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Hey #Avalanche community👋

Let's see what is happening on #AVAX ecosystem?

What does Avalanche Daily Brief cover?

📚Threads and Reads Image

How to build a scalability powerhouse with @avax subnets, using @gelatonetwork's infra services!

You can easily pay with @circle's $EUROC on @avax while purchasing your favorite gift cards

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🧱 Let's dive into the world of Avalanche blocks with Avascan! 🌐

Discover the inner workings, structure, and navigation of blocks on the #Avalanche blockchain.

Explore the guide now in our knowledge base:…

#AVAX Image
3️⃣ Height: Numerical representation of a block's position within the blockchain. Track the order and sequence of blocks.

4️⃣ Age: Discover the time elapsed since a block's operation, including the date and time of occurrence. Stay updated on the blockchain's timeline.
5️⃣ TXS: Get insights into the number of transactions involved in each block. Measure the volume of activity and transactions taking place.

6️⃣ Hash: Unique identifier for each block. Easily identify and reference specific blocks using their hash values.
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A 🧵 from our latest blog post!


-72% of AVAX are staked, indicating strong community engagement and confidence in the ecosystem
-#AVAX are distributed among validators, ensuring decentralization and preventing concentration of power. Image
1/ In this thread, we'll explore key insights from an insightful article by @AvascanExplorer .

Get ready for some fascinating findings! 👇

🔗 Read the full article by @AVascan here:…
2/ The article highlights the growing popularity of Avalanche ($AVAX) and its robust staking mechanism.

It reveals that as of recent data, over 72% of AVAX tokens are staked, indicating strong community engagement and confidence in the ecosystem. 💪💎
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SteakHut is the key liquidity provider for $BTC.b

Around 20% of all BTC.b volumes are now facilitated by SteakHut Liquidity.

By working with @DeltaPrimeDefi we are unlocking #Avalanche, let's explore how SteakHut is helping grow the pie 🥧 Image
SteakHut abstracts away the complexities of concentrated liquidity, making it accessible to the majority of users and boosting capital efficiency.

With Active Liquidity Management, we actively shape liquidity, enabling greater flexibility and control over on-chain liquidity. Image
By working with @DeltaPrimeDefi we can unlock the full potential of DeFi, with undercollateralized loans creating maximum fund utility.

Combining this with SteakHut creates maximum capital efficiency.

Together we are unlocking #Avalanche Image
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🔗 An Explorer Unleashing Boundless Connectivity! 🔗

Want to connect any external RPC, be it local or remote? We've got you covered! Watch the simple example video below and dive into the world of seamless integration.

🎥 Video:

#Avalanche #AVAX Image
Discover an incredible explorer that offers seamless connectivity to both local and remote external RPCs. This tool empowers you to effortlessly connect and explore your chosen RPC endpoints. Watch this informative video example to see its capabilities in action:
1️⃣ In the video, you'll find a concise demonstration on how to spin up a Devnet Explorer for your EVM subnet. If you're keen on deploying your project locally and establishing a link with the explorer, follow these straightforward steps:
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🔥Introducing Avascan's **Network Activity Page**!

This new page offers insights into the blockchain ecosystem's health and activity levels.

Here's 8 reason to use AVASCAN and why it may can help you to DYOR (do your own research)!


#Avalanche #AVAX Image
1️⃣ Daily Transactions: Stay informed about the number of transactions processed on the Avalanche network each day. Track the growth and activity levels. Image
2️⃣ Block Count: Discover the daily block count, indicating the speed and efficiency of the network. Monitor the blockchain's progress and stability. Image
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You just set up your Prime Account: 4x #AVAX long, 4x #BTC long, all gently farming with @yieldyak_ and @vector_fi.

You feel happy. Bullish...

And then the SEC decides everything was a security all along, crashing prices.

Time to restart it all?

No anon, watch this🧵
There are two ways to get back control over your health and exposure.

✅Direct deposits
✅Debt swaps

Let's dive in both
Direct deposits

While DeltaPrime might feel like a CEX at times, it is not. Everything is fully transparent, and your Prime Account is YOUR Prime Account.

Next to the added security this brings, this also lets you send funds from any wallet, straight into your account. Image
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Let's get liquid💧@BenqiFinance💧

Comparing 3 easy $sAVAX strategies, and how they impact your Prime Account.

- Health (leverage)
- Current APY
- Risks (all have sAVAX depeg+smart contract)
- Rewards
- Intuitiveness to set up
- Efforts to manage

🧵🧵🧵🧵🧵🧵🧵🧵 Image

This is for the #AVAX Bulls amongst us. The ones that look at a $14,89 price and laugh. Who know it will never be this low again and put their money where their mouth is.

What's that strat?

1⃣Deposit $USDC
2⃣Borrow $USDC
3⃣Swap all to $sAVAX
4⃣Farm it all Image

☑️Example health: 20.19% (4x)
☑️Current APY: 39.7%👍
☑️Risk: AVAX price 📉
☑️Rewards: AVAX price📈 + farm APY
☑️Set up: Very easy✅
☑️Manage style: Active👀 Image
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A rare whale on AVAX can make over 50% profit in about 2 weeks...

Let's talk about how GoGoPool made this possible and how YOU can get involved too

Here begins the story of Earl Lee Validator 🔽 Image
Earl Lee Validator began their GoGoPool journey a couple weeks after the @Avalaunch sale concluded

They've invested about $22,500 in $GGP

Their Minipool is maxed out at 150% collateraliztion ratio, optimizing for GGP rewards returns Image
Minipool operators are rewarded in:
- AVAX staking rewards
- Node Operator commisions
- GGP rewards
- Subnet native tokens

A Minipool is a validator launched thru GoGoPool that has supplied their own hardware and 1000 AVAX + 10% in $GGP

Let's see Earl Lee's $GGP returns 🔽
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Avalanche validators were just given over $50K in $GGP rewards...

But there are still a lot of node operators that don't know how easy it is to signup their validator for a Minipool...

Read below to learn why AVAX validators are excited about Minipools and what they do:
What is a Minipool? 🎈

- Validator nodes launched thru GoGoPool that have supplied their own hardware and registered by staking only 1000 AVAX 10% of that value via the $GGP token Image
Minipool Benefits 🎈
Minipools cut the minimum staking requirement for AVAX node operators in half from 2000 $AVAX

Minipool Operators are rewarded in:
- AVAX commissions
- Node Operator commisions
- GGP rewards
- Subnet native tokens
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Hey #Avalanche community👋

Let's see what is happening on #AVAX ecosystem?

What does Avalanche Daily Brief cover?

📚Threads and Reads Image
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The growth in total transactions on the red chain of Avalanche (@avax) has been remarkable, reaching an all-time high of 900M with no signs of slowing down. So, what is driving this impressive growth?
A thread 🧵 Image
A closer look reveals that two categories, stablecoins and DeFi, have dominated user activity on the platform, accounting for 34% each of the on-chain activity for $AVAX.
In terms of stablecoins, the activity of $USDC has been consistently increasing over time. However, it is $USDT that has seen a significant surge, reaching an all-time high of 49.82% dominance. Users are actively switching to USDT, which is contributing to this growth.
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🚀 Membrane Finance disrupts the market with the launch of EUROe, the first MiCA-compliant stablecoin on Avalanche.

Experience the power of a secure and regulated digital currency within the ecosystem.


At the forefront of their groundbreaking offerings is EUROe, the first MiCA-compliant stablecoin to be launched on Avalanche. EUROe brings the power of a secure, regulated, and fully-reserved euro stablecoin into the thriving Avalanche ecosystem.
With EUROe, users can experience the benefits of a digital currency that complies with the regulatory framework set forth by MiCA (Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation).
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🚀Steadefi is announced the launch of their optimized and risk-adjusted yield strategies on @avax

Their mission is to assist yield seekers in maximizing their passive earnings by automating position and risk management, while also enhancing capital efficiency.

🧪 Leveraging closed-loop undercollateralized leverage, Steadefi empowers yield seekers to maximize passive earnings while automating position and risk management, and increasing capital efficiency.
💡 With strategies, users gain transparency through comprehensive PnL metrics, clear charts, and detailed user guidance. It's time to take control of your yields!
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On top of that, we also have a huge thread for last weeks ambassador program! Another huge turnout, this time with some multimedia to present!

With that, I present to you:

The Ambassador Thread 🧵!

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Gm #AVAX and beyond!

We are heading into the home stretch of this epoch ending tomorrow at 8pm EST, so lets have a bribe thread!

(1/7 🧵)…
Up first is @fBombOpera coming through with a $600 bribe on the $xSHRAP / $WETH.e pair! Image
@fBombOpera Next is @MillenniumClub3 with a $650 bribe on the $fBOMB / $GLCR pairing! Image
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A Mega Guide on the different ways to position for @LayerZero_Labs speculated airdrop 🪂

Strategy 1.0🚀🚀

Cost: 👇🏼
Mainnet: From $50 above

Time: According to your discretion

$ZRO #layerzero #Aidrop

A Thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣Bitcoin Bridge

The bridge enables users to transfer #bitcoin ($BTC.b) across supported EVM chains and the Aptos chain as well

Let's say we have just $50 Avax for these interactions. You can bridge or buy from #binance exchange
Don’t mind the price on some of the pics had some pics already on my device from my previous transactions

✨swap $Avax($20) to $BTC.b
✨Swap again (20$ worth) to $USDT on @traderjoe_xyz

leave the remaining $10 Avax for gas fees and miscellaneous use ImageImage
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Hey $FTM Family out there this is for you: 🧵

Less than 4 hours away from the Open Edition Mint through @joepegsnft over on $AVAX

Here's a helpful thread to guide you through moving some $FTM > $AVAX so you don't miss out!

🔺Drop is at 5pm UTC and is 2 $AVAX (78/80 $FTM) #ftm Image
First of all you need about [80 $FTM] per mint - this will convert to [2 $AVAX] maybe a lil more.

Head to 👉

@CryptoRubic will is seamless & will take care of the swapping and bridging for you! Image
Now you want to select $FTM from the list of compatible tokens. This is pretty straight forward just make sure you've selected the right coin. Image
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@Entanglefi is the first Cross-Chain Protocol utilising Synthetic Derivatives to solve DeFi liquidity problems across blockchain networks

An #airdrop is confirmed for whitlisted testnet users. Good news, I have some WL for you 👇

#airdrops Image
Entangle testnet is public, but to not dilute rewards, only WL people will receive an airdrop.

Very few WLs are available, but I have 20 spots for you 😁

🎁 I will draw among people who :
1️⃣ Like & RT first post of this thread
2️⃣ Drop wallet address in comment

💠 What is @Entanglefi ?

It's a protocol that allows you to earn CrossChain Liquidity Rewards & Borrow Stablecoins Simultaneously

Entangle allows user to gain exposure to high APY stablecoin & crypto LP yields across multi chains, without bridging funds or switching network Image
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Bribe thread? Bribe thread.

Starting with newcomer @MammothFi with a $1000 bribe to the $MMTH / $BTC.b pairing!

(🧵1/5) Image
@MammothFi (🧵2/5)

Next up is @GMDprotocol with a $580 bribe to the $GMD / $gmdUSDC pairing! Image
@MammothFi @GMDprotocol (🧵3/5)

We also have a $720 bribe on the $BTC.b / $WAVAX pool👀

Come get some bribes #AVAX BTC.b chads Image
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We introduce you to the very first step of the Husky Dapp

🧵 Discover the $Husky token staking! 🐕

Exchange your Husky tokens for xHusky tokens at a ratio of 1 billion Husky to 1 xHusky. Then, stake your xHusky tokens to become a part of the Husky Club. 🏆
As a #HuskyClub member, enjoy exclusive access and discounts on products from our e-shop. Moreover, a portion of the profits rewards xHusky holders with additional Husky tokens. 🎁
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$QNT confirmed to be working with the Bank of International Settlements & the Bank of England on a CBDC 🔥🔥🔥

This could lead TRILLIONS of dollars into the Quant Overledger, which needs $QNT token for account creation & transactions.

Here is what you need to know 🧵👇
The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is piloting a joint initiative with the Bank of England named Project Rosiland.

Project Rosiland is looking to lay the foundation for creating and implementing CBDCs. ImageImage
Quant CEO @gverdian was recently on stage with @bankofengland Tom Mutton, where he confirmed that "@gverdian and Quant were important participants in Project Rosiland". Image
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In case you missed it: Here is the recording and a summary thread right below! #AVAX…
>Concentrated liquidity moving forward nicely, in talks with @GammaStrategies and @CryptoAlgebra constantly
>Algebra side contracts are done
@GammaStrategies @CryptoAlgebra >Tazz is working on front end, complete front end overhaul is done, waiting on concentrated liquidity additions before deployment
>veNFT issue from the announcement and the $DEI exploit had us on our toes this week
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Gm #AVAX and beyond!

Today we want to introduce a new type of competition, one we have been crafting in the background for sometime now.

We are calling on all artists of #AVAX for help
Our NFT for veGLCR is severely lacking beauty, its just a bunch of numbers, and we want to see what you think it should look like!

Starting today, we are opening discord submissions for an art contest, with 3 winners for over 600 in USDC combined!
Simply create an NFT for us, make sure theres room for text on it so we can add our metadata to it (please include testing text on the image where we should put this), and on Friday, June 9th, we will select our top 3 favorites for our community to vote on!
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