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When so many business owners are trying to GET 6-figure biz credit lines…

why should you OFFER business credit?! — a thread 🧵
Getting a six-figure business line of credit seems almost impossible for new + small biz owners.

So offering one must be like, 10x harder, right?!

I mean… who would even think to do something like that?

US. 😏
And to be quite frank, I didn’t expect much from it.

I mean sure, I knew it would grab people’s attention…

It’s a total game-changer.

But what I didn’t expect, was for it to go from “I did a thing 👀”

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1/16 How to create content pillars for your brand [a thread]

So if you don't know what a content pillar (or bucket) is here's a quick definition─ basically they're topics & themes (typically 3-5) that your brand consistently discusses + educate & build convo on
2/16 Content pillars not only help you stay on brand with your niche but also give your audience clear indications of what they can expect when they enter your world. Sticking to them matters.

The concept itself might sound restrictive but it's not and I'll explain this in a sec
3/16 Cool so now how do we create these pillars? There are a few ways but here's an easy place to start.

Two words─ content audit.

Run through ALL of your content & start to look for overarching themes. It may be parenting or business advice or fashion. List the main themes.
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Ladies and Gentlemen😊😎😊
We have come to the end of our #30DaysofThreads

I want to highlight and recap on the most important points made out through the threads.

I just want to say thank you for participating.
#30DaysofThreads #esoteric #bible
There where people who requested some things for me to Decode that i didn't get to in the time frame of the threads.

Keep an eye out because every once in a while, I will be touching on Bible topics.


These are some topics im yet to Talk about
In the last 30 Days, we looked at Biblical characters such as Job, Jesus, Judas, Noah, Cain and Able, Samson and Delilah, Moses, Jonah, Adam and Eve and other characters.

The Point of these Threads was to actually show you that there is a common thread within the Bible itsself
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So Today We are Summing up (Part 2) the Story Of Noah and Job.

Today is the Second last Day of our 30 DAYS OF THREADs 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉.......

I see Gori it did help a lot of people. Thanks for all the different kinds of feedback. 👍🏿

#30DaysofThreads #esoteric #bible
Job and Noah summary
Remember that all the Bible Characters are SYMBOLS.

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We are on Day 26 of our 30 DAYS OF THREADs🎉✌🏾👍🏿🎉

I hope these Threads have assisted some of you in your Journey of Enlightenment somehow

Today we are decoding Moses & The Burning Bush. 🔥🔥🔥.

#30DaysofThreads #esoteric #bible
We decoded a different side of Moses a while back. That thread was about the Staff of Moses and Kundalini energy.

As we know, Moses was supposed to lead the People out of Egypt where they were being enslaved by the Pharaoh.
Moses Represents The Hero in each and everyone of us, just like all the other Main characters in the Bible.

Egypt is Symbolic of Material Consciousness or The Body (Physical World / Matter)

The Pharaoh is our Ego or personality, & it is stubborn AF.
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There is always another brand waiting for you to fail. Another brand that'll always want to do better.

Here's how to ensure you're dominating your competitors...



1⃣ Spend 1 hour looking at 1-3 of your competitors.

- Sites
- Logo & graphic assets
- Video/post formats
- Social content & schedule
- Engagement
- Quality of clamour (feedbacks, reviews, post comments)

2⃣ List pros & cons.

3⃣ Scan for deep flaws. Jot down
⏰ Time yourself for 10-15 mins per brand.

Don't think too much. Just auto write whatever you see.

4⃣ What are their offers/valuables that are:
- similar
- different
- congruent to you?

What improvements are they missing? Can you do 2-5x better?

(I.e. welcome gift vs. none)
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⚡️Most brands build their business based off of products, target market, or whatever they think "should be".

These are fluctuating external factors.
aka "Extrinsic Values"

Build your brands based on human nature.
aka "Intrisic Values" (non-negotiables)

Switch & watch it grow.

📝Marketing Strategy:

1. Pick any human problem. Ideally, one you can relate to.

If you can relate to it, you can implement faster.
Because you know it like the back of your hand & you've experienced it.

If not, do a thorough market research for 1-3 hours.
2. Check how pressing it is. Is it a need or want? If it's a want... boil down until it's a need. Ask the 7 Levels of Deep Why tweaked for marketing: "Why do they want it solved?

Eventually you will funnel down to a need.
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Why You Should Choose Twitter Ads OVER Facebook Ads: Part 2

(Especially if you have a mobile app to promote!📱)

🧵 Another thread about a use case for the least-liked paid social platform
Reason 2: You’re scary as shit with a limited budget.

Nah, I’m playing. Kinda

With Twitter Ads, you only pay for the performance you asked for in the 1st place. So anything else that happens on the ad is *whispers* free
Think I’m playing?

Peep the print directly from Twitter here:…
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4 Simple Market Research Tools to Help You Find Topics for Content[Thread]

Market research sounds like a scary industry term but you can actually get it done with some basics to help you come up with topics to talk to your audience about.
Market research is basically gathering info to help you get to know your tribe more. It’s important for content strategy because it’s going to help you get out of the cycle of throwing mud at the wall and hoping it sticks when it comes to content creation. Getting right to it...
1. Social media polls- IG & Twitter specifically have great tools for setting up polls for your audience.

These platforms know that brands are here to learn how they can serve their people better so they’ve made it easier.

Take full advantage. ImageImage
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#30DaysofThreads - Day 1/30

How to know if your Facebook Ads are ACTUALLY working.

[A Thread]
We say ads “work” if they’re profitable.

You need to know what stats to look at to determine profitability.

Facebook ad manager is complex af.

So how it you find your way around it? 🧐

It’s all in how you setup your columns.
Ask yourself, what is my goal?

What stats do I need to look at to know if I’ve been profitable or not?

Arrange your columns so you can see the most important metrics first.
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7 Good Side Hustles in the Real Estate Field
(A Thread) #30DaysofThreads #GotTheGameFromTrev

1. Virtual Assistant
2. Content Creator/Real Estate Blogger
3. AirBnB Manager
4. Wholesaling
5. Part-time Real Estate Agent
6. Referral Fees
7. House Flipper
1. Virtual Assistant -

VA's dont ever have to meet their clients in order to make money. They just do all of the tasks that the client is too busy to do themselves. These tasks would consist of:

- Manage appointments
- Sending emails
- Updating Lists
- Cold Calling
2. Content Creator/Real Estate Blogger

You can make money writing a blog. Start your own blog our earn from an existing blog that pays writers. Good if you are passionate about real estate and/or writing. Time investment to making an income on the side.
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How To Settled Private Student Loans!
S/O @theinfamouscpa for inspiring my first thread!
Thread Below 🧵.......#30DaysofThreads
My private loan eventually ended up with Navient. I attended @FullSail for Recording Arts!
What was an estimated $28K loan eventually turned into me owing $60K plus
I was paying $550 monthly faithfully on an income based payment plan but when the time was up I was told my new payment would be $780.
Paying that amount plus bills and other smaller FED loans would be tough so I started to do some research
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Just cuz it kicked my ass, don't mean it gotta kick yours!

Here's Interest Rate vs. APR vs. APY 🤔📊👇🏽

Interest Rate:

This is the amount of interest that you will PAY only* on the principal (starting amount) of the loan

Usually shown as a percentage (ex. 5%)
APR (Annual Percentage Rate):

This is the interest rate PLUS other fees that might come with the loan (ex. appraisal fee, broker fees, etc..)

Video from BankRate likes to say "APR = Additional Prices Represented"
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What are some fun Dropbox style urls you hunt for on twitter?

I really like “

Here are some things I’ve found 🧵

#infosec #30DaysOfThreads #OSINT
Korean Lessons content

- Sejong Korean 1-3
- Introduction to Sejong Korean
- History of Korean Culture
- Hangul Lessons
- Sejong Korean 3 - ENG. VER.

Here's 500GB worth of information for anyone seeking to learn programming.…
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“Hey Jasmine, how do I get started with investing in mobile homes?”

Well I’m glad you asked!

How to start investing in mobile homes, a thread.

The very first thing you want to do before diving into mobile home investing is MARKET RESEARCH.

Find out what is the going rate for distressed, rehabbed, and new mobile homes based on size and number of bedrooms/bathrooms.
Because the mobile home market varies from state to state, it would be advantageous to decide if you can invest where you live or if you need to start in another state.

Find out what the rent rates are (if you plan on acquiring a tenant) as well as what the lot rents are.
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Reasons to get Life Insurance - THE THREAD
1. Replace Lost Income - If you were to die randomly whoever depends on you would be without your financial presence meaning everything you took care would fall on them. Life insurance would cover the bills you were paying for.
2. Covering Burial Expenses - Funerals are EXPENSIVE. And most of us on here are 20something some pushing 30something and let’s be honest we’re not pre paying our on funeral yet. With Life insurance you can make sure your funeral is covered and your family isn’t paying it.
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🚨✈️ You know price match? Meet AIRLINE STATUS MATCH. How to become a Gold Member on most major airlines if you're gold on just one✈️🚨

#30DaysOfThreads (Travel Edition) #PacksLight
I am a die-hard @united traveler. I live next to their national hub and I traveled to San Diego like 10x last year roundtrip, so I became Silver Medallion.

My mom is die-hard @Delta flyer and is Silver Medallion with them.
But for the free week that I won in South Korea (👀see here Delta was cheaper. Wth. I want flight perks especially if I'll be in the air for 15 HOURS. But instead of complaining, I went Googling.

That's when I discovered the status match system.
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Every business needs a website, but what should your business website have? Here are 7 things every successful business website needs.


1. Clear Navigation Menu:

Use simple words like Home, About, Blog, Shop, and Contact in your navigation menu. Avoid cluttering your menu with too many links and stick 5 – 6 essential pages.
2. Email Opt-in:

You should be collecting emails from people who visit your website to keep in touch with them in the future. Consider adding a pop-up or an opt-in at the footer of your website.
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[THREAD] How To Date Abroad **JUICY!** #30DaysOfThreads

Dating while traveling is definitely in the Top 5 most asked questions I get… so here it goes...

#RachelTravels #DatingAbroad #datingin2020 #solotravel
First, let me say that ninjas are ninjas are ninjas - no matter where you go in the world. (I’m only into men so I’ll just share my experiences with dating men while traveling and living abroad).

But I am assuming women can have ninja tendencies too... lol
However, the ninjaness (yes - I made that word up) has different levels in different parts of the world.

After traveling to 70+ countries… I can say with 100% complete confidence that the Ninjaness in the USofA rank at the top.

Anyway. . .
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how to plan out your goals using google keep
#30DaysofThreads @30daysofthreads

this will be a fairly short + to the point thread. let's be honest, 2020 hasn't started off on the right foot so now's the time to get back on track before march gets here.
will be doing other threads around using google keep cause I love it that much. if you use gmail, google keep is already a part of your google apps when you create an account. best way to describe google keep, it's google's version of evernote.
you can jot down notes (which you can add to a google doc), create checklists, upload photos & collaborate [share] them with anybody who has a gmail account. here's what my google keep looks like. I have checklists that I color code & assign to a label.
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If you share a link to your site, send the user to a landing page with an email opt-in so you can capture the lead. Bonus points if you offer a lead magnet in exchange for their email.

What kind of lead magnet can you create? Here are a few ideas.

Creating an ebook is a great choice to disperse information about your products and services. You can find Lead Magnet templates for ebooks on Creative Market.
Worksheets make the information you provide actionable and practical for your audience. You can take your worksheets up a notch and make the response lines PDF fillable. You can use a free tool like PDF Escape to make fillable PDf forms.
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🚨🚨✈️Actionable Steps to Make Travel Happen in 2020 [Thread] ✈️🚨🚨

#30DaysOfThreads (Travel Edition) #PacksLight
OK. We all agree that January was a horrible fluke in 2020. The year starts NOW. And if travel was one of your goals, we're done talking about it, we're making it happen. Start with these tips:
Mark the long weekends on your calendars. i.e. mark holidays and PTO days you want to take on Mondays and Fridays. Plan trips for then. See prime U.S. dates below 👇🏽
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Attraction Marketing 💻
Performance Accounting 🧾
Automated Operations♻️
StoryBased Sales 🗣🧎🏾‍♂️🚶🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️
OPM 👉🏾💰 (other people’s money)
Modern Information Technology 💻
Innovative R&D 💡
Efficient Procurement 💳

Notice how I put the work ATTRACTION

right at the beginning

There’s a reason

Look up the work attraction 🧲

the action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something

Basically tells you the goal of your marketing efforts.

2 Things you accounting/Finance dept should do

- Provide Financial Awareness
(Of your resources in/out your biz)

- Give you guidance for how to create financial outcomes

Most people never get to the first, let alone the second 😕
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