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Thread : Gems of Indian Judiciary

1. "'Every Sinner Has A Future': Supreme Court Commutes Death Sentence Imposed On Man For Rape & Murder Of 4 Year Old Girl"…
2. "LawBeat | "Dragging minor girl's dupatta, pulling hand forcing marriage proposal, not sexual assault or sexual harassment": Calcutta High Court acquits man of POCSO charges"…
3. "Bar and Bench | Indian Legal News | Supreme Court Judgment, High Court Updates, Indian Law Firm News, Law School News, Legal News in India"…
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भारतीय न्यायपालिका का पाखंड।

इलाहाबाद हाईकोर्ट ने ताजमहल के 22 बंद दरवाजों को खोलने की मांग वाली याचिका खारिज की।

ये लो, शीर्ष अदालतों को पद्मनाभ स्वामी मंदिर के प्राचीन खजाने की तिजोरियों और आंतरिक कक्षों को जबरन खोलने में कोई समस्या नहीं थी, लेकिन ताजमहल में 22 बंद (1/3)
दरवाजे खोलने की याचिका को सिरे से खारिज कर दिया। धर्मनिरपेक्षता को प्रणाम!

पढ़ें @ANI कहानी |…
#इलाहाबादहाईकोर्ट #ताजमहल

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Plea to open #TajMahal’s rooms to check for Hindu idols dismissed by Allahabad High Court

The judges asked the petitioner, a BJP leader, not to make a mockery of the public interest litigation system.

The Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court today dismissed a plea seeking directions to open 20 rooms of the #TajMahal in Agra to check for the possible presence of Hindu idols or scriptures, Bar and Bench reported.
“Tomorrow you will come & ask us to go to chambers of honourable judges,” the two-judge bench of Justices DK Upadhyay & Subhash Vidyarthi rebuked the petitioner. “Please, do not make a mockery of the PIL system.”

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Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court will shortly hear a petition seeking a direction to ASI to open doors of over 20 rooms inside the Taj Mahal premises so that the alleged controversy related to the “history of Taj Mahal” can be put to rest
A bench of Justices DK Upadhyay and Subhash Vidyarthi will be hearing the Tajmahal matter shortly.

Bench Assembles

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Let's walk through the Taj Mahal today.
I will take you on a pictorial tour.
A huge Darwaza surrounded by a wall guards the teardrop inside
As you come closer it's awesome majesty hits you
We enter the huge gateway and we see it.
It seems nearer than it is
The wonder of the world
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The Taj Mahal, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World is in Agra, India. A symbol of love, it was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to house the tomb of his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, as well as his own tomb too.

A thread on the artistry of the #TajMahal
1/ The Taj Mahal was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being "the jewel of Muslim art in India & one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world's heritage". It is regarded by many as the best example of Mughal architecture

2/ A labour force of about 20,000 workers were recruited to build the Taj Mahal. There was also a creative unit of 37 men employed including sculptors from Bukhara, calligraphers from Syria & Persia, inlayers from southern India & Stone cutters from Baluchistan…

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BREAKING: Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya moves Allahabad High Court after denial of entry to #Tajmahal.
The Acharya and his pupil were denied entry to the monument twice owing to their Dharmdand and Bhagwa Vastra.
The Jagadguru has argued that in the Hindu religion Jagatguru has the authority to take Dharmdand and wear Bhagwa Vastra and they are allowed 'to go anywhere in India' without any permission and they also can travel by any mode of transport.
His petition states, "Now petitioners have doubt that there is some mystery in the #Tajmahal and they have suspicion that there were some ancient Hindu temples (there)...Therefore, the matter needs proper investigation."
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Starting a 'Historical places to visit in India' thread! 😊❤️
Buland Darwaza (Door of victory) at Fatehpur Sikri, UP, India. Built by Emperor Akbar in 1601 to commemorate his victory over Gujarat #india #historicalplaces #BulandDarwaza #sightseeing #Akbar Image
Taj Mahal, Agra, India. Built by Emperor Shah Jahan for his late wife Mumtaz Mahal in 1632. ❤️😊 It took around 22 years to build this magnificent structure. Made of white marble. #TajMahal #Agra #India #ShahJahan #MumtazMahal #historicalplaces Image
Agra Fort, Agra, India 😍 Built by Emperor Akbar in 1565. Fun fact- it is built entirely of red sandstone.😊 #Agra #AgraFort #India #UNESCO #historicalplaces Image
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#Hindu #Funerary Monuments - Chhatri

Chhatri is a memorial chapel built over a #tomb found throughout the region of #Rajasthan, #MadhyaPradesh and #Maharashtra. These memorials commemorate the death of rulers, their consorts, relatives and the elite. 1/🧵
If Samadhis were funerary monuments of saints in #Hindus, Chhatris were #Rajput's choice of the memorial. They made sure that the memory of the chivalry of their ancestors passed on to the next generations. Though, all Chhatris did not necessarily contain the mortal remains. 2/
Chhatri i.e. umbrella, first appeared as a canopy above the tomb in #Islamic #architecture. #Hindu kings transformed the tomb into Chhatri. By the 16th C, Rajput courts had started building Chhatris. It was a place where a noble was cremated, memorialized and later worshipped. 3/
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Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa talked about CPEC in terms of an opportunity for economic cooperation for the whole region including India and offered an olive branch to Pakistan’s eastern neighbour by @abbasnasir59 | #India #Pakistan #Peace #LahoreDeclaration |
2 - Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa talked about CPEC in terms of an opportunity for economic cooperation for the whole region including India and offered an olive branch to Pakistan’s eastern neighbour by @abbasnasir59 | #India #Pakistan #Peace #LahoreDeclaration |
1 - “ US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin’s India visit, where he praised New Delhi’s growing ties with ‘like-minded partners “ by @abbasnasir59 | Mr Nawaz Sharif with the Late PM India
Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee

#India #Pakistan #Peace #LahoreDeclaration
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Shah Jahan is said to have loved his wife Mumtaz Mahal so much that he built her the greatest monument in history, the Taj Mahal. Now it is considered as the most important symbol of love. However, is the love of Shah Jahan for his wife portrayed in the correct manner?
Firstly, Mumtaz was not the only wife of Shah Jahan. He had several other wives. In fact, he married three others and historians say he loved them also as much as Mumtaz. Secondly, Shah Jahan had made a promise to Mumtaz that he would never marry anyone else after she died.
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THREAD: Even if you set aside all the crimes he’s committed as President, we now have a clear picture of 10 provable crimes Trump committed BEFORE he even became President #FridayThoughts #TrumpTrainwreck (1/11)
1. Sexual Assault.

More than two dozen women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct, assault, or rape. In 2020, Bill Barr is protecting Trump in a case where he refuses to give a DNA sample that would theoretically clear his name.
2. Racial Discrimination.

Before becoming the #BirtherInChief, Trump already had a long and well-documented history of racism, much of it illegal.
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All #@ASIGoI protected monuments including #TajMahal, which was shut down on March 17, to be open from #June8. @timesofindia @shady2k8 @sthakurtweets @Benarasiyaa @pra0902
#UPDATE: However, #TajMahal’s #mosque and 34 other such mosques in Agra, which is amongst the list of #monuments announced for opening, will remain #shut. In fact all #religious place in #Agra will remain shut for public, as per district administration’s decision.
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🤓If I was a QAnon conspiracy theorist, I’d tell my followers that @IvankaTrump was trying to warn MAGA loyalists that the #coronavirus was on its way and to sell the market before you’re bankrupt like Trump’s Taj Majal Casino 😂🤣😂
The #coronavirus sort of looks like a Q 🙄
He bankrupted the stock market too‼️😂After the @SenateGOP and their millionaire friends sold their stocks!
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Not a single incident post 2300 hours on 25.2.2020. We said discussion after Holi, so that no flare up again. and let police carry out investigation so that facts can emerge. So that peace remains in Delhi: Home Minister @AmitShah in Lok Sabha. Therefore sought discussion on 11th
In Lok Sabha @AmitShah seeks `protection' (संरक्षण) of Speaker @ombirlakota to be able to make his statement. Shah praises @DelhiPolice for handling riots in an area where population is 20 lakh. Population of #Delhi 1.70 crore. Police kept riots restricted to 12 police stn areas.
Violence in Delhi remained restricted to 36 hours. 1400 hours on 24th Feb to 2300 hours on 25th Feb. @DelhiPolice did not let violence spread beyond 12 police station areas (in parts of east Delhi): @AmitShah in Lok Sabha clarifies he did not go to #TajMahal w/ @realDonaldTrump.
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The first #Mughal Emperor was Zahir ud din Mohammed #Babur Born in #Ferghana #Uzbekestan he ruled #India from #Delhi from 1st April 1526 to 26th December 1530.
This c1630 painting is from @V_and_A Artist unknown.
@DalrympleWill @India_Atelier @mukhoty @Bagh_eBabur Image
From @RCT this c1603 painting by artist #Mohan is of the 2nd emperor, Nasir ud din Mohd #Humayun, ruled from 26th Dec 1530 to 27th May 1540. Defeated by #Suri dynasty, he recovered the empire, ruling from 22nd Feb 1555 till 27th Jan 1556. Died falling from stairs
Tomb at #Delhi Image
From @hermitage_eng, the portrait by #Manohar c1580 is of the 3rd #Mughal Emperor Jalal ud din Mohammed #Akbar Ruling from #Agra from 27th Jan 1556 to 27th Oct 1605. Died from Dysentery and entombed at #Sikandra near Agra.
@DalrympleWill @mukhoty @India_Atelier @DilliKiRanaiyan Image
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Yamuna is dying, and so is Taj...

#Agra #TajMahal
As I sat by myself at the end of an exhausting day, I could finally see the world that surrounded the #TajMahal. When the Mu'adhin in a nearby mosque made a call for prayers, I too closed my eyes praying that this was all just a nightmare. It wasn’t.
You’ve seen me a traveller who shares beautiful images and fun stories of the places that I visit, so why I am sharing this today? Well, I indeed debated the need to share this, and the more I thought about it, the more I was convinced it was the right thing to do.
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Sharing #MyStory as an #international #immigrant a part of @IWS_Network #Voices without #Frontiers initiative! As a #scientist and an advocate for #workplaceequality, I believe in the power of stories. #IWS #VoicesIWS #SayItForward #WomenInspire #WomeninScience #WomenInSTEM
As a child, how would you have liked moving schools in new cities with different cultures every 2-4 years?

Growing up in the #IndianArmy, I absolutely loved it! By the time I was 18, we had moved over 9 times across 9 states! #Diversity #India #TravelTuesday #IWS #VoicesIWS
My #memories of #India include sunny days, welcoming people, rich heritage, vibrant colors, abundant fruits and mouth-watering street food! #IWS #VoicesIWS
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