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1/ Some people think that in #TheGazaYouDontSee I'm trying to say that people in #Gaza are all fine. This is not what I'm saying at all. I am showing how the small ruling elite lives in luxury, how they steal the aid and exploit the people. #Gaza #TheGazaYouDontSee
2/ This boy's father is in prison for 14 days in #Gaza b/c of a 500 shekel debt. Their home was destroyed in the war and they live in a hut on their land. His mother left for Israel and he has never met her. His grandmother brought up him (and his siblings?), but she passed away.
3/ To circumvent the months long queue to get out of #Gaza via Egypt, all one need do is pay a $950 "coordination fee" and waltz straight out. So all those I've shown you popping off to Egypt or Turkey have mostly likely paid that, or are connected to Hamas bigwigs. #leavingGaza
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1/ They lie to us that mainly women and children killed in #Gaza. But the truth is that the overwhelming majority were #HamasTerrorists. Here are some of them. ImageImageImageImage
2/ More #HamasTerrorists killed in #Gaza. ImageImageImageImage
3/ Even more more #HamasTerrorists killed in #Gaza. ImageImageImageImage
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Tal Or Tissona summarises our outstanding victory in operation "Guardian of the Walls". Google Translate 🤷‍♀️ but he's always, well worth the read. Just one note: it should be "Without endangering OUR soldiers in a ground offensive"
💐💐💐💐🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱💐💐💐💐 ImageImageImage
The main difference in this campaign compared to previous ones is that we went full force from the beginning, not gradually accelerating, which is a mistake when you have limited time. I'm told we had more achievements on the 1st day than in the whole 51 days in 2014,
with far less loss of lives on both sides as well. The goal was never to reconquer the hellhole of Gaza. The goal was not even to remove #Hamas, but to weaken, demoralize and humiliate it. And we did. The division of Hamas & Fatah is of strategic value to Israel.
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27 जून 1976 की घटना है
इजराइल के व्यस्ततम शहर तेल अवीव से एक फ्रांसीसी यात्री विमान लगभग 248 लोगों को लेकर फ्रांस की राजधानी पेरिस जा रहा था।
बीच में यूनान की राजधानी एथेंस में कुछ देर रुकने के बाद विमान ने ज्योहीं आगे की यात्रा शुरू की,
त्योंही चार यात्री उठे, जिनमें दो फलीस्तीनी व दो जर्मन थे। उनमें एक जो महिला थी, उसने अपने हाथों में छुपाए ग्रेनेड को दिखाते हुए चेतावनी दी कि यदि किसी ने चुचप्पड़ किया तो पूरे विमान को उड़ा देगी!
विमान को इन चारों ने हाईजैक कर लिया था।
धमकी के बल पर ये विमान को मुड़वा कर अफ्रीकी देश लीबिया के शहर बेनगाजी ले गये, सात घण्टे वहाँ रुके। वहाँ उनके साथ कुछ और अपहरणकर्ता जुड़ गये, जिससे इनकी कुल संख्या सात हो गयी और बेनगाजी से ये सभी विमान को लेकर युगांडा के एयरपोर्ट एन्तेबे लेकर पहुँच गये।
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تقابل فلسطین و اسرائیل برای آنان که می‌فهمیدند تقابل شر تروریسم و دفاع مشروع بود .بسیار خشنودم که پس از سالها مردم بیشتری میفهمند پروپاگاندای تبلیغاتی تروریسم چگونه عمل میکند .از پخش ویدیو های ساختگی تا عکس های دزدی برای ساختن کربلای دروغینی دیگر تا دم خروس حمایت کنندگان مالی
از تروریست فلسطینی که بیرون زد .برای من و امثال من اما شجاعت و ایستادگی ۷۳ ساله کشوری در برابر یک ملت پر رو ،همیشه طلبکار و بیشتر خرابکار همواره قابل تحسین بوده و هست .قوم یهود ،ممکن است مثل هر قوم و ملتی صفات و ویژگی های منفی هم داشته باشد اما بزرگترین چیزی که باید از قوم
یهود آموخت ایستادگی و اتحاد است .بی خود نیست که پر افتخار قرنهاست بر فراز تاریخ پشت به پشت از تمامی آرمانها و عقاید و اصالتش دفاع کرده است .برای ایرانیان امروز اسرائیل نماد ایستادگی در برابر جمهوری اسلامی هم هست ،چرا که به حق و قاطع در حال قطع کردن بازوهای این رژیم منحوس
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As tensions continue between Israel & Hamas, this thread is a reminder: #Iran is the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism.

Hamas co-founder Mahmoud al-Zahder said recently that in 2006 Qassem Soleimani gave them $22 million in cash.
Palestinian woman slams #Iran-backed Hamas

"Hamas officials' children drive in luxury cars but I have four unemployed sons. All of Gaza are unemployed due to Ismail Haniyeh & Yahya Sinwar. These officials care nothing about the poor people's needs."
Islamic Jihad Secretary-General Ziad al-Nakhaleh
Feb. 16, 2020

#Iran's former IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani personally supervised the transfer of weapons, missiles & technology into Gaza.
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Over 60 million people in #Iran live in poverty.

Why? Because the regime continues to spend billions on rogue regimes & terrorist groups, including $360 million/year for Hamas.

How does #HamasTerrorists use that money?

Here's a glimpse👇
Impact in Tel Aviv following a massive rocket barrage by #Iran-backed Hamas

Remember the $152 billion that Obama allowed Iran to access?

That money funded terrorists. Any new money going into Iran will also fund terrorists.
More footage from Tel Aviv, Israel, following the latest rocket barrage by #Iran-backed Hamas

IDF: "We will not let this terror go unanswered."

Reminder: The regime in Tehran is the sole beneficiary of the ongoing conflict between Israel & Gaza.
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Latest rocket barrage by #Iran-backed terrorist groups in #Gaza towards Israel

Periodic reminder:
Iran provides at least $360 million/year to Hamas.
Any new money going into Iran will further fuel terrorism.
#Iran’s hand seen in Hamas drone threat against Israel

"These drones appear to be based on Iranian Ababil drones, models of which have been exported to the Houthis in Yemen, and which the Houthis built and used against Saudi Arabia."

#Iran plays key role in helping terrorist Hamas develop deadly weapons arsenal used to hit targets deep inside Israel, according to Western intel officials.…


Iron Dome interceptors headed towards rockets fired from Gaza

h/t @Jtruzmah
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This image of the ongoing conflict has gone viral.

Hamas' rockets barrage on the right triggering Israel's Iron Dome response on the left.

Unseen here is the destructive role of #Iran's regime, the sole beneficiary of this latest episode in wars fueled by Tehran's mullahs.
Ordinary Iranians on social media are saying:
"This is our money spent on rockets and missiles for Hamas in Gaza."

Hamas members seen loading S-40 rockets into a buried launcher. Note more launchers on the right side of this image.

Periodic reminder:
#Iran's regime provides #HamasTerrorists with $30 million/month.

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For those arguing #Iran’s regime should be provided sanctions relief, this is how that money will be used: supporting terrorists.

Iranian propaganda videos of Hamas units & tunnels in #Gaza.

Iranian money is funding #HamasTerrorists & their underground tunnels.
More footage of last night's rocket barrage by #Iran-backed Hamas in Gaza targeting #Israel

Iran provides at least $30 million/month to Hamas. Any money released by new sanctions relief will further fuel terrorism across the Middle East.

Footage from last night of Israeli airstrikes in Gaza

IDF has been targeting sites associated to #Iran-backed Hamas
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New round of rockets launched by #Iran-backed Hamas in #Gaza into #Israel

Iran provides at least $30 million/month to Hamas. Any money released by new sanctions relief will further fuel terrorism across the Middle East.
Major barrage of rockets launched by #Iran-backed Hamas in #Gaza into central & southern #Israel

Remember the $152 billion that Obama allowed Iran to access?

That money funded terrorists. Any new money going into Iran will also fund terrorists.
#Iran's state TV propaganda video praising Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists in #Gaza launching rockets into #Israel

Ordinary Iranians on social media say this is how our money is being wasted as the regime ruling Iran continues to fund terrorists groups' rockets and missiles.
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Las grandes mentiras del actual conflicto ISRAEL VS HAMAS.

Sale #hilo

#PalestineUnderAttack #PalestinaLibre #IsraelUnderAttack Israel y Palestina #GazaUnderAttack #HamasTerrorists
ISRAEL COMENZÓ LA ESCADA IRRUMPIENDO EN #ALAQSA. FALSO: Israel incluso prohibe a los judíos rezar ahí (lugar santo judío también), solo entró cuando empezaron los disturbios. Orquestado previamente por los fanáticos palestinos que profanan el lugar llenandolo de piedras y armas.
ISRAEL COMENZÓ EL CONFLICTO EXPULSANDO PALESTINOS DE SUS CASAS EN #SHEIKHJARRAH. FALSO. Se trata de propiedades Israel expropiadas por Jordania cuyos inquilinos palestinos dejaron de pagar el alquiler y están en juicio por eso. Problema de morosidad, nada de nacionalismo.
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#Israel #India_against_Propoganda

काल रात्री उशिरा बातमी आली की #HamasTerrorists ने ईजराइल वर रॉकेट हमला केला आहे. भयावह वीडियो येत होते. मी ईजराइलचा समर्थनात IDF ईजराइल डीफेंस फोर्स चा ट्वीट खाली कमेंट केली. 👇

#IndiaStandsWithIsrael 👇
माझा कमेंटला आलेल्या रिप्लाई पाहुन एक गोष्ट लक्षात आली ती अशी...
हमासचा समर्थकाना माझी कमेंट रुचली नाही, मान्य, पण त्यानी त्यांचा राग व्यक्त करण्यासाठी जे मुद्धे मांडले ते बघुन अक्षरशा वायीट वाटले. बहुतेक जण भारतात कोरोनाने कसा हाहाकार माजवलाय, औक्सीजन ची कमतरता कशी आहे,
भारत कसा एक कमजोर देश आहे आणी मी कसा तोंडवर करुण ईजराइलचं समर्थन करतोय वगेरे वगेरे बोलत होते. मग एक गोष्ट लक्षात आली की भारतात जे चाललय ते कशा प्रकारे एका ऐजेंडयात जगा समोर वातावरण तयार केलं जातय. मागील काही दिवसात आपण पाहिलं असेल...
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