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For over 400 years, history has been haunted by Anarkali, the beautiful court dancer who was buried alive by Emperor Akbar, for her love affair with Prince Salim (Akbar’s son and the future Emperor Jahangir). But is the story fact or #fiction? The truth will surprise you! 1/11 Image
This tragic love story has many modern retellings, including the 1960s classic Hindi film Mughal-e-Azam. But if Anarkali is just #folklore, whose grave lies in the magnificent ‘Tomb of Anarkali’ in the heart of #Lahore, the former Mughal capital? 2/11 Image
The grave bears the couplet in #Persian: ‘Ah! If I could behold the face of my beloved once more, I would thank God until the day of resurrection’. It is signed by ‘Majnun Salim Akbar’ ('Enamoured Son of Akbar'). It’s the only clue we have. 3/11
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Starting a 'Historical places to visit in India' thread! 😊❤️
Buland Darwaza (Door of victory) at Fatehpur Sikri, UP, India. Built by Emperor Akbar in 1601 to commemorate his victory over Gujarat #india #historicalplaces #BulandDarwaza #sightseeing #Akbar Image
Taj Mahal, Agra, India. Built by Emperor Shah Jahan for his late wife Mumtaz Mahal in 1632. ❤️😊 It took around 22 years to build this magnificent structure. Made of white marble. #TajMahal #Agra #India #ShahJahan #MumtazMahal #historicalplaces Image
Agra Fort, Agra, India 😍 Built by Emperor Akbar in 1565. Fun fact- it is built entirely of red sandstone.😊 #Agra #AgraFort #India #UNESCO #historicalplaces Image
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On this day (June 26th 1579), following the footsteps of his ancestors, #Mughal Emperor Akbar, personally recited the Friday khutbah (religious sermon).

#Akbar declared himself as "Padishah i Islam", much like his Timurid ancestors Shah Rukh Mirza & Ulugh Beg Mirza.
This was by no means surprising, for the Timurid's followed the notion of sacred kingship, that is, the monarchs reign was bestowed by God, that the monarch was the shadow of God on earth (zil-i-ilahi), & a guide of God's creation. Moreover, Emperor #Humayun in a dispatch to
#Ottoman Sultan, stressed that whilst he (Suleiman) was the Caliph across his domains, the Timurid-Mughals were the rightful Caliphs of Hind & Sindh & no other external entity has the right to such a claim.

What Akbar issued was no different to what his ancestors had practiced
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Akbar is not just the greatest among all the Mughals, but also one of the greatest the world has seen. How did he come to know as such a great ruler?
Firstly, Akbar was known to be great, because he took care of his people well. Before him, most rulers cared only about themselves and kept collecting taxes more and more.
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Happy Basant Panchami: in India it means ‘Basant’ or Spring is here. India has 6 seasons, each as beautiful as the other ♥️ Let’s celebrate it through our love for Nature as Draupadi and her attendants are in this miniature painting made 500 years ImageImageImageImage
This #miniaturepainting is from ‘Razmnana’ commissioned by Abdur Rahim Khan-e-Khanan, able commander, #poet #advisor of #Mughal emperor #Akbar a #dyslexic he made it his mission for translation of many manuscripts into highly illustrated books in his ‘taswirkhana’painting atelier ImageImage
The world’s best #artists #calligraphers were part of these elaborate projects. The ‘Razmnama’ is the Persian translation of the Mahabharata
This painting is from the @PiramalMuseum
Read more on spring:…❤%EF%B8%8F-really/#
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A little fun here... modern images of the Mughals that I am using in teaching this term (not as hard history but rather as contemporary resonances). I'll add over the next few weeks. #THREAD #Mughal #history #historicalmemory
#Babur. Opera performed in London in the early 2010s.
#Babur. Statue in modern-day Uzbekistan.
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#PriyaRamani - #MJAkbar defamation hearing resumes. Ghazala Wahab, to testify in the court of Additional Chief Metropolian Magistrate Vishal Pahuja.
Ghazala Wahab takes oath and starts to talk about herself.
‘I have been a journalist for the last 25 years. I grew up in Agra, I graduated in journalism hons. from DU’.
#MJAkbar-#PriyaRamani defamation hearing.
@TheQuint @IndiaMeToo
‘I joined the Asian Age in the Delhi office in 1994. I left Asian Age as Chief sun Editor in Jan 1998. I joined the Telegraph in Feb 1998 as corespondent in the Delhi office.’: @ghazalawahab testifies in the #MJAkbar defamation hearing.
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To legitimise ones claim on the #Mughal throne, Khutba had to be read in ones name in the Friday prayers and a Sikka (Coin) had to be struck. Heres a thread of the coins struck in the name of Mughal Emperors with their names highlighted.
Sher-o-Khurshid on a medallion of Jahangir
1. Zahir-ud-din Muhammad #Babur (1526-1530CE)
Known coins: Silver Shahrukhis in his name and Anonymous Copper issues
Known Mints: Agra, Badakshan, Jaunpur, Kabul, Lahore
Coins displayed: #Siver Shahrukhi of #Agra.
@ssharadmohhan @India_Atelier @Bagh_eBabur @iamrana @gypsy_heart6
2. Nasir ud-din Muhammad Humayun (1530-1540/ 1555-1556CE)
Known coins: Gold Mithqals, Silver Shahrukhis and Silver Rupees in his name and Anonymous Copper issues
Known Mints: 11
Coins displayed: #Siver Shahrukhi of #Lahore
@ssharadmohhan @India_Atelier @iamrana @gypsy_heart6
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The first #Mughal Emperor was Zahir ud din Mohammed #Babur Born in #Ferghana #Uzbekestan he ruled #India from #Delhi from 1st April 1526 to 26th December 1530.
This c1630 painting is from @V_and_A Artist unknown.
@DalrympleWill @India_Atelier @mukhoty @Bagh_eBabur Image
From @RCT this c1603 painting by artist #Mohan is of the 2nd emperor, Nasir ud din Mohd #Humayun, ruled from 26th Dec 1530 to 27th May 1540. Defeated by #Suri dynasty, he recovered the empire, ruling from 22nd Feb 1555 till 27th Jan 1556. Died falling from stairs
Tomb at #Delhi Image
From @hermitage_eng, the portrait by #Manohar c1580 is of the 3rd #Mughal Emperor Jalal ud din Mohammed #Akbar Ruling from #Agra from 27th Jan 1556 to 27th Oct 1605. Died from Dysentery and entombed at #Sikandra near Agra.
@DalrympleWill @mukhoty @India_Atelier @DilliKiRanaiyan Image
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