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📌Beware the Ides of Trump

📌Rumor haz it SC may drop report on Fri & it will make the case for collusion & unseal indictments for DonJr, Ivanka, Eric &/OR Kush

📌Manafort Gets a 47-Month Taste of What’s Coming for #TeamTreason.

📌Kush blackmailed Qatar & SA.

📌Global Extortion Racket: Kush changed US foreign policy to benefit himself, punishing Qatar (refused bribe) & rewarding SS (paid bribe)

📌SAudi slapped down by 36 countries over human rights violations.

📌Kush ditched embassy staff while trysting w/ MoBoneSaw

📌LB:”What if Paul Manafort is the one who helped escort Marcos' billions out of Philippines, & then handed it to J. Epstein to "manage" (aka, hide in offshores to grow the global mob's blood money pot)?”

Trump May Have Committed Multiple Campaign Finance Crimes
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#ForeignAgent! #RussiaCollusion! Pay-to-Play Scandals! #TaxFraud! #TaxEvasion! Lying on sworn, Federal forms! Intentional misuse of donated funds!

Why are we still waiting for action,  @RepMeadows & @RepCummings? AG Barr? Huber?

Too busy focused on Fake Trump investigations...
Cl¡ntons acted as foreign agent for multiple countries, engaged in pay-for-play, brokered pharmaceuticals, $$$, uranium, etc. thru #ClintonFoundation in exchange for favors, and used CF as a personal "piggy bank."

$400M - $2.5B that may be subject to taxation & incorrectly used!
501c3 charity should take ≤ 15% in administrative costs & give 85% of money taken in to actual charity work. Only 40% of the money taken in by the CF went to charity work. 60% went to the Cl¡ntons & the CF in administrative costs. Money decreased when they had no influence!
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Here's another very interesting happening 👇👇👇

The DOJ announced that it is creating a revamped unit to crack down on #FARA violations and they appointed former #Mueller/Special Counsel prosecutor Brandon Van Grack to oversee it.

They even mentioned #Skadden as a reason.
Yes, yes, I know it's CNN (Ughhh) but supposedly John Demers from DOJ spoke to them about this. Here is the source:…
And, of course, I forgot to add - #ButNothingsHappening
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DOJ announced it will place a former Mueller prosecutor in charge of #FARA enforcement and shift "from treating FARA as an administrative obligation... to one that is increasingly an enforcement priority.” MY THOUGHTS IN THREAD:
The announcement is the prosecutorial equivalent of a ribbon cutting. DOJ has built its staff and signaled more aggression on FARA the past 18 months, but this is the grand opening of a new FARA enforcement era.
DOJ’s FARA Unit has been led by good and competent lawyers, but they (purposely) have not acted like traditional prosecutors and haven’t been perceived that way. Appointment of Van Grack—an accomplished prosecutor—is a bigger sea change than it might seem.
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1) #MichaelCohen keeps digging himself a deeper hole. He lied in answering @Jim_Jordan's question on his desire to work #POTUS' admin & now this.
#ZeroHedge ==> #Cohen Slapped With #CriminalReferral Mid-Testimony Over #FARAViolation ==> Foreign Agents Registration Act
2) #Cohen failed to report #Novartis, which paid $1.2mi 2act as a consultant on the #TrumpAdmin, $150,000 from #SK's Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) & also a payment from Kazakhstan BTA bank.
Meadows tweeted: "I just entered a referral for criminal investigation of
3) #MichaelCohen, who violated the #FARA by illegally lobbying on behalf of foreign entities without registering..."
He was indicted 4lying & now we are to believe he tells the truth before #Congress?
Well he is getting his due!
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"[Imaad] Zuberi has also donated to the campaigns of Republican candidates — including Sens. Lindsey Graham of SC and Rand Paul of KY and then-Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of Costa Mesa, CA — as well as the RNC and NRCC."…
"In 2017, NYT reported that after the $900K donation from Ave Ventures to Trump’s inaugural committee, Zuberi was granted attendance to the Chairman’s Global Dinner, “a pre-inauguration, black-tie gathering intended to introduce the incoming pres to the foreign diplomatic corps.”
"Zuberi’s LinkedIn IDs him as vice chairman of priv equity and VC firm Avenue Ventures. He has “closed over $15B...” at the firm, whose clients include start-ups, major corps and sovereign wealth funds...

Avenue Ventures does not appear to have a working website..." 🚩
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Mercury Public Affairs (former @GOP Rep. Vin Weber), Podesta Group (Democrat lobbyist Tony Podesta) and Skadden Arps (former Obama WH counsel Greg Craig) are under federal investigation in #SDNY for their #Ukraine work with Paul Manafort.🔥
Manafort hired Skadden to produce a smear of Yulia Tymoshenko (the opponent of Ukraine’s pro-#Russia🇷🇺leader), and hired Vin Weber’s and Podesta’s lobbying shops to push the false smear of Tymoshenko.

Manafort paid them MILLIONS via a bank in Cyprus.

NO ONE filed #FARA.🙄
Skadden now admits they were a FOREIGN AGENT for pro-#Russia🇷🇺leaders in #Ukraine and recently settled with DOJ and agreed to cooperate FULLY.

Gates (Manafort’s bagman) is cooperating, too.

Meaning: the Feds have receipts and witnesses.😎

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1. On Cohen, I raised an alarm Trump - Russia poll rigging. I think the current #MAGA bot net that @twitter @TwitterSupport turns a blind eye to is a device to hold Trump polls that should fall through the floor. @FBISanFrancisco should bring down the bots that violate FARA.
2. Here are some of my posts on poll hacks. In Sept 2017 I saw things like the comical "Mother of all Rallies" and I could not square these actual demonstrations of Trump core support with the reported poll data.
3. In June 2018 I reported again what I believed was an easy hack of using RoboCalls to suppress poll participation by liberal leaning voters.
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1/ Thread: In light of today’s @nytimes report that the #FBI in mid-May ‘17 began to investigate whether President Trump is a #Russian agent, look again at Special Counsel #Mueller’s Dec. 4 pre-sentencing Memorandum in the Michael #Flynn case.
2/ Mueller was appointed Special Counsel about a week after the FBI opened this investigation of Trump. Mueller was appointed to supervise it & other matters, both counter-intelligence & criminal, all related to Russia.
3/ One of the criminal matters was whether Flynn, in Jan. ’17 when he was National Security Adviser, lied to the FBI about recent conversations with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S.
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(8/17/16): "Trump's first intelligence briefing as Republican nominee was August 17, 2016 sources told NBC News at the time.

Trump was "briefed and warned" at the session about potential espionage threats from Russia,"…
(8/9/16) Michael Flynn/Flynn Intel Group/FIG belatedly files #FARA for Turkey. Per the contract with Inovo BV, they make the effective date August 9, 2016. View links here:…
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1.Pretty sure unless @RT_Erdogan personally delivered it to @NYTimes #FARA says this must say: "Informational Materials Distributed by an Agent on Behalf of a Foreign Principal" IE Propaganda.
Erdogan: Turkey Has a Plan to Restore Peace in Syria @FBIWFO
2. After then Turkish PM Davitoglu made a deal with ISIS for Mosul hostage release about August 2014 Turkey has been an active ISIS affiliate. The area of Idlib that Turkey occupies contains approximately 20,000 Al-Qaeda forces. Turkey by any analysis is a Terrorist affiliate.
3. More over, Turkey's armed forces and leaders have threatened to attack US forces in Syria. Erdogan has personally ordered the attack on US Citizens in DC. He and his family have traded with ISIS for oil stolen in Syria. By any measure Erdogan conducted himself as our enemy.
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Do you know who else falsely claimed that Maria Butina was guilty of being an unregistered foreign lobbyist? Roger Stone protégé and Pizzagate pusher Jack Posobiec.

Do you read his tweets? Because unlike the Gerasimov Doctrine, this #FARA narrative has been thoroughly debunked.
.@OANN's Jack Posobiec wasn't even honest about what the news organization *that he works for* was reporting about Maria Butina's plea deal when it was first announced.…
Jack Posobiec is an obvious Kremlin shill though. What's your excuse for pushing the same lie weeks later, @MarkGaleotti?…
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9/17: Manafort working on "Kurdish referendum"

"...the Kurdish referendum, scheduled for Monday, would not immediately trigger independence, the American gov't and the international community have expressed serious concerns about it. "
"They fear that, if it passes overwhelmingly, as expected, it could further destabilize Iraq, damage the coalition fighting the Islamic State, and potentially spark violence in disputed areas."
"...the State Department urged Kurdish leaders “to accept the alternative, which is a serious and sustained dialogue with the central government, facilitated by the United States and United Nations, and other partners.”
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So a 12/14/18 phone call w/Erdogan was the impetus for General Mattis’ resignation. If you had any doubts about Trump being completely compromised by Erdogan, here’s another smoking gun #TrumpTowersIstanbul
Now, couple this with Rudy Giuliani’s working for Turkey by repping one of Erdogan’s favorite money launderers, Reza Zarrab - he laundered for the Turkish state- controlled bank, we just convicted the bank Mgr last year...😉
And hook that up w/Michael Flynn’s being forced to reg #FARA for Turkey back to 8/16, for planning to kidnap the Turkish cleric (Gulen), and his Ratio oil deal with Ekim Alptekin and Bijan Kian - the two guys indicted earlier this week ... 🤓
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Mr. President. Let’s put an end to this miscarriage of justice.

The base is sick and tired of the criminals getting away with hiding exculpatory evidence because it’s “classified”.

If I source and methods then #DeclassifyFISA
This will expose all the criminals involved in this 2 year witch hunt. It will also help the left accept that their “leaders” are nothing more than phonies.
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Why did #JudgeEmmetSullivan juxtapose #FARA violations with potential #treason in @GenFlynn's sentencing, now postponed?
Creating the almost Pavlovian connection between #FARA violations and #treason would and could be applied to others alleged and charged and convicted of same? Can you say #Podesta and #HRC?
Look how the #MSM are repeating the refrain that nondisclosure is tantamount to #treason. Watch what happens next when their favorite charlatans are in the same position and have the identical battlecry directed towards them. Bwahahaha!
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In court filings that are set to drop in early 2019, Team🇺🇸Mueller will begin to unveil Middle Eastern countries’ (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel) attempts to influence American politics.😎

👋🏼BYE, @realDonaldTrump, Kush, Broidy, Prince + many others.…
Team🇺🇸Mueller has questioned people with w/Trump’s campaign about their “conversations w/**deeply connected** individuals from UAE, Saudi Arabia & Israel” on the use social-media manipulation to help install Trump in the WH, as well as the overthrow of Iran.😳

SO many characters involved with the Middle Eastern part of this scandal. Need to board a flight, so hang tight as I multitask.🤗
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"In late 2016, as Trump was readying to move into the WH, Elliott Broidy...was working on a deal to gain control of what a biz partner called “ oil & gas, and mining assets” in ANGOLA." h/t @Klickedy…
"Broidy used his clout to hook up top Angolan gov't ofcls w/members of the US Congress & the Trump admin. It was a swampy endeavor involving old-fashioned political influence, a BH activist/realtor, & a Nigerian American businessman who had been a close friend of Michael Jackson"
"Broidy is no longer a power player wielding sway in the Republican cosmos. Early this yr, he faced a series of media stories that raised questions about his biz dealings (which includ'd ventures w/the gov'ts of SA, the UAE, Romania, & Repub of Congo) & allegd influence peddling"
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Correcting date: (9/25/17) Fake Ukraine corruption hearing in basement of US Senate, by Connie Mack, attended by Woolsey, broadcast by NewsOne Ukraine (which is now owned by Opposition Bloc member; Opposition Bloc is successor to Party of Regions):…
NewsOne TV channel ex-owner Murayev announces sale of channel to Opposition Bloc MP Kozak…
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Significant for a bunch of reasons. Khazaria, in ancient times, lay mostly in western Kazakhstan and southern Russia. Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of that region. Ashkenazi "Jews" comprised the USSR gov't that committed all of the atrocities and today's Zionist gov't in Israel.
It's part of a geopolitical saga. There are great storylines and no commercials. @A_Melikishvili @tengrinewskz
Once upon a time, a king converted the subjects of his kingdom to Judaism. But the Khazar Kingdom didn't last long. @A_Melikishvili
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Amnesty Int’l is calling on senators to halt the nom of SC nominee Kav over his "possible involvement" in human rights violations post terrorist attacks on 9/11/01

"in issues related to torture & rendition after 9/11."

Kav cd face a 4th sexual misconduct alleg’n

FL DEM cong’lcandidate April Freeman dies unexpectedly. Earlier this year, she won 77% of the vote in the DEM primary.

MD authorities confirmed they are aware of a potential second accusation of sexual assault in Montgomery County against Brett Kavanaugh.

Smokescreen-Trump Wanted to Nuke Rosenstein to Save Kavanaugh’s Bacon

Brett Kavanaugh: third woman expected to make accusations of sexual misconduct

Roger Stone sought contact with WikiLeaks' Julian Assange, email suggests

📌Establishes key nexus
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(11/23/16) Lanny Davis reg'd #FARA for Dmitry Firstash:
Lanny Davis repping Ukraine interests. So no conflict w/Cohen:

1/17: The Ukraine peace plan was hand-delivered to Flynn's office by Michael Cohen. Plan pushed by Cohen, Artemenko and Sater. An opposition bloc leader, Artemenko was nurtured by Manafort:…
When I say Ukraine interests above, I mean the pro-Russia Ukraine faction.
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Yeowza. This is geopolitical gold. Zaha Hadid was Muslim. Zionists had intended Dnipro as part of the new Israel.…
Pretty much nobody is going to understand the significance of this, trust me, but it is HUGE. #FARA
OMG, I bet this will cause Igor Kolomoisky's head to explode. 😂
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Rudy Giuliani working as unreg’d foreign agent for the mayor of Kharkiv - who is also a member of the Party of Regions - same party Manafort was working for 😉 #FARA… via @MotherJones
@MotherJones "Giuliani has said he does not believe he is required to reg w/[DOJ' as a foreign agent because he does not directly lobby Trump or the US gov't. But the FARA law generally requires anyone attempting to influence US policy on behalf of a foreign entity to register with the [DOJ]"
@MotherJones He's LYING. HE KNOWS BETTER. This cabal all purposely avoided reg'g #FARA. Broidy, Lanny Wiles, Flynn, etc:

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