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Today is the Rath Yatra of #Jagganath!

Was Jagganath temple of #Orissa a Jain temple?? Is the idol the Kalinga Jina? Scholars, Historians, Architecture, Stambha, Rituals, Literature, Tirthankar idols carved on walls indicate it was. Jaganath is none other than Adinath!

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For the ignorants who haven't checked the thread, sharing these links 😊 -…
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How devotees saved #JagannathTemple from Cruel Aurangzeb.

Siyaha Akhbarat-i-Darbar-i- Mu‘alla, Julus 24, Jamadi I, 23 / 1st June 1681.

“The Emperor ordered Asad Khan to send hasbu ‘l-hukm to Amir-ul-Umara, the Subedar of Bengal, to demolish the Temple of Jagannath in #Orissa.”
Receving the farman the Officials arrived in Puri to destroy the temple. Odisha was under the mughal rule, however it still had the king of Khurdha known as Gajapati who acted as the protector of the temple.
Now listening this news there was fear, anger, desperation everywhere, everyone was helpless & a plan was carved out.

There was a negotiation with mughal subedar, he was offered a huge amount of money as bribe. Still he knew the consequences of not executing Aurangzeb's order.
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#Thread on the Odia Maritime Activities since ancient times.

#History #NavalHistory #Odisha #Hindutva
Kalingan Prince Vijaya was the first Sinhalese king of Sri Lanka. He ruled Sri Lanka in the 6th-century BCE.

Kalingans further established a kingdom in the far-off Maldives Islands before 3rd century BCE !

This is concrete testimony of the early sea-faring people of Odisha.
Ptolemy's work of ~150 CE - "Geography" - mentions the Kalinga trade with *Far-East*.

*Kalinga-Roman* maritime trade flourished as well, judging from the findings of Shishupalgarh excavations.

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#Kanishka I was, the greatest, and certainly the most famous, of the #Kushan kings.
He is known, from the combined testimony of the literary, epigraphic, and numismatic sources, to have ruled over an extensive dominion extending from Bihar in the east to #Khorasan
in the west, and from #Khotan in the north to, perhaps, #Konkan in the south.
The dates and findspots of some of the inscriptions of #Kanishka I are interesting:
#Kosam inscription dated year 2,
#Sarnath inscription dated year 3,
#Mathur¹ inscription dated year 4,
#Suivihar inscription dated year 11, and
#Manikiala inscription dated year 18.
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When an economist writes on the fudging of Forest survey data, it is an indication of a situation having gone from bad to worse. However, Ajit Ninan also falls into the trap of assessing ‘forests’ as land with tree growth. ⁦@moefcc⁩ ⁦1/n…
What of #grasslands which can #sequester #carbon quite as rapidly and sustaining side ranging biodiversity? What of #coastal #sand #dunes, which apart from protecting us from the fury of cyclones, also provides an amazing diversity of niche spaces for aquatic beings,. @E_S_G 2/n
... whilst supporting #paan #kethis, as in #Orissa? What about deserts, which play an incredible role in drawing the monsoon into India, whilst also being amazing ecosystems? What about fresh water wetlands like #Loktak in #Manipur &Saltwater mixing zones as in #Chilika,.. 3/n
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The first #Mughal Emperor was Zahir ud din Mohammed #Babur Born in #Ferghana #Uzbekestan he ruled #India from #Delhi from 1st April 1526 to 26th December 1530.
This c1630 painting is from @V_and_A Artist unknown.
@DalrympleWill @India_Atelier @mukhoty @Bagh_eBabur Image
From @RCT this c1603 painting by artist #Mohan is of the 2nd emperor, Nasir ud din Mohd #Humayun, ruled from 26th Dec 1530 to 27th May 1540. Defeated by #Suri dynasty, he recovered the empire, ruling from 22nd Feb 1555 till 27th Jan 1556. Died falling from stairs
Tomb at #Delhi Image
From @hermitage_eng, the portrait by #Manohar c1580 is of the 3rd #Mughal Emperor Jalal ud din Mohammed #Akbar Ruling from #Agra from 27th Jan 1556 to 27th Oct 1605. Died from Dysentery and entombed at #Sikandra near Agra.
@DalrympleWill @mukhoty @India_Atelier @DilliKiRanaiyan Image
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