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2019 was a weird year: 2 of our kids graduated from college (yay!) and I fulfilled my dream of getting on the NYT Bestseller's list (4 weeks with no help from a political committee!) and my #amjoy fam kept winning. But the things that happened in this country were so disturbing.
It's hard to whoop it up too much, thinking about the migrant kids (even babies) who might never see their parents again; the refugees turned away to face God knows what; the mass shooting victims, the farmers (though they voted for it) going under from trade wars... it's a LOT.
Neo-Nazism is surging. Corruption too. And the American president is having phone têtes-à-tête with Russia that we only find out about FROM Russia while strong-arming foreign nations for dirt to help him stay in power. America is isolated. POTUS? Notorious & laughed at. The AG?
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NEW: Court ordered documents just released from State uncover “a clear paper trail from Giuliani to the Oval Office to Pompeo to facilitate Giuliani’s smear campaign against a US ambassador,” further implicating Pompeo in the Ukraine affair.
by @mawilner
@mawilner Emails show that the White House helped arranged a call between Giuliani and Pompeo in March, the day after Giuliani gave the White House a packet of propaganda on the Bidens and Yovanovitch, and two days later, Pompeo then spoke to Nunes.
#Maddow #AMJoy
@mawilner “Regular channels” weren’t working so Trump’s then-Oval Office personal assistant connected Giuliani with Pompeo, who then called Nunes.

A Mar 28, 2019, email lists Pompeo's scheduled calls, including a Mar 29 call to Giuliani and an Apr 1 call to Nunes.
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JFC this is so bad. #pompeoresign

State Dept. releases docs that show how Giuliani's smear campaign vs. Yovanovitch reached Pompeo #NunesIsCompromised #nunesresign #dirtydevin #uppers #saturdaymorning #saturdaythoughts…
I took ONE day off and it's like a year's worth of news.

New details in Lev Parnas’ reported effort to help Devin Nunes
#NunesIsCompromised #nunesresign #dirtydevin #uppers #saturdaymorning #saturdaythoughts…
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Exclusive: Giuliani associate willing to tell Congress Nunes met with ex-Ukrainian official to get dirt on Biden

#NunesIsCompromised #nunesresign #dirtydevin #uppers #saturdaymorning #saturdaythoughts…
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SCOOP: Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, two Soviet-born Trump donors who helped Giuliani’s efforts to investigate Joe Biden, were arrested late Wednesday on criminal charges of violating campaign finance rules.
by @rebeccaballhaus @aviswanatha @sgurman #Maddow…
@rebeccaballhaus @aviswanatha @sgurman Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who are embroiled in Giuliani's scheme to shakedown Ukraine's state-owned gas company and smear the Bidens, have been under investigation by the SDNY, and are expected to appear in federal court in VA later on Thursday.
@rebeccaballhaus @aviswanatha @sgurman Giuliani associates, PARNAS and FRUMAN, via their foreign donations, sought to advance political interests of a Ukrainian govt official with whom they were working.

Like Sam Patten, who funneled $50K from a Ukrainian oligarch into Trump's inaugural fund.
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🎯@MalcolmNance on Pompeo’s Meta Narrative Judo: He took the #whistleblower story, pretended it didn’t exist, then reframed it as a criminal conspiracy about Biden. Pompeo’s knee-deep in this. The State Dept reportedly facilitated or coordinated Giuliani’s #Ukraine mission.#AMJoy
Pompeo not only peddled Trump’s disinformation about Biden-Ukraine. He slipped in another false claim, connecting Biden to 2016 election interference. A kitchen-sink of propaganda tactics—obfuscation, conflation, gaslighting—on @ThisWeekABC @MarthaRaddatz
@ThisWeekABC @MarthaRaddatz See what Pompeo did there?
"If Biden intervened [in Ukraine] to protect his son in a corrupt way, we need to get to the bottom… AMERICANS CANNOT HAVE OUR ELECTIONS INTERFERED WITH…If that kind of activity was engaged in by VP Biden, we need to know."
#Disinformation #Propaganda
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This piece of garbage assaulted a child for refusing to take his hat off for the national anthem.

A judge sent the asshole home on his own recognizance.

The kid was hospitalized with skull fractures.
#Sundaymorning #Sundaythoughts #amjoy
Fucking hell, these people are exhausting.
Another one to add to the pile, @For_Cripes_Sake.
#sundaymorning #amjoy
Meanwhile, this 6-year-old girl was arrested, put in handcuffs, fingerprinted, and taken to juvie.

But the ADULT douchebag who assaulted a child in the tweet above went home.

The difference is literally black and white.
#Sundamorning #AMJoy…
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EXCLUSIVE: Trump ignored *his administration’s evidence* thousands of Guatemalans are fleeing to US due to starvation caused by climate change fueled crop failure, which I saw myself.

Instead, he defunded aid that helps.

Watch our report for @chrislhayes.
Senior federal law enforcement official told me this about why Trump ignored CBP data:

"There is a root cause of migration. But the question presupposes that if you know there's a refugee crisis related to climate change you should do something about it."
.@NBCNews asked the White House why Trump defunded foreign aid to Guatemalan farmers despite *his own CBP's evidence* starvation fueled by climate change is driving record migration to US.

No response.

I'll join @JoyAnnReid with more on @MSNBC. #AMJoy
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BREAKING: Accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein found dead by suspected suicide Friday night in his Lower Manhattan jail cell.
Dead men tell no tales.
via @nbcnews #Maddow #AMJoy…
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Now you know why Dems want #OpenBorders

Now you know why #FakeNews has a media blackout of #NxivmTrial

👉Dem politicians are engaged in the most DEPRAVED behavior known to mankind


#Trump #MAGA #QAnon #Hannity #CNNSOTU #ThisWeek #AMjoy
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Trump’s flagrant denial of Russia’s attacking on our election sys. is nothing less than aiding/abetting Putin’s to destroy the US.
Donald’s using psychological projection by using the word “COUP”, marching the US towards a revolution in order to save him from Justice! #AMJoy
Why else do you think he keeps talking about “ Overthrew, Coup, Witchhunt, The press is the enemy of the people and his fondness for Robert E. Lee”.
Fondness for traders dictators and autocrats! Just like Robert Mueller, Donald Trump is giving you a roadmap to who he is! #AMJoy
With Donald Trump’s flagrant flouting of the rule of law can anybody guarantee he would not attempt a coup in order to stay in power? Why else would he be stacking the courts and massaging our generals? Donald’s whole demeanor is I am the Boss/Dictator and you’re the peon! #AMJoy
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"It feels like the seeds of a cover-up are here." -@JoyAnnReid just now on MSNBC.
Wow, and now @MalcolmNance is still doing his Benedict Arnold schtick. #AMJoy
Here's @JoyAnnReid arguing that because Trump "essential controls" DOJ & Barr didn't recuse himself, "it feels like the seeds of a cover-up are here."

It actually feels like those who've peddled a conspiracy theory for 2+ years are peddling a new one to cover up its failure:
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😱A NIGHTMARE SCENARIO: The Mueller Investigation is a cover up scam, to sacrifice a few scapegoats to pacify the plebes, defuse a social explosion, to whitewash Trump and the GOP... using as a pretext for secrecy the DOJ rules, executive privilege, and top secret classification.
I KNOW PERFECTLY WELL THIS IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY, and I do not believe it... YET. But that is exactly what people will deduce if justice is denied, Trump & associates get immunity and impunity, or we get anything less than 100% fully & detailed transparency we can believe.
Without full disclosure, the longer it takes, the more obstacles in its way, the less credible it becomes. Anyone who can predict what a cover up of this magnitude will do to America, let me know! Trump is clearly guilty & absent being proven innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt.
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No subject is safe, including left wing causes. You are being duped w/ these resolutions. (links at the end of this thread).

Don't open Pandora's Box.

💥March 4th @ 2pm—#Kentucky HJR 87—House Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergov't Affairs—Annex Room 171—Fiscal restraint on federal gov't, limit powers

Proposed by Convention of States organization

💥MARCH 4 @ 2pm—#MARYLAND MD HJ1—Rules & Executive Nominations Committee—House Office Building 150—ConCon proposed by Convention of States for term limits for members of Congress

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THREAD: Trump voters (including nose-holders) supportive of/indifferent to kids being separated from parents seeking asylum – allowed by international law – as *punishment* for trying to live should never utter "family values" ever again; Free Speech notwithstanding. #AMJoy
2) Yes, they should approach a port of entry to seek asylum. The Trump administration created dynamics to make such a process unnecessarily untenable. Just think, if death is the only other option no amount of tear gassing or Fox-News-shaming is a deterrent.
3) Follow-the-law-to-the-letter enthusiasts should ask the person in the mirror if (s)he qualifies. I don't advocate law breaking – retorting as such exposes your idiocy. A broken law is a broken law? Rolling stops? Texting-n-driving? Cheating the IRS? Stealing office supplies?
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1/Grateful for @JoyAnnReid @MSNBC #amjoy for hosting this important discussion abut bots, trolls and disinfo. Got to lay out some ideas abt what Dems/2020 Presidentials need to do to protect Dem Presidential primary fr outside interference this year.…
2/And here is the piece I discuss w/@JoyAnnReid which calls for the DNC/State Parties/2020s to work together on a "pledge" to forgo bots, trolls, fake accounts, hacking etc; and to build aggressive disinfo operations like what we had at the @DCCC in 2018.…
3/This cycle DNC/State Parties/other candidates have to hold our 2020s to account for the activities of their supporters, or those promoting their candidacy. We know too much now to allow this kind of stuff to happen again. .
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Much of what Dr King had to say was deeply unpopular in his day. Some Gallup surveys had him polling < George Wallace. The postcard King is not King. He was a warrior for the poor and a martyr for racial justice. Here he is Sept 1966 on @60Minutes #MLKDay
And this amazing clip that’s not frequently seen:
But this one seems particularly relevant today — a clip of MLK at the Berlin Wall found by our amazing #amjoy intern Arlyn Soto this weekend. Here’s the segment:
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Trump’s decision to fire Comey and other attempts to contain the ongoing Russia investigation led the FBI in May 2017 to launch a counterintelligence investigation into whether Trump was seeking to help Russia and if so, why.
by @gregpmiller #Maddow #AMJoy…
Trump has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal details of his conversations with Putin, including confiscating the notes of his own interpreter and instructing the linguist not to reveal what had transpired with his OWN administration officials
Trump has regularly concealed communications with Putin and even prevented his own high-ranking officials from knowing what he told a main adversary of the US. There's no detailed record of Trump’s face-to-face interactions with Putin at 5 locations over the past 2 years.
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The Supreme Court just agreed to hear a case that could nuke the separation of church and state —you know, that integral part of our Constitution that guarantees our religious freedom (and fact-based laws ..., etc.)‼️
| Think Progress
This 👆🏼☝🏼👆🏼is the precursor to revoking human rights and hopes for personhood/equality rights for women and #LGBTQ.

We’ll see legalized discrimination and #talibangelical fascists will play an integral role government, laws, education, etc.

This 👆🏼☝🏼👆🏼should scare the holy 🔥hell out of all Americans ... and the world, with authoritarian governments on the rise.

Say goodbye👋🏼 to freedom and facts.

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Abigail Spanberger (@SpanbergerVA07) in #VA07 brought the 🔥🔥🔥 to Dave Brat, called him out on many things including his support for the fiscally irresponsible tax bill.

Really, watch this. She's incredible.
#FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation
Holy crap, he really said this.

Dave Brat to inmates: ‘You think you’re having a hard time — I’ve got $5 million in negative ads.’ #saturdaymorning #amjoy Vote @SpanbergerVA07 #VA07…
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I'm speechless.

This ad is running in Arkansas in support of GOP Congressman French Hill on radio stations targeting the African American community. (Note: French Hill has disavowed the ad.)

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While Trump tweets about how unfairly NBC has treated him, Americans are still trapped in the rubble of #HurricaneMichael.

There's so much rubble, the official death toll of 15 is expected to rise as search-and-rescue teams look for the missing. #AMJoy…
“If anyone is seeing this and can help, my disabled sister lives in Panama City. Before her phone went out she told me the roof and walls blew off and a tree has fallen on them trapping them inside the remainder of the house.” #AmJoy #Sundaymorning…
Hurricane Michael aftermath: Thousands join recovery efforts as many residents remain missing. Here's Mexico Beach before and after. #Sundaymorning #AMJoy
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Fox News anchors gush over Kanye West's performance at the WH.

As recently as 2017, Fox News anchors thought having rappers in the WH was an abomination.

The only difference?
The political party (and color) of the president.
#SaturdayMorning #AMJoy
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Thank you @AprilDRyan for addressing Trump/GOP attack on America Women for what it was/is: Anti-America. I do need to add, it's also a great example of the uselessness, the actual danger to Democracy of reactionary "reporting." 📎 Note: #BeBetterMedia (1)
#MonumentalMediaFail -- references women exercising their American right to petition their government -- a majority government, by the way, that in majority numbers does not respond to them (U.S. citizens) face to face in meetings &/or in town halls W/out noting Trump is ... (2)
a self-confessed sexual assaulter of women under investigation for conspiring W/a foreign adversary, i.e. Putin, to install himself in the Oval Office &, per, a preponderance, of evidence (our eyes & ears) an obstruct of justice installing his protection on the Supreme Court. (3)
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