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#GoodMorning everyone!

We are entering what will he the most important political weeks many of us will ever see.

Todays videos detail this weeks political schedule, when things will happen and what CAN happen! #alloutpolitics

Part 2 looks more closley at the many options our donkeys-arse of a PM , Boris Johnson has this week.

As of now, it looks like Boris is going to try and force a deal onto parlaiment on Saturday, which is going to most likely fail.


The potentials are insane. Follow this thread for todays political news.
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Let's share another inspirational story today. It is about THE PREGNANT DEER.
In the forest a pregnant deer went near a flowing river in search of a good place to give birth, it finds the area safe. Suddenly labor pain begin!
At the same moment the dark cloud fall and the lighting strike caused fire in the forest, when the dear turn left it saw a hunter creeping with a dane gun pointed towards it, when it turns right the deer saw a hungry lion coming towards it,
in front of the deer there where the flowing river was.
What would this deer that is in labour pain do?
Will she survive?
Will she give birth to the fawn (Young deers)?
Will the fawns survive?
Will the fire consume them?
Will she die from the hunter's gunshot?
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I woke up this morning so inspired and want share some inspirational stories I read sometime ago
I'll tell you three stories. The first is about...

Dr. Strive. Yes, Dr. Strive Masiyiwa of Zimbabwe. The owner of ECONET.
He once told a story of how many years ago, he needed a small amount of money for business. It wasn't small money to him, then. It was a serious lifeline he needed to rescue his business from certain impending collapse.
He went to see his very wealthy uncle and laid his case before the man. Uncle said "I can't help you". He knew there was no way his uncle did have that money. That amount was small to him. And it was a loan. He will pay back. He pleaded. Uncle said "I'm sorry I cannot help you".
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the best thing my remote team does to help curb Slack interruptions is: never purposefully use someone’s canonical name or @ them unless a response is needed asap

either write someone’s name in l337 speak or the screen reader friendly underscore in front of name (e.g. _Sarah)
a brilliant side effect of this is that now you can trust that if you set all your notification preferences to “mentions or keywords” that you’ll be alerted only whenever you are needed!
the 2nd best thing my team does to curb Slack interruptions is to set communication expectations!

decide as a group that Slack is strictly asynchronous unless you are @‘d. people know what to expect and when they will get an answer! And now, no pressure to respond immediately
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