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Celebrities are changing to different solid color banners.

As one Anon suggested it is linked to Comey's board game and could signal to being "on board".

This seems to be a confirmation of those who we are in a silent war with and getting ready for some form of retaliation..
..against us the [ #QAnons ] and other patriots who are exposing their lies, deception and pedo rings.

Be ready for anything, a [Silent] battle is coming.....God wins!

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Ok #Patriots let’s think about this..numbers for #Covid_19 are low in our #Hospitals . What would we #Quarantine and clear out hospitals for ? Especially in a #shutdown ? If all “legit” business operations will get #stimulus then what happens to the “non-legit”?...
...well they are in suspense! Running low on drugs and money. #mercy and #comfort are what would be needed to help #withdrawal victims. Right ? Why else send them to the largest #drug areas in the #USA ? Where else would the most unfortunate section of humanity...
...go? What if all drugs (illegal) run out ? Because the plan is to hold out on them. Then not stimulate anything that can’t be verified through the #Fed ? #TrustThePlan #Q has told us #WWG1WGA . #Addicts are part of us all and we know they have been sunk into darkness...
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Why are all these celebrities uploading blank cover photos? Post all those you see in this thread. #wwg1wga #StormIsUponUs #QAnons
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✅E como uma lei de 1863 poderá impedir que o pântano do DEEP STATE saia pela porta da Frente após Todas as acusações de crimes cometidos por Eles....
#Qanon #WWG1WGA
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2) Em msg 3899 de ontem 26/03
Q nos diz que....

"A Guerra Silenciosa Continua"

Estaria parte desta guerra sendo travada em tribunais?
É o que a msg seguinte dele nos induz....
#Qanon #WWG1WGA
2) Na msg seguinte 3900....

Q nos dá a pista de que TRUMP poderia invocar a lei de Abraham Lincoln de 1863 para impedir que muitos daqueles que estão na TEMPESTADE se utilizassem do Hábeas corpus.
#Qanon #WWG1WGA…
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Okay #anons been doing some digging into the #KennedyCenter. I think in found something interesting. 1st question I asked is why is it so important to fund this performing arts center when its obvious money should go to the people and small businesses that are affectedby Covid-19
A simple search will show you who is involved with this center. Billionaire philanthropist david Rubenstein who is a part of the Carlyle group(more digging required into this)
Now this is what stood out to me. The D.C sewer project significantly delayed the construction. We all know from #Q that the elites use DUMBS, and more importantly tunnels to traffic humans.
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Why people WW is in quarantine? Who has being infected by the 👑🦠? Why normal citizens around the world are less infect with this invisible enemy?
Universities directors
Politicians have 👑🦠
Why #POTUS mentions INVISIBLE ENEMY instead of 👑🦠?
Is he trying to tell us the [IE] are the Satanic and evil Elite? I think so!
This [IE] has being ruling the world for thousands of years. [They] have used us as food, slaves. The [IE] sacrifices our children to Moloch.
#POTUS and the MI are in Silence War against the [IE]
Our participation on this SW is stay at home so, they can finished [them]. They don't want to put us in danger. They closed schools, universities, theaters, concerts, stores churches, restaurants so, we won't be exposed
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Thread: Updated list of all celebrities and Gov officials with the Corona Virus. What the MSM isn't telling you about the Virus. My theory about the virus
1. Part one, The Facts: Look at the maps below and compare them The 1st map shows the Corona Virus clusters. Coincidence?
2. Here are the facts about how it affects people.
3. Now let's compare it to the flu. The first image and last images represent the Corona Virus.
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👀Why did Robert F Kennedy Jr do a 5 minute Instagram live with famous violinist Christian Hebel, who briefly played a song from the titanic? The live had no purpose, it was 5 minutes of small talk and violin. RFK has never gone ig live before.. #wwg1wga #QAnons #JFKjr
I also screenshot this one which shows someone commenting on the titanic song.
There weren’t very many viewers and the live wasn’t saved. Wanted to put it on here to see what anons think. I’ve always wondered what he knew, he’s voiced his disdain for trump before (I’ve heard him say it in person at a rally) so it’s a bit confusing.
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Holy COW!! 💥

What the HECK??




#event201 #QAnon #QAnons #WWG1WGA #GodWins #WeThePEPEople🐸

Read the info in the link I tweeted above and then watch the video below!…
The director of China's CDC was there!!
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1-If there is anything good to be said about this #coronavirus pandemic is that the #MAGA #Qanon peeps are finally waking up to the fact that there is no #TrustThePlan or #TrustTheProcess at all
Just con artists preying on your fears and dreams while you donate to them all
2-And even if there is a #Plan, that plan certainly doesn't include YOU, but the rich and wealthy and the usual #NWO stuff re-branded as totally cool stuff and a #5DPlan for the current Admin doing exactly the opposite as #Qanon has said.
I have spoken to a lot of ppl in private
3-Over the last few days, on their realization that they were conned. This is encouraging news.
I got conned into believing #Qanon myself. And for a while there, I regurgitated the same talking points.…
However, I did make a point to reach out to peeps
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As a nation slept, what was going on behind the curtain was unfathomable. #HumanTrafficking #pedophilia #PEDOVORES #Adrenochrome We had no idea.
To the #DeepState & #Pedowood
Your world is about to cave in.
Pedophile Arrests Soar Under Trump: Media Silent…
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Thread: What is "Black Paper"? Who was Jean Parisot de Valette, and how does it tie in to the sacrifice of children and the eventual evolution to Adrenochrome?
2. Every time I do a dig it leads me down another rabbit hole. As a HistoryFag this one was right up my alley. While doing my Adrenochrome dig I came across a website that not only sells it, but describes the ancient rituals behind the consumption of blood. It explicitly details
3. that it involves children. The crazy part is: this all goes back to Q's drop of Gloria Vanderbilt's charm necklace.
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1) 🔵 Trump e o Plano Q

✅ Quem são.....???
✅ Como surgiu...???
✅ O que é Q anon....???
✅ Que plano é esse....???
✅ Qual seus objetivos....???
✅ Quais são seus Slogans...???
#WWG1WGA #Qanon
#DarkToLight #TheGreatAwakening
Trust The Plan
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2) O que é Q/anon?
"Q" seria um alto func.da Casa Branca de nível máximo, muitos suspeitam que o Trump seja Q+
Militares de alta patente,Patriotas e cristãos que estariam ajudando "Q" a vazar informações ultra Confidenciais para derrubar o DEEP STATE
"Anons= anônimos
4)Tudo começou a ser revelado após a eleição de Trump no dia 28/10/17 Quando surgiu um perfil anônimo na Deep Web com o codinome de "Q" onde através de msgs codificadas ele ia expondo Todo o Estado Profundo (DEEP STATE)e as raízes de uma Seita 👹 nos altos escalões e na Elite.
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Only an idea I keep thinking about.
I don't know if that's the case, but it's possible.

We all are waiting for that famous tweet that should come from #POTUS45's account, per #QAnon drop #55: "My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us."

Cont. >


It must be literal ("Exactly this," wrote #QAnon) but, as everyone knows, as of now it hasn't come yet.

But, as many Anons have pointed out, this situation we are in basically worldwide (I live in Italy, you know) really looks like The Storm:

Cont. >


- lockdowns in the U.S.
- lockdowns worldwide
- military official movements (see #DefenderEurope20)
- military unofficial movements: I've seen daily reports from the U.S. and Italy, and many others from other countries
- "continuity of govt" issued in...

Cont. >
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Did @POTUS confirm a lot of our suspicions about what is really going on with the #ChineseVirus through #TimeStampSauce yesterday?
First at 8:22am there was 4 retweets, using the Plus 1200 Rule takes us to #QPost 2022.
Main frequency bands TERMINATED.
Then at 9:34am @Potus tweeted leading us to #QPost 934 talking about More CEO resignations and using the Plus 1200 Rule #QPost 2134, Q post an #Anons post which says,
Buckle up, buttercups - it’s about to get bumpy.
#GodBlessUsAll #TimeStampSauce #QArmy #CoronaVirusUpdate
At 2:36pm yesterday @POTUS tweet leads us to #QPost 1436 using the Plus 1200 Rule where an #Anon post about a movie called Rapid Fire, a movie about a corrupt FBI ‘Flood is Coming’
#Q responds with,
It’s happening. Q
#GodBlessUsAll #TimeStampSauce #QArmy #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening
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Thread: Is ritual rape, child sacrifice and the use of Adrenochrome a conspiracy theory?
1. Per an article by Shad Olson. Previously relegated well beyond the awareness and understanding of the general public,
2. a naturally occurring human endocrine secretion is becoming a focal point of attention of people awakening to the broadening Jeffrey Epstein scandal and the tectonic realignment of human perception lurking beneath the surface of that legal proceeding and its connotations for
3. the reality of the greatest evil in our time: child sex trafficking, ritualized sex abuse of children and child sacrifice.
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Omgosh I can actually google the truth right now! What just happened??? #WWG1WGA #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #QAnons
The fake news is still there but there’s truth too!! 💥💥💥
This is outstanding!!!
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Prepare-se para A Tempestade...
Bem-vindo ao maior despertar...!!!
O que está prestes a acontecer mudará a história do mundo.
A verdade está aí e nada poderá impedir o que já se iniciou.


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2) Os sinais foram revelados...
Trump é o condutor mundial da mudança, demonstrou isto ao twittar sua imagem com o Violino. Você lembra da cor verde usada por Melânia e da gravata amarela usada por Trump durante visita à Índia?

#WWG1WGA #Qanon
3) A cor opositora ao VERDE é o vermelho, Trump está conduzindo a mudança de cores/poderes. A Casa Branca, no DIA 11/03/2020 (11*3=33)(2+2=4), foi pintada de verde,(luzes) e a mensagem foi dada no twitte do violino "nada pode parar o que está por vir".
(Guardem Isso)

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1️⃣ Follow the thread #Qanons and connect the dots! #POTUS says Italy took their medicine!
2️⃣ Pope lifts lid on colossal property empire in London $15 B
3️⃣ Pope wears white hat during Mass 🐸 Top Kek 🐸
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@VincentCrypt46 I usually follow your posts, but THIS is disgusting.
People are freaking out over your post, immediately turning on Rep.Jim Jordan without thinking critically.
The "Eye of Ra" level, left eye initiation rite is a High Level Luciferian rite that MUST BE EARNED!
How is it earned?..
@VincentCrypt46 ...I'm glad you asked.
1. Bloodline Birth or "grafted in to a Family by certain "Acts".
2. Member of High Rank within one's required Secret
Society, Coven, Satanic Circle, etc...
3. Active in promoting the Luciferian Doctrine.
4. Active in Luciferian Agenda Promotion for NWO
@VincentCrypt46 5. Must have in their Luciferian "account" or credits earned:
Vast numbers of human sacrifice via work FOR abortion, human trafficking, pedophilia/pedovoria, adrenochrome and organ harvesting, sponsored terrorism, wars, deadly vaccines, GMOs with glyphosate, etc...
6. Their..
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1. @BillGates provided financials to group who owns #COVID19 patent 2.#GatesFoundation-simulated Event 201 pandemic exercise in 10/2019 3. #GatesFoundation launches initiative to speed up #COVID19 vaccine 4. #Gates steps down from MS - #Corruption? #QAnons
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