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When asked by @SenatorShaheen why he wants a probe into the origins of the Russia probe, Barr says because **he believes the US government spied on the Trump campaign.**

Barr is a full-blown conspiracy theorist just like Nunes and Trump.
@atrupar #BarrHearing #Maddow
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Bill Barr is the Devin Nunes of Roy Cohn's.
Barr's review of Mueller's probe will be Nunes' conspiracy theorist investigations, the sequel: Carter Page FISA, deep state's imaginary US spy who entrapped Trump officials, the Uranium One/Clinton faux scandal, butter emails, and of course, a leak probe.
Read 5 tweets… Bill Barr’s strategy to evade questions and continue covering up for Trump: Play the part of a dull bureaucrat whose only interest is following the law. Luckily, Democrats were having none of it.
After decades of practice, Barr really has perfected the art of hiding his villainy beneath the veneer of an unremarkable bureaucrat. #BarrHearing
Barr's rhetorical strategy was to say things that are complete honking nonsense, but to disguise it in legalese, so that most viewers who aren't well-versed with every detail of the Mueller investigation don't realize how dishonest he's being.
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Bill Barr just told @RepEdCase that it is Mueller's team making calls on Grand Jury redactions
Consistent with my reading of his letter - that OTHER PROSECUTORS WITH ONGOING CASES would say if anything needed redacting to save their cases
#BarrHearing - and Barr also told @RepEdCase that the US intelligence community is making the intelligence-related redactions

He said "IM NOT DOING THE REDACTIONS" - and nobody is even listening (except me) #MuellerReport
#BarrHearing : said he will give the full report to Schiff, he also said he will look at any requests from Nadler. He said he would not ask a judge to unredact Grand Jury materials that MUELLER and OTHER PROSECUTORS are saying need redacting. Bill Barr not making those calls
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This Republican is asking questions that he thinks help Trump, but most certainly do not. #BarrHearing

He's asking great questions. For my side.
And actually Barr did not answer the question 'have you heard from Mueller's investigators"

his answers to this guy were good both for Mueller, and for the status of his hat color. He corrected him on 'conclusions' 'summary' #BarrHearing
And Barr defended the SCO's prosecutors saying nothing that could be attributed to them was a leak of classified information. While that is true, he didn't have to say it; he could have fudged. He did not. #BarrHearing
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It's concerning but not surprising. Anyone who didn't realize that Barr had already shared the Mueller Report with the White House or that Barr would do anything other than orchestrate this ridiculous #CoverUp for Trump, hasn't been paying attention.
Barr won't release the full, unredacted Mueller report to Congress or petition the court to unseal grand jury info. He said if Nadler wants, he can petition the court, basically telling Nadler to sue him. As one does in a #CoverUp.
#BarrHearing #Maddow
BARR refused, on multiple occasions, to say whether he has shared the Mueller Report with anyone in the White House, where Barr's son-in-law, Tyler McGaughey, has worked since Barr was sworn in as Trump's AG.
#BarrHearing #Maddow
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NEW: Barr says redacted Mueller Report will be available "within a week" and redactions will be color-coded to correspond to the 4 categories he laid out in his Mar 29 letter but didn't answer why he didn't use the summaries submitted by the Mueller team in his "summary."
When asked by Chairwoman @NitaLowey if the White House has seen the Mueller report, BARR, in all his arrogance, says he's said everything he plans to say about the Mueller Report. "I've already issued 3 letters about it."
via @atrupar #Maddow
Chairwoman @NitaLowey: “I just hope that we as members of Congress are going to have the complete Mueller report.”

BARR: “You mean the unredacted report? No.”
#BarrHearing #Maddow
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Barr says privacy and reputation of uncharged parties will be protected with redactions. It will be rich if Cambridge Analytica links get redacted, a company subject to prosecution in UK under Data Protection Act for violating America’s privacy, had it not shuttered. #BarrHearing
Cambridge Analytica was a “transnational” organization, criminally raided and convicted by UK authorities. What’s Congress going to do to prevent practice of internationalized (and military contracting) campaign vendors that refuse to cooperate with investigators? #BarrHearing
Some receipts:
1. ICO informing me they convicted Cambridge Analytica for refusing to cooperate on disclosure orders.
2. Discovery document obtained by court order (plus other evidence) indicates full cooperation is uncertain. We’re not sure if seized servers have been returned.
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If you want to know how utterly terrified the Deep State is of William Barr.....👇 article/thread.

How do you rebuke someone that has been on the other side—has SEEN the crimes from the start?

Won’t interfere with Mueller? Noted.
#QAnon #QArmy #MAGA…
2) TRUST GRASSLEY. This picture from today speaks for itself. Consider the importance of House Investigations transitioning to the Senate. Goodlatte>>>LG? ✔️

Resignations don’t always indicate bad [optics]. Sometimes they make way for strategic plays.

#QAnon #BarrHearing #MAGA
3) “Do you believe in coincidences?”
Next picture: LG 2.0 [upgrade] available? There was a reason LG brought up seemingly random question at the time, re: Military Tribunals during Justice K hearing. Once again House >> Senate.

#QAnon #BarrHearing #MAGA
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Sen. Dianne Feinstein: “Top of mind for all of us is the ongoing investigation. Importantly, the attorney general must be willing to resist political pressure and be committed to protecting this investigation.” #BarrHearing
Sen. Orrin Hatch says Barr, in his last stint as attorney general, “prioritized fighting violent crime and became known as the law and order attorney general.”

Criminal justice reformers worry about that history: #BarrHearing
Barr takes the floor at his confirmation hearing and introduces his family to the committee.

"My son ... will someday be in the Department of Justice," he says. #BarrHearing
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