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1/10 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: all over the country people have sacrificed & adapted to slow the spread of COVID-19 by staying home these many weeks. Sadly, home is not a safe place for the many people experiencing family violence.
2/10 Children, youth, women, seniors & #LGBTQ2S people are among the most affected by #FamilyViolence and #genderbasedviolence that can make home an unsafe place to be. #COVID19 #ElderAbuse
3/10 Some jurisdictions have observed ↑ reports of domestic violence, calls to crisis support lines & demand for emergency shelter during #COVID19, while child welfare orgs observe a concerning ↓ in reporting of child abuse & neglect.
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Today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day #WEAAD2020 #WEAAD. We can all help in raising awareness of this violation of human rights. I have devoted the past few years of PhD to researching #ElderAbuse and I can tell you some things I have learnt: 1/14 Image that says
Elder abuse is the abuse of older people by those in a position of trust, frequently family members, but also friends, carers, etc. It can be financial, physical, psychological, sexual, or neglect, and frequently older adults experience several of these types. #WEAAD2020 2/14
Elder abuse is not a minor problem. A systematic review and meta-analysis published in 2017 estimated a pooled prevalence rate of 15.7% for adults aged 60 or older living in the community. #WEAAD2020 3/14
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Michigan Health Chief facing 15 yrs in jail over Flint water crisis… Can #Minnesota get the same scruitiny 4 their #HHS #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking #MedicalKidnap #ElderAbuse #EstateFraud epidemic & #GovMarkDayton's strategic appointments #CoverUps
Obama was part of the conspiracy & also a master in #coverup appts. Feds from the Obama admin’s EPA engaged in what can only be described as a criminal conspiracy 2 conceal the dire health threat to residents of Flint, Michigan from its toxic water supply.…
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.@SocialSecurity of America, what say you? Btw, keep in mind you charged me to pay for my #LegallyKidnapped child #CHILDSEXTRAFFICKING NOW murdered once adult survivor! ...and the incentive you pay for foster children and forced adoption, ...
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Better keep your demon spawn on your side of the fence Gerald Clark. @GenFlynn
🆘️Especially see the threadreaderapp indside this 1… Get this Arrowhead Crime Syndicate peddling all things flesh cleaned the fuck up @jeffsessions they are a menace to society & a danger to public safety. Minnesota's entire healthcare system... #PedoGate
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Whistleblower, Omondi approached @KarinHousley chairwoman of Minnesota Senate Committee on Aging & Long-term Care, who on Tues joined two other senators in calling for an investigation into management practices at the division that handles elder complaints
Jennifer Kirchen needs serious scruitiny and a thorough investigation of her ties to those I've exposed as profiteers peddling in anything flesh in Minnesota! #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking #MedicalKidnap #MedicalMurder #ElderAbuse & #DisabilityAbuse which I am a current vic
Jennifer Kirchen Continued…
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In some cases, there shouldn't be a timetable for arrests. #Minnesota is the main DC support system trafficking in humans, children, organs, Adrenachrome, medical murder to steal estates & God knows what else these sick phuks do! Victims need reparations NOW to continue to exist!
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What say u #Minnesota @SocialSecurity @mndeed Disability Determination Services @MinnesotaDHS? Killing 2 birds w/1 stone by honest service fraud 2 take my benefits after 15 yrs "permanent disability" ironically ceased @ age 54, 1 yr b4 I turned 55 the age less likely to improve🤬
Offsetting ur losses to the fuzzy muzzy welfare fraudsters & illegal aliens u coddle to @MinnesotaDFL progressive #Pedovores? Ironic all those I exposed #ChildTrafficking & #ElderAbuse in Minnesota are the same I'll be appealing & the same pieces of shit that killed my family🤬
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🗣Did I forget #DisabilityAbuse #HumanRights violations/deprivations galore, #ChildTrafficking, #ElderAbuse, #MedicalKidnap, #MedicalMurder, #SRA #OrganHarvesting #Adrenachrome harvesting, which involves terror & removal of the Adrenal gland from a live vic, preferably a child 🤬
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🆘️Amidst scruitiny & exposure of prgms & healthcare services & an end 2 profiteering off the less fortunate disabled Minnesota turns 2 deprivation. Human Services Commish Emily Piper said her agency would move fwd w/rate cuts 4 disability services on 7/1
They traffick and profiteer of the elderly and disabled too. "They" get ya comin' (#CPS) into this world and "they" (#APS) get ya going out of it👊
#Minnesota #APS Adult Protective Services. #ElderAbuse #MedicalMurder "they" call us #UselessEaters cattle and sheep.…👈
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