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A little fun here... modern images of the Mughals that I am using in teaching this term (not as hard history but rather as contemporary resonances). I'll add over the next few weeks. #THREAD #Mughal #history #historicalmemory
#Babur. Opera performed in London in the early 2010s.
#Babur. Statue in modern-day Uzbekistan.
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#antihindu Muslim rulers of India, beginning with Muhammad bin Qasim, who established dominance over the Sindh region in the eighth century AD. In so doing, however, Qasim most certainly caused a great deal of destruction, with clear evidence of massive forced conversions.
in the thirteenth century, Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji destroyed the ancient university of Nalanda, killing all the Buddhist monks and nuns, taking literally three months to burn every single book in the university’s library
#antihindu #IslamExposed
Similar examples of forced conversions and brutality can be found during the reigns of Mahmud Khalji of Malwa (1436–1469 AD), Ilyas Shah (1339–1379 AD), Babur (1483–1530 AD), and Sher Shah Suri (1486–1545 AD), all of whom destroyed temples, killed non-Muslims,forced conversion
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The sheer stupidity of trending #ThanksMughals ! Mughals were invaders, barbarers who killed millions and forcibly converted millions. A very AUTHENTIC (but cursory) list of killings by foreign invaders from AD 636 to 1768 in India by Islamic invaders… (1)
#ThanksMughals for rapes, massacres, forcible conversions? Hindus were successful after a 1200-year war. It is Marathas who liberated most of India, not British. Read this article for the REAL history of India… Know Vijaynagar & other kingdoms (2)
It will be a surprise to most readers who have been fed on the establishment history books to know that it is the Hindus who resisted the onslaught of Arabs for over two centuries (from 636 to 870 AD) unlike the regions west and north of Arabia which succumbed immediately.(3)
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Have you noticed something about the two mosques I talked about? The Charminar and the Mecca Masjid. They're very different from the common perception of what a mosque is supposed to look like, aren't they? Lofty bulbous domes, minarets, crescents, maybe painted green and white?
...Yet these two mosques have no domes or tall towering minarets that symbolize a mosque. Let's look at a few other heritage mosques around #Hyderabad. Here are a few images of Qutb Shahi mosques around the city...
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Since the coming of #Islam to #Kashmir, since 1389 there have been 7 recorded exoduses of Kashmiri #Hindus and #Sikhs due to genocide and persecution at the hands of radical Islam.
The first exodus OF #Hindus from #Kashmir (AD 1389-1413) was under the Shah Mir Dynasty. Tourists may not notice that the iconic Dal Lake has a mass grave of Kashmiri Hindus known as "Bhatt Mazar" or "grave of Brahmins".
The second mass exodus (1506-1585) of Kashmiri #Hindus and #Buddhists was under Ali Shah Chak Dynasty, which made the persecution of Kashmiri Hindus a royal policy.

They boasted that they killed 900 Hindus daily for refusing to convert to Islam.
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Rectangular 1870 Pashmina shawl of #Kashmir embroidered with minutely detailed schematic map of #Srinagar in woollen thread. The ground is red, with a blue expanse of Dal Lake & the river Jhelum dominating the field. Houses, streets & mosques are also embroidered in #Pashmina 1/3
The tiny inscriptions identifying each building & place of interest are embroidered in English. At either end are smaller sections depicting beauty spots of the Kashmir valley such as the various #Mughal gardens. Couldn't find a pic of the complete shawl. 2/3
The shawl was sent from Kashmir as a gift to Queen Victoria some time in the late 19th century. The shawl belongs to the Royal Collection & is on loan to V&A. Pics of the shawl arranged : top left side, top right side, centre top, centre bottom, lower left side & lower right side
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This is a good example for talking about how people use and abuse sources and why it is valuable to demand academic standards. short #THREAD #Mughal #history #Aurangzeb
First red flag - No source is given for the picture with text. It is a slightly adapted version of what's on the Wikipedia page for Dara Shukoh. Wikipedia's pages are full of misinformation on Indian history. Case in point: Bicholim conflict.
Another problem. The source is Manucci. Honestly, for all The Hindu Right goes on against people like me because I'm of European descent, man, do they really rely on European sources too much for Indian history. Manucci especially...
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The Mughals used Persian from the get-go, from Babur, alongside Chagatai Turkish.
Chagatai was probably not widely known among Mughal elites by Akbar's reign, since Akbar had Babur's memoirs translated into Persian.
That said, Jahangir claims he knew Turkish.
Akbar declared Persian the official language of administration, thus replacing an older Indo-Islamic practice of using both Persian and Hindavi for official business. This streamlined things and also created a strong incentive for would-be Mughal officials to learn Persian.
Mughal historians agree, I think, that the Mughal kings knew Hindi from Jahangir onward (likely learned from his mom).
We are a bit more split on the question of Akbar. I find substantial evidence that Akbar was fluent in Hindi, likely both spoken and more literary Hindi.
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To legitimise ones claim on the #Mughal throne, Khutba had to be read in ones name in the Friday prayers and a Sikka (Coin) had to be struck. Heres a thread of the coins struck in the name of Mughal Emperors with their names highlighted.
Sher-o-Khurshid on a medallion of Jahangir
1. Zahir-ud-din Muhammad #Babur (1526-1530CE)
Known coins: Silver Shahrukhis in his name and Anonymous Copper issues
Known Mints: Agra, Badakshan, Jaunpur, Kabul, Lahore
Coins displayed: #Siver Shahrukhi of #Agra.
@ssharadmohhan @India_Atelier @Bagh_eBabur @iamrana @gypsy_heart6
2. Nasir ud-din Muhammad Humayun (1530-1540/ 1555-1556CE)
Known coins: Gold Mithqals, Silver Shahrukhis and Silver Rupees in his name and Anonymous Copper issues
Known Mints: 11
Coins displayed: #Siver Shahrukhi of #Lahore
@ssharadmohhan @India_Atelier @iamrana @gypsy_heart6
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Here's an interesting thread on
of the last Great #Mughal- Alamgir
Below will be the instructions
Alamgir left in his will.
Source: Ahkam-e-alamgiri(Anecdotes of Aurangzeb)
@ssharadmohhan @Biblioventurer @DalrympleWill
1."On behalf of this sinner sunk in iniquity, cover the tomb of Hasan, because those who are drowned in the ocean of sin have no other protection except seeking refugee..forgiveness. This great auspicious act is to be performed by my noble son Prince Alijah(Md. Azam)" @aary_aan
2."Rs 4 and 2 annas, out of the price of caps sewn by me are with Aia Beg, the Mahaldar. Spend this on the shroud of this helpless creature. 300& 5Rs, from the wages of copying Quran,are in my peruse of personal expense.Distribute them to the fakirs on my death, not on my shroud"
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These Moroccan coins feature the so-called Seal of Solomon, often depicted as a hexagram, similar to the Star of David. The coins are dated respectively 1271 A.H. (1855) and 1290 A.H. (1873/4), minted by king 'Abd al-Raḥmān and his successor, Muḥammad IV of #Morocco.
The Seal of Solomon is the signet ring attributed to the Abrahamic king/prophet Solomon. It is said that Solomon used this ring to control the spirits and animals. The design as a hexagram is often depicted on medieval #Islamic banners, coins, drinking-cups or in mosques.
According to the Catalan Atlas (1375), the two Anatolian beyliks of respectively Karaman and Candar featured a Seal of Solomon on their flags. The symbol was popular among the Turkish beyliks, and was later used by the #Ottomans in their mosque decorations.
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First pit-stop on my #ExploreUP journey, Bhitargaon in #Kanpurdehat. Amidst squalor, in a village seemingly over-run by a combo of buffaloes & pigs, stands what may be north India's oldest existing temple. This brick temple dedicated to Vishnu dates to Gupta period, 6th century.
#ExploreUP: Having read abt a Lodi-era tomb at #Kalpi, #Jalaun dist, I expected it to be in line with the octagonal Lodi-Sur era tombs elsewhere in India. It turned out to be quite different. Locals call it the Chaurasi (84) gumbad.
#ExploreUP: The tomb @ #Kalpi, was described as that of a 'Lodi Badshah'. Aware that of the three Lodi rulers, two buried in Delhi & third in #Panipat, was puzzled abt the Kalpi person. Turns out to be a brother of Ibrahim named Jalaluddin who propped himself as ruler for a while
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#Aurangzeb lived 91 years. In death wrote will dividing the empire among three sons. Bahadurshah who was given 12 provinces killed other two but died in another 12 years #History
Bahadurshah’s son Jahandaar Shah killed his brothers and became #Mughal emperor in 1712, and his mistress, Lal Kunwar ruled by proxy. She was paid 2 Cr per Annum. The first NAC Of Delhi 😂🤦‍♂️
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