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14 May
Videos I took from the spontaneous pro-Palestine protest from south Lebanon on the border with occupied Palestine on the Upper Galilee.
Pro-Palestine Protest in south Lebanon om the border with occupied Paleatine where the Lebanese public is protesting Israel's incremental genocide against the Palestinians in #Gaza and the internal occupied cities from Metula.
Part of the protest at Fatima Gate om the border with occupied #Palestine
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7 Mar
The export terminals of Ras Tanura port in SA on the Persian Gulf, which was targeted by the Yemeni armed forces today, are among the largest in the world designed to export crude oil and LPG. The amount of oil exported through it exceeds 80% of Saudi production.
The facilities at Ras Tanura include two piers and one sea island with a total of eighteen berths, which can accommodate ships of up to 550,000 deadweight tons (dwt).The facilities also included a tank farm with total storage capacity of 33 million barrels.
The ports are Saudi Arabia's oil export Achilles heel; while the kingdom has around 80 oil & gas fields, more than half of the country's reserves are concentrated in only 8 fields, while the huge processing complex at Abqaiq handles about two-thirds of the country's oil output.
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5 Mar
I wonder where @Pontifex_es was when the Christians of #Iraq where being massacred by #Daesh
Oh right..he was enabling the western regimes to continue there support for takfiri terrorists.
How about visiting #Syria to check on the Catholics there too? Nah, who cares about Syrians
You do not like my tweet?
Tell that to the nuns of Maaloula who were kidnapped by #Nusra and @Pontifex_es was nowhere to be found😘
More questions:
Does @Pontifex_es know that the two men responsible for protecting the Christains of Iraq from #Daesh and making sure the church bells ring again were assassinated on Iraqi soil by US occupation drones?
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4 Aug 20
Explosion in Beirut seaport reportedly due to a fire in a fireworks warehouse caused a lot of damage in the capital and the suburbs and scores of victims till now reported.

This was scary as hell.
Dear God
Praying for the safety of everyone. This was beyond horrific.
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1 May 20
معارضة الاقتراض من صندوق النقد الدولي واجبة وضرورية.


١. أنشأ صندوق النقد الدولي نظاماً من الاستعمار الحديث يقوم على مبدأ structural adjustment policies أي سياسات التكيف الهيكلي التي تزيد الفقراء فقراً وتزيد الأغنياء سمناً.
تضمن "سياسات التكيف الهيكلي" التي يتبعها صندوق النقد الدولي والبنك الدولي سداد الديون عن طريق مطالبة البلدان بخفض الإنفاق على التعليم والصحة؛ إلغاء الدعم الأساسي للأغذية والنقل؛ تخفيض قيمة العملات الوطنية لجعل الصادرات أرخص؛ خصخصة الأصول الوطنية؛ وتجميد الأجور.
تزيد هذه السياسات من الفقر وتحد من قدرة البلدان على تطوير اقتصادات محلية قوية وتسمح للشركات متعددة الجنسيات باستغلال العمال وتلويث البيئة.

٢. يفرض صندوق النقد الدولي نموذج تنمية يشوبه الكثير من العيوب بشكل أساسي، على عكس المسار الذي تتبعه معظم البلدان الصناعية.
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18 Apr 20
On April 18,1996
#Israeli #Zionist entity committed the Qana massacre in Qana village South Lebanon by firing artillery shells on a UN refugee compound where 800 Lebanese civilians were taking refuge from the Israeli brutal war known as"operation grapes of wrath".
106 Lebanese civilians were killed including infants and more than 116 were injured.

I was a 9 year old kid..that night after all the horrible images of dead children..I became a grown up. I never knew what hate was before that night but after it..I became a woman who hates.
I hated war planes and machine guns and artillery shells and the sounds of bombs and images of death, destruction and blood.

I hated Israel.

I never knew what dignity and pride were until the 25th of May 2000..but that is another story to be told later.
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26 Mar 20
#Hezbollah announced a huge plan to combat #CoronavirusPandemic in #Lebanon. The plan is as follows:

More than 24,500 people (doctors, nurses and aid workers) who work in the health sector contribute to this plan.
According to the head of Hezbollah's executive coucil Sayed Hachem Safieddine:
"The plan is compatible with the plan prepared by the Lebanese Health Ministry to combat coronavirus and doesn’t contradict with it. All our measures correspond with that of the ministry.”
A number of hospitals have been rented by Hezbollah and have been prepared to be used when necessary.
The Resistance movement has also prepared 32 medical centers across the Lebanese territories as part of the efforts to combat #CoronavirusPandemic.
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28 Jan 20

#Hezbollah issued the following statement in response to the #DealOfTheCentury

Hezbollah expresses its condemnation and firm rejection of the #DealOfShame launched by the savage #Trump administration at the expense of the Palestinian people, their land, sanctities,
and legitimate natural rights, and considers it a very dangerous step that will have very bad repercussions on the future of the region and its peoples.

#Hezbollah considers that the American satanic administration, after decades of supporting the enemy, its occupation,
its aggressions and massacres against the Arab people, crowned its aggression today, by trying to eliminate the historical and legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.
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19 Dec 19
Archbishop of Sebastia for Greek Orthodox in Palestine Atallah Hanna was hospitalized today for inhaling poisonous gas after Zionist occupation forces threw gas canisters into his church in AlQuds. The Archbishop suffered from temporary paralysis, but is now in stable condition. Image
We wish a speedy recovery and lasting health for the dear Archbishop. The occupier will face the fury of the people sooner rather than later.
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27 Aug 19
(THREAD)Hezbollah issued a statement this morning concerning the Israeli assassination drones that exploded in Beirut:
In the name of Allah the Merciful

Statement by the Islamic Resistance:
After the experts of the Islamic Resistance dismantled the first drone
that crashed in the southern suburbs, it was found that it contained a packaged insulated in a very secure technical manner, bearing explosive materials inside it of type C4 and with a weight of 5.5 kilograms.
Based on this new data, which became available after the dismantling of the drone and the analysis of its contents, we confirm that the goal of the first drone aircraft was not reconnaissance, but was aimed at carrying out an explosion just as the second drone did.
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1 Mar 19
Hezbollah issued a statement today that strongly rejected the British decision to include Hezbollah on the so-called "list of terrorist organizations", and confirmed that Hezbollah is a resistance movement against the Israeli occupation and that no country in the world that
embraces, funds &supports terrorist is entitled to accuse Hezbollah or any other resistance movement of terrorism.Hezbollah saw this decision as a humiliating compliance to the US administration which reveals that the British government is only a servant to its masters in the US.
Hezbollah stressed that the terrorism charges by the British government are all fabricated and will not fool the free world, including the free people in Britain itself, who know who created terrorism in our region and who funded, supported and still covers its crimes in
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16 Feb 19
I agree with you @FareedZakaria
Muslims SHOULD be thoughtful when speaking about Zionist Israel
by stressing on these specific thoughts:
1.Israel is a western illegal colony built on stolen Palestinian Land
2.Israel killed 100s of 1000s of Palestinians with no mercy & still does
3. Israel breaks every international law possible and the world watches silently
4. Israel mass murdered Lebanese people until it was crushed and kicked out in 2000
5. Israel destroyed entire cities in the 2006 war on Lebanon
6.Israel blockades and suffocates Gaza for 11 yrs now
7. Israel has bombed Damascus more than 200 times since 2011
8. Israel seeks to destroy any country that is not its puppet and that openly speaks about the suffering of the native Palestinians
9. Israel refuses to allow Palestinian refugees back to their homeland.
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5 Nov 18
Blockade in #Yemen has killed so far 247,000 children due to famine & CURABLE diseases since March 2015

2,000 women & over 3,000 children have been killed by direct coalition bombardment campaigns.

More info on @SyrianaAnalysis
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Watch #StopTheWarOnYemen video on this link👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

That’s without counting the thousands of injuries. Children are left disabled as well as mentally and physically scarred for life or orphaned.

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