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#Putin's opening to this press conference suggests the takeover of southern #Syria by Asad/Iran is a model of U.S.-Russia cooperation that should be expanded, and flatters Trump that his summit with Kim [which Putin very much liked the look of] resolved the Korean Peninsula.
On #Ukraine, Putin hints broadly that the U.S. agrees with him that Kyiv's intransigence prevented Minsk's implementation, and then carefully lets it be known Trump brought up the election meddling, an assist to Trump politically, before of course dismissing it.
Trump frames engagement around U.S.-Russian co-operation in WW2, notes that unfortunate Cold War business, then says: "Our relationship has never been worse ... that changed as of about four hours ago." Says he is being politically brave to do what's right. Lambastes media + Dems
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Since perjalanan ke rumah terbuka yang ke 9 untuk harini mengambil masa 1 jam 30 min, dan saya agak bosan, im thinking to buat threads about my skin punya journey dari dulu and now. Kemain kan aku, journey tau! 😂
Macam mana tiba tiba terasa nak buat journey ni, haaa Ceritanya, tadi nak pilih gambar kat gallery Nak upload raya ootd day 5 la kononya, tiba tiba ter scroll gambar hodoh aku dulu. Buruk sial aku. Takda la cakap skrg dah lawa, tapi boleh la pandang, selera la sikit. 😂
300 RT, I share My skin Care routine Dari A-Z step by step! ☺️
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A man shot dead two police officers in the center of the eastern #Belgian city of #Liege on Tuesday and was himself shot dead after having taken a woman hostage,
According to #Belgian paper @ladh, the murderer in #Liege #Belgium reportedly yelled "Allahu Akbar" when shooting down dead 2 policemen and a passersby
The jihadist behind the terror attack in #Liege #Belgium, Benjamin Herman, that killed 3 was a radicalised inmate that was freed yesterday from jail.
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#BREAKING: Incoming rocket sirens heard in northern #Israel
#BREAKING: Additional sirens heard in northern #Israel’s #GolanHeight communities
Video of siren going off in #Druze village of Majdal Shams in northern #Israel moments ago
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1/ @jenanmoussa en ik hebben in Syrie ruim 5000 #IS-files gevonden, incl nieuwe documenten over slavernij binnen #IS.

Deze nieuwe files maken duidelijk dat slavernij in #IS veel geïnstitutionaliseerder was dan tot nu toe werd aangenomen.

Echt belangrijk draadje, denk ik. 👇
2/ Zoals u kunt zien is de tv-reportage in het Arabisch, maar draadje van @jenanmoussa met alle details in het Engels. Dus makkelijk te volgen.
3/ We vonden op 1 plek in Tabaqa zoveel #IS-documenten, dat we niet alles meer konden dragen. Tassen vol, ik had gelukkig rugzak bij. Heeft ons maanden gekost om alles te kopieren, vertalen, ordenen, organiseren etc.
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#Breaking:An Israeli F-16 fighter has been shot down by #Syrian anti-aircraft fire on a raid to destroy Iranian facilities.
The Israeli military claims it shot down the drone and struck Iranian targets in #Syria after what it called a “severe violation of Israeli sovereignty.”
Now❗️Israel attacking #Syria❗️Explosions around #Damascus.
The second time #Israeli warplanes bombarding targets.
#Breaking.#Israel attacks #SyrianArmy locations at AlKiswah👉#Damascus suburb,after the SAA shot down the Israeli F-16.
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The #Egypt|ian army has launched the most powerful operation against #ISIS in History. Goal of this operation is to free #Sinai from #ISIS terrorism which has increased drastically in the last month's
#Sinai: Footage shows a huge Egyptian army convoy moving to areas south of Rafah & Sheikh Zuweyd to eliminate the #IS presence in Sinai forever

#ISIS source from #Sinai: A very thick fog covers the skies of Sheikh Zuwayd in northern #Sinai & the whole desert
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#Idlib: Reports that #IS has launched a wide scaled counter attack in eastern #Hama tonight & is now just 15km away from Rebel held territory. See more upadtes on @EasternMediafax
Unconfirmed: #ISIS took over the following villages after clashes with #SAA in E. #Hama CS:

- Shutayb
- Duma
- Al-Shawi Palace
- Al-Rubdah
- Shutayb…
#Idlib: #ISIS has entered rebels held area in southern #Idlib after heavy clashes with #SAA forces. Simultaneously #IS tries to advance to the north, towards #SAA held Abu Dali & towards Rebels held positions in southern #Idlib.
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Very interesting #ISIS (Amaq) claim:

Amaq media department which belongs to the Islamic State is & was always reporting neutral about enemy forces. They call SAA troops = Syrian Army, Iraqi forces = Iraqi army etc. But when it comes to Israel they call them "Jewish army"
#pt: The reason for this is easy. #ISIS wont recognize #Israel as state in using the term "Israeli army". They also wont use the word "Zionist army" because amaq is known for its neutral views towards enemy forces. So they called them the Jewish army.
#pt: Standard #IS claims use the terms:

-FSA: Sahawat al-Riddha
-HTS: Sahawat/Jabhat al-Jolani
-SAA: Jaish al-Nusayri
-PKK: PKK Murtadin (Apostates)/Malahida al-Akrad (Atheist Kurds)
-Iraqi army: Jaish al-Safavi, Jaish al-Rafidhi
-PMU: Hashd al-Rafidhi
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#SRO - If we compare Day 1 to Day 16, the onlyreal and interesting advances by #Turkey suppletives and tanks are Bersaya and Bulbul town. It took three weeks for that. The maximum advance "deep" is 5.5 km (1).
#SRO - In the same time, to compare, #Turkey, in three weeks of Euphrates Shield, took control of a city, #Jarablus, a town, #Rai and maximum extent deep of 11 km. #Turkey clearly believed #YPG were weak as #IS... What a mistake... (2).
#SRO - Pro or anti, we must see facts : the Olive Branch operation is turning into a little Viet Nam situation for #Turkey. Just remember #Turkey lost... 0 soldiers in three weeks of Euphrates Shield. It lost already 21 in three weeks of Olive Branch and only for hills... (3).
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1) New updates on #Sinjar—this thread provides details following KDP pullout.
Photo: Haider Shesho greets #Yazidi Hashd commander Khal Ali.
2) On KDP withdrawal from #Sinjar, see previous thread:
3) The past week’s events led to hysterical claims that Peshmerga were returning to Sinjar/airstrikes hit Sinjar/etc. All such claims false.
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1) A MONUMENTAL DAY: The #KDP has FULLY WITHDRAWN from #Sinjar. I'm completely SPEECHLESS—(well, not completely): Bye-bye KDP!
#Yazidi #Iraq
2) After over 3 years of fighting for this outcome, the #Yazidi community has finally scored a major victory in reclaiming their homeland.
3) After #Peshmerga withdrew from Kirkuk yesterday (for which the PUK was hit w/ blame), the effect continues in KDP-controlled areas today.
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#London - Explosion reported @ #ParsonsGreen underground station.
#UK #London - No service btw Earls Court to Wimbledon. Buses, South Western and London Overground accepting tickets via any reasonable route
#UK #London - Explosion (in or of a bucket) reportedly happened near the rear of the train. (Pic Andy Webb)
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1. #IS released a new video by wilayat #Raqqa today. This is IS's 11th official video of September (excl. A'maq). And that's remarkable:
2. Despite its setbacks on the battlefields in Iraq and Syria, #IS's video output has increased significantly over the last few weeks.
3. Here's the nrs. of official IS video releases p/m:

May: 6
June: 8
July: 8
Aug: 21
Sep: 11 (so far)

> a clear increase since early Aug.
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