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The #PersonalDataProtection Bill (2019) was re-inspected by a Joint Parliamentary Committee, which tabled its report in Dec '21. Though the JPC recommended changes in their draft Data Protection Bill, those regarding non-consensual data processing are the most concerning🧵
Within the provisions of the draft #DataProtectionBill, your data could be used, without your consent. In fact, the government could continue using personal and non-personal data that they know to be incorrect. How did we get here?…
Chapter 3 of the Data Protection Bill lays out the three categories under which an individual’s data can be processed without their consent👇… Image
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Does India's incoming data protection law actually protect you on social media?

Not really. We need to cover all kinds of data (not just personal) and we definitely need stronger data protection regulations. #PrivacyOfThePeople

Full story:… (1/n) Purple background. Text: Does India's incoming data law prot
You generate an enormous amount of data merely by engaging with social media. Platforms track every click! And in the absence of data protection regulation, your data may most likely end up with anyone — from a researcher to an advertiser to a foreign intelligence agency. (2/n)
Although the incoming data law is a step in the right direction, rights-based data protection means that users are given certain essential rights against data fiduciaries.

As it stands, your rights to be forgotten, correction, erasure, & data portability can all be denied! (3/n)
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#Datacracy | India’s new #DataProtectionBill makes a good show of user rights — but can it deliver on its promises?…


By @pabsgill
@internetfreedom @pabsgill India’s Personal #DataProtectionBill, 2019 is likely to be placed in front of Parliament sometime this month. The underlying goal of the proposed laws is to assign rights to users over the collecting, storage and usage of their information.

#Datacracy @internetfreedom
@internetfreedom @pabsgill When it comes to #dataprivacy it looks like users have every option available to them except for the one they want — control over their data. This includes knowing who’s collecting data, where it’s being stored, how it’s being used and what can be done if it's misused instead.
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Doing a thread on #NPR

To understand NPR, we need to understand wars & migration. The idea NPR came after the war with kargil in 1999. Where pakistanis entered India in civil clothes and we couldn't identify them. #IndiaAgainstCAA #IndiaAgainstNRC
So after the kargil war, there was conference of all chief ministers on internal security on 17-11-2001. This is where the idea of Multi Purpose National Identity Card was proposed and the idea of National Population Registrar was born to identify citizens from aliens.
Then the office of the registrar general of India framed rules on how this will be done, the idea of bio-metrics to be collected was formulated as early as 2003. So #Aadhaar was not the first time private sector use of id or biometrics was thought of. They wanted 16 parameters
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Priyanka Gandhi & all student protests seem to be focused solely on #CAA. But #NRC is the bigger danger. Do people realize that? In 2018 INC boasted it had created NRC & had deported 82728 Bangladeshis whereas the BJP had deported only 1822. #CAA_NRC…
The #CAB is a decoy. It's a red herring - that was bound to cause #CAAProtests to errupt to draw attention away from #NRCBill. CAB is to NRC what the #Dataprotectionbill is to #Aadhaar. The real danger is from Aadhaar. Like it is from NRC. @Stupidosaur?
Explanation :The #CABBill does not specifically say it will not give citizenship to Muslim immigrants. If it does, the #CAA will straight away go to court as it's blatantly Unconstitutional. But the #NRC which is random, can easily target more Muslims if that's BJP govt's aim.
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#Parliament reconvenes today for the final #BudgetSession of this govt. We are watching out for two key bills: the Aadhaar Amendments Bill and the DNA Bill. Concerned citizens have sent a letter to @MVenkaiahNaidu and @narendramodi demanding withdrawal and scrutiny of the Bills. ImageImage
Briefly, the #AadhaarAmendmentsBill seeks to circumvent the SC Judgment on #Aadhaar and allow private entities to use Aadhaar-based biometric authentication/ eKYC. In effect, the Bill gives the govt power to create new laws allowing private entities to use the Aadhaar number.
We remain deeply concerned that the government has shown no urgency regarding the #DataProtectionBill, nor has it ensured that #Aadhaar-based authentication is used only on a purely voluntary basis even for subsidies and welfare schemes as recommended by the SC.
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UPDATE: The govt plans to introduce these amendments in Parliament tomorrow (Jan 2nd). This is a continuation of the govt's doublespeak and constitutional fraud on Aadhaar. These amendments will once again allow rampant, commercial exploitation of citizens' personal data.
We request Members of Parliament to oppose the introduction of this Bill, which seeks to circumvent the Supreme Court's judgment of Aadhaar and allow private telecom service providers and banking companies to use Aadhaar-based authentication / e-KYC.
Instead, we demand that the government follow a democratic process and undertake a wide public consultation on all Aadhaar-related legislation. The amendments now proposed should also be scrutinized by the appropriate Parliamentary Standing Committee.
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