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1/ #CurveWars intensify.

@Spiral_DAO sets itself apart from the likes of @ConvexFinance and @redactedcartel.

Harnessing a dual token model & liquidity blackhole mechanism, it's poised to disrupt the $CRV, $BAL & $FXS blue chip battlegrounds.

Unraveling Spiral DAO and its ITO🧵
2/ Why is @Spiral_DAO born?

To create a capital-efficient DAO that redefines yield farming.

By amassing stakes in $CRV, $BAL, $FXS & other #DeFi blue chips, Spiral DAO seeks to eradicate cannibalistic selling and curb inflationary pressure.
3/ Spiral DAO has crafted an innovative staking model to bolster its standing within the CRV, BAL & FXS ecosystems.

Employing a bonding-esque approach, this model dispenses the native protocol tokens (COIL) in return for other tokens at a preferential rate.
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CurveWars - #Frax Strikes Back🚀

Enter the world of the $ALLUO team, where $CRV's biggest brain, @JackNiewold , breaks down the latest in the #CurveWars.

With insights and golden nuggets, Jack shares his vision for leaving a lasting impact in the crypto space.

[A Thread🧵]
The Saga of the Curve Wars

In a galaxy far, far away, $CRV popularized DeFi and emerged victorious in Curve Wars 1.0.

In 2021, @JackNiewold recapped this momentous event, but by June '22, he had a new perspective on the power of governance.

The Heat of the Battle🔥

Curve Wars 1.0 was all about stability, but Curve Wars 2.0 is heating up with something new.

$FRAX has arrived and is leading the charge, with over 20 LSDs ready to ignite the DeFi ecosystem with liquidity.
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[Curve vs Uniswap part 3]
Thesis: @CurveFinance is better positioned to be the core DeFi infra than @Uniswap

1. $CRV ponzinomics? a MISNOMER
- how inflation can be a scheme in game theory
- $CRV emission formula decoded
2. UniV3 needs stacks = worse cost structure
@CurveFinance @Uniswap 2. This is in response to a reply from a respectable DeFi OG @WinterSoldierxz who regularly publishes institutional-grade research. Those who haven't followed him should do it.

For his counter-arguments, refer to his thread:

In-depth content here we go!
@CurveFinance @Uniswap @WinterSoldierxz 3. $CRV ponzinomics is one common argument from critics: 28% inflation is crazy and $UNI doesn't have the issue. I argued that $CRV emission is not a cost, as it is prepaid by projects before emitted as the cost of projects to maintain on-chain liquidity!
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《Curve vs Uniswap part 2》

原作者 @DeFi_Cheetah ,授權幣研做翻譯及補充
歡迎替我們點讚轉發 🙌 🧵

早前他圍繞 Uniswap 和 Curve 提出了些看法, 為何 Curve 在各大藍籌 DeFi 協議間依然能夠保有優勢?相信也是大家感興趣的!

歡迎 Follow @DeFi_Cheetah, 瞭解更多 DeFi 相關知識 🔍
1. $CRV 代幣經濟學保護 Curve 免受競爭 [1-13]
2. Curve 的流動性即服務:解決鏈上流動性問題的功能 [14-19]
3. UniV3 失去定價權,因為
(i) 流動性在 LP 的各種價格範圍之外枯竭,在極端市場出現故障 [20-22],
(ii) 放寬新項目流動性管理門檻,從而在無許可下設立長尾資產池 [23-26] &
(iii) 激起LP之間的競爭
(a) 給新項目引導流動性帶來額外困難 [27-32] &
(b) 使 v3 本身面臨被競爭的風險 [32-34]
4. CurveV2 Summer 的到來 [36-40]

如果你對以上敘述感到疑惑的話,可以隨時回來 TLDR!
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[Curve vs Uniswap part 2]
Why is @CurveFinance better positioned itself to be the core DeFi infra than @Uniswap?

1. $CRV tokenomics protects Curve against competition [1-13]
2. Curve’s liquidity-as-a-service: functionalities that solve on-chain liquidity issue [14-19]
@CurveFinance @Uniswap ...
3. UniV3 loses pricing power by
(i) malfunctioning at extreme market as liquidity dries up outside of LPs' various price ranges [20-22],
(ii) lifting threshold of liquidity management for new projects to set up pools of long tail assets permissionlessly [23-26] & ...
@CurveFinance @Uniswap ...
3(iii) stirring up competition among LPs which
(a) poses extra difficulty for new projects to bootstrap liquidity [27-32] &
(b) puts v3 itself at risk of being outcompeted [32-34]
4. CurveV2 Summer [36-40]

If you get confused by the logic flow, come back to TLDR!
Here we go!
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$CRV is the Lynchpin of the DeFi ecosystem. As we went from 🐂 to🐻 the #CurveWars never stopped. A /268 🧵to go into the curve wars entirely is beyond my ability. I will only focus on one part of the many available strategies: Collateralizing your $CRV Lets dive in 1/11
2/11 Collateralizing your assets can be RISKY ☠️. If the asset goes ⬇️ instead of ⬆️ you can be LIQUIDATED and Loose your 💸. Please be careful and do not consider this Financial Advice.
3/11 Collateralization is borrowing against an asset. In a 🐻 market, when maybe the bottom is in, people will borrow $Stables against assets to buy more of the asset that they hope will 🚀🚀. Deposit 1K $CRV, Borrow $500 $USDC Buy more $CRV. $CRV ⬆️, Payoff loan, Profit (NFA)
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Hey #Arbinauts (💙,🧡)

Despite recent FUD: #ArbitrumAutumn 🍂 brings lots of innovative new projects, we'll share the most interesting in a dedicated thread series:

1⃣ Arbitrum native @3xcalibur69 DEX, based on an (improved) ve-model
👀 free PFP NFTs & #airdrop 🪂
🧵👇 Image
Project overview:

🕵️ Team is anon, founder: @xen

📈 TVL almost $4MM…

🪙 native token $XCAL - MCAP ≈$3MM, FDV ≈$9MM…

🧐 Audited by @Omniscia_sec full audit report 👇…
Tri-AMM @3xcalibur69 forked its code from @solidlyexchange and hence is adhering to the ve-model, the protocol native token $XCAL will be released over 3.5 - 4.5 year period via vote escrow, whereby voters will recieve bribes to allocate emissions to certain pools
ELI5 👇
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Let me provide a guide on $frxETH staking and explain why it's going to be the most attractive liquid staking derivative around.

@fraxfinance recently opened up the minting of $frxETH here:

This allows you to stake your $ETH into a Validator ran by Frax.
Once you've minted your $frxETH you can stake it and receive #sfrxETH.

sfrxETH represents the staked frxETH + yield accrued. This means that over time, the underlying value of sfrxETH keeps increasing.
To put this into an example:

If APR were to be a consistent 8%, then after staking 1 sfrxeth for 1 full year, you'd be able to swap back your 1 sfrxETH for 1.08 $frxETH.
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Understanding the "CURVE WARS" and the powerful model of veTokenomics to attract liquidity for DeFi. Image
DeFi refers to financial applications built on blockchain technologies, typically using smart contracts. Smart contracts are automated enforceable agreements that do not need intermediaries to execute.
Anyone with an internet connection can access them to perform financial transactions and many other activities.
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1/ Eli5DeFi is a collaborative effort to educate people about #DeFi, #Cryptocurrency and #Blockchain with infographics and visual guides.

Our #Notion page is a one-stop place for curated DeFi information and resources
2/ To find our unrolled #infographics🧵, you can check our @typefully page below:
3/ Our first #visualguide is about @CurveFinance Primer, including @ConvexFinance and #CurveWars narration. Check the🧵for more details!

$CRV $veCRV $CVX $crvCVX
#Curve #Convex #DeFi #YieldFarming

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#astrowars is here. There is a ton of content out there, but saving you time with some curated resources that are helpful and my pov on how I see it evolving

🔹 overview
🔹 framework of evaluation
🔹 phases
🔹 positioning

🧵 time, let’s go 👇
/ overview

First, from @astroport_fi itself on the why it matters, players, considerations.

How is one to decide?
/ framework for evaluation

@danku_r summarizes for you some frameworks for consideration.

On point in terms of basics of how to evaluate:

🔹 how DAOs are accruing $astro
🔹 $astro derivatives peg risks
🔹 value accrual of each tkn

But what can you learn from #curvewars ?
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How is @TheCitadel_DAO going to bring #DeFi to #Bitcoin?
Glad you asked fren

Here's everything you need to know about $CTDL yield strategies, in a language you can understand, so you can be ready for the greatest opportunity for $BTC in DeFi, are you ready ser?
🧵 Image
The Citadel is a Treasury #DAO, built on top of the yield engines;
@BadgerDAO & @ConvexFinance -
$CTDL is a SubDAO to $BADGER

Specifically, it aims to build the treasury with $BTC, $BADGER, $CVX, $bveCVX
I'm going to assume you know about the #CurveWars, as everyone & their grandmother knows about it now

& for those who do not;
check out @cryptoPothu great thread on the $CRV wars 👇

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1/ 4pool is a hot keyword recently.

What is 4pool and how it impact Stablecoin market?

$FRAX $UST #4pool Image
2/ The 4pool is a new Curve pool composed of $UST, $FRAX, $USDC, and $USDT, proposed by @ItsAlwaysZonny recently.
3/ What is the motivation behind?
If you're interested in the DeFi market, you're probably familiar with #CurveWars, which is where DAOs fight for Incentives.
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@fraxfinance @terra_money 4pool. Hot takes from each camp - curve wars over? dai dies? wen 4pool?

I have a unique pov as I'm the intersection of each camp - curve OG, #lunatic, #fraximalist

🔹 overview of 4pool
🔹 $crv wars season 2
🔹 $cvx math games
🔹 4pool endgame

/ overview of 4pool

First, 4pool motivation from @samkazemian, @fraxfinance founder

🔹 $crv vision - 'savings account for defi'
🔹 $cvx role - prof money manager for @CurveFinance
🔹 4pool role - postive sum, not zero sum ethos

/ why 4pool

But it doesn't go into why 4pool?

That is actually a multi-billion dollar question. I foreshadowed $ust $frax partnership and the math behind it.

tldr - 3crv is inefficient to scale because of dai & removing will level playing field.

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🗳 Votium Round 12 Wrap Up

Yesterday marked the end of #Votium R12 and $CVX holders are busy counting their sweet bribe 💰.

A quick recap 🧵 of what we saw...

#Convex #CurveWars @ConvexFinance @CurveFinance
High Level

👉 Second highest amount of bribes / ETH ever
👉 Decrease in total bribes / $ due to market volatility
👉 Bribes largely flat, but $TRIBE + $LUNA increased
👉 One returning briber in $DAI, one drop out in $MTA

Payouts were about $.38 / vlCVX (40% APR).
What does this tell us?

That none of the drama in #crypto is hurting the $CVX #Votium flywheel.

Average bribes (ETH) and briber qtys have continued to increase + that trend seems likely to continue.

And when the market recovers / catalysts arrives, people will take notice.
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Se hizo esperar pero ya está aquí ✅

@Axlvaz hizo un trabajo titánico de recopilación, edición y explicación del protocolo @CurveFinance, actualmente N° 1 en TVL según @DefiLlama

En esta 1ra parte explica la invariante Stableswap y pools de Curve:…

🔸"Curve V1 es un #DEX de #stablecoins extremadamente eficiente.

⚙️Basa su funcionamiento en la implementación de una fórmula matemática denominada invariante StableSwap (así se llamaba primeramente Curve)."

🔸 "Se caracteriza por tener un #slippage significativamente menor que otros DEXes que utilizan otras fórmulas matemáticas, denominadas invariantes como por ejemplo, Constant Product, utilizado en @Uniswap.
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Sharing a thread to understand how @ConvexFinance successfully acquired the majority of veCRV and is now a major influence on @CurveFinance . #CurveWars

The fundamental concept of Convex is to serve as a proxy for a pool of CRV holders to collectively influence decision-making on Curve to boost rewards for Liquidity Pools of their choice. As an individual, they are powerless. As a team, they become formidable.
As a protocol, convex earns revenue by taking a fixed fee of 17% from all the LP token pools, which are then distributed to various stakeholders.
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People are learning about maximising stablecoin returns through #Curve.

In this thread we will explore what the #CurveWars are, and how you can maximise your returns through $CVX and $CRV.

In particular, dropping some alpha on the $BTRFLY Cartel DAO.

1. Understanding Curve Is Central

This thread will not be about explaining $Curve.

This is a good thread by @JackNiewold to read if you don't already have an understanding of #Curve.

2. [Redacted] Cartel is an $OHM fork.

$BTRFLY is the rebase governance token. The treasury of Redacted DAO bonds $CRV and $CVX to mint $BTRFLY.

It is an Olympus Fork entering curve wars. Building on one of the most upcoming principles of DeFi.
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