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This is a #revolutionary #reform of the #agriculture #sector, which will help farmers and hurt middle men & their political partners who share in monopoly rents. I have observed hints of this rent seeking in decision process of the Committee of Secretaries on prices!
2/ru Don't let vested interests mislead u by red herring of Usery (which is banned since 1918). That's a separate issue which was addressed by bank nationalization, DFIs, setting up of NBFCs and the proliferation of micro finance institutions(MFIs… )
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Day 3: 𝗣𝗮𝗿𝗹𝗶𝗮𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 #MonsoonSession2020 Live Updates

#RajyaSabha assembled; on agenda today:

-Discussion on #COVID19
-Defence Minister Statement on #IndiaChinaBorderTension
-Salaries & Allowances of Ministers (Amd) Bill
-#Homoeopathy Central Council (Amd) Bill & more Image
Some matters raised during Zero Session

-Service/ Gallantry Peace Medal for #CoronaWarriors
-Separate infrastructure for patients of non-communicable/ chronic #diseases
-Continued detention of @MehboobaMufti & apprehension of arrest among #JammuAndKashmir political leaders
Special Mentions:

-Framework for regulation of #Online content
-Probe into #Facebook's interference in India's General #elections
-#NEET #JEEMain be re-conducted
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Today the German Supreme Court published its #facebook decision!
Here is a (long!) THREAD with a quick summary after a first read:
1st impression: despite its preliminary nature (re interim suspension of @Kartellamt 's prohibition) it likely is a landmark decision that will shape the application of #competition law & #abuse of #dominance rules in Germany for the next years.
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It was lunch time in #Brazil on a Saturday in 1990 when I decided it was time to be born! I grew up in a large city in #SãoPaulo called #Guarulhos, which in Tupi (native language) means “eaters” or “big-bellied people”. Here’s the proof I am “Guarulhense”:
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS ImageImage
Our #family was not wealthy, but my parents made sure I had good #education, even if that meant sacrificing part of their own life. For that I will be forever #grateful. They made sure I learned how to #appreciate everything I had that money could not buy.
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS ImageImage
I loved learning about #science in school. Not only because it is #fascinating, but also because my biology teacher, Diógenes (@spock_alvo), had great #enthusiasm when teaching it! His motivation would #inspire me to fall in 💜 with the 🧠! #teachinggoals
@IWS_Network #IWSVoices Image
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#Eedu Trusted Education experts i heard on new policy a yr ago, said that its a welcome step towards improving quality of Indian education. I hope that "educating the educators" through internet access to teaching aids, reference material & knowledge guides is given attention
2/edu This is an important step towards #benchmark #competition in higher quality education characterized by assymetric information. Reputed higher ed institutions provide a benchmark & incentive,for the lagging colleges/universities to improve quality!
3/edu Quality of education is critical to our future:
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/13/2020-2…

Cartels, competition, and coalitions: the domestic drivers of international orders: Review of International Political Economy: Vol 0, No 0…

#economy #orders #drivers #competition
The Role of Cognitive Dissonance in the Pandemic…

#dissonance #pandemic #cognitive
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Happy Friday! Who wants to WIN a spooky FREE book?
I'm giving away a copy of PARANORMAL WALES or GHOSTS OF WALES to one lucky person.
Just like and retweet this tweet to enter.
Good luck!

#paranormal #wales #win #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation #FridayThoughts #Competition Image
Standard Mark Rees T&Cs apply. Winner will be drawn at random and DM'd on Friday, June 19. Books may cause spines to chill and hair to raise. Bribery probably won't work, but it's always worth a try. Stay safe and read more books. Does anyone read all this? If so, well done you!
For more chances to win, please check out my other spooky social media accounts:

🦇 Facebook page:

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🦇 Newsletter:…

Thank you / diolch!
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This was indeed a fantastic and very insightful panel! Perhaps a summary of the main points can be useful. Thus, a long thread. 1/n
All panelists agree: Market power in #digital markets is worrisome. Fiona and Tommaso think that #mergers can worsen this situation and directly harm consumers by killing actual or potential competition, reducing #innovation (either killing the innovation of the target or .. 2/n
…the innovation of the acquiring incumbents) and quality (including #privacy). Mergers can also cause indirect harm (Tommaso) by increasing prices in the other side(s) of the market (e.g. #advertising). 3/n
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Madrassas are often stereotyped as schools where dull minded students go and end up studying 'only' religion. But here is a madrassa that shatters this conventional image!

Jamia Baitul Salam #Talagang 🕌 is one of the most prestigious #Islamic welfare educational institution
Jamia Baitul Salam which offers their #students worldly #knowledge under shade of #religion. The institute offers both matriculation and O level #education to the pupils. The enrolled students have exceptional intellect and they have been winning #competition all over #Pakistan.
Students from Jamia Baitul Salam participated in an educational competition conducted in HITEC University #Taxila. The Madrassa students won #robotics competition by beating competitors belonging to 20 other universities.
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Great event and panel put together by @livemint @UtpalBhaskar converging diverse views from financing, #fossilfuel generation, #energytransition #technology and business operations in the #electricity value-chain! 1/n
As Power Minsiter @RajKSinghIndia rightly said, problems of capacity and #energyaccess has been solved, and the next problem to be solved is reducing #India's #carbonfootprint - #electrification of #mobility and #cooking is one pathway.
Increasing domestic and international demand for #electricity will lead to more #RenewableEnergy capacity installation; new connections and usage will ⬆️domestic demand, integration & #export (neighbors inc #Myanmar #SriLanka) will ⬆️cross-border demand, which India can supply.
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1/6: There’s much about this article I like. But I take issue with the framing of these revelations about collaborative behavior as “leaving the Darwinian consensus behind.”

via @Slate #prosocial #collaboration #cooperation #evolution…
2/6: #Cooperation and #competition are both evolutionary adaptive strategies – which one is primarily in play at a given level of selection depends largely on whether within group or among group selection forces are dominant at that level.
3/6: And the answer to that is influenced by host of contextual factors, complicated by the multitude of overlapping nested hierarchies of life on this planet (including humans).

One can also make the argument that #Darwin recognized the importance of group...
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If you want to follow the developments in the national conversation on #BigTech's monopoly power, the House Antitrust Subcommittee is holding a field hearing in the Wittemyer Courtroom at @ColoLaw in a few minutes. Livestream here:…
@ColoLaw The Washington Post on today's House field hearing on #BigTech: "Smaller technology companies ... are sharing their stories in the hope that Washington is finally getting serious about cracking down on the power of tech giants."…
@ColoLaw "We strongly support the entrepreneurs and independent businesses who are standing up to challenge the dominance of Facebook, Amazon, and Google over America’s markets," said Open Markets Executive Director Barry Lynn in a statement.…
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1. [thread] We are filing legal complaints against six companies based on our research, revealing systematic breaches to privacy, by shadowy #OutOfControl #adtech companies gathering & sharing heaps of personal data.… #privacy
2. We observed how ten apps transmitted user data to at least 135 different third parties involved in advertising and/or behavioural profiling, exposing (yet again) a vast network of companies monetizing user data and using it for their own purposes. Technical testing conducted by cyber security firm, mnemonic. Technical report available here:
3. Dating app @Grindr shared detailed user data with a large number of third parties. Data included the fact that you are using the app (clear indication of sexual orientation), IP address (personal data), Advertising ID, GPS location (very revealing), age, and gender. With help from mnemonic and Zach Edwards of Victory Medium, we analysed the data flow and the role of the various actors involved with data sharing from Grindr.
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Kinda neat fact, although we've had Merchandise piracy, we've not had Book piracy or far as I can tell even resale. :)

We are barely known (that helps), but more than that, I think each of our backers wanted to support us, not just consume a product.
It is up to us as creators to foster #opportunities for folks to see the difference, understand the difference, and communicate our abilities to PROVE the difference, between #Consumption, and Investment.
As creators we definitely understand #Investment, but communication is often tough.

Many of us are naturally #Abrasive or #Shy. Neither lending expertly to marketing or community engagement. You can learn to leverage either but it's often not a given.
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A thread on the #Labour Labour Party's #BroadbandForAll policy. There are three elements: 1; #zero price #freebroadband, (2) #Nationalisation and (3) #monopoly.
Zero Price. One argument for zero price is that there are positive externalities and network effects for bringing everybody to the same high level service. A second is And that leaving poorer citizens and lower margin business behind is less inclusive.
Clearly charging those who can afford would make it less costly to the taxpayer, and be less regressive, but it is messy. But surely over time that would emerge? And behavioural insights might help design 100% take up with mostly positive pricing.
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"Reclaiming monetary Sovereignty and sustainable prosperity in #Africa" starts now with @FadhelKaboub at the launch of the international conference "The quest for economic and Monetary sovereignty in the 21st century in Africa. @Mon_Sovereignty…
@FadhelKaboub @Mon_Sovereignty Follow the LIVE in the link below 👇🏿👇🏿…
@FadhelKaboub @Mon_Sovereignty @FadhelKaboub : In Tunisia, in the 70s two interesting patterns were unleashed with the opening of he economy.
☝🏼☝🏼Increase in trade deficit
☝🏼☝🏼increase of external debt
@Mon_Sovereignty #Tunisia
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Things they don’t tell you when you take up road cycling (a thread)

1- you will go numb in places you didn’t think were capable of such a thing. Girls, I’m talking intimate, boys, I’m talking Johnson.

#road #cycling #bike #ride #FitnessMotivation
2- you must fuel! Also, hitting the wall is called bonking. I’m a child. Every time someone says they’re bonking, that’s me laughing.

#roadbike #carbs #fuel #sweet
3- flies. Actually no, they’re not flies, they’re bullets. Today has been the day of the black beetle... oh my word do they hurt! If I hadn’t been wearing glasses, I’d be blind. Good protein though. Must have eaten thousands.

#bugs #protein
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After the #MetPolice tried & failed to frame me & after ex #MetPoliceUK turned private investigators @Surelock_ tried & failed to frame me & my mum, attempt number 3 was #EE & #UKMail. I had never used @EE but they made me their customer

#SwitchtoO2 #o2 #Vodafone #Three #LBC
#EE said I had ordered mobile phones & sim cards & #UKMail said they had delivered them to me (with me showing my passport) at home. I did neither. I didn't order any mobiles & I didn't receive any mobiles. It was a complete stitch up

#dontbuythesun #c4news #r4today #itvnews
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In the future, #digitalcurrencies and e-#payments may develop in multiple ways based on #competition. This will add to future #uncertainties and pose challenges for both the central bank and regulators.
The central bank can establish research institutes on #Fintech and digital currencies, but we can’t make sure that the solutions it puts forward are the best.
As #technology evolves, determining to select a certain technology solution is risky. So we may need a mechanism that enables #R&D through multiple channels and encourages #competition.
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Procès #FranceTelecom Pour cette 25e audience, seront évoqués quatre suicides survenus en septembre, octobre, novembre 2009, à Lanester, Paris, Annecy, Lanion. LT à suivre ici ou sur @humanite_fr
Premier cas évoqué : Stéphanie Moison, 32 ans, qui s’est suicidée par défenestration le 11 septembre 2009. Elle a écrit un mail à son père « je serai là 23e salariée à me suicider ». Elle remet en cause la réorganisation à #FranceTelecom
« Je change de chef et pour avoir ce que je vais avoir, je préfère encore mourir » écrit-elle à son père le jour de son suicide. Elle craignait la nomination d’une nouvelle cheffe qu’elle trouve autoritaire. #FranceTélécom
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Do you think we earn this: 21st Century skills intervention & Technical/Vocational Education Intervention as #NGO in schools?
If yes:
Nominate here:
Use #TeamYowamca as Name of Implementing Organisation
Facebook: O'star Yowamca
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A Note To Fellow #Software #Founders: Help Is Always Close At Hand
By Christian Owens (Forbes)
☝️There are tried and tested #solutions so reach out:
1.Stop thinking everything in terms of #competition
2.The world of VC is small so it’s easy to find people you need #advice from
3. #networkeffect& #globalisation: global issue for one company is always a local one for another
👉see P.Thiel “Zero to one”
4. Acknowledge that being a founder is a really, really hard thing to do with your life
☝️Avoid the Dunning-Kruger effect (the lower your ability the better you think you are at it)
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The adjustment of policies toward #China by developed countries is an inevitable outcome of China's #development and the evolution of the global landscape in the post-crisis period, said Lu Feng at @PKU1898.…
To be specific:
A.China’s economic development pressured the #West to adjust its policies toward it;
B.China’s global #governance approach could've complemented the Western governance model, but the developed countries see more #competition than #cooperation in this regard;
C.China’s halting #reform, over-#regulation and traditional #ideology have triggered hostility and misunderstanding of other countries, who have stronger impulse to adjust policies to push China’s further #market reform and #opening-up.…
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