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You gotta accept it first before you can fix it. Most people never accept, they find it difficult too. Ego, pride, hurt, the why me attitude etc. That’s what keeps you stuck as a victim.
When you are a victim, you can’t take action because you constantly crave for sympathy, pity, validation etc.
We must first accept what has happened. Then we rise above and do everything to fix it. You gotta accept it first before you can fix it!! It all starts with acceptance and letting or letting go …Gracefully....
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Last year, #StrokeStories aired on @ABCTV .

A group of #stroke survivors trusted us to develop a play script from their personal stories of trauma, survival, #resilience, growth & disability pride. They learned playmaking skills, & performed the piece.…
📺Here's a snippet for those of you not in Australia and unable to watch 🧠🧡
#StrokeStories @ABCTV
@HMRIAustralia @rehabinnovat @StrokeBrainPRC @HNEHealth @strokeCRE @blackdoginst @georgeinstitute

#ArtsForHealth #theatre #playmaking #DevisedTheatre #stroke #rehabilitation
The ensemble of #stroke survivors helped shape the research around the impact of the Devised Theatre Performance Process.

Group playmaking & theatre performance is social, stimulating & cognitively challenging. Group members said it brought #joy, agency & a sense of belonging.
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we meet different people in our different seasons.

New beginnings, adventures, heydays, and bittersweet endings.

how should we embrace all seasons of our lives?

a gotvelvet au

#got7 #redvelvet
-QRTs are highly appreciated ☺️
-This is only a work of FICTION.
-Photos are not mine. CTTO.
-Time stamps don’t matter.
-may have words/scenes not suitable for v.young readers
-Thank you 💚🌼
☀️ Joy & Youngjae☀️

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→ first sungjoy au
→ work of fiction
→ taglish
→ time stamps do matter
→ ctto for all the media used
→ will try to update often
→ don't reply on the thread, quote tweet basis
→ ♥ if you're reading

#btob #redvelvet #sungjoy #bbyu #jaejoy #sungjae #joy
⓪ — leads

Happy Birthday, Yook Sungjae! ♡

「got me tangled • sungjoy au 」

#btob #redvelvet #sungjoy #bbyu #jaejoy #sungjae #joy ImageImageImageImage
⓪.① — her friends

「got me tangled • sungjoy au 」

#btob #redvelvet #sungjoy #bbyu #jaejoy #sungjae #joy ImageImageImageImage
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Bapna also Bafana or Bapna or Bafna (Hindi: बाफना / बाफणा )is Indian Jain or Brahmin community. The name was used 4 for Brahmin in #Andhra. Derived from Bahufana & Bafanha. Phaṇa ( Sk. phaṇa) the hood of a snake. How did #Jains end up with #Sudra??This is major spiritual #fraud
#Brahmins are apparently meant to be one group with Jains-this is covenant system. They were imposed on Sudra in British era when Tirupati temple was set up. #Nemi (Jain/Jinn) statue removed and the Tirupati Jinn installed. This is not good news 4 Brahmins as #Nemi is #wrathful
"To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning". "So the guard took away their choice food and the wine they were to drink and gave them vegetables instead" (vegan) #Daniel 1:16 #JainBrahminAramic
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The purpose of Nebraskans for Pete Buttigieg will go on as it began—an account to support @PeteButtigieg. We will continue to share relevant tweets, posts, articles, and events, not as an endorsement of any other candidates, but as a way of continuing to win the era...1/4
and build support for Pete. All members of #TeamPete are still welcome as we follow @PeteButtigieg into the future. As Pete said, “There is simply too much at stake to retreat to the sidelines now. Together we can beat this president and build the era that must come next.” 2/4
We will also be advancing the movement @PeteButtigieg built by continuing to organize at the grassroots level, participating as #TeamPete in service opportunities in our community, practicing the Rules of the Road, and gathering to celebrate #joy and #belonging at Pete-ups. 3/4
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It's been one of those weeks & I was reminded of a poem I wrote a few years ago: Even in the storm. See thread.

"Life has its ups and downs. It's a rollercoaster ride.
Storms come and go. Some are big. Some are small.
Some pass quickly. Some last longer than we hope..."
"...Rather than waiting out the storm, often it's best to learn to dance in it. Try to make the most of life. Even in the storm, there are moments of joy. Even in the storm, there are memories to cherish. Even in the storm, you can count your blessings..."
"...Even in the storm, there are things to be thankful for.
It's time to learn to dance."

©Sandra Lako 2017

#eveninthestorm #learntodance #joy #grace #thankfulness #sierraleone #SaloneTwitter #rollercoaster #byHisgrace

Quote in photo by Vivian Greene
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(A short story)
1.Amritsar enkindles a flame of endless memories in my mind, A small border town of religious importance and hub of Sikh history. Mere mention of the city fills me with mirth and joys of younger days.2....................
2. I distinctly remember my school where I never studied seriously. The Physics teacher was not happy with me and my friend Surender because we never did our home work. He used to shunt us out as his class began. We used to visit the nearby Devi temple .3.....
3. There was a wrestling pit near the temple where we wrestled and took bath under the copious flow of water of the tube well. After the period was over we were back to attend Chemistry class.Some times we decided to go to Golden Temple and spend our time by watching devotees.4.
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Styrofoam Cup
1.Having seen umpteen number of Springs and Autumns in my life,I some convinced that it is not the person who is important,it is his position in the society and his rank in the hierarchy
Life & positions are not constant.They Oscillate like sine curve.2
2. As an NCC cadet, I used to attend weekly parades and annual camps. The drill instr-
-uctors were harsh and strict with us and many a times punished us for our misdemeanour and lazy movements in drill. At the end we were given refreshments and tea in styrofoam cups.3..
3.Things improved a little in training academy. As Gentlemen Cadets,we were treated sternly by instructing staff,but tea was served in glasses during breaks.We wore suit and necktie and started getting recognition in civilsociety when we were on our-pass, made girlfriends too.4..
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Short Story
War is the litmus test for a soldier.As a young Lieutenant Teji was excited to enter Pakistan when government of the day ordered. Being a Sapper and miner, his job was to clear mines and explosive devices laid by enemy.
The Engineer Company ..2
2. Along with the brave Grenadiers entered Pak and first attack dislodged and destroyed the Border Out Post. Further advance was stopped by the minefield laid by enemy, some 10 KM ahead. The Lieutenant was detailed to carryout the reconnaissance and clear the minefield.3...
He started with four of his men to go to the site of minefield. After walking about ten km in the enemy territory he encountered the minefield. He signalled to his men to stay put out side the minefield and entered the fenced area.He could make out the pattern & layout of mines3
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A while ago, I started having mild panic attacks brought on by anxiety. After seeing a therapist, I was advised to stop planning too far ahead and to stop catastrophising. God has also been schooling me on trust. #Thread
One good outcome of the episode is that I made up my mind to focus on the things that make me happy, daily. You would be amazed how much time we spend each day, completing tasks and fulfilling roles. We rarely take out time to just be happy.
My self-prescribed happiness recipe is: 1 song. 1 episode. 1 chapter. 1 conversation. 1 mindful moment.
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IMAGE THREAD — Hello friends! I'm so happy to share #PeteForAmerica’s #RulesOfTheRoad in social media graphics for #TeamPete to share & retweet! Thank you for all you do to support #Pete2020. (These graphics can be reformatted for other purposes if you want, just DM me!) 💙
As you may know, I’m a volunteer graphic #Designer4Pete & #TeamPete. If you appreciate this Pete project, will you please consider donating $3 to #Pete2020 at this link? This allows me to do a little bit of fundraising for #PeteForAmerica with my graphics.…
#PeteForAmerica #RulesOfTheRoad #Respect

In our thoughts, words, and actions we cultivate a sense of respect. We should respect every individual we encounter. Join #TeamPete and #Pete2020. Share/Retweet!…
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1/ #medtwitter #twitternists #proudtobeGIM

I've been sitting on a @SocietyGIM #sgim19 debrief #medthread since the meeting, and thought I might finally take a swing at it - here goes ..

I am considering whether I can do more division/systems leadership in coming years .. ->
2/ Theme of the conference was 'Courage to Lead', and single best workshop for me was :

Leading Change: Tools/Tips for Change Management

Crediting Alfred Burger, Emily Fondahn, Brent Petty, Nathan Spell, Dan Steinberg - can't find them on Twitter, so giving proper 🗣🗣.
3/ would like to share key concepts for all of us trying to lead in academic medicine or in #advocacy spaces.

First key Slide/thoughts:

The hard stuff - barriers to change .. ->
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Remember that #depression and #anxiety both come from a misunderstanding about how the brain works. The #brain is a "comparison machine". It doesn't know how to do anything else. It compares every experience you are having to other experiences you've had or could be having.
It's your job to remind the brain that it only sees things in black & white (& based on assumptions). You're not your brain (it's a tool). ALL thoughts are based on an incomplete picture (a half-truth). Reminding yourself that your thoughts aren't fact, that they're only half the
picture, allows you to keep yourself in a state of awareness. The reason #DepressionIsReal is because we believe our thoughts ARE reality - they are not. Thoughts are fragments of information, used by the brain to develop context. The greater the context, the greater the #wisdom.
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If your #body becomes very pleasant we call it a #pleasure

If your #mind becomes pleasant, we call it peace; if it becomes very pleasant we call it a #joy

If your #emotions become pleasant we call it a #love; if they become very pleasant we call it #compassion
If your life #energies become pleasant we call it #bliss, and if they become very pleasant we call it #ecstasy

If your surroundings become pleasant, you call it #success
A #seeker on the path of #awareness knows that #Pleasure, #Peace, #Joy, #Love, #Compassion, #Bliss and #Ecstasy are all different states of #Body, #Mind and #Energy, not the achievement milestones you can #conquer in an external world.
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A real commune, real #communism, will create equal #opportunities for #growth, but accept the #uniqueness of each #individual.

A commune means that we have pooled all our energies, our #money, everything into a single pool which will be taking care of all the #people
There should be absolute #freedom of expression in words or in creativity. Each individual should be respected as he is, not according to any ideal. His basic #needs must be fulfilled, and as the commune becomes richer, every individual should be provided with #comfort & #luxury
All the communes should be #interdependent, but they will not exchange money.

#Money should be dissolved. It has done tremendous harm to humanity – now it is time to say goodbye to it because money can be #accumulated. Money is one of the #enemies of man.
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It's #zumba time
#mentalhealth 3 years ago I suffered my first #anxiety attack. I thought I was dying. Every #negative thought I believed would happen. With many forms of help I am finding ways to manage it. One way is #dance Teaching #zumba gives me such #joy
What's your #happyspace
The #zumba community is vast just like the #theatre community. So if you are looking for more things #dance or #fitness related in Ireland chat to the folk @MoveMeIreland

So much #positive energy with these guys you could probably light the theatre with it 💥
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May the words of my mouth
and the meditation of my heart
be pleasing to you,
O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. #SlateSpeak
God's peace and blessings friends. Welcome to #Slatespeak. We're a community within @TheSlateProject that meets every Thursday evening at 9 pm. Thanks for being here!
#SlateSpeak is a progressive Christian forum where faith & everyday life meet in an explosion of awesome conversation. You can follow the conversation using,, or, to enhance your #SlateSpeak experience.
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Today we honor the women and girls who lost their lives to violence. Each name represents a life that was robbed from us. #JUMPIN2PEACE #Violence #Trauma #Joy
And now the Rope Burners helping to inform joy today #doubledutch #JUMPIN2PEACE
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1. The fanlight's official nickname is Kim Man-Bong (short for Kimchi Mandu(dumpling) and bong (stick))
2. The name of the broken robot is Rêve, and #RedVelvet #Seulgi was in charge of the initial design.
During the talk time, #RedVelvet asked #Wendy to do the broken robot dance again because she was so good at it.
W: I couldn't figure out how to express a robot.
RV: But you were so good at it.
W: Really?
#Seulgi: We found your dance genre! Try doing poppin!
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