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OK. This took longer than expected (lol) but here is my 25 Tweet thread-comic on the #fantom ecosystem (for beginners).
#FTM $FTM #fantomfam
👻/3 Image
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Welcome to #FTM

You need to know..
1. 🧠Why I help you to focus:

3. 🧑‍🌾How to switch from CEX to FTM DEX chain to unlock the true yield!

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It was a sad week but it doesn’t stop me from exploring #NansenQuery 👊💪🏼
I am still pretty new to crypto and decided to explore #NansenMultiChainData! Let’s check out the utility of multi-chain in this thread. 🔎🧵
💣Spoiler: I made money in my simulation
1/ ✍️Nansen researcher put multi-chain data to test. We found that the more assets are bridged over to new chains / L2s, the higher the demand for the underlying chain token and the fundamental value of native chain token.
2/ In other words, the higher amount of tokens bridged over to to new chains or to L2s, the stronger the support of the native chain token’s price.📈
Read for more:…
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How do #Options work? How to include options into your strategy? Why do we need options products in #DeFi?

We cover all of the basics you need in our latest visual guide, decentralized options.


#Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #Derivatives
An option is a #contract giving the investor the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specific price on a certain time period. Investors must pay a premium to get the contract.


#Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #Derivatives
The option writer is the seller of an option who opens a position to collect a premium payment from the buyer of the options contract.


#Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #Derivatives
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🧵 $30B in TVL wiped out by the $LUNA and $UST collapse. Total #DeFi TVL slashed in half over the last month.

What does the future hold for DeFi on the major #Layer1 chains and protocols? My thoughts in 10 tweets. 1/10
#DeFi exploded from $19B TVL at the start of 2021 to $280B by the end of 2022, holding steady until April of this year.

It now stands at $128B with the majority of that over 50% drop coming in the last month as investors rush for the exits. 2/10 Image
Why? A negative global macro outlook with inflation and rising interest rates leading to sell off in traditional markets.

The knock on effect on $BTC compounded by the shock from the $LUNA and $UST fallout has nervous investors going risk off. 3/10
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🔑Points after Confronting #FTM CEO @michaelfkong for 1.5hrs

1. He thinks the current algorithm for UST stablecoin doesn't work because it is not backed by anything but faith, so it could go negative cycle when people lose faith.

2. He wants fUSD to have an over-collateralized model tied to the value of FTM.

3. He learned that Foundation should focus on tech, and Dapps protocols/fUSD should pass to community devs to handle.

4. He thinks FTM is unique amongs L1 because the transaction is processed asynchronously. It's like a Multicore processor vs. a single-core processor nowadays.

5. The algorithm makes the Fantom chain never goes offline.

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🧵Wordt digitaal contant geld programmeerbaar, en gekoppeld aan je identiteit? Artikel van @JannesvanRoermu op @FTM_nl… #FTM #Techthics #Masssurveillance #MassaSurveillance #ControleMaatschappij #ControllState #surveillance 1/6
📍 Wereldwijd werken centrale banken aan hun ‘eigen’ digitale munt, als equivalent van contant geld. Die kan het beste worden gecombineerd met een nieuwe digitale identiteit voor iedereen, menen veel beleidsmakers... 2/6
...Critici zijn bezorgd over de mate van controle en surveillance die zo’n systeem biedt. ‘Veel technocraten zijn zich van geen kwaad bewust. Ze zullen het met de beste bedoelingen fout doen.’ 3/6
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Is this a mega thread? Or a crazy rant? I'll let you decide. But I love the #fantom network and I want to go in-depth on why I think it is so undervalued, and what I believe can be done about it.

So here's a thread/rant/whatever about #FTM

Before I go into why I believe Fantom is so undervalued, I want to talk about what I think Fantom, it's representatives, and the @FantomFDN do right.

First, Fantom has one of the best communities....

Fantom has some of the smartest, eager to help, well-spoken people who outwardly represent the chain well.

It's one of their biggest assets.

Fantom also has fantastic representatives and influencers...

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[THREAD] Où placer ses #stablecoins ?

J'ai toujours privilégié la diversification et la sécurité au rendement. Voici la répartition de mes stablecoins👇

⚠ Cela ne représente absolument pas la répartition de mes actifs sur ces blockchains.
⚠ Aucune solution est sans risque. Image
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Pretty jazzed, took advantage of $Thor price slump and was able to accumulate enough $Thor to get another #Odin node this week. Best part, is I was able to use the rewards from all of my other projects and not a #penny extra was spent out of pocket. Here's what I did:
2/ If you follow me, I have pretty good exposure to each major blockchain (except #Ethereum because I hate it with a passion). I'm earning passive income on #FTM, #BNB, #AVAX, and #COSMOS. My goal is to eventually get to a point where I can dip into rewards and buy downtrends.
3/ Since starting this in February, this is the first time I was able to make a substantial dent in increasing my daily/$$ amount all from aggregating funds from the different chains onto one chain. In this case, the destination chain was #AVAX
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⭐Why I only focus on 1 chain #FTM in depth.

1. I have explored many chains prior landing on FTM.

2. Focusing give me advantages such as alpha news.

3. Because of deep understanding, I react greatly on FUD.

4. I have a high chance to find the dip.

5. I know when is overvalued and start taking profit when its too heated.

6. I know future catalysts.

7. So I feel relax and happy when seeing the price under performed temporarily and know when to DCA confidently.

8. Focus allows me to blend well into the community and gets to know great people in the ecosystem.

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🔑 For #FTM stable $fUSD by
1. fUSDv1 has dropped below 1usd due to extreme selling pressure.

2. It's to reward validators.

3. DEUS plan to have fUSDv2. Migrate v1 to new v2 contract.

4. fUSDv2 will use dynamic similar to maker $DAI & AMO (automated market operators) similar like $FRAX as second layer to peg.

5. $DEI AMO has proven effective and fast to consistently pegged to 1usd under pressure.

6. $fUSDv2 will be more stable than $DEI.

7. DEUS need 1~2 months to implement after approved by community and foundation.

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#FTM native museum that records epic events that happened to Fantom Ecosystem with #NFT.
Also called #HistoryNFT.

The value of history increase over time. Same as the HISTORY-NFT that is unique and minted during the epic event.

Check out the historical collections 👇
#FrogsSalvation (History)
27 Jan 2022 - Welcome Frog Nation to FTM.…
#Fantoman (History + Utility)
6 Jan 2022 - veNFT war in Solidly…
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This is awesome. @ChadMcchief and the @RevenantLabs team have just released their second "Making It Simple" episode of their RevCast podcast. The episode details how liquidity providing will work on Singularity - the project they will be releasing soon. Here's a short 🧵:
The episode is a wonderfully concise overview of how single-sided liquidity providing will work on Singularity. The value proposition of their new project is unique and innovative. Let's dive a little deeper (not too deep, we're not all gigabrained wizards after all):
A bit about swaps and slippage:
Traditionally, prices in automated market makers (AMMs) are discovered via the market. Singularity, as opposed to other AMMs, uses oracle price feeds to determine the prices of assets in their respective pools.
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What is #FVM? [🧵]

A lot of people are talking about the #Fantom Virtual Machine. Most conversations, however, simply state that “it’s the future” or “it’s gonna change the game”

But many still don’t know how or why.

So let’s discuss.

First, if you haven’t yet, definitely listen to the latest interview from @milesdeutscher with Fantom CEO Michael Kong.

He touches on the topic of what they are trying to achieve.

Unfortunately this is still a bit ambiguous. So let’s dive in further.

In the interview Michael talks about research done by university students and professors. Well, here is a publication outlining some of the EVM limitations he discusses:…

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Here we go again.
I've been studying NFT contracts and I've written one of my own. Going to break it down line by line.
Nothing fancy just playing around with ERC721 functions.
I hope you guys enjoy and learn as much as I did.
#Solidity #NFT #Contract #etherum #ftm #eth
Declare the license that you will be using.
Define the version of solidity that you will be using, we do this by using 'pragma'

^ These two lines of code will go in to every contract you write. make friends with them. kisssh.
4 & 5/
The 'import' statement allows you to pull in libraries and use them in your code.
The good people at @OpenZeppelin provide tested secured packages.
Why rebuild a minting function when you can just pull in already tested secure code?
Truly doing the lords work.
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I am happy to share my first🧵on how I invested with a bag under 10k to achieve growth and minimize fluctuations in the market. The bulk of my strategy relies on $LQDR, @LiquidDriver’s #LQDRv3 on #FTM. This strategy works for me, it is NFA. Let’s dive in (0/10)
2/ I started with 4K in $FTM. Used 1K @spiritswap to deposit into LQDR/FTM LP and deposited on @LiquidDriver for approx 100% APR it may be larger according to the latest alpha:

I harvest the $LQDR monthly (but you can do this daily if you wish)
3/ I also bought 1K in $LQDR to lock as $xLQDR for two years. This earns another 90-100% APR from the @LiquidDriver revenue sharing vault (breakdown in screenshot). If you’re weary about locking for two years, a new product #FNFTs will allow you to lock your xLQDR as an NFT… 3/
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#Thread comment passer de 500$ à 3 Million$ en à peine 2H 👀

Si vous êtes du genre à suivre bêtement ce qu'on vous dit n'allez pas plus loin vous allez être frustré.

Si vous êtes curieux, là pour la tech, avec l'envie d'apprendre let's go
Prérequis : savoir analyser des montages financier, comprendre comment un rendement est généré + maitriser l'environnement Blockchain.
après go sur #FTM vous déposez ~500$ sur une adresse vierge

Mise en place d'un #FlashLoan des Familles pour à peine 1$ la TX…
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1/20 How I Find and Vent Projects 🧵


- Where I Find Them and What I Do Then

- Most Important Factors

- Node and Tokenomics

- Utility / Purpose

- Future Plans / Roadmap

#avax #eth #bsc #bnb #ftm #matic
2/ Where I Find Them and What I Do Then

1) Twitter - search #nodes #naas #daas #passiveincome #nft

2) @PreExponential, @DazaiCrypto, @TheBreadMakerr, @JamesPelton18 posts (to name a few)

3) People DM new projects often. Keep doing it! I love it

4) Shill channels in Discord
3/ First thing I do is pull their Twitter and look it over.

Next comes the Discord link, usually in profile info.

There I comb through Announcements, FAQs, and Official Links.

Next I go to website and read EVERYTHING. Yes... everything

Lastly, the WP. Most important piece. 👌🏻
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Looking for the best $FTM play on @FantomFDN right now? What if I told you that it's possible to get close to 90% APY on your FTM? Let's jump in, a short thread 🧵👇

@FTMAlerts @rektdiomedes @alexandomega @beefyfinance
@beefyfinance recently revolutionized #FTM node delegation with $beFTM: beFTM gives stakers access to maximized validator rewards without the need to lock FTM for 1 year.
Let's talk APY: Image
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$EXC @ExcaliburDeFi

Def my top pick for going into the weekend. DEX UI/UX is clean and functional.

They had a very successful fair launch and emissions are set to go live in about 2 hours.

This is another dual token system:
$EXC is the main token and can be purchased directly on their site. It can be earned by staking non $EXC pairs as well as selective incentive single stake pools. I assume they’ll target Popular tokens like $BOO, $SPIRIT, $LQDR and $BEETS.
The second token is Grail which they are calling their share holder token. $Grail cannot be purchased only earned through yield farming. $Grail can be deposited into the dividends tab to earn your share of the protocol fees.
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Just sold a fair amount of $BTC into $USDC and sent back to $FTM #FTM #FANTOM

Im buying:

1) $OXD V2- FTM LP deposited on @0xDAO_fi

Print is crazy right now and since its where most of the new $OXD v2 is I am planning on farming for at least a few days.

Safer entry marked Image
2) Over half of what I brought back to $FTM is going into $EXC @ExcaliburDeFi

Really think its going to do well and emissions go live tomorrow. Planning on stacking as much $GRAIL as possible which will pay dividends, think $ELCT on $PROTO

Only 2 MIL MC still. #FTM #FANTOM Image
3) $HAM - $FTM LP @HamstersOfFTM

New #GameFi $TOMB fork with a lot of people I trust backing it. $HSHARE emissions go live in a little over a day.

Not too crazy above its #FTM Peg which makes me more comfortable aping alot more. Image
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🧵 on some of the major smart contract chains, their different approaches, and how HOPEFULLY (for the love of all that is holy) we are moving away from simply "X chain is superior because it did XXXX TPS on a closed environment testnet"
#Ethereum #terraluna #Solana #AVAX
As @epolynya has alluded to several times, #TPS numbers are almost meaningless now. Especially anything under 100k.

At the risk of having this thrown in my face 5 years from now, TPS is essentially solved.
This is due to many things but some reasons include:

- #modular designs (@CelestiaOrg, #ETH + #rollups, and @avalancheavax to an extent)
- Rollups, in general, and how they can somewhat "defeat" the #ScalabilityTrilemma
- @IOHK_Charles & his giga brain (ok maybe not this 😉)
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