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295 days ago, I was sworn in as Florida’s 12th Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services and the first female elected to this office.

The people didn’t elect me to continue the status quo — but to take a fresh approach to governing and a new direction for our state. #APFL
Since January, I've worked to modernize @FDACS & take action on priority issues important to the people:

Building a new state hemp program — providing farmers with a successful alternative crop, ensuring equal economic opportunity, & making Florida a national leader on hemp.
I promised to fix the failures of weapons licensing & did just that.

We changed the culture: a 30-year law enforcement veteran runs the Division & we hired 25 new staff.

Review times for gun permits are down by up to 98%, while ensuring all background checks are done, period.
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THREAD: @taylourmarks and I spent the last two days in Panama City, and I’m still processing everything we saw. One main lesson learned: It’s been 4 months since #HurricaneMichael, and the Panhandle is years away from recovery.
Years might sound dramatic but the estimate for rebuilding Tyndall Air Force Base — which is related to a third of Bay County’s economic activity — is five years.
This isn’t even mentioning more issues yet to come (i.e. when hurricane victims are evicted from the beach for Spring Breakers, when the school year end and population declines, hurricane season).
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(1) Every. Time.

Headline: "Desperate #HurricaneMichael Survivors Ask: When Is Help Coming?


These people view the pyramid upside down. FEMA is NOT a first responder. YOU are.

(2) My credentials? When the Christchurch, NZ earthquake of 2/22/11 struck, I was sure I was about to die. 185 others in my city did.

I've spent years personally & professionally studying emergency management best practices.
(3) "When is help coming?" Help came when the NWS first saw Hurricane Michael form in the gulf 7 days before he hit. Others had time to evacuate, why didn't you?

Car broken down? Nowhere to go? No money? Couldn't convince a loved one to leave?

Excuses, not reasons.
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While Trump tweets about how unfairly NBC has treated him, Americans are still trapped in the rubble of #HurricaneMichael.

There's so much rubble, the official death toll of 15 is expected to rise as search-and-rescue teams look for the missing. #AMJoy…
“If anyone is seeing this and can help, my disabled sister lives in Panama City. Before her phone went out she told me the roof and walls blew off and a tree has fallen on them trapping them inside the remainder of the house.” #AmJoy #Sundaymorning…
Hurricane Michael aftermath: Thousands join recovery efforts as many residents remain missing. Here's Mexico Beach before and after. #Sundaymorning #AMJoy
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Does anyone else think these hurricanes are weird? #HurricaneMichael seems to have come out of nowhere and was a Cat4, almost Cat5 within 72 hrs. #HurricaneFlorence was anticipated, but it reached the coast and the just stopped! #Geoengineering #HAARP #MAGA #SilentWar
Here's my hypothesis: First, #chemtrails/#Geoengineering developed to prep the ionosphere. Second, #HAARP built to manipulate weather. Third, weather weaponized for military/political use. BUT who controls this "weaponized" weather?
One might think the US govt is in control, but what if it's the black hats? How better to "fight" a war than with a weapon that can cause mass casualties , take out comms for weeks, cause catastrophic destruction...without ever firing a bullet?
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(1) #HW #PhotoThread 1 on #HurricaneMichael. Just a small fraction of the available photos so far. Drone footage on Day 2 is showing incredible before & after photos of the destroyed beach towns. Please help those affected as much as you can. And #AlwaysBePrepping. Mexico Beach:
(2) Not everyone affected was a wealthy Florida panhandle retiree. Don't assume they all made poor decisions. This monster hurricane will take a long time to recover from, and there could be another one this bad this season or next year. People need to pull together.
(3) Not all my hurricane photos are depressing. I smiled about this little family in a shelter the night before landfall. I miss being capable of sleeping in this position on a floor in a fully lit room. Disaster survivors have moments of fun & love among the challenges.
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But seriously, this #Khashoggi story is scary. Jared Kushner is biffles with the crown prince and his father in law calls the press the “enemy of the people.” We need answers to this.
Like, people are over here listening to Kanye West give a soliloquy in the Oval Office while Kush sits there smiling to the camera. This is the news story today. Swift vs West II.
A hurricane hit Florida that Florida has never seen before. In OCTOBER. And the lower third is a Kanye quote that says Drumpf “saved the planet” days after the UN said we’re all dead in 20 years. Not 2,000, not 200, 20.
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Well, since you asked, @rough_mac, here's what we did for Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

Some Heroes Wear Pajamas: CrowdRescueHQ Steps In Where Trump Is Failing Puerto Rico via @forbes…
Here's a thread about what *really* happened w/FEMA, the USCG, and the Trump administration after Hurricane Maria.
Just taking a minute away from volunteering with @CEDRdigital to help with disaster response during #HurricaneMichael to answer this bot's stupid question about what we have ever done to help any hurricane victims.…
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1. Category 4 #HurricaneMichael is yet another rapid intensifier, an extremely dangerous phenomenon that we we have seen repeatedly in the past 2 years in the Atlantic. Wind speeds have increased 50 mph in 24 hours.
2. Yesterday at 5 am, the storm had 90 mph winds and a central pressure of 973 millibars.…?
3. Today at 5 am, the @NWSNHC reported winds of 140 mph and central pressure down at 943 mb. And that has since dropped even further to 933 mb.…
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Newsday --- October 9th, 2018 --- Tues

Nov 6th, 2018
28 Days Until Mid-Terms

Daily Reminder That Democrats...

1- Are Socialists
2- Want your guns taken away and your family killed.
3- Protects millions of Mexican Illegals
who will hurt your daughters (Mollie Tibbetts)
Newsday --- October 9th, 2018 --- Tues

Nov 6th, 2018
28 Days Until Mid-Terms

Daily Reminder That Democrats...

1- Are Socialists
2- Want your guns taken away and your family killed.
3- Protects millions of Mexican Illegals
who will hurt your daughters (Mollie Tibbetts)
Newsday --- October 9th, 2018 --- Tues

Nov 6th, 2018
28 Days Until Mid-Terms

I am adopting "The Wictor Block" Rule:

Be smart/playful/sincere....Feels Good Man

You come at me too hard and aggressively....looking for a response:
I will Block and Move On.
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Please download these apps now if you are in the path of #HurricaneMichael. Later, when there is no electricity, may be too late. Remember, there are no street signs in flooded areas.
(h/t @CEDRdigital)
#HurricaneMichael2018 #HurricaneResources
Please follow these instructions NOW so you can find the geo-coordinates to your location in the event you ever need rescue. Lets do this BEFORE there's an emergency.
(h/t @CEDRdigital)
#HurricaneMichael #HurricaneMichael2018 #HurricaneResources
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#QAnon #WalkAway #WakeUp @POTUS @realDonaldTrump

Tropical Storm Michael Update

TS Michael is expected to become a hurricane.

Please keep updated, stay safe and stock up on supplies.

It is being reported that local weather news stations are not reporting on this storm properly
Ensembles still wide and some trending more east. Tampa north should really watch. If center forms a tick east all this moves east. If it slows & reaches the front later it could turn earlier. Upper Gulf coast from New Orleans east needs to really watch.


Reports from the reconnaissance aircraft indicate that tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 170 miles to the NE and SE of the center.…
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Friends we need your prayers for this upcoming #HurricaneMichael! Please keep us in your prayers daily. We at this point are right in the path of this. This time if it hits us, we could lose power for days.
This would effect Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and possibly Virginia. Its expected to be a Cat. 2 and possibly 3. We have a generator. Hoping there is no price gouging.
The @weatherchannel will be giving updates as it gets closer.
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