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India scores '0/3' on Legislative Leadership at time of #COVID19 in a study by Westminster Foundation for #Democracy, Developmental Leadership Program & Int'l Development Dept at University of Birmingham.

Owing to #Parliament being out of session for most of last year.

The study scored countries on three indicators:

1. whether legislature sat regularly from 1st March 2020 to 1st May 2020

2. whether there was legislative oversight over Govt's initial #COVID19 response during 1st March 2020 to 1st May 2020

3. Whether legislature had ongoing oversight on Govt's response to #COVID19 from 1st April 2020 to 1st September 2020

India scored a '0' on all counts.

To briefly recall:
1. Budget Session of 2020 was cut short ahead of schedule before imposing nationwide lockdown

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One of Labour's #TheLeft Radicals ambitions was to push #climatealarmism to the maximum 👇

1/ create distraction
Another Labour ambition, tear down society, rebuild it with Marxism perspective

2/ make noise
"Create A Crisis 'Use a Crisis As Opportunity' to change"

Labour Mayors/Councils have a habit of turning nice areas into rundown over populated, conjested places local people just want to escape from

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Will some one explain, if @BDUTT was forced out of her studio/home to adapt the tough conditions at Shamshan Ghat to #Track and #Report. Take note of her props & the background.
Am expecting now, some #Covid data points she must have laid her hands on after such arduous task ??? Image
How disgusting and deplorable can one’s thought process be to cash on the piled up dead bodies of #Covid victims at d crematorium & then invite sympathies for reporting the story in “apocalyptic” times, & in the process priceless learning of how to survive, innovate and adapt 😂 Image
Didn’t such journalists make their journeys smooth, comfortable & fruitful by pushing microphones into the mouths of people injured in terror attacks, bomb blasts or rail/road accidents or who were victims of fire or flood & collecting news bytes for their channels or journals ?
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This thread provides the facts to prove unequivocally that The Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party is a #farright, racist party - overflowing with violent, racist and extremist members and supporters #Senedd21 #seneddelection #Savewales #WeareAbolish #senedd2021

Martyn Ford (candidate 4 #CynonValley & 4 South #Wales Central) "condemns diversity" was the author of this horifically racist leaflet when he was a member of another far-right party - UKIP @VikkiHowells

2/32 Image
James Cole has been selected by the Party as candidate for #Swansea West after making this racist white supremacist 'great replacement theory' diatribe! @JulieJamesMS @DaiLloydAS  @ChohanSamantha

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India’s defense forces, including the army, navy & air force, reported 787 deaths by #suicide between 2014 and 2021, the government told #Parliament on March 22, 2021. Thread on govt data and reasons for the suicides:
3 in 4 suicides were in the #IndianArmy. The Defence Institute of Psychological Research says domestic and personal problems, marital discord, stress and financial problems were the major causes of these #suicides Image
In a decade to 2019, there were 1,123 deaths by #suicide in the armed forces, government told #Parliament on September 16, 2020 Image
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1/ A thread about Canada's #EmergenciesAct from a lawyer. It is important to discuss this now. The deadlier & faster-spreading #COVID19 #P1 #Variant is spreading across #Canada & something needs to be done to save lives (including against #LongCovid).
2/ The federal Emergencies Act allows the federal Governor in Council (i.e., the prime minister & cabinet) to declare 4 types of emergencies.

This thread will focus on the type of emergency called the #PublicWelfareEmergency.
3/ A #PublicWelfareEmergency is an emergency caused by a real or imminent disease in human beings, in the context of #COVID19.
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Tomorrow #Govt isn't introducing a new Act as some are reporting. It’s a vote to renew powers as required by S98 #coronavirus Act 2020… . Motion “That the temporary provisions of the Coronavirus Act 2020 should not yet expire.”
1st review was in Sept 2020 when I & others urged #MPS NOT to renew the powers as HMG already have necessary powers under existing legislation & due to our concerns of mass scale curtailing of our civil liberties & the creation of an unintentional wave of #authoritarianism
In the Sept review, at least crisis changes to the Mental Health Act were removed as they had reduced the number of doctors needed to make decisions about someone's care, mental health capacity, sectioning & had increased timeframes people could be detained against their will
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Make no mistake, under the cover of #COVID19 this government is profiteering in terms of power. I've been trying to get people to wake up – eg article I wrote in Dec 2020…
But against the back drop of last night on #ClaphamCommon
And the #PoliceCrimeSentencingCourtsBill coming before #Parliament tomorrow/Tues, we need a social media storm before we end up with a police state where our silence results in our civil liberties eroded in ways that it will be almost impossible to claw back.
The Bill's factsheets are here… - but how can 300 pages was only published last Tuesday with the deadline for Mps to speak on Friday & with 2 days to debate not be undermining Parliament's sovereignty and our fundamental rights?
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1. Hello again! I've been thinking for a while to write this thread and this is time!
My thoughts about #crypto ecosystem, what it looks like to me and what can happen in the future! It's gonna be huge thread, so fasten your belts!
2. I previously wrote a thread about #ren, and how it is similar to silk road 1500 years ago. And it feels like we are building cities. But not as traditional cities, we are building cities on internet.
3. In those cities we have our own #currencies, our own #governance, our own #banking systems, our own economical features, our own communities. And with the development of internet, we don't need land or place for social gatherings.
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@Gen_VKSingh Dear Honorable Minister @Gen_VKSingh Ji
Here is my thread in-line with your tweets🙏
as an #AndolanJeevi #IStandWithFarmers on #FarmersCallPMforDebate on suspended #farmlaws and #MSP Guarantee
@Gen_VKSingh Now, it is clear that the Govt is adamant on #suspended #farmlaws and is misusing even #parliament to tell Lies on #MSP
refusing MSP Guarantee act to prevent below MSP purchase by anyone in India.
We Step back and understand the true ramifications of this situation for #Annadata
@Gen_VKSingh When do #Sellibrities become active to tweet on agriculture subject? When they get hints or advice, being a celebrity is a sensitive expectation from the powers and they are close to the heart of every Indian. #AndolanJeevi #FarmersCallPMforDebate on suspended #farmlaws and #MSP
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The Role of the #Press in #Election rigging
This is the third part in a series about the rigging of the 2019 Dec #UK general election
where we focus on the role of the #British press in delivering the extreme right wing govts of Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, the United States
The Role of the #Media
I have no plans to relive any of the most despicable media output ever to disgrace the name of the 4th Estate. One of the main functions of an active, intelligent and questioning press is to hold those that govern us to account.
The #British #press have not only failed miserably to do that, but they have aided and abetted the very liars, fraudsters and racketeers who have taken over #Parliament and stolen the nations cutlery.
Wherever great power and wealth accumulate, corruption, bribery and fraud
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Sir, with ref to your very much needed sensitive response, in ordinariness of #ordinarypeople & with commonsense of
#commonman, may we submit as follows:
1.Instead of experimenting with #3FarmActs for 1-2 yrs, why not keep those in abeyance for 2yrs?
2. Ask #40AssnsofFarmers>>
>> to submit their #ProposedDraft keeping following in view:
a. #Reforms inter-alia shifting from existing agriculture pattern in #Punjab #Haryana etc to...
b."Cost + theory" & feasibility of #MSP for all crops
c. Is uniform #FarmActs possible for all #States
3.Likewise #GOI >>
>>needs to appreciate that instead of "experimenting" for
1-2 yrs which if results in #irreversible & #irrevocable DAMAGES will be creating more
#TrustDeficit, it will be better to keeping #3FarmActs in #Abeyance to hv #LevelPlayingField to make needful decisions cordially!>>
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A thread.
After the #PunjabFarmers protesting at the #ModiGovt's AgriMarket bills complained that the mainstream media TV were either ignoring them or mischievously showing them in a bad light, lets look at how the World's press is reporting it.
Londo's @guardian first. On 30 Nov they carried this big story:
The story reported:
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We recently explored: A Rockefeller communication manual on #contacttracing, the [Share] Verified (UN/Purpose) guide on vaccine #communications, & insights from The #Vaccine Confidence Project.
Here is another from The Behavioral Insights Team - "at the heart of the #UK gov't".
Spun from the "heart of the UK gov't", The Behavioral Insights Team expanded to a global consulting firm "w/ offices around the world... Our work spanned 31 countries in the last year alone...Our growing portfolio of #BI #Ventures makes #behaviouralscience-backed tools..."
The strategic & coordinated campaigns for global vaccine roll-outs & uptake, must be understood as #advertising/ marketing. The more subtle, the more effective. Billions $$$ have been invested for one simple reason: huge returns. What we see today - has been years in the making.
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#IHC in a constitutional petition filed by a #Journalist @ArshadSulahri held that the Director General of the #FIA is expected to formulate guidelines for the investigating officers, having regard to the principles highlighted in the judgment of the august Supreme Court.
It is further expected that the Agency will consider prescribing special guidelines regarding proceedings against persons engaged in the profession of journalism on account of the profound effect on the freedom of press and independence of a journalist when the coercive powers
are abused, giving rise to a perception of retaliation to professional functions performed. In this regard the Agency may
consult the key stake holders.
The Federal Government i.e. the Prime Minister
and members of the Federal Cabinet are elected representatives of the people and
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Challenge to Central Vista: Hearing commences before 3- judge bench of Supreme Court.

Advocate Vrinda Bhandari making arguments.

Bhandari submits NIT makes it clear there is no estimated cost.

There is no upper limit for the estimated cost, says Bhandari.

There are 3 project costs slabs provided by govt. But the third slab says above 5000 crores.

This would mean each consultant would be free to decide what will be the cost and design of the project.
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Every era has its prisoners.

Ours, the children in poverty, like caged Canaries
and Coal Miners.

The news last week refreshed the betrayal of poverty hanging over the lives of so many.

Including my own memories from my early teens.


When I can’t place those inchoate feelings, I open my kitchen cupboards.

I witness some effects of hoarding tin cans like tiny soldiers.

Standing straight and facing forward.

A sigh of relief.

This story belongs to many.


Warping back to those bare walls in a soup kitchen, lifeless conversations, long stares and whispers.

It’s not homelessness, but it’s not comfortable living.

You live penny to penny with half-a-foot outside your door.


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#Eu #Brussel #Parliament

Hunger strikes usually deter people when it comes to life and death - or the EU budget. At least this is the reason why the French EU parliamentarian Pierre Larrouturou no longer wants to eat.
"I will stay in parliament day and night without eating," said the socialist. Above all, he is calling for a "real" financial transaction tax so that the EU can fulfill its tasks, for example, in climate protection and health policy Billions of euros agreed.
Negotiations with the European Parliament have made little progress for weeks because the MPs are calling for a significantly higher budget. The member states strictly reject higher membership fees.
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6% more scheduled castes (SC) students of govt schools got pre-matric scholarships (for grades 9 & 10) last year than in the previous year, per govt data submitted in #Parliament. ~2.8 mn students benefited. Follow this thread for details:…
From Apr to Sept 11, 2020, over 1.4 mn students from the scheduled tribes (ST) benefited from the scholarship, up 11% from 1.2 mn in 2019-20. The scholarship provides Rs 225 per month for day scholars and Rs 525 per month for hostellers #affirmativeaction…
Scholarships aim to increase SC, ST & OBC school/college enrollment & completion. In 2019-20, the govt spent Rs 352 cr on school scholarships for #SCs, up 200% from 2018-19 (Rs 115 cr) and Rs 201 cr for #OBCs, up 66% from Rs 121 cr #affirmativeaction
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So, what’s the deal with the Polish #ombudsman’s term and the Constitutional Tribunal ruling on that?
The Polish #NHRI, ombudsman, Commissioner for Civil Rights, a man of many talents, @Adbodnar, was appointed for a 5-year term according to the Polish #Constitution. (1/7)
The appointment of an ombudsman requires a vote in BOTH chambers of the Polish #parliament – the lower one, Sejm (controlled by the ruling party) and the upper one, Senat (controlled by the opposition). Currently, this means a deadlock on any contentious candidacy. (2/7)
What happens if both chambers of the parliament can’t agree? The #Constitution is silent on this, but according to the #law on the ombudsman, the incumbent stays in the office until the parliament decides. Which means that Adam Bodnar is now an on an “extended” term. (3/7)
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#Slovakia #Bratislava #Parliament #Coronavirus #PROTEST

Out of anger over criticism of the government's Corona measures, the President of the Slovak Parliament Boris Kollar has banned all MPs from entering the parliamentary canteen.
From now on, drinking water from the toilet rooms of the house is the only food that will be made available to the 150 parliamentarians, explained the head of the second largest ruling party "We are a family" in a specially convened press conference.
"So that you can see where the constant criticism has led you," the right-wing populist justified his punitive measure. He published a photo of a washbasin in one of the parliamentary toilets on Facebook.
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Two days ago, >70 professionals from >20 countries met online to discuss
>what works (and not)?
>what's needed to make it better?
in the field of #Science4Policy in Parliaments

As part of @EU_ScienceHub's event series on #Science4Policy Across 🇪🇺
Following interventions by @WolfgangHiller (@EP_ThinkTank), @cptyler, @KarenAkerlof & Walter Peissl, participants discussed the questions in small groups with the following results. #thread
#Parliamentarians get their #science4policy from many sources - its important that your advisory body is visible and seen as neutral and trustworthy
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#Thailand #protesters already gathered infront of parliament house where MPs & senators are debating on whether to amend #constitution. They'll likely be able to start taking a vote at about 6pm #Bangkok time. This is continuation of reform demands #ไปสภาไล่ขี้ข้าศักดินา
#Thailand protesters say they want to continue momentum to demand for change & to support the activists who have been vocal in asking for new #constitution, reforms to #monarchy & change in government. MPs, senators will vote on 6 motions #แก้รัฐธรรมนูญ #ไปสภาไล่ขี้ข้าศักดินา
#Thailand MPs, senators to vote on 6 motions on whether they agree to amend #constitution. A least 1/3 (84) senators have to agree before motion can be passed. Senators are appointed & usually vote as a bloc. Constitution now has provided for their existence #แก้รัฐธรรมนูญ
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> be '#British'
> give a damn about animals and plants
> have leftover ammunition from #WW2
> have the 'brilliant' idea of ferrying all of it to #Heligoland and blow-up a beautiful German island, in 1947, in the strongest non-nuclear explosion until 1985…
loc. cit. "Adding to the bitterness is the obvious fact that the British had really enjoyed blowing up #Helgoland.

“There is nothing I would like to do better,” is how Air Marshal Sir Philip Wigglesworth announced his intentions to attend the explosion as a spectator.
> The Royal Navy had arranged for the blast to be photographed from as many angles as possible — and then published the results in a souvenir book.

The #BBC had a reporter reporting live from an aircraft circling the site, and keen radio listeners in the south of #England
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