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Priyanka Gandhi & all student protests seem to be focused solely on #CAA. But #NRC is the bigger danger. Do people realize that? In 2018 INC boasted it had created NRC & had deported 82728 Bangladeshis whereas the BJP had deported only 1822. #CAA_NRC…
The #CAB is a decoy. It's a red herring - that was bound to cause #CAAProtests to errupt to draw attention away from #NRCBill. CAB is to NRC what the #Dataprotectionbill is to #Aadhaar. The real danger is from Aadhaar. Like it is from NRC. @Stupidosaur?
Explanation :The #CABBill does not specifically say it will not give citizenship to Muslim immigrants. If it does, the #CAA will straight away go to court as it's blatantly Unconstitutional. But the #NRC which is random, can easily target more Muslims if that's BJP govt's aim.
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Assam protests are a case study of govt's failure into getting people on board for the #CABBill.

Govt should have been more 'available' correct information about the bill.

A lot of opposition for the bill is coming from a place of misunderstanding and lack of information.
What people of Assam are demanding is genuinely correct. They don't want influx of refugees comimg from Bangladesh border (which is open on many parts of it)

That's why they supporter NRC, but back then our liberals opposed them.
Now, the same liberals are using these protests as shoulder to shoot holes into #CAB.

Govt has made provisions to keep NE states out of it, but there are two problems -

1. It's not communicated properly
2. Govt has failed to ensure its implementation
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The Narendra Modi-led NDA govt must control things before they spin out into something much bigger. There are three main worries the government is grappling with: @abhijitmajumder on #CABBill2019…
#CABProtests #Assam
@abhijitmajumder The apprehension to accept #IllegalImmigrants from #Bangladesh has forced thousands of #Assamese to protest against the #CABBill2019: Nazimuddin Siddique on #CABBill…
#Assam #CABProtests
@abhijitmajumder Telling friendly neighbours that you have persecuted #minorities is bad #diplomacy and cocking a snook at those who stood by you in protecting your #NationalSecurity interests — #CABBill2019 conveys that to #Afghanistan and #Bangladesh: @jayanthjacob…
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जेव्हापासून नागरिकशास्त्र विषयाशी संबंध आला तेव्हापासून लोकशाहीची अब्राहम लिंकन यांनी दिलेली व्याख्या ऐकत आलोय ती म्हणजे"लोकांनी,लोकांसाठी, लोकांमार्फत चालवलेले राज्य म्हणजे लोकशाही".पुढे जाऊन Macphersonची लोकशाहीची व्याख्या अभ्यासली ती अशी की"लोकशाही म्हणजे जनतेचे सबलीकरण"(1/n)
पण जेव्हा आजची देशातील परिस्थिती बघतो तेव्हा मनात प्रश्न येतो की खरंच हे राज्य लोकांसाठी चालवलं जातंय का?जनतेचं सबलीकरण होतंय का?जर तस असेल तर जनतेचा विरोध असताना कायदे जनतेवर का लादले जात आहेत?जे लोकप्रतिनिधी आहेत त्यांनी जनतेचं म्हणणं संसदेत मांडणं अपेक्षित आहे पण
तसं होताना दिसत नाही.जो पक्ष सत्तेत आहे त्या पक्षातील लोकप्रतिनिधी जनतेचा तीव्र विरोध असला तरी एखाद्या निर्णयाचं समर्थन करतात.लोकशाही म्हटलं की विरोध आला,पण सरकार लोकांचा आवाज दाबण्याचा प्रयत्न करत आहे.जिथे विरोध होइल तिथे जमावबंदी लावा,इंटरनेट बंद करा,लष्कर पाठवा आणि
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🔴🔴🔴Long Thread 🔴🔴🔴

Topic: The #NRC v #CAB Debate

Given the umpteen opinions and point of views surrounding NRC and CAB, I wanted to write a simple and neutral point of view on these 2 bills, covering pros & cons of the same.

#CABBill #NRC #RajyaSabha #LokSabha #AmitShah
Before I start. If any of you notice glaring errors or misjudgement in my thread, I'm more than happy to hear you. But let's keep the thread / replies civil.

#CABBill #NRC #RajyaSabha #LokSabha #AmitShah
Firstly, let's see what each bill stands for.

NRC - Now only limited to Assam focuses on deciding the citizenship of those living in #Assam by judging their residentship/presence (or that of their ancestors) before March 24, 1971.

#CABBill #NRC #RajyaSabha #LokSabha #AmitShah
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நாடாளுமன்ற மசோதாத் தாக்கல் நடைமுறை..
புரியாதவர்களுக்காக இன்னொரு முறை விளக்குகிறேன்., புரியாததைப் போல நடிப்பவர்களுக்கு அல்ல!
ஸ்டெப் 1 : மசோதாவின் நகலை உறுப்பினர்களுக்கு சில தினங்களுக்கு முன் அனுப்பி வைப்பார்கள். (இப்போது அது சில மணி நேரம் முன் என சுருக்கப்பட்டு விட்டது).
ஸ்டெப் 2 : மசோதா தாக்கல் செய்யும் தேதியை சபைச் செயலாளர் அறிவிப்பாணையாக வெளியிடுவார்.
ஸ்டெப் 3 : அந்த தினத்தில் தொடர்புடையத் துறை அமைச்சர் மூலமாக மசோதா அவையில் தாக்கல் செய்யப்படும்.
(அரசியல் முக்கியத்துவம் இல்லாத மசோதாக்கள், அப்போதே ஓரிருவரை மட்டும் பேச விட்டு விவாதத்துடனோ,
அல்லது விவாதம் இன்றியோ அப்போதே குரல் வாக்கெடுப்பு மூலம் நிறைவேற்றப்படும்).
அரசியல் முக்கியம் வாய்ந்த மசோதா எனில் தாக்கல் செய்யப்படும்போதே, அதை வாபஸ் வாங்க வேண்டும் என்றோ அல்லது நிலைக்குழுவின் பரிசீலனைக்கு அனுப்ப வேண்டும் என்றோ எதிர்கட்சிகள் கோரிக்கை வைப்பார்கள். மீறி தாக்கல்
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Day 18 of #ParliamentWinterSession

The #CitizenshipAmendmentBill listed for discussion, passage in #RajyaSabha today

But RS has had a stormy start of the day and is currently adjourned till 12pm due to protests by MPs- on states not being paid #GST compensation!

#RajyaSabha starts debate on #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019

Sukhendu Shekhar Roy, TMC raises objection to discussion and wants it to be adjourned as intent of Bill is to provide protection to those fleeing from religious persecution, but same not mentioned in Bill at all.
But Chair states that he has perused the Bill and it is order and discussion starts

Amit Shah, Home Minister starts his speech on #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019

It was expected that minorities in Pakistan and India will be protected, but same didnt happen

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Lies are being peddled about Jinnah with regards to Savarkar and Hindu Mahasabha in light of #CABBill. Let me refute them one by one in a short thread:
1. "Jinnah fought 1923 election through Hindu Mahasabha's Swaraj Party"
In 1923 Jinnah ran as independent Muslim candidate.
He ran from Bombay. Swarajists were led by Motilal Nehru and C. R. Das. It was a faction of Congress. Malaviya was not their leader.

Swarajists had their own candidate.

Reference: Wolpert, "Jinnah of Pakistan", Page 78.

2. "Jinnah and Savarkar were friends".
There is no proof of this. However, Jinnah in 1941 had this to say about Savarkar Mahasabha:
"The leaders of the Hindu Mahasabha want to treat Muslims like Jews in Germany."

Jamiluddin Ahmad's "Some Recent Speeches" Vol.1, p. 205.
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Here's a series of #Mythbusters which seek to address the myths and facts surrounding the #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019
#CAB2019, in an easy and readable format (1/8)
@PMOIndia Find out the next in our series of #Mythbusters which seek to address the myths and facts surrounding the #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019
#CAB2019, in an easy and readable format (2/8)

@PMOIndia Check out the next in our series of #MythBusters which seek to address the myths and facts surrounding the #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019
#CAB2019, in an easy and readable format (3/8)

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आज जब नागरिकता संशोधन बिल लोकसभा में पारित हो गया है, तब जा कर हृदय को शांति मिली है।

आप सोचेंगे कि आख़िर इस बिल में ऐसा क्या है, को मैं ऐसी बात कह रहा हूँ!

ये बात कुछ वर्षों पहले की है, जब मैं मुख्यमंत्री था और इंदौर दौरे पर गया था तब श्री शंकर लालवानी, जो आज इंदौर से सांसद है कुछ सिंधी परिवारों को एरपोर्ट पर मुझसे मिलवाने लाए थे।
ये वो परिवार थे, जो पाकिस्तान में प्रताड़ित हो कर अपना सब कुछ गँवा कर, अपनी माँ-बहनों की सुरक्षा को प्राथमिकता देते हुए, अपने धर्म की रक्षा के लिए भारत में शरणार्थी बन कर आए थे, और उन्हें उनके वीज़ा की अवधि समाप्त होने पर वापिस भेजा जा रहा था।
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A short #Thread to dispel doubts on #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019
Q) Does the Bill disallow citizenship for #Muslim migrants ?
A) NO , The bill merely mandates any #Muslim migrant to spend 11 yrs resident in #India before applying for citizenship.
Q) Does #CitizenAmendmentBill discriminate against #Muslims who are citizens of #India or remove any privilege of citizenship they hold?
A) No, the #CABBill makes no comment on the citizenship of existing #Muslim citizens.
Q) Why does the bill disallow #Muslim migrants from #Pakistan #Afghanistan & #Bangladesh from it's ambit.
A) The Bill is meant to provide a safety valve for minorities in adjoining nations who do not wish to live under a #Islamic regime. #Muslims are a majority in these nations.
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Asaduddin Owaisi calling Amit Shah, "Hitler", in parliament has to be the high point of pretty much the worst day in the history of Democratic India today.

"When oppression becomes law, resistance becomes duty"

July 1933 - Nazi Germany
With the goal of excluding Jews from having full citizenship rights an Advisory Committee for Population and Race Policy met at the ministry of the Interior to discuss a new citizenship law
What followed was the Denaturalization Law passed on July 14. As a result of this law, the Reich government could take away the citizenship of those who were deemed "undesirable", applying to anyone who had been given citizenship by the Weimar government.
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