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Government just denied leave for #Greens motion to have Vic state parliament debate how to increase action on climate change today. #SpringSt
Yesterday Victoria's parliament spent most of the day hearing 38 MPs support a bushfire condolence motion. Only a few MPs raised #climate change. Most of our state parliament seems to want to look the other way. #SpringSt #australiafires #extinctionrebellion
While the fires still smoulder, our state still burns over a million tonnes of brown #coal each week, logs native forest and builds motorways. We must address urgent climate action.
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Want to help Australia after the fires? Use the Ecosia search engine on Thursday! 💪🏽 / thread
This Thursday 100% of profits from Ecosia web searches will be used to plant trees in New South Wales, Australia. #AustraliaFires
We're working with local org ReForest Now to bring subtropical rainforest back to the Byron Bay area, which has been touched by recent bushfires. This is important because unlike Australian bushland, rainforests struggle to regenerate by themselves.
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I'm seeing a number of wonderful people on this website engaging with people who are demanding evidence for #ClimateChange and links with #AustraliaFires etc
As hard as it is to resist when there's someone *wrong on the internet* please remember more facts often don't change minds, especially when identity is at stake. Focus on shared values and obtainable, positive solutions - see this great vid from @KHayhoe
I'm also posting this as a reminder to myself, since I know I've been falling into the "knowledge deficit" trap as well.
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The scientific evidence connecting climate change to this year’s fires is straightforward. #AustralianBushfiresDisaster…
#Bushfires are a natural part of the Australian landscape, but according to @BOM_au “there has been a long-term increase in extreme fire weather, and in the length of the fire season, across large parts of Australia”.
The “fire weather” – hot, dry, windy conditions that bolster fires – the country is experiencing this season is especially intense.
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Budgets and Bushfires: has government cost-cutting hindered firefighting? @MichaelWestBiz does some much-needed digging. The truth will shock. Bad enough to be saddled with a climate-denying gov but cost-cutting is the main reason why this inferno is now out of control
“How come we only had 4 trucks to defend our town?” pleaded distressed resident of Cobargo to Prime Minister Scott Morrison. “I’m not going to shake your hand until you give the RFS more funding,” another woman from Cobargo, Zoey, told the PM. Little did they know the truth.
Michael West found that spending on equipment dipped significantly in the years leading up to this terrible summer, and also that spending on “fire mitigation work” had fallen significantly.
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@yusufyuie I was outside a restaurant in Hollywood trying to pick up my take out order but couldn’t go in because I was with my puppy. Harry Styles saw my predicament, tapped me on the shoulder and said he could watch Oscar while I went in. What a guy Image
@yusufyuie Hey everyone! Oscar and I are thrilled to see your amazing responses to @Harry_Styles' kind deed! Oscar asks that you help his friends affected by the Australian fires by donating to World Animal Protection #SaveAustralia #AustraliaFires #HarryStylesRocks
@yusufyuie Happy birthday to this tweet!
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How to Help

An estimated 25 people and ONE BILLION animals have been killed in the bushfires since September, but intense heat in recent days has escalated the fires.

Find hope and ways to help below.

Burning since September, officials expect the fires could continue for months.

24 Australians have been arrested for arson, but experts agree the main cause of the bushfires is climate change.

“This year, Australia experienced its hottest day and driest spring on record.”
How to Help 1

Australian Red Cross…

The partnership between @ABCaustralia and @RedCrossAU has already raised $8 million!

#NSWfires #fires #VicBushfires #KangarooIsland #WAFires

They have deployed “1,285 trained staff and volunteers.”
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@Cdanslair @France5tv @Caroline_Roux @yann_rdp "Ce que l'#Australie vit, c'est un aperçu de ce qui l'attend à l'avenir, dans un monde qui continue de se réchauffer" explique @yann_rdp dans @Cdanslair @France5tv

#AustraliaBurning Image
@Cdanslair @France5tv @Caroline_Roux @yann_rdp «L’eucalyptus, qui constitue l’essentiel des forêts en #Australie, a besoin du feu pour se reproduire. Ce cycle, géré régulièrement par les aborigènes, a été perturbé par l’arrivée des européens. Ils doivent réapprendre à vivre avec leur environnement»
@yann_rdp dans @Cdanslair Image
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See thread exposing how these “bushfires” are really just crimes against humanity, nature, and the ecosystem. Is the establishment using them to justify more taxes, cause massive disturbance in our economy, farming, and environment? Apparently a “trillion $ opportunity” for some!
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Vous avez déjà vu beaucoup de photos terrifiantes des incendies en Australie, je vais vous en montrer d'autres qui devraient vous faire encore plus peur.
Vous êtes prêts ? ⤵⤵⤵
#AustraliaFires #AustralianBushfire
En 2011, l'Australie créé une Climate Commission, l'équivalent de notre @hc_climat. Elle sera dissolue seulement 2 ans plus tard.
Que dit-elle dans son premier rapport ?… Image
@hc_climat "Des températures plus élevées augmentent la probabilité d'incendies intenses et de grande ampleur [...] augmentation de 20% du risque [...] impact sur la santé, les biens et les infrastructures."

Bien vu ?
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Reminder: The climate crisis is the biggest public health threat in the world.

Right now the air quality in Australia's capital city, Canberra, is the worst in the world. Readings have reached over 38 times hazardous levels.

#AustraliaFires #AustraliaBushfires #AustraliaBurns
@TheLancet @sunrisemvmt @350 @StrikeClimate @Fridays4future @GretaThunberg @UNFCCC This is how bad the air looks from a drive into Canberra.

#AustraliaFires #AustraliaBushfires #AustraliaBurns

@TheLancet @sunrisemvmt @350 @StrikeClimate @Fridays4future @GretaThunberg @UNFCCC The smoke in Canberra is so bad, it just shut down the government agency responsible for emergency management due to poor air quality.

#AustraliaFires #AustraliaBushfires #AustraliaBurns…
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Alan Jones is a guest on 2GB at 7.18am today. #AustraliaFires
Alan Jones has a house at Fitzroy Falls, blames the environmentalists, blames Bob Carr for too many national parks.
Alan Jones says climate change is crap, says fuel loads are to blame.
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Si loin, mais si proche.
Si épouvantable, mais si inéluctable.

A 15 000 km s'écrit une part de notre histoire commune : celle d'une population livrée à elle-même car des dirigeants politiques protègent toujours le #BusinessAsUsual plutôt que la planète

Ce n'est pas une fatalité ImageImageImageImage
@attac_fr Si loin, mais si proche.

15 000 km nous séparent, mais le réchauffement climatique est #NotreHistoireCommune

Être livrés à nous-mêmes n'est pas une fatalité.

#CrimeClimatique Image
@attac_fr Sources :
- les photos sont tirés du fil de @ed_hawkins qui indique leur origine
- la visualisation du réchauffement climatique par région est accessible pour chaque pays sur ce site :

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There are various different kinds of negligence and failure for which Australia’s political leaders should be held accountable in relation to the #bushfirecrisis. Here’s a thread.

#AustraliaFires #AustraliaBurns
1. Despite at least 18 warnings since 2013 (and plenty before that) linking rising emissions to catastrophic fire risks, no serious action has been taken to reduce Australia’s emissions. We are literally the worst on climate policy:…
2. Specific expert warnings about the fire risks for the 2019-2020 summer and recommendations for better preparations were all ignored, as were requests for further meetings by experts:…
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Over 8,000 #koalas are feared dead in #Australia after fires hit a major habitat, wiping out 30% of a koala colony.

🇭🇰 #HongKongers let’s HELP!
Donate to Koala Hospital Port Macquarie NSW & “adopt” your 🐨

#AustraliaBushfires #PrayForAustralia Image
Experts say the fires have probably killed #millions of animals like koalas, kangaroos, wombats and wallabies..

#AustraliaIsOnFire #PrayForAustralia
This image summarizes what is happening in #Australia 🇦🇺
— animals with too much #Fear

#PrayForAustralia #AustraliaFires
#firecrisis #australiaisburning

Credit: Extreme Weather World FB Image
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Though many factors contribute to wildfires, the reason the Australian wildfires are so much worse this year than other recent years is the combination of record drought and record heat. #AustraliaFires

History of national-average temperature and precipitation since 1910.
Animated history of Australia's national average temperature and precipitation.

The hot & dry weather in recent years is a major factor in making the current wildfires so severe. #AustraliaFires
Similar history of the changes in temperature and precipitation since 1910, but this time for just the state of New South Wales, Australia.

New South Wales has had two scorching hot and dry years which has now made it the focus of unprecedented wildfires. #NSWfires
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The devastation of the bushfires in Australia cannot be overestimated.

The impact on animals is especially alarming as many are already reaching endangered status.
Amidst the increasingly sad news, there are some amazing stories of rescue and compassion.

I have interspersed Facts, Stories of Hope, and How to Help throughout.

Please let these heartwarming rescues inspire you* to help save someone during this tragic time.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List identifies “fire and fire suppression” as a threat to more than 100 threatened species in Australia.”

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Over the past 30 days, @ABCWorldNews @CBSEveningNews @NBCNightlyNews @MSNBC and @CNN have done 95 segments on the #AustraliaFires, which have killed 17 people and 500 million animals so far.

Only two of those segments mentioned #ClimateChange.

@ABCWorldNews @CBSEveningNews @NBCNightlyNews @MSNBC @CNN On the 29th, @GarrettHaake interviewed @KendraWrites on @MSNBC's morning show about the links between Australia's bushfires & climate.

It was a great segment; Haake asked excellent questions and Pierre-Louis gave clear, compelling answers.

Too bad it was a total outlier.

@ABCWorldNews @CBSEveningNews @NBCNightlyNews @MSNBC @CNN @GarrettHaake @KendraWrites And then on the 31st, @CBSEveningNews patched in a segment on the fires from their Aussie affiliate, which mentioned only in passing that Morrison has been "criticized for his lack of action on climate change."

No explanation for the link between climate and fire. Zero.

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Die Erde brennt und wir brennen mit ihr. Warum 2019 für unsere Erde kein gutes Jahr war - und damit auch nicht für uns. Ein Thread [0/10]

#worstof2019: Ein etwas anderer Jahresrückblick

Unten: NASA Fire Map Stand 31.21.19
Die Erde brennt 1/10
Mit dem Amazonas, der "grünen Lunge der Erde", brennen seit August die Regenwälder Brasiliens, Boliviens, Kolumbiens, Paraguays und Perus. 2019 zerstören Rodungen außerdem 9.762 km2 Amazonaswald. #AmazonFires

#worstof2019: Ein etwas anderer Jahresrückblick
Die Erde brennt 2/10
Buschbrände in Australien bedrohen Mensch und Tier. Besonders die ohnehin schon gefährdeten Koalas leiden unter den Feuern - "dank" ihrer Überlebensstrategie, höher in die Bäume zu flüchten. #AustralianFires

#worstof2019: Ein etwas anderer Jahresrückblick
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Officials in Australia fear thousands of koalas may be dead in an area of New South Wales ravaged in recent months by wildfires.

#AustralianFires #AustraliaFires #AustraliaBurns #koalas


📸: AFP via Getty Images
“It may well be up to 30% of the population in that region because up to 30% of their habitat has been destroyed," Australia's environment minister, @sussanley, told @ABCaustralia last Friday. "We’ll know more when the fires are calmed down and a proper assessment can be made.”
Up to 28,000 koalas lived in the region before the fires, The Associated Press reported.
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So. Aus' pm was criticised for leaving on holidays while Aus suffers through a very severe bushfire / heatwave crisis, newly intense due to climate change. He

- Went to Hawaii
- Denied going to Hawaii
- Apologised, said he'd come back ASAP
- Was photographed chilling out later:
This whole thing is just so perfectly characteristic of Scott Morrison as a human being, and his broader approach to dealing with climate change.

It isn't just the lie. It's the fact that telling the truth would be 5,000x easier??
Dig back into the history of times that Australia has released emissions data, and you'll find so many instances where the truth was actually relatively manageable, but his gov't just *had* to spin some curvy, whacky story, throwing out distractions and deception.
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Australia’s fires more than 25 times the size of the California fires & more than 3 times the size of the Amazon fires & still burning out of control... major fires now only an hour’s drive from Sydney.
The world media is not covering the scope of this...
Please share this❤
Not too mention Australia's prime minister is on vacation in Hawaii during these fires, and has cut $40 million from Australias fire service budget. Most of our fire service members are volunteers and not being payed. This is not right.
All the fires currently burning are greater in size then the whole country of Denmark and its only getting worse. Remember that Australia summer has only started and so much damage has been done already....
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#Sydney is threatened for the first time as 'catastrophic' #bushfires rage. 350 #koalas have been killed in blazes near #PortMacquarie.

📕 Read more:
Until a few thousand years ago, an impressive megafauna roamed Australia. Whether those animals went extinct because of humans or past climate change is debated. New study shows that both probably contributed.
#megafauna #Pleistocene…
Australia’s bushfires have pumped out half a year's CO2 emissions
The extreme weather has prompted renewed calls for #ClimateChange action by the Australian government, by targeting a 26% cut on its heavy dependence on coal for electricity generation.
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