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Experts are saying we must aim to #StopTheSpread rather than just #FlattenTheCurve. So here's our new graphic. Explanation & link in the thread below. Please share far and wide & translate if you can! #Covid_19 #COVID2019
Here's my piece on the @TheSpinoffTV explaining it:…
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1-#coronavirus ile hayatımıza bir kez daha giren salgın konusunun tarihine baktığımızda çok büyük acılar ve dersler olduğunu görürsünüz. Yurt dışında yaptığım bir konuşmamdan özetler.

2-İnsanlık tarihinin büyük salgınlarını, etkilerini, insanların çıkardığı/çıkaramadığı dersler ile doludur.
3-İnsanoğlu ile enfeksiyon hastalıklarının mücadelesi çok eski olup, salgınlar önce tarım toplumuna geçiş, sonrasında da büyük şehirler, sınır ötesi ticaret ve seyahatlerin yaygınlaşması ile ciddi artmıştır.
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So it seems that Mr. Deepesh Raj & his senior editor friend have harassed many young editors on @Wikipedia.

Here is one such young editor confessing that his Wiki talk page was stalked by Deepesh.

Will @Wikimedia @WikimediaNYC @wikimediaindia at least investigate DBigXRay?
@Wikipedia @Wikimedia @WikimediaNYC @wikimediaindia The most vicious Wikipedia editors are #WingedBladesOfGodric, #Kautilya3 and #DBigXRay.

There are many more. They are Indians but they patrol Wikipedia and prevent any content that pro-India.

They might be paid stooges by political parties or ISPR of Pakistan.

@Wikipedia @Wikimedia @WikimediaNYC @wikimediaindia I have studied how these @Wikipedia editors climb up the ladder.

They start with editing innocuous pages and get thank you notes from everybody.

After six months they get badges and climb up the hierarchy. They get access to communities.

That's when they start bullying others.
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DBigXray created #DelhiRiots #Wikipedia page & immediately bias was brought in too.

Article created on 25.02 9:50 & by 12:12 KapilMishra is made as sole instigating person by DBigXray.

By 10:10,page of KapilMishra was too vandalised by the same editor
Someone added that Mohammad Shahrukh fired at Police but this DBigXray removed it citing no ReliableSouce. Same editor went beyond to find 10s of news reports to retain AAP Punjab "Convener" page!!

WarisPathan is not responsible here!!!

See further "expanisions"!!
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Hilo sobre la "#Brecha #salarial" y la "paradoja de la igualdad"
Que se puede resumir en: no hay tal brecha salarial.
Es el problema con el que te encuentras cuando no consideras que 2/3 de la gente que trabaja a tiempo parcial son mujeres, y cuando tampoco consideras que las mujeres no les da la gana de estudiar carreras de ciencias puras o ingenierías en la misma medida que los hombres,
siendo estas las profesiones con mayor remuneración (aunque quizás podríamos forzarlas a estudiarlas, a pesar de que una enorme proporción de su tituladas ni llega a ejercer o lo hace pocos años.)

Video inexcusable sobre le tema
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Le saviez-vous ? La toute première thèse en informatique en France a été écrite en 1961 par une femme, Marion Créhange.
La thèse s’appelle : « Structure du langage de programmation ».
Vous ne la trouverez pas sur #Wikipedia, car sa fiche a été supprimée.
Motif: "Aucune source secondaire (portrait ou analyse de l’œuvre) ne semble disponible sur cette personne, qui ne semble pas avoir retenu l'attention des historiens".
Soit. Avant de regarder de plus près qui est Marion Créhange, un peu de contextualisation.
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Wir finden es erschreckend, was @NilsMelzer im Interview mit @RepublikMagazin über die Causa #Assange, bestätigt, falls ihr den Artikel noch nicht gelesen habt, so möchten wir ihn euch hiermit eindringlich empfehlen.…
Der Artikel bestätigt die bisher als abstruse Verschwörungstheorien abgetanen Behauptungen Assanges, @NilsMelzer ist #Uno-Sonderberichterstatter für #Folter und sagt zu Beginn des Interviews: "In meiner von den Medien geprägten Wahrnehmung hatte auch ich das Vorurteil, dass ...
#JulianAssange irgendwie schuldig ist und ja, dass er mich manipulieren will. Im März 2019 kamen die Anwälte ein zweites Mal auf mich zu, da sich die Anzeichen verdichteten, dass #Assange bald aus der ecuadorianischen Botschaft ausgewiesen werden könnte. ...
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1/ I just got a second or third recent complaint about Wikipedians blackmailing the subjects of articles. The scam seems to be that defamatory claims are made in a Wikipedia article, the victim/subject of the article complains, and 👇
2/ some anonymous user offers to “fix” the problem for thousands of dollars. Since everything is anonymous, there may be difficulty establishing that the people responsible for the defamation are also the people shaking down the victim, but it is certainly possible.
3/ Legal relief can maybe be sought:…

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#Wikipedia probably deletes and "undeletes" pictures of the #Shoa due to copyright bullshit. "This media file has been nominated for deletion since 13 January 2020.":… (see picture) and…. Deletion and
undeletion are strange processes of historiography in this subsystem of lexis. Retrieval is the precondition of undeletion and as an option it shows the general dependency of wikipedia itself. It is not - Wolfgang Hagen once claimed this - a forgetting or oblivion into
structures of memory and storage. It is a partly dynamic system of storage and semantics based on a material basis. As there is no such thing as a copyright and no copyright of the Shoa conditions are changeable.
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#Censorship Doesn’t Strengthen The Rulers. Just the Opposite: It Marginalizes & Weaken Them. So Why Do It?! - - - ”#Turkey's block on #Wikipedia violates freedom of expression, constitutional court rules”…
Does #Turkey Want to Be a Member Of Autocratic #Censorship Group With Countries Like Iran, China, Saudi Arabia ... Or Back Off From This Dangerous Trend Before Too Late? Hoping for the Latter.…
This Applies to the Ruling #Technocrats as well: #YouTube, #Facebook #Twitter etc. In Some Ways I Wish To See Them Continue Their Accelerated #Censorship for Their Accelerated Demise & Fall. On the other hand naively hope To See Them change Path. Which one do you hope for?
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Does anybody seriously believe that Turks are responsible for most Islamic terror attacks in Germany?

In the past years there have been countless axe attacks, truck attacks, etc in Germany, all perpetrated by Arabs, Afghans and other refugees.
Yet Wikipedia says Turks dominate the Islamic terrorist scene in Germany.

Why is there such misinformation if not to defame our country and people? Thank fuck Wikipedia is banned in Turkey. It's an endless stream of shit disguised as an unbiased encyclopedia

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How much do we really know about #MarieYovanovitch? #Google searches scrubbed to show only #ImpeachmentHoax stories. #Wikipedia article doesn't mention #Somalia. #Yovanovitch posted in #Armenia where factional violence grew commonplace. Complaints 2009:…
#ImpeachmentHearings are short on substance, long on drama, most notably, the manipulative 'sad clown' performance from #Clinton-#Neocon #MarieYovanovitch.
Her tilt toward #Islamist causes, refusal to recognize #ArmenianGenocide, factional violence her specialty. #Trump knows.
Geopolitical pit bull #MarieYovanovitch, graduate of the National War College, Foreign Service since '86, Russian affairs expert.
In US Embassy #Ukraine between 2001-2004. during "Orange Revolution".
Ambassador to #Kyrgyzstan between 2005-2008 w/ "Tulip Revolution" in 2005.
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Se sei un navigatore di Internet è molto probabile che ti sia capitato di imbatterti diverse volte nel sito di #Aranzulla, un blogger che ama fregiarsi, sia pure a sproposito, del titolo di "divulgatore informatico".
2/ In questa guida, che non prometto breve, ti spiegherò come risolvere il problema, evitando di perdere preziosi secondi della tua vita leggendo gli articoli inutilmente lunghi e ampollosi provenienti da quel blog.
3/ Prima di farlo, però, spenderò più di qualche tweet per spiegare i motivi che mi hanno spinto a scrivere questo testo, rispetto ai quali la recente pubblicazione della sua guida "Come contattare una ragazza su Instagram" è stata la goccia che ha fatto traboccare il vaso.
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In the past months, we at @GlobalYAcademy have started to improve the visibility of young global scientists. I'll starting sharing more about what I learned through this about #digitization #academies #wikipedia and the visibility of researchers. Here's a picture of NYAs
NYAs are national young academies. There are around 50 of them, some have a long and prominent history, some have just started *this week*.

Have a look…
NYAs are great (*I'm biased, as Executive Member of the GYA... :):
- scientific excellence is understood both in conventional terms, but also in terms of societal impact
- terms are limited. You have 4-5 years to *really* do work
- are typically very diverse! (@WikiWomenInRed)
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Al parecer la comunidad de #Wikipedia Argentina, que forma parte de una galaxia de comunidades de habla hispana que editan la @eswikipedia, ha despertado el interés de un programa periodístico argentino. Abro hilo 🤓 /1
Y es una pena que se hayan perdido la gran oportunidad de abordar la cultura libre en toda su complejidad, en sus conflictos y en sus lógicas incompletas, que a pesar de cobijar a colaboradores/as tan dispares, sin embargo funciona /2
Claro que las comunidades no están exentas de disputas y contradicciones. Pero no sólo a título personal de sus integrantes - aún cuando las lógicas son agobiantemente meritocráticas por momentos -, sino en sus contenidos /3
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Among the less-frequently mentioned venues for information warfare is Wikipedia. We pulled edit history since 1/1/2019 for each 2020 Democratic candidate's Wikipedia article; @TulsiGabbard's has seen the highest degree of activity, followed by @PeteButtigieg's.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@TulsiGabbard @PeteButtigieg @ZellaQuixote Which 2020 Democratic candidate #Wikipedia articles most frequently experience edits that are later undone (vandalism, trolling, edit wars, etc)? The @JulianCastro, @JohnDelaney, @BillDeBlasio, and @BetoORourke articles appear to be the most contentious by this metric.
Next, we ran sentiment analysis on each revision of each candidate's article. Scores average between neutral and positive. The biggest changes in sentiment are @marwilliamson (decreased in August), @TulsiGabbard (increased in August), and @PeteButtigieg (increased in January.)
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Okay, so tomorrow is the day i do the thread on regular expressions. I will do the thread on everything on regexes for 2 popular languages : #Javascript & #Python. So, stay tuned for tomorrows tweets starting at around midday

cc @NellyTadi @Jayydubby @Patrick01_Codes
@NellyTadi @Jayydubby @Patrick01_Codes So sorry for the delay guys;

So, today i am going to be talking about regexs or regular expressions and how formulate them in 2 programming languages. We are going to start with the basics and from there we will look at the meta syntax combinations that come together to make... possible to perform matches on strings (matching sequences) using patterns (formed by meta characters / meta syntax).

Regular Expressions are sequence of characters that define a pattern that is always finite, unambiguous or unaffected by context.
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Today, we are at the beautiful campus of @jncasr Bangalore for our #Wikipedia edit a thon for Indian Women in Science
Smita Jain begins the proceedings with an overview of IndiaBioscience and its activities in the area of networking, communication, skill building, resources, data and policy discussions
Shobhana Narasimha begins her talk on "Women in Science - Enigmas, Challenges and Successes" asking people to close their eyes and visualize the picture that comes to mind when they think of "Scientist".
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SOOOO excited for the next installment of @ACRMS #RaceB4Race symposia @FolgerLibrary next week. FYI, this is ongoing series of symposia that centers the work of scholars of color. Thread of random thoughts about ways to go forward re #RaceB4Race and #ShakeRace.
warning, I kinda suck at threads, so grab yo coffee. /1.5
I have been thinking of things that need to be done to elevate this work/change the fields. Much of this is #ShakeRace specific, but some have broader applications. /2
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Never seen timeline of Robert Swan #Mueller III's time in Vietnam

Mueller was identified as CIA material in 68/69, was in UVirginia 1970-73, CIA debriefed in 1969

1971: CIA Summer intern program, a young #BillBarr is enrolled (also in 1972)

Mueller+Barr friends since 1971?
[2] Need to revisit work of @btaylor_71 and others

RSM3 married into the Cabel (a Standish)- I mean the Caball- in 1966

Did he really need 2 years of officer training to let his leg heal before going to Vietnam in Nov 1968?

The worst of the bloodshed just ended that Sep 1968
@btaylor_71 [3] Surely his father at du Pont had nothing to do with it

Surely his grandad who was the exclusive distributor of uranium fuel rods to the US Navy had no impact

Mueller got a letter of praise from the Pacific fleet commander every time he made his bed properly
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🐭 Disney🐭 and 🎥 Hollywood🎥

🦄Q Drop #3499 on 7/25/19 left #Disney crumbs & pix👇🏼#DisneyCruiseLine #MagicalKingdoms
🦄Q included #EpsteinIsand secret entrance doors👇🏼
🦄Apparently Disney & Epstein have a long-standing #ChildTrafficking business going on😢
🦄More on DISNEY...
🦄#Disneyd23 - All over social media for YOUR KIDS to enjoy
🦄Below & following are pix of DISNEYd23 is shoving down children’s throats & into their minds
🦄#DeadPoetsSociety? The movie? #Disneyd23 says it gets emotional over this movie-And there’s #RobinWilliams😔
🦄This is for CHILDREN. WTF is this sh*t?
🦄The number 23 - Pic 3&4 show lots of 23’s in our midst
🦄#23 has lots of #Satanist & #occult significance/symbolism
🦄And Q said ‘symbolism would be their [DS] downfall’
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1. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
2. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼…
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3421...
Drop 2874 imaged...
#FoxNews ==> Labor Sec #Acosta announces he'll step down, amid criticism over #Epstein plea deal…
2874 - issues R faced, when filling positions in an admin, when corruption is so high!
2) #QAnon 3422...
Here we see the #NYSPCC in the "kill-box".
This is a sign that there's a microscope on the org & we can expect more about it in the future.
#Wikipedia (?) has the origins of "The Society".…
Seems clear, this is how they find their prey...
3) #QAnon 3423...
Here we're given that the #Epstein flight logs are being focused upon by the #FBI & #DOJ in continued investigations.
Sample page from those logs dated 13th July 2002 included.…
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Ai #cialtroni (compreso il @pdnetwork che ha espresso solidarietà alla @GDF e all’equipaggio della "motovedetta speronata" dalla nave #SeaWatch), agevolo un recente video che mostra una nave che SPERONA un traghetto.
Vi è chiaro, ora, cosa sia "speronare" un'imbarcazione? 🤔
Ripropongo anche il video pubblicato da @repubblica da cui si vede che, senza alcun dubbio, #CarolaRackete | #SeaWatch3 (stazza lorda, 645 TSL) NON ha speronato la motovedetta della @GDF.
Altrimenti, quell'imbarcazione sarebbe finita in 1000 pezzi.…
@pdnetwork ... se prima di pubblicare quella *cialtronata di tweet*, aveste telefonato, per esempio, a Massimo D'Alema (uno che di barche ne capisce), avreste evitato una figura di merda colossale.
Giusto, @buzz196907 ? 🤔
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