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@AnooBhu has got me interested in looking at the trials registerd in #ctri (…) Limiting it to Covid trials there are a total of 477 records. Many are observational studies so not really trials at all. Some are of homeopathic treatments.
Some are sponsored by pharma cos. Many are badly designed and unlikely to set the world alight. Some are downright mischievous. But let me comment on one that is downright naughty. It is Registry No CTRI/2020/06/025957 by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited. This is a set up.
It covers 21 trial sites - mostly teaching hospitals, hopes to recruit a total sample of 158 patients hospitalized with mild-mod symptoms of pneumonia (SpO2 <93%) to be randomly allocated by computer to receive either
A) favipiravir, or
B) favipiravir + umifenovir.
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Since the #cornavirus pandemic was called, countries used different strategies to handle #COVID19. In general, there are 3 ways to handling a pandemic:
1) Do nothing to slow the spread of infections
2) Global coordination efforts to crush the virus
3) Delay and vaccinate
Approach 1:
Governments and communities do nothing or very little to slow infections in the community (e.g. like Sweden). As a result, we see a surge in the number of cases. Without much time for researchers to study the virus, doctors will know little about treatments.
Approach 1 (cont)
As a result, we see hospitals reaching capacity and death rates rising due to infections *OR* healthcare system collapse (e.g Italy and some US states). Once most of the population has been infected, herd immunity kicks in and will starve the virus of hosts
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1/12: Great article/podcast on the importance of evolution education (pK-higher ed), not just for understanding the world around us, but also for structuring the education process itself.

via @tvolmag @EvoInstitute @GlobalESD

#ksed #kssci @KACEEandKGS…
2/12: After checking out the article & podcast, educators should review the resources at @GlobalESD, geared to help support sustainability education initiatives that connect concepts in human evolution, behavioral ecology, & sustainability science:…
3/12: Then take a look at some of the articles/resources available at @tvolmag & @EvoInstitute, including the Education Initiative (…), Education Through an Evolutionary Lens (…), and Prosocial World (
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THREAD 1/6 The push to single out @FoxNews for downplaying #cornavirus checks a lot of boxes for the destructively partisan Left: 1) Bashes a usual suspect 2) Covers up all of the media's complicity 3) Keeps the focus off the more important/harder job of offering solutions...
2/6 ... here is a nice collage assembled by @dbongino that shows just some of the non-FOX outlets who poured cold water on the virus:
3/6 ... in my columns, you'll notice I push for solutions & better policies connected to every issue, including #COVIDー19 ... that includes my last @CNBC column where I called for a national lockdown many days before others did:…
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🔥China is going to have to build 10 more hospitals to be prepared for #coronoavirus - and they know it. They know how bad this is going to get and that is why they have initiated the #WuhanLockDown🔥
😷 During the SARS breakout people were not literally falling to the ground... this is some disturbing footage...
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