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#Normandy In light of recent events, the future of tourism at Pointe du Hoc seems more and more uncertain. Some projects were announced by the ABMC, with heavy consequences for visitors and tour guides. A small thread 🧵
Over the past few years, several parts of the cliffs have collapsed. The last one this March being just a few meters away from the visitors path !
Because of this, the path is now partly closed. This is the first time since 2011 that one part of the site is closed due to erosion.
Picture from Tough Ombre Stories on Facebook
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🧵I begin with a story of lost love told in curated objects: a funereal silk glove; a wedding ring; a heart-shaped locket; [love] letters secured with pink ribbon; fallen petals of a dog rose (purity, love & marriage); & an inscription in Latin:
'Truth is great and will prevail'
This is the work of the great muralist, #RexWhistler and can be found on the wall of the large saloon in #MottisfontAbbey in #Hampshire. Now owned by the @nationaltrust, it was once the 'luxuriously ordered' home of art patron and socialite, #MaudRussell and her husband, Gilbert.
Whistler was commissioned by Maud to paint Trompe L'oeil murals that would reflect the history of the house & dazzle her coterie of glamorous guests. Consider the spine of the green volume: here, Whistler has left us a time clock.
Begun December 19 1938
Finished October 31 1939
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#Normandy Pointe du Hoc is one of the most famous story of DDay. Many knows what the 🇺🇸 Americans Rangers have achieved there. But very few know about the 🇬🇧 British who participated alongside the Rangers and sometime, gave their lives. A thread🧵:
Lt Col Thomas Trevor, a commando who became Liaison Officier with the US Rangers. He coached the Rangers in cliff-climbing. Landed with them on DDay, exposed himself under fire to motivate the men to climb. Was wounded in the head doing so.
Ronald F. Eades, RNVR, helped to develop special weapons for the attack, wanted to join for DDay, landed as Trevor assistant, mistakenly taken for a German and fired upon by Rangers while looking for snipers. Killed 4 days later, buried in Tilly sur Seulles
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Updated draft map of the drop pattern of the 6th Airborne Division on DDay, #Normandy
🔴 1st Can Para (DZ V)
🟡 9th Para (DZ V)
🟠 8th Para (DZ K)
🔵 7th Para (DZ N)
🟣 12th Para (DZ N)
🟢 13th Para (DZ N)
Still not perfect at all, and not accurate.
For the 1st Can Para, the drop patter and location doesn't not match well between Dan Hartigan book and the 6th AB archives.
Also, no info on some of the MIA planes, probably off map.
Any help, comment, criticism is welcome !
Thanks @seanboy_50 , @BattlefieldBen , @Barber1944 , Alex Collin for their precious help !
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1 / #Normandy, DDay. If you are driving around Bernières-sur-Mer, you might find this monument. The history behind it is not widely known, and fewer people even know that photographs exist of what happen.
A thread🧵
On June 6, Juno Beach, Bernières sur Mer. After firing hundred of shells in their run-in toward the beach, the 14th Field Artillery Regiment, RAC, is landing around 9.25am from 8 LCTs, with priority vehicles of the 8th Brigade. A total of 106 vehicules !
The traffic in Bernières is a nightmare. SPGs, Jeeps, Shermans, Halftracks, Universal Carriers, AVREs, are stuck in the small streets of the town. Especially since the exit from Bernières is under fire and that no one can now push inland.
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I updated my #Flickr album on Black and White experiments. Adding a few pictures and sorting again. Adding a short snippet of the story behind the pictures
In 2014 just a few months after arriving in #France we visited #Normandy and the #D-Day landing beaches. Omaha Beach is one, the most (in)famous. The image of the perfectly aligned tombs in the cemetery impacted me and haunts me since then
After that visit I curated and arranged the pictures in this #Flickr album
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#Russia/#Ukraine Thread 🇺🇦 🇷🇺 [1]
#Russian news agencies are reporting that #Luhansk separatist region prevented a terrorist attack on a soldiers rally. #UkraineCrisis #UkraineConflict #Ukraine #Crimea #Donbass #Donetsk #EU #Europe #NATO #US #Russia #Belarus [2]
Elements of #Russian forces in #Crimea are reported by #Russian media to be returning to North #Ossetia and #Dagestan, following the end of special exercise in the region. #Russia #Ukraine #UkraineCrisis #UkraineConflict #EU #NATO #US #Europe [3]
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If there is the possibility of aliens existing in our Galaxy, they would be laughing at us in this moment, because they would observe how incapable we are of stopping all ridiculous things that are happening including wars we are waging #mythread
on #Russia #Ukraine #USA
#EU 1/1
#Baerbock calls for stable relations with #Russia but sees fundamental differences in frosty meeting with #Lavrov, stating Russian troop presence near #Ukraine had “no understandable reason” #Psaki says Russia could launch an attack in Ukraine “at any time”. 1/2
Baerbock opened dialogue by suggesting there is "no alternative to stable relations btw Moscow & Berlin”, confirming that she and the federal government want to continue to work on that. #FAZ 1/3
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Tuesday is #Russia! A leap in the dark: #Baerbock will meet Zelensky on Monday & Lavrov on Tuesday. Baerbock will attempt to revive the #Normandy during her visit. Baerbock would represent not only #German but also the #European position.
#Mythread 1/1…
#USCongress - no mandatory sanctions against #NordStream2. #FriedrichMerz, not that he has too much power, #CDU chairman, said that the exclusion of #Russia from the Swift payment system would constitute a nuclear bomb for capital markets. Let's see if #Scholz will agree 1/2
Let's be honest! Some hypocrisy here switching to the need for a common #European answer. The deal btw #Merkel and #Biden says that #NordStream2 cannot be opened if #Putin were using the pipeline for geopolitical purpose. An invasion of #Ukraine is trigger of that clause.1/2
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Today is an important and misunderstood #OTD for the Hawker Typhoon.

The 7th August 1944 saw the launch of von Kluge's Operation Lüttich to try and cut off the Cobra advance. The 7th of August became immortalised as The Day of the Typhoon. Why? #Thread #WW2 #Normandy #History /1 Image
If you want to get into the weeds of Operation Lüttich, I cannot recommend @WW2TV's two-part examination of the battle highly enough. It is vital viewing to understand an important battle in the breakout. /2

Part 1:
Part 2:
A cursory glance, even reading John Golley's semi-autobiographical novel, will give you the impression that the Typhoon single-handedly saved the 30th "Old Hickory" Infantry Division from being overrun.

Well, no. But they played a vital part in an artillery dominated battle. /3
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Today is #DDay #Debarquement #Normandy 77 years after that June 6th 1944, the first step in the Liberation of France and then the push from the west front... 7 years ago we visited the region around #OmahaBeach , some impressions from that trip in my album
Every year is an important memory for all that died in #DDay and in the rest of the battle for Normandy, military and civilians. Years ending in 0's or 5's bring more attention. #OmahaBeach 2014
It was like travelling back in time...
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On Wednesday evening, the federal government declared other regions in eleven countries of the European Union to be corona risk areas due to the increasing number of infections.
#Denmark: the #Hovedstaden region is considered a risk area.

#France: The regions of #Brittany, Center-Val de Loire and #Normandy are now also considered risk areas.

#Ireland: the #Dublin region is considered a risk area.
#Croatia: Lika-Senj County is now also considered a risk area.

#Netherlands: the province of #Utrecht is now also a risk area.

#Austria: the federal state of #Vorarlberg is now also considered a risk area.
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#DDay75: the role of the British & Commonwealth Medical Services in the #Normandy campaign is an important part of our understanding of events that summer 75 years ago. [thread] 1/14
#DDay75: When a soldier was wounded on the battlefield the first level of medical treatment was from Regimental Stretcher Bearers. These were infantry soldiers posted to the Stretcher Bearers section. As such, despite the myth, they were not Conscientious Objectors. 2/14
#DDay75: Regimental Stretcher Bearers were well trained & well equipped. Their task was to stabilise a casualty, clean & dress a wound, and then evacuate them to a place of safety. 3/14
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#DDay75: the role of the Royal Engineers (RE) on D-Day & in the #Normandy campaign is another aspect of the #WW2 British & Commonwealth story that deserves more focus. On most beaches the RE were among the first to land, clearing the beaches making the assault possible. 1/14
#DDay75: Assault Engineers hit the beaches in LCAs & cleared smaller obstacles, also supported by Assault Squadrons RE equipped with Churchill Tank Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers (AVRE) designed to destroy obstacles & bunkers with their Petard Mortar. 2/14
#DDay75: the Churchill AVRE were equipped with fascines to fill in bomb craters or anti-tank ditches. Others had drop-bridges which could then be used to get over the sea wall. This initial aspect of bridging on D-Day would become of the key roles of RE in 1944-45. 3/14
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This is a story that should not be allowed to cycle out.
The layers of awfulness--the graves at #Normandy--it's vile.

Trump lashes out at Pelosi: 'She's a nasty, vindictive, horrible person' 'She's not talented at all."…
It's not even about what he says about @SpeakerPelosi. That's his usual venom toward a woman who's infinitely smarter and more accomplished than he is. It's that 100s of 18, 19 & 20 year old Americans are buried behind him and he can't respect that for even 5mins. Disgraceful.
There were men who survived #Normandy--a few dozen still alive, now in their 90s--who were there, for #Normandy75, reliving that horrific day. And there Trump is, NOT saying that the day was about them and the fallen, but as ALWAYS, talking about his own pettiness. So shameful.
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Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the storming of the beaches at #Normandy. It is our duty & privilege to honor the lives sacrificed on that day.

There’s also a myth that no Black men participated on #DDay and that is not true.

A thread⬇️ #DDay75
Meet 90-year old Joann Woodson. She's on a mission to share the truth about the participation of Black men on #DDay.

Her late husband, Waverly Woodson, was one of the few Black soldiers known to have served on Omaha Beach. #DDay75
Waverly Woodson, a 21-year-old medic from Philadelphia, treated at least 200 injured men on #DDay, despite being injured himself. He was with the lone African-American combat unit to fight on D-Day. #DDay75 #DDay75thAnniversary
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#GenDunford on #DDay75: "On the 75th anniversary of the #Normandy Landings, we express our utmost gratitude to our Nation’s World War II veterans. Their unwavering dedication and devotion to our country and our way of life cannot be overstated. (1/4)
As we remember their sacrifices on the beaches of Northern France, we are reminded of a simple adage: ‘Weapons of war come and go, but the great constant is the people.’ (2/4) #DDay75thAnniversary
They answered the world’s call for help without hesitation or indecision in the midst of great peril to themselves and their fellow service members. Without their immeasurable sacrifices, this experiment we call democracy would no longer exist. (3/4) #HonorThem
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and off we go #EnergyTwitter! May the thread start! 💡

Did You Know: To provide vital #oil across the English Channel after the #DDay landings, within months secret #pipelines were unwound from massive spools to reach French ports.
Following the #DDay invasion– June 6, 1944 – Allied forces would need vast quantities of #petroleum to continue the advance into #Europe. Allied leaders also knew that petroleum tankers trying to reach French ports would be vulnerable to #Luftwaffe attacks...
A top-secret “Operation #PLUTO” – Pipe Line Under The Ocean – became the Allied strategy. It would fuel victory with #oil production from the #USA petroleum industry. The secret pipeline mission used a popular #WaltDisney character for its logo. #OOTT
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In the early part of the first millennium CE, the #IndoEuropean language known as Proto-#Germanic diverged into an East branch (which included #Gothic) and a Northwest branch.

Northwest then split into West and North branches when Proto-#Norse developed in #Scandinavia. Image
Until the 8th century, #Germanic #languages, including Proto-#Norse, were written in Elder Futhark, the earliest #runic #alphabet.

The name #Futhark comes from the initial phonemes in the names of the first six #runes:
ᚠ ᚢ ᚦ ᚨ ᚱ ᚲ

By the beginning of the #Viking Age around 800 CE, Proto-#Norse had evolved into Old Norse, and #Scandinavia's writing system transitioned from the 24 #runes of Elder #Futhark to Younger Futhark's 16 runes.

The #Swedish #Sparlösa #Runestone from ~800 CE features both #alphabets. Image
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Travelling to France for #DDay75? Fancy seeing some lesser-known locations connected to #DDay & the Battle of #Normandy? Then I hope this is of interest!
No 1: 50th (Nortnumbrian) Division Memorial, Bayeux. This division landed on Gold Beach on D-Day & pushed inland, fighting at Tilly and Hottot. The memorial is on an old convent wall, opposite the cathedral & easily missed. #DDay75
No 2: The church at Saint Côme du Mont. Inland from Utah Beach, Fallschirmjager Major von Der Heydte famously watched the Allied landings from the spire. US Para Joe Beyrle was taken POW here after landing on the roof, sent to Poland, escaped & fought alongside the Russians!
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Colorization by @marinamaral2: This day in #WWII #History: On June 6, 1944, the Allied invasion of German-occupied Western Europe begins at #Normandy.

LCVP landing craft from Amphibious Transport Ship USS Samuel Chase approaching Omaha Beach in June 6, 1944.
LCVP landing craft from LST-284 off Utah Beach, Normandy, France, on June 6, 1944.

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