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I'm in a cult
It's called Qanon
I am a digital soldier
It's free
They even teach you to think for yourself and question everything.
Do you know about the satanic child trafficking network?
Do you know who George Soros Is?
Did Hitler die in Berlin?
Or did he go to Argentina? Image
Whats underneath Antarctica?

Google it I dare you #Qanon

Obviously a conspiracy theory 🤣

If you wish to find the truth why not join my Ascension channel…

Your consciousness will grow

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We are just starting our session @hasgeek. @abh1sek talking about data breaches and how they happen.…

Join the live stream on the webpage.

Thank you @hasgeek for giving us this amazing platform to talk about what we love most #datasecurity #appsec
Agenda for the session
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1. The zero sum game of competition as in survival of the fittest is a HUGE LIE! Do we see this concept happening? Of course we do! Humans eating animals, animals eating other animals, etc. is a CREATED concept we've all agreed on whether knowingly or not!

[long drawn out] WHAT?
2. Let me explain as best I can: When humans consume other organic material (steak, apple, carrot) we absorb the "Life Force" of that particular organic material. The energies used in intent of production of products is DIRECTLY related to the energies you absorb. I'll expand...
3. For example: a cow is raised in horrible conditions, injected with hormones, and fed GMO feeds. This causes HUGE trauma to these animals! This trauma or "negative energy" soaks into the meat of the animal. When YOU eat this meat, YOU absorb this negative energy!!!
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RED PILL INFO: An Alternative Timeline of Truth, Shrouded in Mystery.
#FullDisclosure #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA

A Thread on the connections between the Occult, Nazi Regime, Antarctica, E.T's & the start of the Secret Space Programs.

It's time to look behind the curtain....
1) Since man has been able to record history in any format, he has recorded the existence of beings other than himself.

Pixies, Giants, Spirits, Space Beings, Angels, Demons, Goblins & Half Human-Half Animals Combinations.

All either figments of the imagination, or of truth.
2) Over time these recordings became legends, myths & to a few cultures, a real part of their beliefs.

Eventually those beliefs go on to form a part of spiritual teachings & religions.

Often included in these ideologies are rare mysterious items & objects of immense power.
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RED PILL INFO: What is really going on below our feet?
#FullDisclosure #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA

A Thread on the history of underground structures & their purposes.
"Out of site, Out of Mind" Its All About Levels.....
L1: Humans have used holes, caves & undergrounds since their beginnings. First used as protection from the elements, we have gone on to hide a large range of objects in our time. Taking advantage of the beneficial conditions, food has been stored underground for millenniums.
L2: Valuables, be it a stone cutting tool or precious gem, are kept under the earth & away from prying eyes. Burials are used to protect the body & soul, showing a symbolic connection with the earth. Information & knowledge are stored in the forms of markings or cave arts.
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Doing something I’ve wanted to do for years today... getting the train from Brussels to Prague, because it’s probably the best rail bargain in Europe
It’s 29€ each way if you book it the right way (even a week or two before, so is often cheaper than flying) and takes about 11 hours. About half of the journey is on Deutsche Bahn’s ICE high-speed trains and half is on slower trains. Info here:
Because it’s 11 hours and I’m doing it for fun I booked first class (which I’ve never done in the UK) which worked out £41 each way which is still outrageously good imo. The German trains are really nice, if you’ve never been on one
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This is your daily pension announcement: Pandora's Box Edition!! That's right what is in the AIMCo portfolio? As you can see from the article below at one time they went long on migrant detention centers. #handsoffmypension #UNPRI…
Now, as my regular followers will note, I am a fan of details with pensions. That is where the devilish bits are. Did you note where this info came from? As far as I can tell it was from a researcher employed by a newspaper who was reviewing regulatory findings.
Alberta teachers and superintendents are used of flipping open the ATRF Annual Report or the ATRF website and getting a really comprehensive list of investments that the fund has. #disclosure #fulldisclosure (some are not disclosed for competitive reasons, very rare)
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About Space & Zero Point Energy Technologies
How is it that we have had virtually no progress when it comes to space travel and technology since the moon landing in 1969?

That’s over 50 years with little advancement as far as rocket technology goes.
On September 10, 2001, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 Trillion was missing from the Pentagon’s budget, and then we all know what happened the very next day.

Where did all of this money go?
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WE are NOW into the first full day of TRUE INDEPENDENCE.

It will be clear sailing now as we shift from the DARK of oppression TO the LIGHT of freedom.

And what better way to sail in the DARK than with the FULL MOON.
The Full Moon this July is special.

What day is the Full Moon this July 2019?
- July 16 > The [20] year anniversary of John's "crash".

What DAY was the Full Moon in July 1999?
- 7/28 > 7+2+8 = [17]

What TIME was the Full Moon in July 1999?
- 11:24 > [11]+2+4 = [17]
What time in 1999 did Todd Burgun call in to WCVB-TV to provide information about the "crash"?
- 12:39, 7/17/1999 = 58 John's age
> 58-[20] = 38 > John's age in 1999.

What time did Todd Burgun say the plane "went down"?
- 9:39 pm

What time is the Full Moon THIS July?
- 9:39 UTC
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Remember #StarmanTheMovie ?

They put it right in front of our face the entire time.

👇 WATCH below 2 clips 🎥 👇

#HumanCloning 💉
#Martians 🌎
And most importantly,
#TrueLove ❤️

Get ready for #FullDisclosure
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(1) For those of you who are targeted by the #DeepState thru #ThreatFusionCenters by the #DOJ #FBI #DHS, I suggest you watch these two videos on .@HagmannReport regarding the whole operation - including advanced targeting & tracking ops, #nanoparticles, #RNM #HiveMind ....
(2) Domestic Targeting Operations, #FusionCenters and #warrantless #tracking.

Here is clip one - only last a few minutes. From .@HagmannReport on 10/11/18. Go to 2:42:40…

(3) On 10-12-18 .@HagmannReport interviewed .@DrTedBroer who discussed #DEW's #5G #frequencies #targeting #mobbing & spiritual aspects of this clandestine operation

Hop in at 50 Minutes or so (runs to 1:30:00).


@threadreaderapp unroll
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#Qanon is confirming what most have been suspecting about Dr. Ford. From her C_A connections, to coaching her FBI friend on polygraphs, to taking her own polygraph multiple times in order to achieve the desired result. They have it all. #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #FullDisclosure
This is the video Kevin Shipp links to in his tweet
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There is nothing I have hidden from you all. My whole life is on the TL if you read deeply. My names are Abdul Lateef Adesegun Oluwasegun Omotayo Omogbeminija and several others that didn’t make it into the birther. My grand dad was an Imam we own Mosques & give scholarships.
But even with my Islamic Education I grew up to embrace Christianity not as a religion but as an intrinsic walk with the master. My parents were Christians yet the knowledge of Islam was potent. There’s this story my granddad told me & I will share it with you today.
An emperor in the Far East was growing old and knew it was time to choose his successor. Instead of choosing one of his assistants or his children, he decided something different. He called young people in the kingdom together one day.
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