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It's finally here!
I'm extremely excited to announce that my book "Iranian-Saudi Rivalry since 1979: In the Words of Kings & Clerics" has been published by @BloomsburyBooks @ibtauris.
Let me tell you a little bit about my book & my decade-long journey in this thread🧵1/25
This book is a revision of my DPhil Dissertation at @UniofOxford @StCrossCollege which covered Iranian & Saudi Mutual (mis)Representations 1979-2009 & subsequent work that covered this rivalry up to 2021 as an Academic Visitor at @StAntsCollege @OxfordMEC . 2/25
This publication builds on the work of great experts, scholars & academics including [in alpha. order]
#ShahramChubin @carnegienpp
#HennerFürtig @GIGA_Institute 3/25
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Today at 1:14 pm EDT: CPJ joins @DAWNmenaorg and other partner organizations at a ceremony to rename the street outside the @SaudiEmbassyUSA in Washington D.C. as #KhashoggiWay.


#JusticeForJamal #JamalKhashoggi ImageImage
On Oct 2, 2018, Washington Post columnist and U.S. resident #JamalKhashoggi was brutally murdered at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Today, CPJ and partner organizations are renaming the street outside @SaudiEmbassyUSA in Washington DC as #KhashoggiWay.

President @JoeBiden’s planned meeting with Israeli, Saudi, and Egyptian leaders next month runs the risk of a return to business as usual

@POTUS should not normalize the killing and jailing of journalists…

@WhiteHouse @PressSec @SecBlinken @StateDeptSpox Image
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#Ukraine War Exposes Biden's Lies About #Yemen

Biden, while promoting his electoral campaign, was talking about the “Yemen War,” and allocated a large area of that campaign to it, in a clear polarization of public opinion and the anti-war media; And to win the votes of
1/2 Image
defenders of peace, he had what he wanted, as he succeeded in reaching the presidency.

In 2019, His plan, Biden said, was to make the Saudis pay the price, and make them in fact the pariah that they are. He said that after the crown prince was involved in a brutal
assassination against Saudi journalist Jamal #Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey on October 2, 2018, in addition to committing war crimes in #Yemen since 2015, as more than 337,000 Yemeni civilians were killed in one of the worst historical wars that
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Dice la compagna di Jamal Khashoggi che né l'Onu né la UE hanno avviato procedimenti legali contro gli assassini del giornalista ucciso e massacrato nel consolato arabo a Istanbul su mandato del regime di bin Salman.
Proprio come per #Assange le istituzioni politiche che dicono di lavorare per i diritti, la giustizia si voltano dall'altra parte e lasciano che gli interessi economici prevalgano.
Nessuno alza la voce coi regimi, non lo fa l'Italia con l'Egitto che nega giustizia e verità su Giulio Regeni perché gli affari vengono prima, non lo fa l'occidente col regime barbaro che solo qualche giorno fa ha eseguito un centinaio di condanne a morte in un giorno solo
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Turkey to hand Khashoggi trial over to Saudis.

The journalist was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in 2018.

Handing case to Riyadh will "reinforce Saudi authorities' apparent belief that they can get away with murder", says Human Rights Watch
The murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

#AFPgraphics on the gruesome murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, in October 2018 that shocked the world
#BREAKING Turkey court confirms transfer of Khashoggi murder trial to Saudi Arabia: AFP
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1. In recent weeks, #Saudi opposition, linked to extremists & to #Qatar, including Lina Al-Hathloul have been trying to once again draw attention to Loujain Al Hathloul in an effort to renew the view of her as a victim a year after her release.…
2. As a reminder Loujain Al Hathloul once campaigned for women's rights to drive but once #MBS came to power and this form of lobbying & activism became irrelevant, switched to propaganda against #KSA on foreign channels in exchange for funding & fame.
3. Al Hathloul, after repeated warnings, was eventually tried & convicted for violations of relevant laws similar to the US Foreign Agents Registration Act (#FARA), which also carries criminal penalties depending on the extent of violations.
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Thread: How #Qatar rigged the #AbrahamAccords to fail
1. In a previous thread, I raised questions about the stalemate & possible deterioration in #Morocco-#Israel-US relations after what seemed to be a promising start.
2. I posited that a group of greedy, corrupt, and incompetent executors from #Israel & the US and their #Moroccan cronies are trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. In particular, I pointed to the dubious role of Jared Kushner's group & their counterparts.
3. But there's much more to the story than meets the eye. #AbrahamAccords was a great idea, but when left in the hands of crooks & unscrupulous pawns of foreign regimes, it was designed to fail and ended up being nothing more than a pricey scam attracting chiefly con artists.
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#Wirecard hat in der Bilanz 2018 offenbar Scheingeschäfte in Asien durch neue Scheingeschäfte ersetzt. Trotz zahlreicher Ungereimtheiten bekam der damalige DAX-Konzern von #EY ein uneingeschränktes Testat - bemerkenswert! Warum? Ein #Thread zur Recherche mit @JosefStreule👇
Am 24.4.2019 trifft sich der Wirecard-Aufsichtsrat. #EY erstellt dafür eine Präsentation. Darin steht: Bei mehreren Tochterfirmen in Asien seien Scheinumsätze in Höhe von 10 Mio. € entdeckt worden. Die müssen raus aus der Bilanz. 11 Mio. € kommen dafür rein.👇
"Einbuchung von bislang nicht erfassten Umsatzerlösen", steht in der Präsentation. Unsere Recherchen zeigen: Auch diese nachträglich verbuchten Umsätze gibt es nicht. #Wirecard stellt diesen Vorgang danach im Geschäftsbericht als eine Art Buchungsfehler dar.👇
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1/. “I am raising my voice. To do otherwise would betray those who languish in prison. I can speak when so many cannot.”

This Saturday marks 3 years since @washingtonpost journalist, #JamalKhashoggi, was murdered in the #SaudiArabia consulate in Istanbul.
2/. Three years on, Jamal’s fiancée @mercan_resifi & the world are still awaiting justice

US Intelligence publicly accused the Saudi crown prince of ordering the murderous attack on #JamalKhashoggi

And yet @JoeBiden has taken no direct action against the prince or #SaudiArabia Image
3/. To mark the 3rd anniversary of
#JamalKhashoggi’s murder:

TODAY: @DAWNmenaorg’s virtual event with @AgnesCallamard, @NihadAwad, @GerryConnolly, @TawakkolKarman etc

TMW: Protest outside #Saudi embassy, Washington with @codepink

TMW: Vigil with @mercan_resifi & @freedomfirst ImageImageImageImage
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This is one of the most disturbing foreign influence campaigns I have seen to date. Far from merely trying to intimidate particularly diaspora groups, this is a barely concealed foreign backed effort to influence US policy & to weaponize USG.…
1. The pro-#Qatar, pro-#Iran, and pro-Muslim Brotherhood forces behind this effort are looking to use USG to shut down rivals and critics both in other countries and in the US.
2. Members of foreign governments & their "agents" (potentially anyone who agrees with them) can be banned from traveling to the US if found to be linked to "intimidation" of "dissidents" as recommended by said pro-#Qatar, pro-MB, and pro-#Iran organizations & "civil society".
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De vader van Mohammed Atta, de 33-jarige vermeend leider van de kapers, geloofde niks van het officiële verhaal, wees naar inlichtingendiensten/MOSSAD & claimde dat zijn zoon hem daags na 9/11 belde.

Originele video + transcriptie + achtergrondinfo ->…
Geen afscheidsbrief.
Getuigen die beweren dat Mo net als de rest van de 'kapers' aan de coke zat, alcohol dronk & naar de hoeren ging.

En NUL bewijs van deelname aan 9/11. Image
Ouders Hani Hanjour: 'No way dat onze zoon betrokken was bij 9/11'
Fam. Muhannad Al-Shahri: idem
Broer Ahmad Al-Haznawi: 'Foto is niet mijn broer en no way dat hij betrokken was'
Vader Salim & Nawaf Al-Hazmi: 'Niet zeker dat mannen op foto mijn zonen zijn'…
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1/. Gross press freedom violations revealed by #PegasusProject can’t be met with impunity

Govts & agencies who’ve spied on journalists must provide answers on this misuse of NSO technology #Pegasus #PegasusSnoopgate @amnesty @globalfreemedia @pressfreedom…
2/. Journalists, MPs & human rights activists were selected as targets for surveillance by authoritarian regimes

#Pegasus is the spyware developed, marketed & licensed to govts around the world by the Israeli company NSO Group.
@citizenlab #PegasusProject
3/. In the months before he died & a year after his murder, people associated with Jamal Khashoggi, were selected for potential surveillance by clients of NSO

Hungary’s far-right govt is suspected of hacking phones of journalists & targeting owners
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Exklusiv: Die Mobiltelefone von hunderten Journalisten, Menschenrechtlern, Anwälten und Politikern, unter ihnen auch Staatspräsidenten, sollen ausgewählt worden sein, um sie mit einer Spionagesoftware zu überwachen. @f_obermaier @b_obermayer @h_munzinger @FlorianFlade @ChBaars
Gemeinsam mit der Organisation @FbdnStories und @amnesty_de haben internationale Journalisten einen Datensatz von mehr als 50.000 Telefonnummern ausgewertet.
Beteiligt waren in Deutschland @NDRrecherche , @WDRinvestigativ, @SZ_Investigativ und @DIEZEIT.
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#DAZN #Matchroom
#disruption #sport
#Legacy v's #PurePlay specialists

This week #EddieHearn announced the worst kept secret in sports broadcasting - He's taking his show, Lock Stock, to Mr #Blavatnik first-mover streaming service.

#Thread with a different perspective...🧐 ImageImageImageImage
This is exciting for #Sports fans - Especially #boxing

Lower cost access
More shows
Bigger production

Interesting, it's announced a week after #SundayTimes named the owner of #DAZN as the richest man in the UK (again)!

That rich list is an good starting point to explore Image
We're living through changing times;


What's that got to do with #DAZN & #Sport 🤔

Well, Sport & #Entertainment is big business 💰

It's also used by powerful people to influence Hearts & Minds...
#Sportswashing ImageImage
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Len Blavatnik's (Access Ind) N761LE 5/11-5/12/21 London-Miami
Blavatnik's N600EB 5/11/21 London-HPN-Stewart Int

"British Telecom is in talks to sell a stake or all of its sports-broadcast division. Potential bidders include Len Blavatnik-backed DAZN"… ImageImageImage
Len Blavatnik's (Access Ind) N761LE 5/14/21 Miami-LA
Bkavatnik's N600EB 5/13-5/14/21 Stewart Int-HPN-LA

"A Soviet-Born Billionaire Is Buying Influence at US Institutions. Anti-Corruption Activists Are Worried."…
Stephen Schwarzman's (Blackstone/Trump/RDIF) N113CS 5/14-5/15/21 West Palm Beach-Nantucket (~2h 30m)-WPB

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USAF 09-0625 MC-12W Liberty BNCR61 4/15/21 ISR mission over Baghdad, Iraq, LIVE

Something's up in Baghdad. Normally 09-0625 flies missions near Ramadi, NW of Baghdad, and at Syrian border. Image
Tom Barrack's (Chair of Trump's inaugural cmte) N284CC 4/11-4/12/21 LA-Paris 4/13/21 Paris-Nice (~20m)-Beirut 4/14/21 Beirut-Pisa

Probably stopped in Pisa to see his friend Flavio Briatore

ICYMI: Barrack and Manafort had vacation with Briatore Aug 2016
Alexander Mashkevich's M-AAAL 4/14/21 West Palm Beach-Punta Cana

M-AAAL's second visit to WPB in five weeks

"Trump, Russia & a Shadowy Business Partnership. Bayrock/Sater/Arif/Mashkevich/Trump"…
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Don't we only address violence against women in #UK by confronting violence built into our society?

We'll fail if we ignore violence we impose on #GlobalSouth because of #ClimateBreakdown, imperialist foreign policy with its associated militarism. 1/n

My heart bleeds 4 the family of woman taken just 2 miles from where I live (I have a 20 year old daughter walking these same streets) and for all the other victims of violence.

But this isn't a men vs. women issue + if we truly want 2 tackle the issue we must #TellTheTruth 2/n
Yes #TellTheTruth to rejecting ALL #violence:

For example, the violence of #inequality, #racism, #sexism.

The violence we are imposing on future generations and #GlobalSouth by failing to address #ClimateBreakdown (as highlighted by @XRebellionUK)

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THREAD: Listening to the new episode of @GaslitNation, "Why Does the GOP Vote to Hurt Their Own Base?" with @sarahkendzior and @AndreaChalupa!

The GOP "has refashioned itself as an apocalyptic cult seeking one-party rule."
"The American political & economic system is designed to make you feel like you are worthless. But you are worth more than they tell you, & part of the struggle the next few years is resisting the cult mentality... that tells you to not ask for what you deserve." - @sarahkendzior
"Demand better. Always push for better, because that's how you get progress...The federal minimum wage hasn't been raised since something like 2009, and it's one of the contributing factors to why we have crisis levels of income inequality." - @AndreaChalupa
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1/12"US Tech Companies like Twitter probably breathed a sigh of relief when Biden announced that he was not going to directly sanction Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for ordering the murder of Jamal #Khashoggi." #JamalKhashoggi
2/12"...Not because Twitter bares any ill will towards murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but because the Saudi Market and the cult of personality around the Crown Prince, in particular, offer a lucrative revenue stream for the US company"
3/12"Indeed, the amount of Saudi money in Silicon Valley has raised concerns that it will become a 'reputation-laundering machine for one of the least admirable regimes on earth'. And not without good reason, especially considering that MBS chairs the Public Investment Fund"
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Rethink or reset? Joe Biden's dilemma over Mohammed bin Salman
US president has chosen to ‘recalibrate’ relations with Saudi Arabia, but some say a rupture is required #Khashoggi…
This guy has waged war in the south of Saudi Arabia and created the worst humanitarian crisis that is not only a stain on Saudi Arabia but also on the US, on everybody who helped the Saudis wage this war. It’s still ongoing,” Abdullah Alaoudh, a Saudi academic said.
“Imagine he is now only a crown prince. Imagine he would rule for the next 40 years and be a king. What would he do?#Khashoggi
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A Turkish court trying 26 Saudi nationals in absentia for the murder of Jamal #Khashoggi has refused to admit as evidence a recent US intelligence report implicating the kingdom’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, despite a petition from the journalist’s fiancée, Hatice Cengiz
The declassified US report released last Friday said Washington believed that Prince Mohammed approved the operation to “capture or kill” #Khashoggi.
In the third session of the Istanbul trial on Thursday, Cengiz’s petition to add the report to the evidence case file was rejected on the grounds that it would “bring nothing” to the trial. #Khashoggi
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Exiled dissidents who have been warned about threats against them by Saudi Arabia said they have been put in greater danger by the Biden administration’s decision to forgo direct sanctions on Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – Jamal #Khashoggi.
the 35-year-old crown prince would be emboldened after the White House declined to sanction him.
“The Biden administration’s release of the ODNI report [into Jamal #Khashoggi murder] is welcomed transparency, but the lack of direct accountability will give MBS permanent impunity, rendering him more dangerous
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#Khashoggi was killed in cold-blood. Yet Biden refuses to hold culprits accountable @POTUS @VP @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @SenSanders @Yamiche…
On Friday, Joe Biden’s administration confirmed what the world knew: that Saudi Arabia’s ruthless crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, approved the assassination of Washington Post columnist Jamal #Khashoggi in 2018.
Biden failed to keep a more important promise: to hold #Khashoggi’s killers accountable. Worried about disrupting the US-Saudi relationship, Biden decided not to impose sanctions on the crown prince.
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