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To the unfortunate souls drowning in the war of the acronyms, realize that in 2011, Nigeria had 65,000 internally displaced people (IDPs). Today in 2019 there are an estimated 3.75m IDPs literally & figuratively over 100million IDPs under this admin’s weaponized poverty. #BeWise
In a country where the truth is seen as a poisonous hate speech, there is no telling how deep the plunge into the abyss would be. But should this be a legacy to our children and unborn generations? Millions trapped in these camps & abused by known VIPs stealing from them...
...would one day break out in their numbers into your beloved streets and make your sheltered kids pay for a crime they never committed. Those plunged into economic hardship & job losses will justify their transmogrification by living a life of crime. Shame has lost its meaning.
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“Major cause of Poverty is Corruption” - VP Osinbajo #NEDG #BON #VPDebate. This is a grave lie. I have addressed this before. Corruption is everywhere in the world including in USA. Lack of productivity is what causes Poverty. This admin weaponize Poverty & lies a lot.
If the current admin mean well for Nigeria and have kept their promises to Nigerians, this debate is done already. All they need do is point to what they have done and justify the need to complete their work. It is as easy as that. They have failed. Simple. #NeverAgain
Corruption is not about stealing public funds alone. Nepotism, Abuse Of Office, subjugation of the rule of Law, religious bigotry etc are part of the catalytic factors that promote poverty and cripple productivity. The deliberate weakening of our institution is a critical factor.
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A man expressed his opinion on an oppressive issue just to speak against tyranny but those directly affected scorned, mocked & cursed him out in support of their oppressors for the guaranteed benefit of crumbs. But A man was not sad. Tweeps then asked him why he didn’t feel sad.
Why should a Man be sad? Man have lost people who neither value him nor appreciate his thoughts and action towards emancipation. But the people have lost a genuine leader who truly cares and ready to serve with capacity in the interest of sustainable progress & fruitfulness.
No doubt many souls will perish under oppression due to cognitive dissonance, copious ignorance, willful blindness and self genocidal actions influenced by graft, crumbs and assumed opportunities that will soon be discovered to be a mere apparition. #BeWise
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In the spirit of Education, let me do the ignorant generation a favor by showing you how diligently accountable people respond to defamation according to various researches on the subject. It is only when you learn that you become. There’s a difference between growth & swelling.
First thing first, defamation is a civil suit and never bumped up to a criminal act requiring a state of emergency or trumped up charges as crazy as terrorism allegation. The killer herdsmen are free today under some Governor’s payroll. No police statement till tomorrow.
Morally this is wrong but our constitution did not criminalize immorality. People under this admin’s payroll at the BMC Call Objective people who they fear & hate names. Even accuse us of being frauds just because we have refused to swallow their barbiturates under demonic oath.
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Case bumped to a higher level. Police have militarized the Karshi Area Court as well as Keffi Prison trying to force an update on charges and get a re-arrest warrant for @adeyanjudeji Magistrate has been professional. Re-strategizing engagement. #EndImpunity #ReformPoliceNG
By Law Deji is already a freeman but once that document is signed no one can predict what those sent in to force a re-arrest would do. This is going to take a breather. ⏰ Tick Tock. We must stop experimenting with politicians in a democracy. Police surely MUST Be Reformed.
The only thing stopping Deji and the rest from walking out a freeman is not the court but the truncation of due process by those who are bent on militarizing and forcing their way to continue detaining him. We currently have a siege as we speak. #EndImpunity #ReformPoliceNG
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It’ll be foolish for anyone to vote any candidate solely based on the size of their businesses or number of employee. Leadership & entrepreneurship are not the same. One is designed for profit the other is purely a service of the competent to create opportunities for all.
Running a successful business doesn’t necessarily make you a good leader or a promising President. A lot goes into leadership of a nation as complex as Nigeria. Avoid the fallacy of generalization and misrepresentation. Management experience is a test of responsibility.
It shouldn’t automatically mean you are fit to be president. Business is not run on sentiments but red eye aim to break even and satisfy the desires investors even if the customers are not pleased. Running a country takes more than the business drive. It is not a monarchy.
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Do you own a bet shop or Paga cash shop where people use their cards to make cash withdrawals? Note this: you may need to vet each customer & ensure they have proof of ownership of the cards they use on your platform. There’s been cases, where unscrupulous elements indict others.
What a few have noticed is that after such a fraudulent transaction the account of the shop owner at the bank is blocked with Police order for immediate arrest upon physical presence at the bank to make complaint. Even when this is somewhat resolved...
...the indolent bank staffers won’t clear the lien on the account in most cases. So if any money goes into that account, any attempt to withdraw will get you arrested again and the loop goes on costing you time and money. #BeWise
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The only way @OfficialPDPNig will be relevant in the scheme of things come 2019 is to make a believer of the people by conducting a free & fair Primaries void of schemes. They have every reason to succeed regardless of who emerges from the constellation of competencies they have.
A lot is riding on their internal democracy and party unity. If the earstwhile ruling party know what is at stake, this is not a time where the ambition of individuals for power should be placed over National Exigency for empathetic leadership.
If the party leadership fail to factor in the sensitivity of the socio-political clime at this point it may Be game over for the party even in their effort to build their return to prominence. They must show Nigerians they’ve learnt a lesson or two from their complacency of old.
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As a Sickle Cell Warrior there are Five things you must do to have a long and happy life!

Easily remembered by the Acronym.


Spread the Word!


W - Water!

You need water! Lots of Water.
Dehydration is one of the most easily recognisable Crisis triggers.

As a Warrior you should aim for at least 3-4 litres daily and even more when you have diarrhea.

Drink some water,and drink some more!
I - Infection Prevention/Immunization
Warriors are prone to Infections,so its important they get immunised against the Vaccine preventable ones and Take extra steps to prevent infection.

Hand washing,Good food hygiene, Good Sexual Hygiene,
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