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Sustainable development and greater ease of living!

Here are some facts about FAME II!

#FAME #EaseOfLiving
The FAME India Scheme is aimed at incentivising all vehicle segments.

#Here are some facts about FAME II!

#FAME #EaseOfLiving
Here are some facts about FAME II!

#FAME #EaseOfLiving
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Despite what you may have heard, there’s no such thing as “Latinx Heritage Month”

The terms Hispanic and Latino/a/x are not interchangeable: there are substantive domestic policy (Census counts, redistricting) and foreign policy (immigration, aide) differences
In addition to the substantive policy implications, there's a nuance to the use of the two terms that is lost on most on #here:
🔸“Hispanic" acknowledges colonialism at the expense of LGBTQ+ inclusivity
🔸”Latinx” is LGBTQ+ inclusive at the expense of historical erasure
I get that it’s confusing to keep track of all these terms. When you’re speaking with an individual or group, it’s *generally* ok to *reflect back* the term they’re using to self-identify. An obvious exception: misappropriating a national month of recognition.
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IF FIND PLS RT TO REACH MAX PEOPLE AND THEY ALSO GET BENEFITS AND MOTIVATE FROM IT THKS @ArjunB9591 @sanstocktrader @bbrijesh @SANAMBHATIA99 @BankniftyA @PatilBankNifty @jigspatel1988
@CaVardhanca @blisstrades @yogeshnanda1
You have all heard about MS DHONI what a wonderful and legendary player he is....we all know him because of one thing that he is successful as a captain / batsman / wicketkeeper but if he was not a successful then...??
Nobody from us remember him {{ DUNIYA KA THO DUSTOOR HI YE H IF YOU ARE NOT RICH AND SUCCESSFUL AAP KUCH BHI BOL LO GANTA  KOI SUNEGA AAP KA😜}} from ticket collector to indias successful captain the journey was long but people only seen him
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Yesterday I asked if my film students had seen Fight Club. Everyone stared at me blankly.

Since so many of my white male students are exploring male rage in their work I didn’t want Joker to be their only cinematic reference.

The first rule of fight club: watch Fight Club.
also: I felt old ah
Also also: someone should cobble together a course exploring unfettered & often weakly motivated white male rage in the cinematic canon+ties to our current state of existence. Not a WOC or Black Woman Professor though—that would be disproportionate emotional & intellectual labor.
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Catch me up: when/why did everybody start saying "stan"?
Ok, I'll buy that this comes from the Eminem song. (Which yes, I know, that was pre kid and shit.) But...i've never heard it used or seen int #here until a few months ago and now its omnipresent, so what was accelerator?
honestly, I blame @SlackHQ
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1/ Amid Twitter maybe getting rid of the "like" to promote "better dialog" and certainly giving safe haven to nazis and other extremists, a rant:
2/ You probably noticed how, people came forward to say that they'd reported the bomber for violent threats, and Twitter (as always) did nothing and (as always) now apologizes but (as always) won't say how they'll better handle. They won't, and I'll tell you one big reason why.
3/ to address complaints about threats and "improve the dialog" Twitter introduced the "quality filter." You see fewer threats and hate speech. BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN THERE'S LESS OF IT.
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Remember Scott Walker? His attack on teachers and public sector unions, the capital protests, his narrow recall victory, his Presidential run? He's in the fight for his political life and I don't see people talking about it much #here:…
If Walker goes down—to a school superintendent no less—it would be one of the most symbolic upsets. Maybe more than even Cruz loosing to Beto.…
Also a new governor would be able to help roll back the kinds of voting rights attacks that cost the Dems the state in 2016:…
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