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"Harnessing #SocialCapital to Enhance Collective Welfare" — our final Community Lecture of the season, starting in a few moments (7:30 pm Mountain).

Follow this 🧵 for highlights from the panel, and tune in to the YouTube stream:

#Economics #Inequality
In 2009 @TIME named @NAChristakis of @Yale, one of our panelists tonight, one of the top 100 most influential people in the world. His clever experiments examine the spread of altruism, emotions, & health behaviors in both virtual & real-world settings.…
Our next panelist, SFI Ext Prof @JacksonmMatt of @Stanford, is a highly-awarded economist & the author of The Human Network: How Your Social Position Determines Your Power, Beliefs, & Behaviors:…

His episode of #ComplexityPodcast:
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I want to address this head on, because this sort of nasty attack has been threatened for a while by this "sensemaker" and he seems to have finally decided to cross the line, attacking my work.

I've been running a company for almost 10 years and seen it through lows and highs.🧵
We've intentionally decided to follow a non-standard approach to building our organization, which I will share more on soon. As the glassdoor reviews show, the responses are bimodal. People love working at balena or they don't.
We've since learned to better explain our culture in the hiring process, to prevent bad experiences on both sides. We now know people looking for a traditional career ladder and structure will most likely not be happy at balena, and now make this clear early.
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Let's talk politics.

But first, let's get back to the origins of life on earth.

Our best current hypothesis is that the first replicator was a string of aminoacids. It's called the RNA world hypothesis, and this video is amazing:
Assuming that was the case, aminoacids fumbling into each other, somehow stumbling upon a mirroring structure, you can see how the environment was doing most the heavy lifting. Aminoacid density, water, temperature differentials, movement, all had to be perfectly balanced.
Suddenly, an RNA string discovers a neat trick. It allows survival juuuuust a bit outside the tight environmental envelope all its family lives within. And that's huge, because as the original environment fills up, anyone veering outside has new, uncontested space to replicate.
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This is a 🧵organizing my 🧵s on org structure for companies, how balena works, and #gameb in startup form. These go together for semi-obvious reasons, but let's start with our dedication to Short Term Pain for Long Term Game or as we say in balena #stpltg
First, let's establish some known problems, starting from all the known and persistent problems that appear in hierarchical organizations.
A fantastic articulation of the same problem:
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I propose a first foray into the uncapped threadosphere to explore the relationship between @RoamResearch and #ChristopherAlexander.

I may need to write this in stages 🧵..🧵
2/ Why does #ChristopherAlexander recur in #roamcult @RoamBrain @CultRoam @RoamFm? (Provoked by )

I have initially four propositions:
3/ 📜 [[History]] #ChristopherAlexander’s idiosyncrasy seeded the pre-history of @RoamResearch - the philosophical godfather of Object-Oriented programming he's a muster point for intuitive/ideological computer scientists, and a key catalyst for software-development-as-a-religion
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Dear diary! I'm happy and excited today, yesterday I managed to do what I've been wanting to do for a long time, i.e. to build a curated collection of #gameb quotes.
In a way this has been my intuition all along: if you build good sensemaking tools, this will also increase your expressive capacity, thus your influence. Which draws interest in the sensemaking tool, which in turn increases everyone's sensemaking capacity.
I should link to the article I produced:…
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Want to do some thinking about the state of #gameb.
I discovered the concepts and the thought leaders beginning of last year - like many others - through podcasts.
That's when I decided to dedicate my free time to participating to "it" - or in other words to do what I find intrinsically meaningful and share.
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Never occurred to me that someone could read a book about the local public school system.
Antiauthoritarian parenting
Free range parenting
Unconditional parenting
Punished by rewards
Partnership vs domination
consent-based education vs coercive
student-led education

Is #gameb aligned with this?
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On the classic debate between individual & society:

It's becoming increasingly clear to me that it's exceptionally rare that an individual follows a counter-cultural path from the collective.

3-5% of humanity has figured out their purpose (Jim Collins)

2% of people self-transform on their own (Tom Bilyeu)

~1% reach self-actualization & transcendence — "the healthiest 1% or fraction of 1%" (Maslow)

0.5% reaches the highest level of human development (Ken Wilber)
How do we increase these numbers?

Rising standard of living, education access, equal opportunity, environmental systems redesign, #GameB

Some say UBI or making the lower levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs free or more easily obtainable.

What else?

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One of our largest blockers to opening the waitlist has been my inability to create a decent pricing page that shows our features and explains their benefits.

Obviously as CEO I SHOULD be most qualified to do this, but keep seeing the #roamcult do a better job.
I've seen a bunch of cool redesigns of our landing page from the community...

A part of me really wants to do something with this like we did with themes.

Open it up to our userbase, showcase the different landing pages that users have designed

But something feels off about it
On one hand - crowdsourcing always seems like best way to maximize equality of opportunity - open the door for undiscovered talent to show off, make a name for themselves and get their foot in the door.

Also definitely feels like obviously the best way for us to get best work.
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Have been working with a sensemaking group on Covid-19 and food security last few weeks. We chose to focus on Nigeria as the situation is especially challenging with oil economy, security, bungled lockdown, vulnerable supply chain etc. Here is our report…
Covid-19 and it's 2nd and 3rd order consequences are far too complex to grasp and most institutions and governments built in the post industrial age are ill equipped to do any sensemaking. This requires a different approach, one that is distributed, coherent and has discernment
A new movement is emerging with the likes of Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jordan Hall, Jamie Wheal, Vervaeke etc. driving a different conversation sovereignty, discernment, meaning which puts scaffolding around solving complex problems like existential risk
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Got an interview with @eriktorenberg tomorrow - will be introducing a lot of people to @RoamResearch and the core ideas behind it:

- Zettlekasten
- Excel for text
- Threaded Twitter as hint of future of collective intelligence

Front-loading my first brain with "best of" thread
Source material for this is going to be filtering my tweets by min-favs

Not that these are the best ideas - but there's a strong signal that they're the most articulate/digestable ones

Here's link if you want raw material…

A bit surprising that this was one of most viral tweets

On getting rejected from YC many times, and general skepticism out there that there is need for a new "notes app"


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I'm launching a newsletter: "Networked thought and learning", first issue this Friday.… I've been incredibly inspired by @RoamResearch, not just the tool, but the community of people who are thinking deeply about note taking, knowledge management, interface
People like @JoelChan86, doing HCI research on synthesis and literature review, @andy_matuschak with his ideas about Evergreen Notes, and integrating spaced repetition with note taking, @nateliason showing us "the way" to write with Roam, @VladyslavSitalo hacking on a Roam plugin
Discussions about Zettelkasten with @ctietze, amazing PhD lit review workflows from @10ch, digging into @Malcolm_Ocean's public Roam DB about personal growth, or maybe exploring #gameb resources, learning stoicism with @shuomi3, and analyzing claims with @acesounderglass
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What lies beyond Capitalism and Communism?

Scalable Communal Valerism.

The technologies to obviate monetary coherence are nascent, but here.

Sustainable behavior requires increasingly direct representations of cost and value, not dis-intermediated by money.

It's now possible.
Consider that the original monetary systems were higher-dimensional representations of abstract social value (think shells, quipu, etc).

These did not scale well as civilizations structurally deepened, and we thus moved toward more "liquid" forms of representation: e.g. coinage.
Why "liquid"?

Because it implies the reduction of friction.

The capacity to flow.

Ultimately, we sacrificed representative capacity for efficiency.

But what else did we sacrifice?

For one, we traded the contextual history of accumulated wealth for an impoverished accounting.
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Here's a deep dive into this #gameb idea I've been fascinated by recently 👇
We face a pivotal time in our development as a species

Things are better than ever, but also more precarious

The practices that have gotten us here (AKA Game A) are not sufficient to solve the challenges that Game A has created, which is why we need to transition to Game B
All civilizations have always collapsed — Mayans, Greeks, Romans, etc — and new ones took their place.

Why should this time be any different?

Exponential technology.

You used to be able to “live and let live” and civilizations would come and go. It was fine.

Not anymore.
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In 2007 I was studying ethnobotany, thinking my future was in the Amazon studying traditional plant medicine

Then I saw a talk from Yochai Benkler, and read his masterpiece The Wealth of Networks

A thread on non-rival goods, commons based peer production, and OG #gameb thinking
First up, if you were reading Benkler in 2004, AirBnB, Uber and Lyft would have been obvious winners.

His paper "Sharing Nicely" gives a formal definition of shareable good, and shows how tech lowers transaction costs for reallocation…
His 2005 TED talk on Open Source Economics is really the place to start though. (TED really was amazing back in the day)

I saw this and thought, OMFG, this guy is the Karl Marx of the 21st Century

Completely changed the course of my life.…
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1/ Time is nothing but the barrier we place between our current self and our ideal self.

We decide and control more variables than are out of our control.

#ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts #NationalDayOfPrayer #Motivation #DisciplineIsControl #DisciplineEqualsFreedom
2/ Discipline is our control over how long it will take to climb the wall
3/ Hard work, consistency, and goal setting are ways to measure our progress up the wall.
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I was just asked 'What is #GameB?'

This is a great question that I don't think there exists a great answer for. @BretWeinstein and @EricRWeinstein coined the term and it stuck (I think more than they intended)

I first heard the term #GameB in @joerogan's Joe Rogan Experience
Here's a link to the episode's unofficial notes:…

Here's roughly where @BretWeinstein begins talking about what gets him to #GameB:
In my best efforts, I would describe #GameB as the following set of statements:

The current game we play as humans is #GameA.

GameA has certain 'rules' set in place. It's hard to describe them all, but a good summary could be 'Our current set of laws and social norms.'
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