her lawyer has said he hoped to be able to question President Museveni as "the first witness" to the alleged offences. "We're going to prepare to cross-examine the president on all matters concerning the vagina". #FreeStellaNyanzi
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Former Head of Organization Backed by Chinese Energy Conglomerate Convicted of #InternationalBribery, #MoneyLaunderingOffenses

Schemed to Bribe the President of Chad, President and Foreign Minister of Uganda…
A federal jury in NY City today convicted the head of a #NGO based in Hong Kong & Virginia on 7 counts for his participation in a multi-year, multimillion-dollar scheme to bribe top officials of Chad & Uganda in exchange for business advantages for a Chinese oil and gas company
Chi Ping Patrick Ho, 69, of Hong Kong, China; found guilty today of 1 count of #Conspiring2Violate the #ForeignCorruptPracticesAct (FCPA), 4 counts of #ViolatingFCPA, 1 count of #Conspiring2Commit #InternationalMoneyLaundering & 1 count of #CommittingInternationalMoneyLaundering
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NEW: @Refugees in Uganda gets slammed by internal probe:…
With donor money, @refugees spent $14.6 million setting up Uganda’s national refugee registration system. It didn’t work. So donors had to pay another $11 million to do a new headcount.
The @refugees @UNHCRuganda office also agreed that donor money could buy a plot of land next to the Prime Minister's office in Kampala for $320,000. It's being used for parking. They paid twice the going rate, auditors found.
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Yesterday I asked my followers to use #FreeBobiWine to protest the #Uganda govt torture of the pop star, charged w/treason. After nearly 24 hr stand-off at airport, midnight last night Bobi + wife were allowed to fly to Boston for medical treatment.…
Once #BobiWine reaches Boston MDs, the damage done to his body will be documented, evidence of torture. Bobi is a singer & Member of Parliament. He + 32 other opposition Parliamentarians were arrested & tortured, as #Museveni clings to his 32-yr reign of power.
The U govt allowed Bobi to leave, but his little children had to remain in Uganda to ensure Bobi's return. To appreciate why musicians & human rts activists worldwide are calling #FreeBobiWine watch his pop hit sweeping African music charts, "Freedom".
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Here’s a pig that must be deported. We want tourists in #Uganda, not psychos.
Happened at a Grand Imperil Hotel.

If he had been knocked out, we would be allover the news.

Retweet to get this swine incarcerated.

@PoliceUg @RedPepperUG @Ugaman01 @beewol @kasujja @jkkarungi
Just been informed this white piece of s**t was arrested this evening. Maybe we can demand for more than just incarceration for this swine 😡😡😡😡
Thanks to you all that retweeted. People we don’t even know from all around the world that shared and are still sharing this.

These “COULD” be the guy’s details👇🏾

Jimmy L Taylor, 69
7480 W Patriot Way
Florence, AZ
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[1] Bell (Helicopter) to supply Huey II helicopters to #Uganda , #Kenya and unidentified African customer

Contract date - September 27, 2016…
[2] #Kenya - 44th #PotUS Barack Obama has ancestry there, an is visiting there as of the moment

#Uganda - Where #JimStrzok (uncle of Peter Strzok) has been since 1987

Bell Helicopter - Where Peter Strzok has business connections , and which has large business in Iran
[3] "According to a US Department of Defence announcement on 26 Sep, the company has been awarded a foreign military sales contract worth $52.1 million for five Huey II helicopters and spares for Kenya and a $34.5 million contract for five helicopters for Uganda. "
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Big & exciting day today: I'm in the car with three Lord's Resistance Army defectors. We're on the way to Gulu, northern Uganda, where they'll be reunited with their families for the first time in 16 years. They look serious in this pic, but really everyone is all smiles (Thread)
They were kidnapped as children aged 9, 13 & 16, by the militia led by Joseph Kony, which was responsible for taking 10,000s of children from northern Uganda & forcing them to become child soldiers. Until this week they didn't even know their families were still alive.
They defected in Banda, northeast DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) a few weeks ago, & arrived in Kampala on Wednesday. Then they went through a few days of procedure & paperwork with the Ugandan government's Amnesty Commission (pic from there).
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2/5 A lot of traveling just a couple of weeks before huge election.
3/5 What is up with all this traveling?
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@Refugees #BurundiPeace "From 2016 to today, following the improvement of security in #Burundi, 100,025+ Burundians repatriated themselves in 2016, 68,000+ until Aug.15, 2017 & 7549+ officially repatriated after the tripartite of August 29-31, 2017"…
@Refugees #Burundi
Refugees' eagerness to come back home is showing
@Refugees #BurundiPeace
Great news: Refugees on their way back.
In the course of 2018, more than 60,000 #Burundi-ans are expected to return from #Tanzania.
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