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01. Thread: Santa @bigredwavenow tweets about #ClearVisionSince1955, #TimeMachine & #BackToTheFuture. So how does it all connect?
Decided to dig in & have fun with numbers. Found interesting coincidences of Santa, Trump & the Kennedy’s, so come along as we travel back in time
2. Let’s start with the movie and some background. #BackToTheFuture is about a son who uses a time machine to help rewrite his father’s past to bring about a better future—rewriting history. The movie was released in 1985. “Well History is not going to repeat itself”
03. Dr Emmett Brown (Doc) builds a time machine out of a Delorean.
The Delorean has to reach 88 mph in order to travel through time.
2 prominent dates are often shown on the screen.
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P.S.A I can't count on two hands how many times I have been told by friends and often aqaintneces how I said something at the right time for them and it helped them through a hard time. Sometimes because I called them randomly, or they bumped into me thinking dark thoughts,
and knew they could talk to me. Others were students or co-workers. It's a good list. I have always been approachable and a safe listener. It is a great gift you can give to your loved ones. If your thinking about someone call them. If your worried about some one call them.
We are each others keepers. We are one big family. If you need an ear, mine are ready. If you need to just sit in silence and not be alone, I would enjoy the opportunity to sit with you. You are never alone. No matter how hard it is. We are here for you. Reach out if you can.
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Happy New Year from the Beloved @rerutled and Feminist Giant! #NYE #NYC
We wish you a 2020 full of love, joy, and sparkles! #2020Vision
And from me: FUCK THE PATRIARCHY #2020Vision #NYE
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Feminist Giant wishes you a Happy New Year! #2020Vision
📷 @rerutled
We’re waiting for the molokheyya and Umm Kalthoum is on - Thawrat el-Shak.
Eating our way through New Year’s Eve - first #Queens and then #Harlem
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To mark the new decade, I hereby present you with #MonaSaid:

20 Ways To Fuck the Patriarchy for 2020.

Thank you @rerutled for the cards

1. Defy, disobey, disrupt #2020Vision
2. I want much more than equality - I want to be free. #MonaSaid #2020Vision
3. Stay out of my vagina unless I want you in there. #MonaSaid #2020Vision
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Let's talk about investments (part 1) - Three investment "instruments" to avoid:

1. Forex Trading.
2. Sport betting.
3. Crypto-currencies.


1.1. FOREX

1. Let's say I have a model for gaining 5% or more return per month. And this model is a zero sum game (like Forex trading).

Why in the world would I teach anyone else my model?

That's the question you need to ask before signing up for a Forex trading class.

Why is this person selling a book/teaching course if they can make 60% return per annum?

It's because they don't make 60% a year. Nobody does.

Someone said 90% of Forex traders make a loss 90% of the time.

Don't be deceived. Most traders lose money in the long run.
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The end of the year is a great time & opportunity for reflection & introspection, as well as for planning & decision-making.

Take advantage of this period to create your CAREER ACTION PLAN.


1. Decide & write down your CAREER GOALS:
Make your goals S.M.A.R.T.
SPECIFIC - What do you want to do? What skills/qualifications do you require? What jobs/positions do you desire? Specialist, Manager, Executive or Entrepreneur?

MEASURABLE - How will you know when you achieve it? Is it a promotion to a new position?

ACHIEVABLE - Is it in your power to accomplish it? Does it rely entirely on others?

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#2020Vision - Frugality/minimalism.

Last year at the Cannes festival:

Night 1.
Went out with a group of GLOBAL CEOs. Average bill €50.

Night 2.
Went out with a group of AFRICAN CEOs (similar restaurant). Average bill €150.

African big man = 3X the burn rate vs global peers.
The average African feels that he needs to buy expensive things to show that he is successful.

The show (in showbusiness) is probably more important than the business.

My good friend @feyiolubodun has a book, The Villager, that discusses this phenomenon in detail.
This conspicuous consumption lifestyle holds us back. It steals the capital we could use to grow our asset base and transfers it to the coffers of luxury brand makers.

We are giving our futures to Gucci and Moet while the continent languishes in penury.

We all need to do better
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📢Heads up Twitter

I am auctioning off one of my most prized possessions

It's a space helmet I brought to a #TownHall hosted by @IndivisibleTeam

It's been signed by both @ShuttleCDRKelly & @GabbyGiffords

I'm doing this to help #FlipTheSenate

Stipulations are below

@IndivisibleTeam @ShuttleCDRKelly @GabbyGiffords @JacobNPeters1 @DavidYankovich @AdamParkhomenko @joncoopertweets @tribelaw @1IronMan2020 @DemocracyStorm @ProudResister @IndivisibleofAZ @az_resist This auction will last for 1 week, until December 15th

Whoever agrees to donate the most to the @ShuttleCDRKelly campaign wins

I will update bids nightly

A screenshot will be required & verified before transaction is completed

#AzSen #VoteYourAzOff🌵 #2020Vision👓

@IndivisibleTeam @ShuttleCDRKelly @GabbyGiffords @JacobNPeters1 @DavidYankovich @AdamParkhomenko @joncoopertweets @tribelaw @1IronMan2020 @DemocracyStorm @ProudResister @IndivisibleofAZ @az_resist @exoticgamora @TrinityResists @LunaLuvgood2020 @morethanmySLE @TheSWPrincess @JCTheResistance @JennJermaine @AthenaSalman @IselaBlancAZ @MaricopaDems This auction is nation wide, I will pay for shipping should the highest bid be out of state

I really wanted to keep this, but I'd be happier with the publicity & to turn this into a contribution I cannot afford

That's it

Mark Kelly — Donate via ActBlue…
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#2020Vision Week 1: Goal setting.

Step 1: Solitude powers focus.

Get away from everything.

Then ask one question:

What goal will truly move me forward if I pursue it?


Step 1b

1. Make the goal big enough to challenge you but NOT so big that it overwhelms you.

2. Make it close enough that you can reach it but NOT so close that it's not a stretch.

3. Make sure it excites you but is sufficiently meaningful that it will move you forward.
Step 2: Write it down.

1. Make it clear & visible.
2. Make it your phone and computer screensaver.
3. Put it on the wall in your room.
4. Visualize the end result. Get there (in your mind) before you get there.
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1/ #MondayMotivaton #AmericaFirst #2020Vision #Midterms2018 #Election2020 #Trump2020
So... We’ve been thinking about this long and hard and really need some objective opinions. PLEASE Respond below, RT & encourage response.
2/ My fellow Americans who support a Liberated AMERICA run by The People, for The People & .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump :

Why r we attacking each other & trying to break apart our highly successful Revolution when we’ve come this far?
3/ America comes before your twisted panty wads EVERY DAY 24/7 🛑 JUST STOP 🛑 #Prize2020

Bill Mitchellites?
Libertarian InfoWars?
GOP Underground but in our face Political Activists/Hucksters?

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