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How To Make Passive Income with Stock Dividends.

Investing in dividend-paying stocks is a great way to build long-term wealth.

What is a Stock Dividend?

A dividend is defined as a payment made by a corporation to its shareholders. Usually these payouts are made in cash but sometimes companies will also distribute stock..
.. Dividends whereby additional stock shares are distributed to shareholders. Stock dividends are also known as stock splits.
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A Short Guide to Exercising Your Happiness to feel more fulfilled in life, backed by psychology - A Thread. If you find yourself constantly feeling down or unfulfilled, give these things a try. If this just helps one person, it’ll be worth it.

The first thing I want to point out that the opposite of happiness is not sadness, or depression. It’s boredom. No one is 100% happy all the time, there will be ups and downs. Its unavoidable.
However, “happiness” is like a muscle and you have to make the choice to train it daily. Life is all about choice, it’s the best and worst part of our existence & there is no escape from it. Even choosing not to choose is a choice in itself.
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To base your entire business model on Airbnb is suicide.

One bad event could cost you millions if you're banned.

It's important to establish relationships with long term guests as you grow and scale.

My competition (which I will not name) does this.

As you grow do the following:

1. Create a website that you can use to get direct bookings. Use @wordpressdotcom + @motopress and either make or buy one of Motopress' templates.

2. Sync the calendar on that site with Airbnb


1. Use a channel manager like @yourporterapp ...
@wordpressdotcom @motopress @yourporterapp 2. Channel managers are tools that allow you to manage multiple properties at once. They have automation tools for messaging that help alot. YourPorter lets you have a front facing website to facilitate direct bookings.

Using these tools and the systems that I've mentioned..
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ULTIMATE GUIDE: Tools & Systems You Need to Succeed as a Remote Freelancer

[A Thread w/ Pictures]

Today, you'll learn:
- How to freelance on a budget
- The professional way to get paid
- How remote workers communicate

#30DaysofThreads (11/30)
What's great about being a remote worker is that it doesn't cost much to start.

(Unless you can't access a good computer.)

I'm going to break down the tools other full-time freelancers, and I use to get our job done, get paid, and market ourselves.
1) Your Required Tools
When working remotely, you're going to do most of your work and communications via the internet.

That means you're going to need:
- Good computer
- Fast and stable internet
- Headset or headphones
- Phone
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7 Uses for a USB Stick You Didn’t Know About

#30DaysofThreads (2/30)
Use a USB Flash Drive to Lock/Unlock Your PC

Do you want to lock and unlock your computer with a physical key, like they do in the movies?

With the free PREDATOR tool, you can!

PREDATOR turns a USB flash drive into an access control device—a key for your computer.
Run Portable Apps Anywhere

One of the oddest things about software is that it usually needs to be installed. With portable apps, however, that isn’t the case.

Portable apps and games can be easily copied to a USB stick, then run from any suitable device.
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[Thread] Looking for a career in Tech and have great communication, organization, and management skills ?

Here is a list of jobs to consider.

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#30DaysofThreads #BlackTechTwitter
1. Project/Program Manager - responsible for leading an entire team and project from start to finish. Oversees all resources needed, time and budget, as well as managing team culture. A program manager manages multiple projects at at time where a project manager handles just one.
2. Product Manager - responsible for leading the development of products from start to finish. Collaborates with design and development teams for scope and deliverables.
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💠 My Daily Work Routine [Thread] 💠

How I operate and stay productive while working from home, managing different businesses & clients, all with a 4 year old.

#30DaysOfThreads #R1D25 #ListenToAri #AriGems
- Wake up
- Check phone for 911s
- Prep myself
- Prep Silas
- Check email & Asana
- Twitter thread
- Client work & calls
- Silas time
- Dinner
- Night time routine
- Study
- Bed

I usually wake up around 7am which gives me about 1-2 hours before Silas wakes up.

I want to wake up at 5am but I'm naturally a night owl and it's absolutely a struggle for me to get up that early.

I'll check my texts & emails for emergencies & then b/s on
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💠 How I Helped My [redacted] Start a 6-Figure Carpentry Business in Less Than 6 Months in 2016 [Thread] 💠

A lesson in marketing, customer service, & partnerships.

Yes, the business no longer exists 🤦‍♀️

#30DaysofThreads #R1D24 #ListenToAri #AriGems

1 - It was 2016 and we lived in Seattle. If you know anything about Seattle, you know construction is BOOMING right now.

2 - [redacted] is a talented carpenter and woodworker. They had years of experience working for their family's carpentry business.

3 - I was
the missing piece for marketing, operations, systems, & admin.

4 - Scaling that fast is expensive, in that industry. Outside of [redacted]'s agreement to pay rent, EVERY cent of profit went back into the business for tools, sub-contractors, marketing, & maintenance.
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Did you know that you can LEGALLY gather information on a person or place using apps you use every day?

Of course you did, but do you know how powerful these apps truly are or the amount of info you can really get?

Today, we will go over the basics of OSINT
So first, what is OSINT?
Open Source Intelligence is information collected from public sources like the Internet, media or social media. Like I said earlier, since this info is publicly available, it is FREE & LEGAL to gather! It’s what you do w/ the info that breaks laws
For example, Finding a spreadsheet with financial information and reporting it = Good

Using the spreadsheet to access someone's financial account = BAD
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💠[Thread] Everything You Should Know About Having a 100k Subscriber Email List 💠

What I have learned managing email lists from 2k to 800k+ subscribers

#30DaysofThreads #R1D23 #AriGems #ListenToAri

It's going to cost you to store and be able to email from an email marketing service.

ConvertKit will cost you $679/mon for up to 105k email subscribers.

That's $8148/year.

This is why I stress getting in the habit of emailing your list weekly and
setting up your funnels now.

You're gonna come out of pocket $600/mon to just give people free game and motivate them?

At minimum, you should have a way to break even.
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I get this question a lot so I’m going to break this down #30DaysofThreads

1) The first place to start is with reality. One of the best ways to build wealth is by using your “discretionary income” and piling it on both sides of your “personal finance balance sheet”. A thread...
Your balance sheet aka your net worth is comprised of 2 sides: assets & debts. Your NW increases as you add to your assets and pay down your debts. Your discretionary income is what tips that ⚖️. So 1st things 1st: you must identify what that discretionary income number is.
Your discretionary income is the monthly amount of money that’s left over after all of your expenses are paid. So plant yourself somewhere and write down the hard cold facts of what you bring home each month and what you have to pay each month. What’s left over is your DI.
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Storytime: How I Found Out My Ex Was Cheating On Me


So I recently dropped a new single, called “No Fool” about dealing with a girl who cheated on me & tried to play me for... an idiot.
As I’m doing my IG dm promo rounds I drop the link in a gc for creatives..
It’s full of actors, photogs, videographers, and Models... One in particular who just so happens to be the reason I figured out my ex was cheating on me. Her Name(the model), is Key Key(actual name may vary). And it was bc of her that I cracked the case of my cheating ex gf!
It’s the middle of the summer &
My gf at the time disappeared mia without a trace for the second time in like 2 weeks. The first time everyone was worrying abt her, and looking for her, bc she was staying with my family and . And blah blah blah.
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Back on the #30DaysofThreads train 3/30

I've had anxiety and anxiety attacks for years. A few years ago it got really bad - to the point I could barely leave the house and I've finally gotten to a place where it's manageable....

Here's how to manage anxiety attacks:
1.) First thing is to acknowledge your attacks as they are happening. Don’t fight them or try to stop them happening by clenching up and fighting with yourself.

Give yourself space to realize this is a physical reaction to a build up of energy.
Tell yourself this isn’t the truth. Your thoughts aren’t facts and right now you’re thinking irrationally.

Accept that. Understand what’s happening and if you do have emergency medicine take the damn medicine and stop trying to be strong.
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How to Combat Negative Self-Talk

The relationship you cultivate with yourself is more important than any other relationship you'll ever have. Don't let stressful situations be the reason that can't thrive.
So, how do you combat negative self talk?

Start with a posture of compassion by deciding that your voice will not become your opposition.

Recognize that you aren't above making mistakes. Find the humility and courage to let your mistakes teach you.
Understand that you are (still) worthy.

You are still good and capable of good.
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Okay I can resist #30DaysofThreads “How I lost 20 lbs in less than 90 days”. The gym bug hit me a couple of years ago and I learned everything I possible could about getting fit and losing weight. I’m a software developer so I sit at a desk and drink energy drinks and coffee
This didn’t help me or my waist a lot. I started feeling my legs getting numb and went from size 32 to close to 40. Fast forward 3 years later after I lose the weight I see the scale inching up again after I moved and fail off the gym wagon so time to lose again.
I had heard of intermittent fasting before but last time I lost all the weight by counting macros but I’m going to try this new thing

1. “Different types of fasts” Researched several types of fasting and the one I landed with was 16:8. I would fast for 16 hours and eat 8.
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On day 30 of #30daysofthreads I’m giving away some free game on renters insurance and how you can properly adjust your own insurance claim. This thread is for renters insurance policies.
If you don’t already hav renters insurance I urge you to get some ASAP! Some companies are better than others but some coverage is better than none at all. Some companies offer policies for as low as $5 a month.
1. Before you ever have to file a claim it’s good to keep some sort of inventory of everything you have in your home this could be a running list you keep as a note in your phone or photographing each room of your home. Also keep all your receipts for any high priced or high end
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How I Stopped Being Poor: A Thread on How To Get Your Life & Finances Together.

This Thread is for all you who know you're destined for greatness, but can't seem to execute.

I know exactly why, and I'm going to help you.

Pay Attention.

Back in 2014, I was dead broke. I mean DEAD broke.

Buying Weed & Beer with Nickels & Dimes broke.

Can't pay bills broke.

Overdrafting on purpose broke.

I was always bitter, full of self doubt, stressed, and procrastinated to no end.

It was bad, real bad.
I used Weed, Booze, and Twitter as a coping mechanism to escape the harsh realities of my life.

If I'm being 100, it worked too.

I would coast through the day via my vices, stay up until 3-4 am, and do it all over again.

I was a bum, BUT I knew I was better than this.
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Here is a list of resources for small businesses.

For those who want to get started on their own business, download a free checklist “Kickoff Your Brand 2020” 👉🏾

SCORE.ORG - One of my favs that my tax lady put me on to. Their website has a lot of educational tools, 1:1 counseling, and training programs. A lot of great valuable information is on there. drops countless gems for minority business owners. They host an entrepreneur summit every year geared towards small businesses and startups. You can apply to showcase your business or just attend and learn.
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Six Figure Tech Careers that DONT require Coding Skills:

Data Analyst

Data analytics jobs are perfect for those with an affinity for data set analysis, trend spotting, and strength in conveying the findings in layman's terms.

Strong mathematical and analytical skills are key to the role data analysts play.
Growth Hacker

Also known as a user acquisition specialist, growth hackers fall under the larger umbrella of marketing, as well.

Commonly employed by startups, growth hackers combine marketing, technology, and business development with a laser focus on user acquisition.
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To elaborate further

You shouldn’t spend more than $500 in total for this

that covers photography and the custom content for the videos that serve as creative

Use the preorder strategy to make money before selling

at minimum you should make $4700 from this FREE.....
then proceed to Facebook ads with the data of those who’ve bought

Retarget a similar audience with buying patterns

and don’t forget to implement the 50% off strategy on the backend to have customers buy again

so you’re making more money with a max investment of $500
If done right

you can make $10K upfront in the first 14 days with this strategy

let’s break it down

3 influencers with at least 10K followers

if just 5% of 10,000 converts = 500 * 3 influencers = 1500 buyers

1500 * 47 = $70,500

1500 * 27 = $40,500

That’s front end alone
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How to start an ECOM BRAND on a shoestring budget

If you’ve ever wanted to start an Ecom Brand and you’re low on funds

you’d want to read this to the end and then take action

Starting a brand can be expensive and not budget friendly
but what you’re about to learn is a less known secret to build a brand in 90 days or less and make your first 4-Figures selling


Let’s goooo

First action step


carefully find out what your ideal audience looks like

what their disposable income is
what their main problem is

and which emotions of theirs is tied to the problem

is it prestige/status?

are they running away from pain?

are they focused on family?

is it confidence?

once you’ve identified it

use Google trends tool to see the search volumes
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Ok...Probates...A trillion dollar market and how it can explode your real estate business...A Thread💎💎

First, what is “probate” simply the legal term to describe the process of gathering the assets of a deceased person to pay debts...
Important Terms...🧐
✳️ Estate- property/assets of individual
✳️ Decedent- person who died
✳️Executor- person named in will to manage the Estate
✳️Personal Rep- person representing estate before official appointment
✳️Beneficiary- person who receives assets from will
Each state has their own specific probate laws, but the process is generally the same.

If you die intestate, your estate has to be settled via the courts (probate)

🌀Intestate- no will
🌀 Testate- will
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Day 19 of #30DaysofThreads

~Common Money Blocking Beliefs & How To Beat Them~

This thread is for you if:

☹️You stress and struggle with money.

🥺You struggle to pay your bills no matter how much you make.

😞You want to make more money but you’re tired AF
Good news is that your money problems are all in your head.

Your brain creates a pattern or strategy when it comes to money.

Our money patterns are created from our past experiences, how our parents handled money, & even our generational beliefs & ideas about money.
Examples of negative money patterns are:

1. Constantly Stressed About Money

2. Terrible Spending Habits

3. You Just Hoard Money But Never Actually Improve Your Lifestyle

4. You’re Constantly Chasing Money
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Some of the best Certifications to have if you want a Six Figure Income.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

This l certification is a perfect fit for IT pros looking to fill the cloud hiring void. 34% of decision-makers are struggling to hire cloud professionals. it’s the fourth highest-paying certification in the US ($130,883).
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Completing the CISSP certification is like earning your master’s degree in IT security. The average salary for professionals holding this certification is $123,815, which is the 10th highest in North America.
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