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Democraps Have Entered
#ImpeachmentDisaster! 😂😂😂
#BidenCrimeFamily 👀👀
All this Hearsay wad used to Try to #ImpeachTrump 😂🖕🙄
Stupid Corrupt Democraps
#BidenCrimeFamily 😂😂🙄
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Thread👇by Bruce Walker, firefighter & resident of Wytaliba, wiped out by #bushfiresNSW near Glen Innes
It corrects the record on disinformation spun by multiple politicians & MSM about the folks who lived there, the background & underlying causes & lies about hazard reduction
A window on the history & his 1st hand experience, conversations that've been hijacked by pollies to further their narratives.Time to tell the real story
@simonahac @AndrewBartlett @RonniSalt @MichaelWestBiz @AaronDodd @TheRealPBarry
@denniallen @LesStonehouse @TonyKoc69285191
Originally posted on FB..and remember, this guy's lost everything..

"responding to this well informed fuckwit here - Anthony - just anthony. (okay, zuckerberg? no last names.)  🙊

so mate - first up, i've been an RFS volunteer for close to 20 years &
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🧵Meme Archive Thread - Greta Thunberg/Climate Hoax

#GretaThunberg #ClimateChangeHoax
⛈🧵3 #Wednesday
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We need to get #MittRomney out and Arrested Meeting #UN in Utah. Mike Lee Gotta Go!! Arrest them both!!
2 different times this year 10 senators defied Trump on Immigration and the Wall Refer to Trump Tweet

bill #HR1111 (2019-2020) 116th congress…
Listen To Rand Paul Last Night #TrumpRallyLexington
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It's not like Its Something New, This is Something OLD.
Trump (Q++) Showed you this Since He became President. This is Why Trump never Liked John McCain. #Warmonger
No Name Execution 8.25.2018 Al-Baghdadi Execution
10.26.2019 1 year 2 months 1 day apart. 121👈 👀
Mission Accomplished
Obama released Baghdadi from #IRAQ prison 2009
HRC sent signal to Baghdadi 2016 Leave Raqqa
They all knew #Trump2016 was ours
So message delivered to #DeepState army #ISIS
Now look down history of 911 refer to pinned post #AdnanKhasoggi died 2018
John McCain 2018
Bush 41 2018
Jamal Khasoggi 2019
Hamza 2019
Al-Baghdadi 2019
& More deaths involving 911 coming...
SA was purged Dec 2017
Refer to EO Dec 21 2017
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Q said remember Dates they r impt
2nd Presidential Debate Oct. 9 2016
#DonnaBrazile emailed #HillaryClinton the questions. I wonder what #SERVER did Killary use. Did she #whitewash it or #bleechbite it? Was #Ukraine involved? #Treason @realDonaldTrump get her! #LockHerUp
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Timeline of Events
2014 BO JB help uk Pres >>Corruption 1.8 billion
2014 JB & HB fly AF2 2 China & UK > Energy= Millions
2015 UK helps CF HRC server & China > Crowdstrike
NSA Snowden Leaks
June 2015 @realDonaldTrump #Trump2016
July 2016 Blame Trump> Russia hacked elections
JC runs investigation in HRC & Clears HRC & CF
VP JB brags got UK prosecutor fired
HRC email investigation happens
@realDonaldTrump wins 2016
#MSM runs #FakeNews using @nytimes story as Credit
#DCRats try 2 sweep all crimes under Rug By Blaming Trump
Gen Flynn > Flynn Intel Group under HRC wings
CF funds> George Soros *Mastermind*#Trafficking #SexTrafficking #Israel #LexWexner #Hollywood.
Hunter Leaks to NYT he works with Ukraine Energy…
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09/24/2019 30 BIG Hoaxes & Lies Perpetrated on Americans
Many of the elites of our world wish to control and own everything and to that end they have told some big lies. Here's some of the bigger ones.… #Qanon #GreatAwakening #CoreysDigs
Spygate and the Russian-collusion Narrative
Intelligence agencies, and many outside of our government, all colluded to take down our elected President. This in itself shows just how real Deep State is.… #SpyGate #RussiaHoax #SteeleDossier #Qanon
Spygate/Russian-Collusion Narrative #FusionGPS -
- One of many threads I have in this feed on the same topic. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
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#CrowdstrikeServer is Real Children.

CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. is an American cybersecurity technology company based in Sunnyvale, California.
The company provides endpoint security, threat intelligence, and cyberattack response services.
A BrainWashed Person commented this on a video of mine
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Disabled Greta Thunberg Nazi Poster Girl/Eco Poster Girl
Can you tell the Difference?
What About her Parents?? NAZI
Look At Her Evil Face when she is smiling with Pope Francis She is part of the #NWO agenda for #AOC #GND
#Highertaxes Rip Away Jobs from USA all part of Germany, China, Mossad, Iran and more #NWO #UN #Vatican
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3 deaths in Pittsburgh 32, 32, 38 & 26th street lead map ordinates to Cyprus Island #ExxonMobil Found more gas places off the shores of Island #Turkey #Erdohan #Greece #Israel @realDonaldTrump @madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q
little thread read research…
Gov of PA Tom Wolf
reductions in property taxes and the corporate tax, and a new severance tax on natural gas
Cyprus Island and USA connections
Cyprus–United States relations are bilateral relations between the Republic of Cyprus and the United States of America.…
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Really this why @realDonaldTrump @VP left the #ClimateChange conference at #UN where protestor cried over weekend? #ClimateChangeHoax
#ClimateActionSummit 😂😂😂
Dumb little Brainwashed mutants keep believe CC is real just to take #Jovs away your money away nutjobs
Jobs not jovs
@realDonaldTrump @VP A change of heart? Trump drops by UN climate summit, ditching initial plan to skip it…
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@Orig67636390 @CathyCathyFox @LastDino The #ClimateChangeHoax is that climate change is something NEW, and we people, farting cows, and pollution are the sole cause.
IF you do your own research, you will find that we are in a cycle that the world has experienced many times before.
Why fake it? MONEY and GOVERNMENT...
@Orig67636390 @CathyCathyFox @LastDino ...OVERREACH. There ARE very evil rulers in this world that are offering Communism, Socialism etc... to protect us from ourselves. They are pushing Depopulation to "save the planet". How has genocide worked to fix the climate so far? It hasn't.
The HYSTERIA is brainwashing the...
@Orig67636390 @CathyCathyFox @LastDino ...the masses through repetition and a high emotional state. THEY are targeting Young People who are not equipped to handle this type of assault on the brain because their brains simply aren't mature enough to take a step back and think critically.
I know a lot about brainwashing
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Greta Thurnberg's arms are in the position you have to make when you are in the presence of your Master, in SRA/MKUltra Programming, as @CABeck1961 points out and is in photo on the right.
Is she programmed? Who is in the photo with #GretaThurnberg and who is present? #MKUltra
@LastDino @CABeck1961 3. The pictures I have seen of Thurnberg with this man #GretaThurnberg . The photos are odd and especially so since Greta has now withdrawn the photo and clarified the use of the antifa T shirt #antifa
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The Left Just Replaced GOD with LGBTQ
California Sucks!! #GOD is Real Democrats Took In GOD We Trust
there are only 2 Genders not 50+
You wanna role play fine than you can call yourself a cat or dog or Catilyn Jenner
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🏴 our “Established Governmens & their #MSM parrots
Spoon-Fed the Nations of the World on ((( LIES LIES LIES ))) about so called Global Warming for decades

they indoctrinated a generation on this crap, only to reinvent it as climate change when their ((( LIES ))) were found out
🇺🇸 Global Warming- Facts vs Fiction
🔗 24 min @SpaceShot76
evaluating the integrity of climate records - showing that NASA was changing the historical record

Steve Goddard/ Tony Heller presentation
1 hr

🇺🇸 #ClimateChangeLies
🇺🇸 Children as young as 10 Suffering from Climate Anxiety
Decades of Leftist Mass Media Propaganda in tandem with #MSMFakeNews & the #ClimateChangeHoax has Conditioned
& Confused a whole generation through FEAR

🌎 #MSMPsychoBabble 🏴#MSMProjectFear
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I’m calling BS...What are they really planning???🤔
Global Elites Take Private Jets, Yachts to Climate Summit via @BreitbartNews
🔥HOLY WOW🔥Just so happens the ‘Climate Change/Google Camp’ coincides with the Satanic Holidays
Aug 1-Lammas Day (Sabbat Festival)bloodanimal and/or human sacrifice, any age (male or female)
(Feast of Sun God, Harvest seasons begin)
Aug 3-Satanic Revels
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