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The UCP’s mishandling of the pandemic will make the economic crisis deeper and the recovery longer.

#ableg #covid19ab #cdnhealth
Hundreds of thousands of Albertans have lost their jobs.
Businesses have had to close their doors — many forever.
Even before the pandemic, Jason Kenney’s plan to hand over $4.7 Billion to profitable corporations failed. Investment fell, the economy stalled, and 50,000 jobs were lost.

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Canada’s Chief Medical Officer of Health released national-level COVID-19 modelling to Canadians today, while Premier Jason Kenney continues to withhold his government’s own analysis from Albertans.

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The data released by Dr Tam includes a single graph of Alberta modelling, which suggests a steep rise in daily new cases through to at least the end of 2020.
Both @DShepYEG and I have repeatedly pressured Kenney and Health Minister Tyler Shandro to release updated modelling. They have denied it exists, and the Alberta government website reports “no updated models are being planned at this time.”
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After learning that some health care workers who are sick or must isolate are being forced to take leave without pay, we are calling for Premier Jason Kenney to follow through on his commitment and introduce sustained sick pay.

#ableg #covid19ab #cdnhealth
The new federal sick pay program, formally called the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit, does provide eligible recipients with $450 per week after taxes, but it only can only to cover two weeks of leave from work.
We can’t ask people to choose between paying their bills and obeying public health orders. The federal paid sick leave only lasts for 10 days and it does not apply to people working in hospitals who come into close contact with a patient positive for COVID-19.
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For months, PHAC has refused to recommend full protection for health workers from potential airborne transmission.

Now Canada's rate of health worker infection is 2X the global average. PHAC has failed health workers. #canlab #cdnpoli… 1/n
PHAC needs to be reformed to better protect workers now and in the future.

Leading international experts recommend that a new arm of PHAC be created with legislated authority for decision-making on matters of worker safety. #canlab #cdnpoli 2/n
Matters should incl. OH&S guidelines, directives, policies and strategies. Staff should incl. all fields relevant to worker safety: epidemiology, nursing, medicine, occupational hygiene, safety, psychology, chemistry, statistics, economics, engineering etc. #canlab #cdnpoli 3/n
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Jason Kenney’s Health Minister Tyler Shandro revealed plans today to destroy 11,000 jobs at AHS, spread confusion and chaos across the province’s hospitals, and impose new out-of-pocket costs onto Alberta patients and families.

#ableg #cdnhealth #abhealth
Jason Kenney’s plans are completely irresponsible. These plans will cause harm to patients, harm to communities - particularly rural ones - and they will harm our chances for an economic recovery.
The AHS Performance Review Proposed Implementation Plan, finalized in mid-August and released publicly today, calls for the “reconfiguring” rural ERs; contracting out of housekeeping, food services, and laundry services; and new charges and co-pays for seniors in long-term care.
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New AHS documents, obtained through FOIP, show that Jason Kenney’s Health Minister Tyler Shandro repeatedly lied in the legislature about the growing number of Alberta doctors resigning from rural hospitals due to his ongoing war on their profession.

#ableg #abhealth #cdnhealth
“These documents prove that Tyler Shandro lied to the assembly, lied to his colleagues who represent these rural communities, and worse of all, he lied to the people of Alberta.”
- @DShepYEG, NDP Opposition Critic for Health
In the legislature on June 1, in response to questioning from Shepherd about nine doctors at the Athabasca Healthcare Centre publicly announcing their resignation, Shandro said...
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Over the course of two days at the Public Health Act Review Committee, UCP government MLAs voted against making the Chief Medical Officer of Health an Independent Officer of the Legislature, doubled down on their unconstitutional Bill 10 power grab...

#ableg #cdnhealth #abhealth
... refused to enshrine reproductive rights in the Public Health Act, and ignored the dramatically rising death toll from opioid overdoses.
After blocking Dr. Deena Hinshaw from speaking at a previous meeting, UCP members voted down a proposal to establish her role of Chief Medical Officer as an Independent Officer of the Legislature.
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In addition to losing 50,000 jobs before the pandemic, Jason Kenney made it clear today that he is willing to put his own political interest over the possibility of a long-awaited and long overdue national drug plan.

#ableg #cdnpoli #cdnhealth #abhealth
This self-serving decision will undermine the quality and affordability of the health care of millions of Albertans. This is an abdication of leadership. Albertans deserve a leader who will do the hard work of building a real economic recovery plan.
This premier is so desperate to distract Albertans from his inability to create jobs and restart economic growth that he is continuing his fake fight with Ottawa at the expense of the best interest of the people he was elected to represent.
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New Alberta Health data shows 301 Albertans died from an opioid overdose in the second quarter of 2020, the most deadly three-month period ever by far.

#ableg #abpoli #cdnhealth
Deaths are up from 148 in the previous quarter and 124 in the quarter before that. The dramatic rise in the number of preventable deaths in 2020 reverses an overall downward trend in fatal overdoses from the middle of 2018.
"The single most important responsibility of any government is to protect human life. But this government is turning away from scientific evidence and medical best practices and returning to a failed ‘War On Drugs’ approach."
- @heathersweetab
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EDMONTON JOURNAL: "UCP members of the Select Special Public Health Act Review committee have voted against hearing from Dr. Deena Hinshaw at future meetings, says the official Opposition."

#ableg #abhealth #cdnhealth #COVID19AB…
Members of the committee had previously passed a motion to hear from Alberta’s chief medical officer of health for a second time after she explained her role at an Aug. 27 meeting.
There was no fixed date for when Hinshaw would next address the committee.

The official Opposition NDP released a statement Friday saying UCP members of the committee introduced a motion at a meeting earlier Friday rescinding that invitation.
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"I have a bad feeling about the future of Canada’s publicly funded health-care system...the rich & powerful forces that favour profit-driven health care are gearing up for more legal challenges aimed at opening doors wider for private medicine" #cdnhealth…
"For years Fraser Institute “experts” have railed against medicare and medical wait times. Sadly, their “dire-warning” press releases are often treated as gospel by right-leaning news outlets and conservative politicians without any serious scrutiny."
"...Fraser Institute, a right-wing think tank heavily financed by rich U.S. donors, Justice Steeves said he “seriously question(s)” the idea that the institute’s wait-time surveys can be “relied upon as providing reliable data.”
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COCHRANE TIMES: "The root of the problem is this: the UCP want to bring in health care changes that the AMA feels would negatively impact patient care, especially in rural areas." - 23 Cochrane doctors

#abhealth #ableg #cochrane… Image
"This has already begun. Delivering a baby in Sundre is no longer possible, and over half of the physicians there have announced they are leaving."
"There are weekly requests for urgent coverage in other rural areas. New grads are choosing to go to other provinces rather than setting up here."
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After blocking several other key witnesses from appearing at the committee charged with reviewing Premier Jason Kenney’s pandemic response, the UCP has scheduled Dr Deena Hinshaw’s critical testimony to happen right on top of the government’s fiscal update.

#ableg #cdnhealth
This is part of an ongoing effort by the UCP to limit public scrutiny of several serious failures in this government’s pandemic response.
Albertans will never hear from many of the central figures in Alberta’s largest and deadliest outbreaks, and now the UCP is hoping many Albertans will be listening to the Finance Minister when Dr. Hinshaw speaks.
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The hour-long recording revealed that the group advancing the proposal met directly with the Minister of Health, to secure political pre-approval of the project in advance of a competitive public procurement process.

#ableg #abhealth #cdnhealth Image
According to the proponents of the project, their deliberate strategy is political in nature, and designed to circumvent the traditional checks and balances that exist within government to ensure impartial contracting.
We are also concerned that the lead lobbyist, Elan MacDonald, claimed that Shandro had appointed a senior staff person, Ivan Bernardo, to work on the file and that Bernardo had promised to clear a path for the project.
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Kenney and Shandro are chasing family doctors out of Alberta at the same time they’re scheming with UCP donors, lobbyists and property developers to push American style corporate healthcare.

#ableg #abpoli #cdnhealth #abdocs4patients Image
Its well past time for the UCP government to return to the negotiating table with the Alberta Medical Association to develop a new binding contract.
Family doctors in Alberta continue to close their practices in response to ongoing UCP hostility, and some are leaving the province altogether.
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In a new @NUPGE report, I analyze how Bill 30 (Alberta)—along with recent policy reforms—paves the way for primary/community care & acute care privatization—& the potential implications for Canadian Medicare.

Short thread below.

Report:… #abpoli #cdnpoli
In February 2020, the government-commissioned Ernst & Young review of Alberta Health Services (AHS) recommended contracting out surgeries, including those that require an overnight stay or longer. #abpoli
This recommendation received little attention: “AB Health could consider reviewing criteria for delivery of procedures in non-hospital surgical facilities to identify opportunities to deliver additional services, including potential those that require overnight stays.” #abpoli
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Further analysis and consultation by the NDP Opposition confirms the UCP’s so-called Health Statutes Amendment Act, will set the stage for profit-centered, American-style healthcare.

cc: @shandro

#abpoli #ableg #abhealth #cdnhealth #abdocs4patients Image
The legislation currently before the House:

•Allows for-profit corporations to contract for insured health services, even at demonstrable detriment to the public health system, and at the expense of Albertans...
•Allows billing for health services directly between Government and for-profit corporations.
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The NDP is backing Alberta doctors as the AMA launch full-page newspaper advertisements to correct a long record of UCP lies designed to discredit their profession and clear a path to American-style, profit-centred health care.

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Today’s ads call on Health Minister Tyler Shandro to return to the bargaining table after he tore up the province’s previous deal with the Alberta Medical Association.
The ads also state that doctors put forward meaningful proposals to control costs in February, March and July, even while Premier Jason Kenney and @shandro were smearing numerous doctors in public.
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The NDP Opposition is backing Alberta doctors as they launch full-page newspaper advertisements to correct a long record of UCP lies designed to discredit their profession and clear a path to American-style, profit-centred health care.

#ableg #abpoli #abhealth #Abdocs4patients
Today’s ads call on Health Minister Tyler Shandro to return to the bargaining table after he tore up the province’s previous deal with the Alberta Medical Association.

The ads also state that doctors put forward meaningful proposals to control costs in February, March and July, even while Kenney and Shandro were smearing numerous doctors in public and he went so far as to berate one doctor outside his home in front of his wife and children.
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Sayed is a #MD
1/6 “I am sorry you had to wear a mask, I know it’s an inconvenience. It makes breathing feel stuffier; it muffles voices; it hurts your nose and your ears.
I know it feels like losing freedom, and I know it’s scary…"…

2/6 “I am sorry you have to wear a mask, and that you had to stay at home. I know it was costly. It cost jobs. It cost money. It cost more..."

#FacesofCovid #COVID19Ontario #ONhealth #CDNHealth #MaskUpCanada #TorontoHealth
3/6 "I am sorry you couldn’t see the lives you saved by staying home. You did well. I am sorry you can’t see the lives you risk today..."

#FacesofCovid #COVID19Ontario #ONhealth #CDNHealth
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GLOBAL NEWS: "Up until very recently, Alberta was a great place to practice medicine. The province’s approach is making it unsustainable for many of them."

cc: @shandro

#ableg #abpoli #cdnhealth #abdocs4patients…
Many Alberta physicians have “reached a breaking point” and are looking to practice medicine outside of the province, according to a new survey by the Alberta Medical Association.
“Physicians have reached a breaking point,” AMA president Dr. Christine Molnar said. “I’m deeply troubled by where this is going and what it’s going to mean for medical practices and patients in the coming months.
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A new survey of Alberta doctors reveals that 42% are considering leaving the province or have already made plans to do so. More than a third are considering early retirement, clinic closure or resignation from their local hospital

#ableg #abhealth #cdnhealth #abdocs4patients
“I’m deeply troubled to see thousands of doctors are preparing to resign, retire, or move out of Alberta altogether, but I can’t say I’m shocked."
- @DShepYEG
According to the survey, commissioned by the Alberta Medical Association, fully 87 per cent of doctors are planning to resign, retire, reduce their hours, lay off staff or leave Alberta.
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The NDP is seeking these witnesses to appear before the health committee
• JBS Canada President David Colwell
• Cargill CEO David MacLennnan
• Revera CEO Thomas Wellner
• Retirement Concepts CEO Azim Jamal
• Extendicare CEO Dr Michael Guerriere

#ableg #abhealth #covid19ab
“We had the largest COVID-19 outbreak in North America at the Cargill plant."
- NDP Labour Critic and committee member @ChristinaNDP
“We can’t get to the bottom of this catastrophic health failure and others without a full accounting and examination of what happened."
- @ChristinaNDP
#canlab #cdnhealth
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Jason Kenney is deliberately weakening the public healthcare system that Albertans rely on by moving ever-more surgeries, tests, and other procedures into the private sector.

#ableg #abpoli #cdnhealth #abdocsforpatients Image
Jason Kenney isn’t satisfied to give a $4.7-billion handout to corporate shareholders, now he wants those shareholders to profit off injured and sick Albertans.
Bill 30 is also another attack by this government on the hard-working doctors in our province ... who have put themselves in harm’s way throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
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