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“Is #Ukraine a #Democracy? Separating #Fact From #FictionImage
“Free and Fair Elections

#Ukraine's president is directly elected by the people, while the country's lawmakers are elected in both single-seat constituencies and through proportional representation.
The legislature chooses the prime minister by majority vote, and the president appoints members of the supreme court after they have been nominated by the Supreme Council of Justice.
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Do you have stars in your mouth? ✨✨

(A thread)

Someday, a story will be told and it will begin like this:

Do you have....?

SCRAP that!

It will begin with reality.

I can't walk. Right now, I cannot walk.

But I'm happy and content.
If one should ask me, life hasn't been too bad. Really.

I've enjoyed the gift of cheer and laughter, learned much through tests and trials, shared many joys and sorrows. I've lived a rich and full life, one I shall mourn when it is over.
Having tended to the aging and dying, and watched newborns kick with life, I'm not a stranger to life and death, especially how slowly and gradually they unfurl their missions.
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(1/4) I asked ChatGPT on 2023-03-23 to write a story about an open-source machine that can travel through space, time, parallel worlds, and the multiverse.
(2/4) I also asked it to dedicate its work to the Public Domain through Creative Commons Public Dedication (CC0 / CCzero), and it did.

Here is the story dedicated to the Public Domain.


(3/4) or


… for the story.
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Digital Spies:

In the digital age, privacy is a challenge,
Our personal data is at risk of theft,
Protecting it requires more than a talisman.

Our online lives are a digital talisman,
Hackers and cybercriminals take the plunge,
In the digital age, privacy is a challenge. Image
We are always at risk, a digital malfunction,
Leaves us open to scams and identity theft,
Protecting it requires more than a talisman.

We need to create an environment of caution,
And implement measures that give us a breath,
In the digital age, privacy is a challenge.
We must protect our data, a digital orphan,
And safeguard our personal assets from theft,
Protecting it requires more than a talisman.
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#Denounce, #deny, #deceive - 6 common tactics of media manipulators and why they work to sabotage public discourse

It is time to stop being naive about online discourse.

“The discourse holds so many traps for the unwary. It’s a bit like financial scams and gambling that are a tax on the financially naïve. A similar tax is being levied on the intellectually naïve.” —  @ArthurCDent

@ArthurCDent In the article, I lay out 6 common #manipulation tactics and why they work to sabotage discourse on scientific topics.

First up is "just asking questions" or "#sealioning", which uses social expectations and #framing effects to distort conversations.

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© Hadiwinata

Hi readers!! I will publish this story today at 7 pm. You can read it free on @karyakarsa_id

Do not miss it!

#karyakarsa #fiksi #fiction #romance #kisahsedih #kisahmuram #kisahcinta Image
Kisah ini bercerita tentang Kamu, seorang yang murung dan senantiasa kesepian.
Kamu yang ganteng, tapi tampak menyedihkan.
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Je fais des podcasts de jeux de rôle. Ils sont assez narratifs pour que ça plaise autant aux fans de JDR qu'à celleux qui veulent écouter des histoires.😇
Ça vous intéresse ? C'est là 👇
#JDR #Podcast #ActualPlay
Étranges Réalités est un mélange d'#enquetes, de #surnaturel et d'un peu de #SF. Il y a un côté Lovecraftien, mais ça n'est pas du #Cthulhu.
- Apple Podcast :…
- Spotify :…
- Tout le reste :…

#JDR #ActualPlay
La dernière saison est en cours et...
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"Write python code to download stock prices from YFinance"

#OpenAI #ChatGPT ImageImage
"Write python code to Calculate implied volatility and option greeks from option prices."

#OpenAI #ChatGPT ImageImage
Download NSE Bhavcopy

#OpenAI #ChatGPT Image
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میں انگلش میں برا ہوں مگر میں یہ بالکل کہنے میں نہیں ہچکچاؤںگا
I love You so much
جیو گرافی میں برا سہی
مگر میں تمہیں یہ بتانا چاہوںگا میرے دل کاجتنا بھی رقبہ ہےتم اس پہ محیط ہو
ہسٹری میں لاکھ بھلکڑ سہی
مگر میں وہ دن آج تک نہیں بھولاجب میں نے تمہیں پہلی بار دیکھا تھا
میں کیمسٹری میں انتہائی نالائق ہوں
مگر میں تمہیں وہ ری ایکشن بتا سکتا ہوں جو تمہاری مسکراہٹ دیکھنے کے بعد مجھ پہ ہوتا ہے
میں فزکس میں بھی نالائق ہوں مگر میں روشنی کی اس انٹینسٹی کو بتا سکتا ہوں جو تمہیں دیکھنے کے بعد میری آنکھوں میں چمکتی ہے


میں ہر سبجیکٹ میں برا ہوں
مگر تمہیں یہ بتانا چاہوں گا کہ میں ہر سبجیکٹ کو پاس کر جاؤں گا
بشرطیکہ اسکا عنوان' تم' ہو

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#QueryTip What to include in an author bio when querying a #fiction project:

A few sentences about you
A last sentence that connects you to your project
All written in a way that showcases your writing

Here are some quick tips to get you started... 🧵
#QueryTip for Author Bios

If you have education that is pertinent to your writing, include it. If not, don’t (and don’t worry).

If you have experience that is pertinent to your writing, include it. If not, don’t (and don’t worry).

#QueryTip for Author Bios

Add a clever, memorable last line about yourself that ties you to your story.

Ex. "Like [CHARACTER], I fought in a Golden Gloves championship against a boxer who would later go pro. I lasted a minute and 36 seconds before she broke my nose."

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"Every writer has his own theory, method and practice of developing his art, just like every doctor has a different way of arriving at a diagnosis.
It is the academics who tend to generalise, professors who think that literature must be carefully boxed and labelled.
Malgudi was an earth-shaking discovery because I had no mind for facts and things like that, which would be necessary in writing about Malgudi or any real place."
~ R K Narayan
#IndianAuthor #Fiction #English
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When the women in my family gather, sitting with them fills me with anger, a sore throat that won’t go even though I drink cup upon cup of water. An itch that I can’t reach.

Aunty Obia had turned prayer warrior last year after her 3rd wedding anniversary
ith no child to show for it yet.

She was a ghoulish version of her previous self, all the fasting and sorrow taking away any form of joy in her eyes. She was always looking for the newest prayer houses, flooding our family group with different prayer channels.
Aunty Alice was uncouth, brash and suffocating. She loved to let us all know that no one could talk to her, even though we all knew how mellow and melancholic she behaved with her in-laws. She had no son yet, hence no footing.

What she endured in the hands of her in-laws,
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That was how old she had been when the Arinze’s moved into house 7.
When they had come to theirs to introduce themselves and the first time she saw Ekene. He was just beginning to grow a moustache.
His voice had deepened already and his fingers, she wouldn’t forget them.
They were the first things she had noticed as she gave him the glass of juice they used for, noticing them because she couldn’t bear to look him in the eye.
No one had affected her this way.
When they rose to leave, he had turned to stare at her so intensely her mother had whispered in her ears – Kpachara anya gi – Watch yourself.
The next day, she had changed twice before going to the backyard to spread her clothes.
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We have less than 5 days left on the #Folklore #Bestiary for #DnD 5e and #OldSchoolEssentials!
Creators from ALL AROUND THE WORLD are adapting their favorite creatures from their cultures to their favorite #TTRPG!

I was lucky enough to be included!…
Being a Brazilian writing in English in a community that is predominantly US/Europe centered, was always hard.
Having a #TTRPG #Monster #Book inspired by the #Folklore of other people, being made in collaboration with people all around, was great!
We have a rich and varied #Folklore in Brazil. We have stories that trace all the way back the native people and their rich culture. Legends that came all the way from Africa. Stories and fantasy tales from Europe too. All mixed up in our imagination. To adapt that to #TTRPG? YES
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Don’t worry about being original.
Plagiarism is stealing from one source. Originality is stealing from many.
Making a perfect copy is humanely impossible. Seek #Inspiration whenever you can find it.

Remember that #Inspiration is active though.
Play different #Games (#TTRPG, #Videogame, #BoardGame, just play).
Watch weird stuff (#Movies, #TVseries, #Documentaries).
Read #Books (#Fiction, #NonFiction, #Fantasy, #Crime, #Horror).
Just watch people (great for #NPCs).

Don’t worry too much about what’s good and bad. Look for stuff to steal, modify, reinterpret, corrupt.
A game you don’t like to play may teach you something yet.
A movie you don’t care about might have a cool character.
Keep your eyes open. We don’t see a lot.

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#fiction Vs #défense : #RedTeamDefense
1 projet pour bâtir 1 vision prospective 🇫🇷 des risques conflictuels sur 2030-2060 :
1/ Piloté par @Agence_ID avec @EtatMajorFR @DGA & DGRIS, il mobilise des auteurs de fiction pour secouer les décideurs en pensant des scenarii #outofthebox
#fiction Vs #défense : Le projet #RedTeamDefense
2/ Décidé fin 2019, lancé par Florence Parly fin 2020, ce projet impliquant l'université @psl_univa a publié ses 1ers scenarii crédibles à l'Automne 2021.
Une partie est classifiée, le reste public...…
#fiction Vs #défense : Le projet #RedTeamDefense
3/ Le concept & la Saison 1 étaient présentés dans cette vidéo de @Agence_ID dont l'habillage très #Videogame rompt avec la froideur institutionnelle...
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سنو وائٹ نہیں توسنڈریلا بن جاؤں
ہاں میں جانتی ہوں میں نے کہا تھا مجھے پسند ہے وہ
لیکن میں کیسے بن جاؤں وہ
مطلب اک میڈ سی دکھنے لگوں گی
دن رات کاموں میں الجھی رہوں؟
چوہوں کواپنا دوست کہوں؟
ہاں میں جانتی ہوں مجھے پریاں پسند ہیں لیکن
کیا خوشیوں کیلیے پریوں کا انتظار کروں؟
جادو کا انتظار کروں؟
خوشیوں کے لئے اک شہزادے کا انتظار کرو؟
ایسا شہزادہ جو اک جوتا گھر گھر لےکر پھرے
کیا تماری عقل یہ تسلیم کرتی ہے کہ میرے سائز کے جوتے کی لڑکی کہیں نہیں ہوگی؟
میں اپنی زندگی میں رنگ خود بھروگی
میں اپنی خوشیوں کی ڈور اور کسی کے ہاتھ میں نہیں دوں گی
میں کٹھ پتلی نہیں ہوں
دیکھو مان لیتے ہیں
ہم خوابوں کے مسافر سہی
مگر حقیقت سے کب تک منہ موڑا جا سکتا ہے ؟؟

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For over 400 years, history has been haunted by Anarkali, the beautiful court dancer who was buried alive by Emperor Akbar, for her love affair with Prince Salim (Akbar’s son and the future Emperor Jahangir). But is the story fact or #fiction? The truth will surprise you! 1/11 Image
This tragic love story has many modern retellings, including the 1960s classic Hindi film Mughal-e-Azam. But if Anarkali is just #folklore, whose grave lies in the magnificent ‘Tomb of Anarkali’ in the heart of #Lahore, the former Mughal capital? 2/11 Image
The grave bears the couplet in #Persian: ‘Ah! If I could behold the face of my beloved once more, I would thank God until the day of resurrection’. It is signed by ‘Majnun Salim Akbar’ ('Enamoured Son of Akbar'). It’s the only clue we have. 3/11
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En vacance sur un ilet isolé en Martinique et se sentir épié 😱
#fiction #Vacances #KohLanta2022 Image
Je suppose que je devrais commencer par le début. Après deux années de covid, mon mari et moi-même avons décidé de faire une parenthèse magique. Un voyage au Caraïbe. Un ilet magnifique rien que pour nous, c'est un rêve éveillé.
Un ilet au milieu de nullepart, de l'eau et de la verdure à perte de vue. Une seule maison inhabitée. Certainement une maison de vacance. Nous nous allions le faire simple, retour aux sources. Camping en monde #KohLanta
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“Storytelling is Life.”

Our power constellation of Imagination, Empathy, Connection; all revolve around it. It is the most human and most essential tool for innovation and for social change.


#storytelling #fiction #innovation #metaverse
The ability and power to create and believe in mass fictions - money, geographical boundaries, religions - and then use them to organize & in turn to shape & change our reality is what differentiates humans from other animals. Brains 🧠 manifest.


#storytelling #innovation
Yuval Harari. Neil Gaiman. Kurt Vonnegut. Leslie Marmon Silko. Amanda Gorman.

@harari_yuval @neilhimself @Kurt_Vonnegut @TheAmandaGorman

I think they all believe this about the great power of our stories and fictions.

I sure do. 🤷‍♂️

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Sitting in the cramped high school library I sat a table chicken scratching a script outline for a Western style video game.

Hampsterdance plays endlessly on loop as a bunch of freshman giggle uncontrollably at the classic meme.
The principle big bellies up to my desk and asks me to explain what I was doing.

I tell him, “I’ve got this cool idea for a video game. These rough sketches are storyboarding the major plot points… I think there’s room for deeper storytelling in video games.”
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1/9 If any professional #journalist, with actual verifiable credentials, from France 🇫🇷, Pakistan 🇵🇰 or any other country is interested in the Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, case against myself, #BernardGrua, against, #PamirInstitute and/or against any other people, I am, Image
2/9 of course, available for an on-line interview and for providing all the documented evidences I collected for almost three years. I am aso ready to answer all the questions this journalist may have
I say welcome to this professional journalist & to his colleagues!
3/9 To make our interview and exchange of information relevant and going straight to the point, I strongly advise, as usual, any professional journalist to get some background about this case by going thru the press kit that I prepared in this intention.…
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I'm very grateful to David Polizzi @indianastate for hosting a symposium on A Criminology of Narrative Fiction in the Journal of Theoretical & Philosophical Criminology (JTPCRIM) later this year. #criminology #philosophy #zemiology #aesthetics…
David was the first to publish my research on the criminological values of fiction and JTPCRIM is a repository of 12 years' worth of interesting and innovative #openaccess articles.
I'll be joined by colleagues from @uOttawa, @warwickuni, @QMUL, and @SussexUni in the symposium, across the disciplines of #criminology, #philosophy, and #filmstudies.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/20/2021…
Looking at portraits with an eye to evolutionary psychology…

#EvolutionaryPsychology #portraiture #interpretation
Phase transitions, collective emotions and decision-making problem in heterogeneous social systems…

#PhaseTransitions #CollectiveDecisionMaking #InformationExchanges #SocialSystems #heterogeneous
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