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1/15 🧵💡 Decentralized storage & compute could truly supercharge the #InternetOfThings (#IoT). But how? Let's unpack this crucial evolution for our hyper-connected world. 🌐👇
2/15 📚 First, it's crucial to understand the concepts. #DecentralizedStorage refers to data storage spread across multiple devices or locations, rather than a central server. #DecentralizedCompute refers to computations performed on these distributed devices.💻🌍
3/15 📈 IoT devices generate an enormous amount of data daily. Centralized servers currently deal with this load, but as more and more devices connect, scalability becomes a challenge. Decentralization offers a solution. #EdgeComputing #Scalability
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We’ve seen the pace of #payroll gains decelerate to roughly the monthly trend pace from the last expansion; consensus has been waiting for this moment and expected a 195,000 job gain in May, but the data printed considerably stronger at 339,000 #jobs gained.
The three-month moving average of #nonfarm payrolls sits at 283,000, down from 334,000 jobs at the start of the year, but what the #LaborMarket imbalance needs is more supply and more slack.
The #unemployment rate ticked up to 3.65%, close to its 12-month average level, and average hourly #earnings (a volatile figure) gained 0.33% month-over-month and 4.3% on a year-over-year basis.
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🔛 DAY 2 of the final #SHERPAconference is here! 🙌

And we start with @occs13 and Elodie Salle from @Ecorys welcoming attendees and introducing the agenda of the day. Image
🌄 Mario Milouchev from @EUAgri is opening the second and final day of the final #SHERPAconference thanking the many platforms engaging in the project and implementing the #RuralVision.

🗣️ "It’s time to think outside of the box" Image
🎯 It’s time to discuss participatory budgeting and how #SHERPA can contribute with recommendations for future #rural policy. Our project coordinator Olivier and Elodie from @Ecorys are setting the scene.

Stay tuned! 👂 Image
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🚨 Today is the day!⚡️ARE YOU READY?

At 14.00 (CET) 🕑 we’ll kick start our final #SHERPAconference in Brussels at @EU_CoR!

If you couldn't make it and want to know what our speakers are saying, join us with the hashtag #SHERPAconference.


DM of #RegionalDevelopment @EU_CoR member @radim_srsen, Mayor of Dolní Studénky 🇨🇿 welcomes the #SHERPAconference attendees. He highlights the added value of projects like #SHERPA to bring together policy, science and society for better rural policies. Image
Now it's the turn of the coordination team! 😊

📢 Olivier Chartier and Elodie Salle from @Ecorys open the #SHERPAconference presenting general information on the project, its methods, MAPs and, of course, the objectives and results achieved so far. Image
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1 🧵Outrage & confusion has the the constant & current state of anyone paying attention-outrage at politicians & policies which have failed so many of us. Despite being a researcher focused on #C19, I again have been shocked at more damning evidence...
2🧵For most people, late 2019 was the last months that held some semblance of normalcy. In December 2019, the first samples of C19 were collected in China, then called a cluster of "pneumonia's."…
3🧵The official #narrative that was forced on the public denied the possibility of a lab leak origin. They vehemently claimed the outbreak was most likely caused by a "spillover event." Today, multiple agencies claim the lab leak is valid.…
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1/6🚀 My first airplane ride at 24 wasn't just a trip; it was a life-changing journey that shaped my perspective on success and happiness in the tech industry. Here's how it all began... #startup #agile #success
2/6✈️ I won a contest for a trip to Macworld in California, where the iPhone was launched! I had to get my first passport! Growing up poor, I never imagined attending such an event. But this trip exceeded my wildest expectations. #grateful #resilience
3/6🔥 I got fired shortly after my return. But, despite the setback, my newfound sense of possibility propelled me forward. Within a year, I started my first startup. #embracetheunexpected #techfounder
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Today, in England, millions of voters make a choice in their #LocalElections2023. It’s a good time to share some new research that is related to two policy issues that will have touched many people over the last year: the #energycrisis & #crime.
🧵⬇️ Image
In a nutshell, the paper shows that much of the widely reported surge in burglaries & anti-social behaviour could have been avoided, had the government provided more targeted energy price subsidies or had UK invested more in making homes more energy efficient. Last summer, ... ImageImageImageImage
I modelled the impact of the energy price shock down to the property level for millions of homes. More #energyinefficient homes would see a bigger increase. Part of this work was reported in @FT as an interactive story…. This set up a framework to study... Image
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Anxiety affects 264 million people worldwide. Read this thread to discover how an executive director overcame social anxiety and depression, earning two graduate degrees and traveling to over 50 countries.
Learn to deal with anxiety effectively and live a fulfilling life. #MentalHealthAwareness #OvercomingAnxiety #AnxietyDisorders
📈 40 million Americans (18.1% of the population) suffer from anxiety disorders each year. #anxietyawareness #mentalhealth
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A 🧵 on the recent outreach event
"Climate change: #resilience, #transformation, and #equity" on the #IPCC Sixth Assessment Report key findings and their relevance to #Asia, hosted by @SMARTS_AIT


Session 1: Observed warming and future scenarios: Impacts and vulnerability.

“ With every increment of global warming, regional changes become more widespread and pronounced” @sorensson_anna
[2/19] Image
Session 1: Observed warming and future scenarios: Impacts and vulnerability.

“Rebuilding overexploited or depleted fisheries reduces negative #climatechange impacts on #fisheries and supports #foodsecurity, #biodiversity, human #health and #wellbeing” William Cheung
[3/19] Image
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#Chroniques #J1158
Ce visuel de @Ninisetsed sur la #résilience vient compléter le 🧵écrit cette nuit - quand une nouvelle fois mon environnement bruyant m'a réveillé et que j'ai choisi d'écrire pour atténuer la douleur.
La lecture d'un article @TheAtlantic m'a permis de
1/ Image
partager d'abord en anglais de façon ramassée puis de le développer en français comment l'épreuve de la maladie chronique invisible (pour la majorité de vous d'où des conseils parfois surréalistes du type : "mais demandes/z un fauteuil à ton/votre médecin et tu auras / vous
aurez cette reconnaissance - qui montre aussi, parce que je lis le combat des handis en fauteuil ici, combien ceux qui posent de telles affirmations sont dans le fameux #validisme tant décrié) mais invalidante et douloureuse pour moi a été un formidable creuset et un aiguillon
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🧵Jem Bendell's Deep Adaptation framework offers a different perspective on climate change, suggesting that collapse is inevitable, and that we must focus on personal and community #adaptation. This framework is built upon the 4R model: Resilience, Relinquishment, Restoration, 👇 Image
and Reconciliation. Considering the concern of continuing industrialization and its impact on the environment, it is worth examining how the Deep Adaptation framework can guide us in determining the correct course of action.

Resilience:Strengthening Our Communities and Systems👇
#Resilience refers to the capacity of individuals, communities, and systems to withstand the shocks and stresses brought about by climate change and environmental collapse. The emphasis is on local resilience, including the development of self-sufficient food, water, and energy👇
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(1/6:) 🕯️In memory of my sister, Constance Mujawase, who bravely protected me during the genocide against the Tutsi. She was 13. For 2 weeks, she carried me on her back in a kitenge fabric, navigating the dangers and hiding in the bushes. Her courage was unmatched.… Image
(2/6) On day 15, we were discovered by our killers. They brutally cut her left ear off with a machete, but she persisted in running, carrying me on her back as blood covered my face. The scent lingers in my memory. Despite the pain, she fought on, her unwavering determination to……
(3/6)Tragically, the killers cut the fabric with a knife, pulled me off her back, and slathered her in my face. #NeverAgain #Kwibuka29
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My #Resilience Community of Practice group started up again today—a year of engagements & community building determined collectively.

Two things I flagged as wanting to work through was the framing & language of resilience & FEAR.

Warning—loquacious climate ramble.
Framing & Language

A collective priority was addressing how to support people in shifting the language and framing of “resilience” away from individual targeting to addressing the systemic level #resilience and origins of harm and violence.
As we know, “#resilience” framing is often weaponized & used to gaslight the toil of survival (specifically racialized & oppressed communities) amid systems designed / built to systematically undermine wellbeing, life & thriving.
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🧭 Decision-making

The art of choosing the right path in the maze of life. It's tough, but guess what? We've got some kickass strategies to make it a breeze. Let's dive in! 🌪️ #DecisionMaking #Thread

2/ 🤔 First things first

Understand that making decisions is like flexing a muscle. The more you do it, the better you get at it. Embrace the process and watch your decision-making skills level up! #GrowthMindset
3/ 🎯 Strategy #1

List it out. Write down your options, pros, and cons for each. Visualize the choices and compare them. Seeing everything laid out can make tough decisions way easier to navigate. #Clarity
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Session TH103A Leading for Wellbeing with @KristinMDCT. Let's go! #hapc23 @AAHPM
Point 1: Wellbeing of leaders predicts wellbeing of staff. There are indices that are specific to leaders. #hapc23
Point 2. Psychological safety is critical to team wellness. (@AmyCEdmondson)
Defn: If you speak up, there is not a threat that you will be punished.
When people need help, they ask.
People can process mistakes, dissent, name problems even when hard. #hapc23
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Many clients of mine ask me:

"How can I be resilient? What do I need to do to be resilient?"

Here's a short but massively helpful and efficient guidance for you!

- Thread -

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity and overcome challenges with grace and determination.

It's a skill that can be developed with practice, and it's essential for navigating the ups and downs of life.

Here are some tips on how to be resilient:
1. Cultivate a growth mindset:

A growth mindset is the belief that you can learn and grow from your experiences, even if they're difficult.

It's important to recognise that setbacks and failures are opportunities for growth and learning, rather than reasons to give up.
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🧵Stitching together the truth. One thread at a time. 🚨On the Board of Directors for the company that makes #Moderna's #COVID19 vaccine are many names I've looked into. One name I hadn't yet investigated is one of MOST important: Mitch Daniels Jr.🔍
1/8🧵If you're from Indiana, you probably already know Mitch Daniels. Listed as a founding director for Resilience, he's best known for being the 49th Governor of Indiana but tbh that's the least important detail of Daniels.
2/8🧵 His position as director for Moderna's manufacturing company couldn't be more sinister. Here's 5⃣ main reasons why: 1.) He started the first 13yrs of his career working for Senator Richard Lugar, of bio-lab/Lugar Center in Tbilisi, Georgia.
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1/5 🧵After seeing that @RealGeorgeWebb1 had brought up a board member to the In-Q-Tel company I keep warning about, #Resilience, I decided to look further into #FrancesArnold ImageImage
2/5 🧵 Arnold is a Nobel Prize winning Scientist (chemical engineer, biochemist, bioengineer.) Her most notable contributions to science have been her pioneering of "Directed Evolution." Sound Familiar?
3/5 🧵 March 2022, Arnold, was featured in a series of films by the Royal Inst. alongside another Fellow, Robert Langer. Langer is the co-founder of Moderna, the company that hired Resilience to make their C19 vax since 2021. 🤔 ImageImageImage
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“روز جهانی زن در کشوری که سلطه مردسالارانه آن بیداد میکند، بی معنی ست...
مگر میشود ظلمی که در این تاریخ بر زنان این سرزمین شده با تمام وجود لمس نکرده باشی؟!
زنان قهرمانی که قربانی ریشه های پیچ در پیچ خشونت در این‌جغرافیا بوده اند؛ اما از پا ننشستند تا فرزاندانشان…
سربلند زندگی کنند...
زنانی که در برابر ظلمی که به آنان شده، عصیان می کنند و منتظر منجی نمی مانند...
مادرانی که به جرم خونخواهی فرزندشان، به بند کشیده شدند؛ اما نشکستند و راسخ تر شدند...
زنانی که با تنی سرد، ده ها و صدها هُرم آفتاب را درون سرمای سوزان زندان تجربه کردند و از امید
و آرمان خود دست نکشیدند...
مادران سوخته دلی که شکنجه و تحقیرشان کردند؛ اما شعله درونشان فرو که نه؛ تازه، زبانه کشید...
زنانی که فرزندشان را در چاردیواری زندان به دنیا آوردند و آزاده بزرگش کردند...
زنانی که پشت در زندانِ مردان نامرد، در آرزوی به آغوش کشیدن فرزندشان مو سپید کردند.
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Have you tried cold showers yet? Despite the initial discomfort, they offer various benefits worth considering. Here are some reasons why

Read more -
#coldshowers #healthylifestyletips #coldtherapy #coldshowers #mindset #discipline #resilience #mindset
1. Increased alertness and energy: Cold water can help wake you up and give you a boost of energy, making it a great way to start your day.
2. Improved circulation: Cold water can improve blood flow and help your body recover more quickly after exercise.
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Excited to be sharing lessons learned from #American #wildfires and #disasters @imperialcollege.

Our friends in #Britain face some of the same #resilience challenges with #fire, #infrastructure, & #publichealth.

CAGB building, room 765
11.00 GMT

@NSF @WaterResearch @EPA
Thanks to Prof. @GuillermoRein @ImperialHazelab and everyone for organizing and participating in the seminar. I truly learned a lot. Some really brilliant and insightful researchers here in working on global building #fire and #wildfire challenges.
I even got to see aluminum composite burn, a material examined after the #GrenfellTowerFire.

I also learned about smoldering.

(@TheRock your name came up … in a good way)
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The overlooked but crucial role "Elite" Think Tanks play in our lives & on the Global Stage. I've gone deep into this on my Bitchute, but there isn't just the Bilderbergers'. There's: Wellcome Trust, Aspen Institute, Poynter, Sun Valley Conference, Tech Crunch, WestExec Advisors
(..cont) Milken Institute, WEF, Council on Foreign Relations, BMGF, Truman Project, Carneige Trust, Open Society, Alfalfa Club, Bohemian Grove, and more. For now, let's look at the SALT conference.
SALT is headed by Skybridge Capital and is aimed at Venture Capitalists/Investing.
#SALT has a remarkable list of speakers. The list changes a little from year to year. These are top Military, World Leaders, Major Investors, CEO's. AKA Elites. Take a look at recent years starting w/2017. #Joebiden was the featured speaker.. Image
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RESILIENCE Launches to Change the Future of Medicine through Manufacturing Innovation

Company founded by ARCH Venture Partners' Robert Nelsen has raised over $800 million in capital, including from co-founder 8VC.

Dr. Rahul Singhvi is a global leader in the life sciences industry and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of National Resilience, Inc.
Most recently, Singhvi was an Operating Partner at Flagship Pioneering, a Boston-based life sciences innovation firm, where he was responsible
for founding and operating companies launched from Flagship’s innovation foundry, Flagship Labs.

Flagship Pioneering was founded in Cambridge in 1999 by Noubar Afeyan and Ed Kania under the name NewcoGen (short for "new company generation"), but later changed its name to
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Pondering the most socially & politically powerful tropes and memes (social constructs - please see R Dawkins’ “The Selfish Gene (you what?),” 1976) of the crazy-arsed 1880’s City of London we may stumble back some decades down a handy Memory Lane 2 our secondary school studies
So here the psycho-cultural (mental) foundation of the SA Law Society’s grandiose and socio-economically devastating Theory of Diminished Responsibility:

“In traditional literature a tragic hero is utterly vicious but in The Mayor of Casterbridge, Michael Henchard is not the..
“the typical tragic man, [palaru] tragic hero.. impulsive, arrogant & honest, ambitious at the same time.. moral value supported his control over his wife, dau. & lover”


“..a kind of mysterious & unavoidable power, character, fate, deeply..”

Enough already

R Brown ‘66
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