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Dilapidated #Jain temple found @ Ada village, Simulia block, Balasore dt, #Odisha #Orissa

History & Heritage Researcher @Deepak4Heritage visits the site & identifies Tirthankar Parshvanath, Rishabhnath, Shantinath, Chandraprabha, Yakshi Ambika & Chakreshwari.🙏🏼
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Ada is an ancient village certainly having historical background behind it. There are some images related to Brahmanical faith present in this village. The early Uma-Maheswar image kept in front of the Chateswar Mahadeva temple is a fine specimen of Kalingan iconography.
At the far end of the village a mound-like place addressed as 'Uaasa' by the villagers, stands a later-built temple dedicated to Narayana & in front of this temple the Jain Antiquities are found scattered all around. A ruined temple structure of 8-10th century is found there
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Today is the Rath Yatra of #Jagganath!

Was Jagganath temple of #Orissa a Jain temple?? Is the idol the Kalinga Jina? Scholars, Historians, Architecture, Stambha, Rituals, Literature, Tirthankar idols carved on walls indicate it was. Jaganath is none other than Adinath!

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For the ignorants who haven't checked the thread, sharing these links 😊 -…
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#Thread on the Odia Maritime Activities since ancient times.

#History #NavalHistory #Odisha #Hindutva
Kalingan Prince Vijaya was the first Sinhalese king of Sri Lanka. He ruled Sri Lanka in the 6th-century BCE.

Kalingans further established a kingdom in the far-off Maldives Islands before 3rd century BCE !

This is concrete testimony of the early sea-faring people of Odisha.
Ptolemy's work of ~150 CE - "Geography" - mentions the Kalinga trade with *Far-East*.

*Kalinga-Roman* maritime trade flourished as well, judging from the findings of Shishupalgarh excavations.

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#Kanishka I was, the greatest, and certainly the most famous, of the #Kushan kings.
He is known, from the combined testimony of the literary, epigraphic, and numismatic sources, to have ruled over an extensive dominion extending from Bihar in the east to #Khorasan
in the west, and from #Khotan in the north to, perhaps, #Konkan in the south.
The dates and findspots of some of the inscriptions of #Kanishka I are interesting:
#Kosam inscription dated year 2,
#Sarnath inscription dated year 3,
#Mathur¹ inscription dated year 4,
#Suivihar inscription dated year 11, and
#Manikiala inscription dated year 18.
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When an economist writes on the fudging of Forest survey data, it is an indication of a situation having gone from bad to worse. However, Ajit Ninan also falls into the trap of assessing ‘forests’ as land with tree growth. ⁦@moefcc⁩ ⁦1/n…
What of #grasslands which can #sequester #carbon quite as rapidly and sustaining side ranging biodiversity? What of #coastal #sand #dunes, which apart from protecting us from the fury of cyclones, also provides an amazing diversity of niche spaces for aquatic beings,. @E_S_G 2/n
... whilst supporting #paan #kethis, as in #Orissa? What about deserts, which play an incredible role in drawing the monsoon into India, whilst also being amazing ecosystems? What about fresh water wetlands like #Loktak in #Manipur &Saltwater mixing zones as in #Chilika,.. 3/n
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The first #Mughal Emperor was Zahir ud din Mohammed #Babur Born in #Ferghana #Uzbekestan he ruled #India from #Delhi from 1st April 1526 to 26th December 1530.
This c1630 painting is from @V_and_A Artist unknown.
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From @RCT this c1603 painting by artist #Mohan is of the 2nd emperor, Nasir ud din Mohd #Humayun, ruled from 26th Dec 1530 to 27th May 1540. Defeated by #Suri dynasty, he recovered the empire, ruling from 22nd Feb 1555 till 27th Jan 1556. Died falling from stairs
Tomb at #Delhi Image
From @hermitage_eng, the portrait by #Manohar c1580 is of the 3rd #Mughal Emperor Jalal ud din Mohammed #Akbar Ruling from #Agra from 27th Jan 1556 to 27th Oct 1605. Died from Dysentery and entombed at #Sikandra near Agra.
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