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Reactionary piece from Karl Zinsmeister, attacking @AnandWrites and praising unchecking private #philanthropy. Zinsmeister avoids the debate on the "democratic deficit" built into large-scale private donations (1/5)
And thus he accepts that wealthy donors can and should shape publicly debate and steer policy on issues ranging from local school reform to global public health (2/5)
Zinsmeister also ignores the tax avoidance that facilities donations -- the "hoarding" behind the "helping", as Giridharadas puts it. We are told that philanthropy addresses #inequality when in fact it is founded on it. (3/5)
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Just published article in @CCPA Monitor (ed.@StuJT) analyzing #inequality & low public investment as drivers behind #Chile’s protests calling for economic justice, and how such calls could signal a break in 40-year increase in inequality there & elsewhere…

Since October, millions of Chileans have taken to the streets in defiance of their government, to demand change to economic policies first imposed under dictatorship, replace the dictatorship-era constitution, & challenge the state’s harsh security response


Chileans are protesting many types of inequalities & injustices

Income inequality in Chile, as shown by top 1% share of income in Fig.1, has trended higher than other countries, soared during the dictatorship (more than other countries) & has stayed high for last 30 years
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@arthur_eckart @jlounsbury59 @AuburnParks @stf18 @mcgilcoli @FadhelKaboub @GaneshHegde7 @tonywestonuk @sashi31363 @StephanieKelton @tymoignee @pdacosta @GaelicTorus Hope you have gone through this part of the article as well - Here’s an example. As many economists have lately been pointing out, these days the old story about rising inequality, in which it was driven by a growing premium on skill, has lost whatever relevance it may have had.
@arthur_eckart @jlounsbury59 @AuburnParks @stf18 @mcgilcoli @FadhelKaboub @GaneshHegde7 @tonywestonuk @sashi31363 @StephanieKelton @tymoignee @pdacosta @GaelicTorus Since around 2000, the big story has, instead, been one of a sharp shift in the distribution of income away from wages in general, and toward profits. But here’s the puzzle: Since profits are high while borrowing costs are low, why aren’t we seeing a boom in business investment?
@arthur_eckart @jlounsbury59 @AuburnParks @stf18 @mcgilcoli @FadhelKaboub @GaneshHegde7 @tonywestonuk @sashi31363 @StephanieKelton @tymoignee @pdacosta @GaelicTorus And, no, investment isn’t depressed because President Obama has hurt the feelings of business leaders or because they’re terrified by the prospect of universal health insurance.

Well, there’s no puzzle here if rising profits reflect rents, not returns on investment.
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NOW: Well-Being Across America
Learn how policy-influencers and practitioners use data to tackle some of the greatest inequalities our communities are facing, and how evidence-based data increases greater understanding of well-being of communities.
#communities #inequality
[Today’s highlighted work] gave me goosebumps which you don’t normally hear about this kind of data. - David Erickson, Ph.D., @NewYorkFed
For many American families, insecurity and a sense of falling behind prevail.
- Claire Kramer Mills, Ph.D., @NewYorkFed
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I realise by now you might be bored shitless by politics or think it's a foregone conclusion, but I believe that a Boris Johnson majority government will be a disaster for the UK and there is still time to stop it.
The Times front page headline today "Tory Lead Narrows Ahead of Final Election Rallies" so there is still hope.
YouGov yesterday warned that the margin of error could put the Tory seat total as low as 311, which would mean another hung parliament. So there's still time to stop a majority Johnson government. Here are my 5 reason why you should not vote Tory...
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@bbcquestiontime @IBlackfordSNP Thank you so much for speaking up for #50swomen #waspi. £271-400billion was taken out of the NI FUND as treasury stopped paying in their share around time of bank crash. More than enough to provide decent pensions #NHS & benefit funding.
Govts chose NOT to do this @davidhencke
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The main users of railways are commuters, who are relatively well-off and most likely live or work in London and the South East. So cutting #railfares by 1/3 would increase both income #inequality and regional inequality.

(snips from factsheets here:…)
To be fair, distributional impact also depends on how lower #rail fares are funded. Higher taxes on car ownership and/or use might even the impact out a little, and could be better for the environment, but plenty of poorer people rely on cars too.
Finally, remember any environmental benefits rely on more people travelling on trains which are already overcrowded. Much better to use the money to improve infrastructure than cut #railfares, especially as users themselves will benefit from this too.
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#JustAsking #inequality
#attrocitiesbyASI #ASI was found in 1861 headed by director general. for the past 70 yrs, this post have been occupied by upper caste #Sanskrit scholars mainly #brahman.
why no one from #OBC, #SC or #ST?
If #tamil and #sanskrit are the oldest languages of the country.
recently it has been established that tamil is the oldest through #keezhadi #keeladi.why no importance has been given to the tamil language?
why ASI doesnot recruit tamil scholars for conducting studies in south?
#arikamedu is the first site of archealogical importance to be found in india. in 17th century by french.
In 1945, wheeler, then director gen of #ASI found out that it is a indo-roman trade town.c.1 BCE to c.2 CE.

next jean-marie casal in 1950 studied the site for 3 yrs.
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SFI President David Krakauer introduces our annual board of trustees symposium on New #Complexity #Economics - follow this thread for live coverage of talks by @EricBeinhocker @AKStanger @ole_b_peters @JacksonmMatt @cmoncap & W. Brian Arthur today...
"I think we have to be aware that we're not just discussing financial systems. We are discussing the future of the stability of the planet."

- David Krakauer
on #Complexity #Economics
"What is the #economy? I would argue that it doesn't exist in the physical world. It is a product of our #imagination. It is made out of #ideas. It does have an effect on the physical world. But the imagined order that we have is not succeeding."

- @EricBeinhocker
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"Reclaiming monetary Sovereignty and sustainable prosperity in #Africa" starts now with @FadhelKaboub at the launch of the international conference "The quest for economic and Monetary sovereignty in the 21st century in Africa. @Mon_Sovereignty…
@FadhelKaboub @Mon_Sovereignty Follow the LIVE in the link below 👇🏿👇🏿…
@FadhelKaboub @Mon_Sovereignty @FadhelKaboub : In Tunisia, in the 70s two interesting patterns were unleashed with the opening of he economy.
☝🏼☝🏼Increase in trade deficit
☝🏼☝🏼increase of external debt
@Mon_Sovereignty #Tunisia
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If Americans are better off than they were a decade ago, it doesn’t always feel that way. The recovery from the Great Recession has been slow and uneven, with low-income Americans experiencing fewer of the benefits. 1/7
Today, we're launching a series with our partners @guardianUS, @fastcompany and @theprospect to examine why, in an era of low unemployment, robust job increases and economic growth, tens of millions of Americans increasingly struggle to make ends meet.… 2/7
@GuardianUS @FastCompany @theprospect The average CEO pulled in 312 times as much as the average worker in 2017, up from 20 times as much in 1965. 3/7
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1 in every 5 of the world’s out-of-school children is in Nigeria.

The truth: lack of proper funding is killing our education system.

Did you even know?

The capital budget for 43 federal universities is just N6.11bn.

But @NGRSenate is to buy N5.5bn SUVs.
Overall, only 7% of the budget is allocated to the education sector in 2019, culminating in a total of N634.56bn.

#EvenItUp #Education #Inequality
Despite the allocation to the education sector being relatively low, only 9% of the total allocation N58.69bn will be spent on capital expenditure.

How much has been spent so far since 2014?

See infographics below!

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For our English speaking friends, who will have to wait a few months before @PikettyLeMonde's latest book ("Capital & Ideology") gets translated, here are a few hot quotes:

"#Inequality is not economically or technologically determined, it is ideological and political." ⬇️ (1/6)
"Market and competition, profit and wage, capital and debt, skilled and unskilled workers, nationals and foreigners, tax havens and competitiveness, do not exist as such." ⬇️ (2/6)
"These are social and historical constructions which entirely depend on the legal, fiscal, educational and political systems we chose to set up." ⬇️ (3/6)
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Today marks 20 years since the 1999 Iranian student uprising. Known in #Iran by its “ground zero” as “The Disaster of the Ku-ye Daneshgah Dormitories”, the uprising - sometimes likened to 1989 #Tiananmen Square protests in China - carries great historical significance.
The background: on July 7, #Iran’s judiciary - using a new, tougher Press Bill - ordered the closing of daily Salâm, which had since 1991 criticized conservatives in power. Salâm was then considered one of numerous pro-reform #newspapers that since 97 election of Khatami … /2
… had exposed #corruption, #injustice, #inequality + demanded transparency, justice. The banning of Salâm + new law to curb #pressfreedom - marked beginning of hardliners’ campaign to crush the blossoming civil society and political mobilisation connected with #reformism. /3
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𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱 | 𝗘𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗼𝗺𝗶𝗰 𝗜𝗻𝗲𝗾𝘂𝗮𝗹𝗶𝘁𝘆 𝗶𝗻 𝗔𝗺𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗮 𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟵

#Wealth #Gap #Racial #GenderPayGap #IncomeInequality #EqualPay #Resist
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#ElizabethWarren's bill reminds me of Romney's advice to youths in 4/2012, "Borrow money, if you have to, from your parents. Start a business... [Jimmy John Liautaud] borrowed $20K from his dad..."

The loan was c. 7/82 and was actually $25K.
$25K in 7/82 = $59K in 4/12
In the first half of 2019, the nat'l average #rent increased by 2.6%.…
Warren declined to be interviewed for this story. In May, at request of media, her campaign released a summary of her outside work. As a senatorial candidate, Warren released a shorter version, which omitted her work for Dow Chemical.

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Giving half your money to charity and still keeping EIGHTEEN BILLION DOLLARS is what's wrong with this system.


A wealth cap of $100 million is more than fair.

#ExtremeInequality = Injustice
#JeffBezos could solve world hunger and end homelessness and still have BILLIONS left over. How is that acceptable??…
"The world's billionaires are growing $2.5 billion richer every day, while the poorest half of the global population is seeing its net worth dwindle."…
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GDP boils down to 3 things: # of working people × the amount of stuff they produce with capital-inputs per hour × # of hours they work. India stuck in "jobless growth" trap that prioritizes capital & FIRE sectors but low labour participation & low skills…
In 2007, the Chinese premier Wen Jiabao, declared that the country's economic growth trajectory was “unstable, unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable”. A judgement that applies better to India's economy.
Lopsided finance & real estate along with severe human capital blockages made India's growth highly unequal & self-limiting since 80s. But in the short term, as Mody points to, its shadow banking crisis in infra lending thats the tail wagging the dog.
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Ten #MMT tips to remember on #TaxDay:
1. Federal #taxes don't fund federal spending, so let's #decouple these two important tools.
2. Taxes offset #Government spending.
3. It's a matter of #logic: #dollars must be spent into existence (by the Gov) first, in order for us to use some of those $ to pay taxes
4. #Taxing for #revenue is for local states/municipalities, not the #sovereign issuer of the #currency.
5. Taxing excessive wealth protects #democracy from #Oligarchy and protects us from abusive market power
6. Taxing #pollution & #speculation to reduce such activities, not to "fund" #healthcare and #education.
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THREAD: We’re excited to announce the launch of the Struggling Regions Initiative, in partnership with the @RockefellerFnd, to delve into the issues facing struggling regions across the U.S. and will develop new ideas to foster broader economic growth.
@RockefellerFND While a select few metropolitan areas are seeing massive growth, the rest of the country is experiencing stagnation and decay. Take the following stats:
(1)Over half of total U.S. GDP is produced by only 20 metropolitan areas. (2) The New York metropolitan area alone accounts for over 10 percent of the nation's output in any given year, and with only 6% of its population.
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@realDonaldTrump ⚡️TELL IT LIKE IT IS:
Dems are holding out for an amendment to include a handful of additional provisions, including requiring the Dept of Housing & Urban Development to release block-grant funding & money to help #PuertoRico repair damaged water systems.…
@realDonaldTrump 🚨Listen up America:

The Dem-led House is passing bills that advance voting rights, protect our #healthcare & defend against #ClimateChange.

McConnell & the GOP are BLOCKING ALL OF THEM in the Senate, so who's obstructing? #FlipTheSenate #ProtectOurCare
@realDonaldTrump 🚨Listen up America:

❗️Our President has lied to you ABOUT THE AIR WE BREATHE❗️

Yes, the FALSE HEADLINE was ADDED to a real World Health Org map. In this one metric, the USA comes in 7th, not the cleanest.

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Top 1 % incomes grew five times as fast as bottom 90 % incomes… #inequality…
But wait, there's more: Top 0.1% of earnings grew fifteen times faster than bottom 90%
And who could forget?
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