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Ms. Jaremko's story for the Canadian Energy Centre, aka UCP Energy War Room, gets some things wrong and misleads by omission. Some errors have been corrected but have been repeated. So, here goes . . . 1/n
(1) Our letter was not signed by "several" academics but by 685. Read the update to the letter on the website of @NatObserver. Here is the letter:… #abpoli #cdnpoli @UAlberta @uaclimateaction #UCP @CDNEnergyCentre 2/n
(2) Our letter was sent to Prime Minister Trudeau on March 24th and published in @NatObserver on March 25th, at which time it had 265 signatures. By the end of April, it had 685 signatures. (Jaremko says it was published in June). 3/n
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As of July 1st 2020, these 2 programs have been eliminated

Because it affects each and every eligible recipient !
Under the * NEW * Guidelines

Transitioning from the AB CHILD BENEFIT

BENEFIT REDUCTIONS will be imposed on Families earning
MORE THAN $24 467yr

Whereas in prior years, all families who earned under $42 255yr
Under the * NEW * Guidelines

Transitioning from the AB Family Employment Tax Credit

BENEFIT REDUCTIONS will be imposed on Families earning
MORE THAN $24 467yr

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This is a thread about the #racism problem in #UCP @Alberta_UCP. Genocide denier Paul Bunner, pictured below, is just the latest example of central members of the party who either hold racist views or associate with hardcore racists. #ableg #abpoli
Jason Kenney (@jkenney) famously showed his affection for Toronto-based neo-Nazi Faith Goldy (…). Goldy "reported sympathetically on the alt-right and then went on a podcast from the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer."
Goldy has also associated with conservative MP Kerry Diotte.
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Cities lack the power, funds, & revenue raising tools they need to function in a post-Covid world.

While the #UCP slowly strangles #yeg & #yyc, a narrative is brewing that it’s somehow the fault of cities that our economy is tanking.

This is intentional. This is a tactic.

In our time of need, while we’re struggling to pay for core services like transit & we don’t have budget to cut grass, the UCP left us decay.

“A strong Canada needs a strong AB.” Well, a strong AB needs strong cities.

Cities are the powerhouses of this prov & co.
Abandoning them at this time is akin to deliberately sabotaging the AB economy.

The UCP is actively turning citizens against their local gov & taking advantage of the lack of jurisdictional literacy among the general population. This makes it easy for them to blame cities.
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Okay Alberta peeps, when the government said school re-entry would happen under detailed plans we all thought they would be part of it.

Why wouldn't we? Governments are regulatory.

Now @AdrianaLaGrange tells us it is up to school boards to come up with their own plans. 1/x
Here's why the Alberta Government abdicating their responsibilities to boards/students is so bad. #ableg #abEd

Schools aren't set up for what is needed. More hand washing?

Does your child's classroom have a sink?

Hand sanitizer stations?

Additional cleaning? 2/x
Things can be done to close gaps but @AdrianaLaGrange has said the funding is in place for boards within their existing budgets.

This is a lie.

The #UCP has already cut budgets so deeply that without Covid-19 even taken into consideration some schools are losing most CTS 3/x
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One of the most odious aspects of Mr @jkenney's draconian, authoritarian #Bill1 (Critical Infrastructure Defence Act) is it criminalizes peaceful public protests/marches down city streets–like the #BLM protests in #YYC yesterday
I explain how dangerous this is below– #THREAD 1/12
#Bill1 defines as "essential infrastructure" a highway as defined in the Traffic Safety Act––thoroughfare, street, road, trail, avenue, parkway, driveway, viaduct, lane, alley, square, bridge, causeway, trestleway [public or private, incl *SIDEWALKS*, ditches, ROWs]

#ableg 2/12
#Bill1 also defines as "essential infrastructure" a prov'l highway, transport. facility, transport. system or urban rail transit system as defined in the Hwys Devel'pmnt & Protection Act––which is also incredibly broad & includes *anything* Cabinet designates as such!
#ableg 3/12
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The #Alberta #UCP attack on supervised consumption services and #HarmReduction resumed yet again yesterday during the #ABLeg Question Period.

@jasonluan88 serves up another batch of canned messages and word salad.

Start video at 1:21:20 👇👇

The scripted lobbing of questions from #RedDeer MLA Jason Stephan (so many Jasons) serves to reintroduce the now-infamous #SCSReview panel report.

You know, that one that was based on zero scientific analysis?

From the panel with zero experience working in or using an SCS?
Here’s criminologist @dr_jdlivingston breaking down significant flaws in the so-called robust SCS Review Report.
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I’ve seen a lot of unfounded numbers thrown around lately by @SteveBuick2 @tarajago with continued false implications that doctors are making exorbitant amounts of money & that we are motivated financially by greed

I would like to add some of my own numbers to the debate /1
Despite @shandro’s claims that doctors are being equally compensated for seeing patients virtually to keep them safe during COVID, this is not the reality

Today I worked in the clinic & was successful in keeping 80% of patients at home, even those with complex medical issues /2
This is my responsibility to keep them safe and it is my pleasure to do this

However, my income during this pandemic has dropped by 70% while still working /3
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To hear that @jkenney thinks his health minister has done an extraordinary job in his role is disheartening, to say the least. Absolutely unsurprising but disheartening /1
As I become more focused on vigilance at work and at home, I’ve been trying to avoid any politics in an attempt to lessen distractions, be present and preserve my own mental health so that I can be available to those who may need my help. However, I find this hard to ignore /2
In undoing some changes that were pushed through in a pandemic, @shandro implied @albertadoctors were to blame, failed to recognize that he was simply undoing what should never have been done in a crisis & dishonestly implemented another significant cut to rural physicians /3
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Dr. Shonoski says morale has hit an all-time low as doctors face the prospect of up to 40% reductions to their pay, and not being paid at all if they treat patients without a healthcare card. @Albertadoctors says 400 clinics are having to lay off support staff or consider closing
Why physicians, as health system experts, need to be part of decision-making in cuts to healthcare. @UCPCaucus #ableg
Dr. @HShonoski says medical billing is not easy for a layperson to understand, and in rural areas, “It’s quite different from a physician working in the city.”
And this is why #UCP rural MLAs should care. @HShonoski says “When COVID is over are we going to have a primary healthcare system for our rural residents?” #ableg @UCPCaucus #abhealth
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Let's talk a bit about Jason Kenney's lovely little bit of legislative overreach with #Bill10 wherein he's given himself the power to simply create whatever laws he likes while there's a public health emergency. #ableg #abpoli /1
The need to suspend / modify the workings of various parts of things during a public emergency is a normal part of good governance. It's more than passing strange for the government to give itself the blanket right to create random laws without legislative oversight, though. /2
You know it's bad when one of Kenney's staunchest allies - John Carpay over at JCCF - is critical this move:… /3
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“We are disappointed that the government has dictated that we lay off these valuable staff members, who are directly involved in supporting student learning, even in this new temporary model of online classrooms,” says Board Chair Anne Marie Watson. 1/
“We worked hard to keep these staff employed as long as possible, but we really wish we had not been forced into taking this action.” 2/
“This was disappointing news to us because two weeks ago Alberta Education initially promised that funding would continue as status quo for the rest of the school year,” said RDCRS Interim Superintendent Kathleen Finnigan. 3/
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Let's talk for a minute about conflict of interest and "blind trusts" for a moment, because apparently @shandro and the rest of the #UCP have forgotten some fundamentals. /1 #ableg #abpoli
The purpose of a blind trust is to decouple a person's fiscal interests from whatever public role they may be carrying out. Basically it means that for the duration of your public office, you cannot exert direct legal control over a business entity you own part (or all of). /2
This is a reasonable consideration for many who pursue public office, although it is even more important for those who wind up in ministerial roles because their actions in government can dramatically shape entire sectors of the state for years to come. /3
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Watching the ongoing whining & braying from O&G supporters/workers who are supposedly from Alberta and those who really are from there is uncomfortable at best and disconcerting at worst. Clearly, there are outside players as well as @jkenney's way overpaid slush fund
'issues' management personnel, & #CPC's win at any cost team as well, so there's that to be considered. I'm sure Kenney hired bot farm managers from Ontario, his home province, to fill out the ground troops. What I don't understand is why real supporters/slush fund denizens
want Albertans to look like such whiny howling asses. Seriously? Virtually all of the pro O&G tweets are belligerent, threatening, insulting, obnoxious, arrogant, whiny beyond scope and just bloody childish. Very, very few of the 'supporters' have any optimistic views of
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Currently at the #sherwoodpark fair deal panel there are 20 people hear and 2 RCMP officers. I'm speaker #9! @albertateachers #abed #ableg #abpoli
Edit: #11 I get 2 minutes & although I want to say so much I'm going to stick up for public ed & @albertateachers!
It is very clear this panel was sent to ucp members. There was a man talking about civil disobedience blocking highways & railroads and he went on & on. Anyone who speaks against them is quickly cut off. Lots of @JustinTrudeau hate going on & wexit🤢 Distraction from#ucp disaster
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All over Alberta, families & children are paying for the #UCP's decision to prioritize a $4.7 billion corporate handout over Albertans. It's hard to keep track of the communities losing parent link programs, family support services & jobs as a result. Here's just a few:
Airdrie (@AngelaPittAB):
"I can tell you right now that our Family Respite Program will need to end completely by the end of March and that is devastating for us for sure."…
High River (@roger4LivMac):
"Kessel says the plan as of now is to stay the course and hope they can continue come April 1."…
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(THREAD) How to kill a life-saving public health intervention to the roar of thunderous applause.

The #UCP guidebook to gaslighting, misdirection, and nepotism.
#ABLeg #ABpoli
The @jkenney show was something to behold today—amidst announcements for treatment funding, those of us in #harmreduction waited in bated breath for some indication about the fate of supervised consumption services (SCS) in #Alberta.
While the SCS chatter didn’t start until after the announcements, the government’s continued negative attitude towards the service was in full force.

‘Those addictions counsellors, they’re the real heroes’

‘Those of you who got clean and stayed clean, you’re the real heroes’
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I work in the trades.

I'm a "small business person."

I live in "Smalltown," Alberta.

Most of my customers are seniors & they're on fixed incomes.

Most voted for Kenney and the corrupt #UCP 1/8
Most were ALSO convinced Kenney & the UCP would "restore order" to our province. Asking what they meant, no one could provide an answer that didn't delve beyond the obvious: That Alberta was in a recession. They blamed that on Rachel Notley & the NDP, without fail, for that 2/8
Two or three days after the UCP were elected, a senior crossed the street to where I was working, and almost instantly brought up how happy he was Kenney & company were elected, and he fully expected things to turn around in short order 3/8
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Welcome back to the #UCP gaslighting extravaganza—here we have our premier using a flawed study to perpetuate his plan; let’s have a look shall we?
#ABLeg #abpoli
First, if you haven’t read any actual scientific/research based analyses of the impacts of SCS, maybe refer to the experts.

This thread by Dr. Hyshka will tell you everything you need to know.
Next, why is this government so adamant on highlighting negative reports, when positive ones are willfully ignored.

'What we've seen is a reduction in crime severity in and around the supervised consumption sites as well'

@jkenney isn’t tweeting this?
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From /r/Alberta on reddit -

Title: "AHS bloat debunked (aka I am tired of seeing UCP hand wavy bullshit)"

As regards AHS bloat and salary issues - prepare to be crushed by math.

#yyc #ableg #UCP #ABhealth

1/17… Download the csv, turn to table, ensure you only have AHS, sort for 2018, format the 'compensation' and 'other' columns to $; use autosum at the bottoms for totals.

Sort by job, wage, title, whatever. Once you have a real feel for numbers, then we can probably have an informed chat.

That's the AHS sunshine list. Total for 2018 is 2187 people making more than 132k. AHS total staff is 102,000. Or about 2% of staff make it onto the list.

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1)At Resistance #yeg Townhall. Told deficit caused by over reliance on resource revenue, not overspending. We spend less of our GDP on services than other provinces. Before #UCP, economy best in Canada. Alta has the lowest debt to GDP ratio in Canada.
2) Public sector wages paid less than private workers. Reality public sector workers already shared the pain, not the gain. In Alta both private & public sector workers earn more than in other provinces. #ableg #abresistance #UCP
3) Corporate tax cuts do•not•create wealth & have•not•worked anywhere in Canada. AB has revenue, not spending, problem. If we taxed at rate of next lowest tax province, we would have $11.2 billion more in revenue & there would be no need to gut services. #ableg #abresistence
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Okaaaay let's just go over this, shall we? Just your friendly neighbourhood politico over here, pointing out a few things Albertans SHOULD be awfully concerned about.

(TBH, there are MANY things you should be awfully concerned about regarding this UCP government.) #UCP #AbPoli
Don't get me started on Bill 22 and outrage fatigue. But TODAY, I'm just going to highlight TWO THINGS: 1) In case you didn't notice, last week the UCP voted (after limited debate, within four days, while the premier was off in texas so he didn't have to face critics) ... fire Lorne Gibson, the elections commissioner, who had -to date- issued more then $200,000 in fines to UCP folks for failing to abide by election laws. He was IN THE MIDDLE of an investigation. He has said his office had received more than 800 complaints about...
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The UCP does NOT understand how devastating removing brand name biologics from the list of covered drugs could be. Let me…
Biological drugs are very expensive. They are genetically engineered antibodies that target specific molecules in our bodies that contribute to a disease process (like cancer, inflammation). They do not always just block the molecule from engaging it’s receptor.
Sometimes they have other actions (like inducing apoptosis/cell death) or activating receptors, or signaling other cells to eat the molecule/cell that the antibody binds to. That means that depending on how the antibody was originally designed, the therapeutic effect is different
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People are asking me what they can do to express their anger & concern with the way @jkenney is attacking our education system, our most vulnerable, our pockets, our jobs, our collective agreements, our pensions, & now, our democracy. Here are some things you can do: /1 #ableg
1. If your MLA is #UCP, write your MLA and cc members of the opposition and Cabinet members. Definitely write your MLA if they are a Cabinet Minister! /2 #ableg
2. If your MLA is #NDP, we have your back and are fighting for you, but please write to us too and cc the @jkenney and Finance Minister Travis Toews. /3 #ableg
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