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#crosschain thesis
@axelarcore, a new cross-chain protocol has just announced a partnership w/in $AURORA w/ their #1 DEX @trisolarislabs $TRI

Cross-chain will be a MAJOR theme for 2022 & has big implications for #AVAX defi ecosystem

Here’s why...

a) Why I think cross-chain interoperability is the future
b) Why @axelarcore is a potential winner in a cross-chain future
c) What are the potential implications for #AVAX defi ecosystem?
d) What’s the play investment-wise $$$?
a) Why I think cross-chain interoperability is the future
Crypto defi is becoming increasingly fragmented w/ competing L1s
More so these L1s & dapps are becoming increasingly specialised
Think @swimmer_network #subnet on #AVAX or @dYdX $DYDX launching own @cosmos blockchain
3/14 ImageImage
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Bonjour à tous !

Aujourd'hui je vous présente EtherDrops Tracking Bot

🔸Il s'agit d'un robot de notification pour les #crypto, #NFT et #Wallet

👉Recevez des notifications instantanées des transactions et des mouvements de prix

Réseaux #ETH #Arbitrum #BSC #FTM #Polygon #AVAX
🔸Ce bot de tracking est simple d’utilisation, et ne nécessite aucune signature.
👉Il suffit de renseigner son adresse publique pour recevoir des notifs

ℹ️Cela vous permet d’être prévenu des mouvements d’un wallet (#crypto et #NFT).
👉Le votre, ou celui de whale préférée 👀
🔹Vous pouvez également suivre :

🔸Des collections de #NFT (variation du floor)
🔸Le cours des #crypto et être prévenu lors de variations
🔸Le gas du réseau $ETH
🔸Des pools de liquidités
🔸Les Fundings
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🧵 Scalability has long been a topic of intense debate in this field. Discussions about monolithic versus modular blockchains, horizontal versus vertical scaling, have long been the focus of community communication.

#AvaxholicInsights COMPARISON BETWEEN MODULAR BLOCKCHAINS  🧵 Scalability has
In this post, we will compare and analyse popular modular blockchains through five key parameters:
- Consensus
- Finality
- Decentralization (Validators)
- Interoperability
- Speed/ Capacity

#AvaxholicInsights In this post, we will compare and analyse popular modular bl

- Avalanche: @avalancheavax is a #blockchain ecosystem validated by groups of nodes called subnets. Subnets are free to choose their own consensus mechanism. 🔺
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$AVAX is one of my favorite coins and I think it will hit 3 digits again one day. This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the House of Avalanche where I was able to fully immerse myself in the $Avax ecosystem and learn a lot. (1/25)
This is a thread on $Avax and my key takeaways from this weekend!

Starting with what is Avalanche?

- Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality, (2/25)
and has the most validators securing its activity of any proof-of-stake protocol. Avalanche is blazingly fast, low cost, and green. So what is $Avax? (3/25)
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1/ #Perpetuals #futures contract has been the holy grail of derivatives in the #crypto market. We present you our latest #visualguide that breakdown complexity behind future market simplicity with our lead @minnymousegirl

#Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL Image
2/ A #futures #contract is an agreement to buy or sell a commodity, currency, or another instrument at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future. two counterparties will trade a contract, that defines the settlement at a future date. Image
3/ A #perpetual contract (Perp) is a special type of futures contract that doesn’t have an expiry date. So one can hold a position for as long as they like. Perp only exists in the #crypto market. Image
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Hey everyone!

The 15th issue of the 'Caesar Daily' is ready, I hope you will love it😍

What is covered in today's issue?

1- News🗞️
2- Threads and Reads🧵📰
3- Watch🎬
4- Avalanche Special🔺

According to @Blockworks_, @opensea deleted several music-themed Ethereum Name Service domain auctions the same week that OpenSea cut 20 percent of its personnel after getting notice from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).…
The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) and the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI) of the Bank for International Settlements released final guidelines on stablecoin practices on Wednesday by @Blockworks_…
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We are all #AVAX believers because it has the highest potential among all L1s to be the top blockchain in the system.

However, it is necessary to answer the question of ''Why?''.

In this thread, I will explain the reasons why we believe in #AVAX🧵
There are many reasons to be bullish on @avalancheavax🔺:

1) Team
2) Tokenomics
3) Best Product
4) Broad landscape of projects
5) Strong community
Before discussing all the points, we need to answer what is @avalancheavax?

The easiest way to explain Avalanche is as the foundation of platforms, which ultimately consists of tens of thousands of subnets to produce a diversified, integrated network of numerous blockchains.
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1/ $GMX and $GLP mechanism are so delicate that some new people might be confused, but fret not! we're here to help you summarize them with #QuickBites.

2/ If $GMX is you betting on the growth of @GMX_IO growth, $GLP enables you to become the house against the traders.

#GMX #GLP #Perpetual #Futures #Derivatives #Arbitrum #Avalanche #AVAX #Ethereum #ETH
3/ $GMX and $GLP together they make an amazing compounding flywheel as the value accrues and vested overtime.
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[Abro hilo] En otra entrega de estudiando con @finanflix, vamos a ver los retrocesos de Fibonacci. Es una herramienta extremadamente útil y tiene varios usos.

Recuerden seguirme y seguir a @finanflix, dar RT y me gusta!
@finanflix 1- Fibonacci (En realidad, se llamaba Leonardo de Pisa) es un gran matemático, donde se lo considero como "el matemático occidental de mayor talento de la Edad Media", creando la famosa "Sucesión de números de Fibonacci"
2- Esta sucesión de números de Fibonacci, está compuesta de la siguiente manera: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233,377 (Puede seguir, ya que es infinita). Esta sucesión, es de números naturales.
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1/ #Lending and #Borrowing (LB) are the most primitive financial services. We will discuss how #DeFi LB solves and enables financial inclusivity with transparency but still maintain #privacy.

#Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #visualguide
2/ In traditional #finance, the intermediaries are appointed banks or financial institutions that act as the bridge between the lender and borrower. All of these services are strictly regulated and monitored by the central #banks.
3/ Despite already existing for a long time, LB in traditional #finance has a long-standing problem: non-inclusive, stringent procedures, arduous verification process, low rate and approvals, and non-transparency.
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Alright!! You must have been wondering,what's @Kool_Koalaz all about, who's behind, what are they trying to do and achieve??

Here's a thread 🧵 to satisfy your curiosity and inform you...

#AVAX #KKoalaz 🐨🐨
@Kool_Koalaz is a collection of 5k randomly generated NFTs targeted at building a solid community on the #AVAX space.

We intend to get at this goal by building and connecting from the grassroots and working hard to bring value to every member.

#AVAX #KKoalaz

Meet @Kool_Koalaz team

We've got:
1. @0xUrkel: dev
2. @0xDevotee: CM
3. @Sam_CarterIII: art

We've got well seasoned mods:
1. @yo_Frizz
2. @Galilo_KF
3. @cryptobankchris

Also, a few ambassadors:
1. @ugo_phillip
2. @Red_Manba
3. @GoncaloCpalco13

#AVAX #KKoalaz
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If you're a fan of the #RPG genre and are looking for games in the #Avalanche and #Solana ecosystem, these are the top names that you should give a shot. Game on! 🎮

#AvaxholicInsights #CSSADT #AVAXDT #GameFi‌ #Crypto #AVAX TOP RPG GAMEFI ON AVALANCHE AND SOLANA  If you're a fan of t
And here are some of the latest game updates:
- @HeroesChained Minigame: Fortunes of Ventuna
- @PlayAscenders updated the new whitepaper
- @galaxy_survivor ticket sale is opening
- @DCGgamefi updated new elements, repair function, new intro video, etc
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#Bitcoin is growing ever stronger”

Core enables a seamless bridging experience for the Bitcoin Community who can now deploy BTC using the same tech that powers the Avalanche Bridge

Bridge your BTC & start Farming #AVAX rush rewards NOW!

Farm $AVAX - $BTC.b
Earn $AVAX + $JOE
Steps to Bridging your BTC
• Buy $BTC on exchange
• Send your $BTC to your Core Wallet
• Bridge to the Avalanche C-Chain
• Start yield farming ✅
CORE has been built to be simple, secure, practical, and convenient. Unlocking a new level of performance for the #Avalanche network.

You can download the non-custodial Web 3 Command Centre today! @CoreApp_ 👈
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[#THREAD] Intéragir directement avec un Smart Contract

Difficulté technique : ★☆☆☆☆

Mint sans passer par une dApp, transférer un NFT, on a plein de raisons de vouloir intéragir avec un Smart Contract.

Mais comment faire ?

#Web3 #SmartContracts #NFT #Crypto

⬇️ Image
Interagir en direct avec un contrat a beaucoup d'avantages.

Notamment lorsqu'une #dApp ne fonctionne pas ou ne propose pas certaines fonctionnalités comme le transfert par exemple.

Cela va nous permettre d'avoir accès à toutes les fonctions publiques et externes !

> Le scope

Aujourd'hui je ne parle que des contrats qui sont déployés sur Ethereum et toutes les EVMs (AVAX, BSC, Fantom, Polygon, etc..)

Ce qui couvre déjà une belle partie de notre écosystème !

On est parti


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Dive in to learn more about @YetiFinance! This thread 🧵will cover 4 main points:
- What problems does CDP solve?
- What is Yeti Finance?
- How does it work?
- Yeti Finance's Stablecoin: $YUSD


Lending projects for #DeFi have similar role as banks in traditional markets, where they allow capital to flow freely and stimulating economic development.

Lending projects are classified into 2 types: Third party and First party. 👇
Third Party: An intermediary protocol for users to deposit tokens to earn interest and receive profit when lending those tokens back to others.
- Users can borrow & lend
- Not sufficient when the demand for #stablecoins loans is large
- Featured project: @AaveAave with TVL: $6.3B
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Updated thread of ⚡️

A high-performance blockchain infrastructure that scales & connects the financial Internet

World's first hybrid consensus using $MTR the PoW stablecoin & PoS HotStuff consensus with $MTRG the governance token


In addition to being a high performant #Layer1 infrastructure Meter can scale other L1 mainnets as a sidechain solution

Meter uses the most advanced deterministic consensus protocol called #HotStuff

@Meta's Libra (formerly FB) is a variant of this consensus


There are multiple #Layer2 solutions currently on the market including Optimistic Rollup, zk Rollups, state channel & side chains

Optimistic Rollup is promising but it is definitely over hyped

Zk based techniques are incompatible with existing smart contracts

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[#THREAD] Les outils du développeur Web3

Difficulté technique : ★☆☆☆☆

Je vous livre sur un petit plateau tous les outils qui vont vous permettre d'avancer dans le monde du dev !

#Web3 #Solidity #SmartContracts #NFT #Crypto #Tools


1/15 Image
> Organisation / Documentation



C'est ce qui me permet de TOUT gérer :

- ToDo List
- Planning
- Gestion des prestations
- Documentation

Je fais tout là-bas et tout est centralisé ! C'est le TOP !

@NotionHQ > Organisation / Documentation

Le deuxième outil que TOUT dev doit gérer et maîtriser :


Plus besoin de le présenter, le gestionnaire de code où je stocke tout ce que je fais, vous pouvez me suivre là-bas pour voir mon code :

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Where I come from, we start preparing for a new academic year (rentrée scolaire) towards the end of Quarter 3 (Q3).

It's another session of our daily threads on @HatomProtocol .

Walk with me #HatomArmy !!

#ElrondCommunity #Elrond #ElrondNetwork #Hatom #Egld $EGLD $HTM
Q3 2023
Hatom Bridge
The Launch of the Hatom bridge, which will use the Atomic Swap technology, thus making it possible to instantly trade native assets on different blockchains in a decentralized manner and with no risks.
-Integration of Synthetic Tokens
Integration of pegged tokens like ETH, BTC, DAI, etc. Pegged tokens are tokens where the price is designed to remain the same as a designated asset.

-Hatom V2 Launch
Launch of a redesigned and more advanced version of the Hatom Platform.
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Since $290 million incentive for subnet development, we've seen two projects that have launched subnet, @DefiKingdoms and @PlayCrabada. Let's take a look at the achievements that these two have achieved!

A thread 🧵

1.1/ Overview:
@DefiKingdoms is a #PlayToEarn game on the Harmony #Blockchain platform, the DeFi Kingdoms ecosystem is a combination of games, DEX and Liquid Pool. Up to now, DeFi Kingdoms is the TVL leading protocol of the Harmony ecosystem.
1.2/ How they run Subnet:
- Token $JEWEL was chosen as the gas fee and players only need to hold $JEWEL to pay gas fee
- DeFi Kingdoms uses $JEWEL to control gas fees and keep gas fees as low as possible so that players don't have to worry about high gas fees
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Hello Avax Fan, hopefully, you have a great weekend. Now dive into this thread to read an overview of the Avalanche ecosystem in the last week.


In week 23, the event most interested was Chainlink Keepers, and Chainlink VRF supported Avalanche.

Avalanche publishes the "all-in-one" tools for motivating developers to build subnets and contest with prizes of $32K for writing tutorials to launch subnets. 1. HIGHLIGHT EVENTS

Nearly 3M new wallets +26% over the previous 3 months. It shows a good sign of the #Avax network when the market is currently terrible and unpredictable.

The launch of #Subnet on Crabada, helps the activities in-game vibrant and led to almost $171K burnt. 2. HIGHLIGHT NUMBERS
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1/ There have been many amazing #threads about $stETH and $ETH, to complement that we will uncover the basis of #liquidstaking in our latest #visualguide

#DeFi #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #staking #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #NFT #Lido #LDO #trading #merge
2/ #LiquidStaking is one of the ways to generate a #yield from an asset by utilizing the #composability of liquid staking derivative (LSD) #tokens

#DeFi #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #staking #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #NFT #Lido #LDO #trading #merge
3/ #LiquidStaking is needed to reduce the barrier to become #validator and indirectly to increase #liquidity across the networks.

#DeFi #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #staking #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #NFT #Lido #LDO #trading #merge
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6 months anniversary of @colonylab! 🥳

Born at the top of the bull market, now thriving in the bear market. It has been quite a journey already!🔺

A thread to review what has been achieved and what’s next! A big thank you to our amazing community 🤗

🧵Thread to celebrate!
To start with, the team is glad to build on #Avalanche. It’s a robust platform, with amazing uptime & performances! 💯

From a development perspective we couldn’t ask for more (almost 😉)!

Many other platforms can’t say the same so I want to highlight this one! 🚀

The nascent #Avalanche community is amazing & everyone is starting to realize it.

We’re going through hardship together and you all know the destination! 💫

It’s a pleasure to ship innovative features with @colonylab for our beloved community! 🙌🏼

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A thread on key differences in pricing dynamics between Chainlink and Blockchains like Ethereum

Comes down to what drives user fees

For gas tokens like $ETH, every bit of blockspace costs the same. Doesn’t matter if the transaction involves $1 of value or $1 Trillion

For Oracle fees, the $LINK cost varies

Potential reasons for fees to vary

Different services - Price Feeds vs VRF
Different subsets of data within a service - $ETH vs $AAVE price feeds and basketball game results vs Football
Same service but different network #BSC vs #AVAX
Data Delivery example

Real world data has value and is demanded on chain. The oracle interacts with the data source and posts on chain.

Blockchain node operators can’t interpret the context of their chain’s transactions, just that they’re valid
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I have prepared this non exaustive list of announced #subnets on #AVAX. It was made mostly by searching on twitter and it could be wrong. Most certainly, it is incomple. Take as just a glimpse of what is to come.
Ragnarok (
Time Shuffle (
Ascenders (
Shrapnel (
Heroes Chained (
Castle Crush (
Metropius (
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