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2. @nytimes and several other main stream, liberal controlled news outlets have reported that audio from the alleged Khashoggi kidnapping, torture, murder, dismemberment, and dissolving has been released to multiple countries, They say "Tell your boss...the deed is done" was...
3. ...overheard on the recording. The liberal media have said the "boss" the hit man was referring to is none other than Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS), the chosen heir next in line to his father's throne of Saudi Arabia. From the Times article, "The recording, shared last...
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#Khashoggi Revival Attempt: The Canadian FM did not define “It” or “It’s Content.” Whether this was a diplomatic phone conversation intercepted,or,some video-audio of Torture-murder. Because so far all claims of Video of murder-Torture been based on lies; All False 2 be Debunked
#Khashoggi- After Reporting On This Case on the Ground (in #Turkey) for 38 days & nights straight, interviewing & checking with Many sources, I can assure you there are NO videos of any Torture-Murder. Not only that: NO Body, NO Blood or DNA Trace, NO Witnesses. Nothing other ...
... Nothing Other Than “Unnamed Sources,”Debunked iWatch Recording Claims,Debunked Torture Video Claims,Debunked Transporting Body Parts via #Saudi Diplomatic Cars Claims...Complete Disinfo Operation.Including Why #Khashoggi was in #Turkey. Follow the Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds
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#Khashoggi #Breaking!- #France Contradicts #Turkey President #Erdogan: Not Aware Of Any Smoking Gun #Khashoggi Video-Audio Given To Them!!- - ”Le Drian says not aware France has Khashoggi tapes, contradicts Erdogan!” | Article [AMP] | Reuters…
#Fransa Diyor ki: #Türkiye #Erdoğan #Kaşıkçı ile ilgili Bize Video vermiş diyor fakat bize böyle bir video verilmemiş- yok bildiğimiz kadarıyla .... Les 4 vérités - Jean-Yves Le Drian via @YouTube
Here’s the video: Les 4 vérités - Jean-Yves Le Drian via @YouTube
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Trump: Day 657
-Installs Loyalist 2 Oversee Probe
-Meeting w/ Putin on #VeteransDay
-W.H. Posts Doctored Acosta Video
-12 Killed in 307th Mass Shooting
-Denied by Courts From Ending DACA
-NoKo Cancels Meeting with Pompeo
-#ProtectMueller Rallies Nationwide
Day 762 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 613 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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#Khashoggi Case: Can People Share With Us Here The List Of “Highest Level People” After #MBS Excluded Per This TRT Report;-)
Because It Does Not Say “High Level”-It Says “Highest Level”, then It Says “But Of Course” #MBS is Not on the list.... #Khashoggi Case
#Khashoggi- Seriously people, They’re saying: It is NOT #MBS, It is NOT #SaudiKing ... Then WHO is this “Highest”?Because As Far As I Know,The “Highest” Governing Body Of #SaudiArabia Been British Empire (History), And In the last 40+ Yrs #USA #CIA.So is he saying #USA did this?
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Bewildering #Khashoggi DoubleTalk!- How Can They Ask For The “Body” When They Just Released & Disseminated The Latest “SlamDunk” Official Report Stating That The “Entire Khashoggi Body” Was Melted In Acid & Destroyed, Thus There Will be “NO Body”????!!!!!!!!
Bewildering #Khashoggi DoubleTalk!- How Can They Ask For The “Body” When They Just Released & Disseminated The Latest “SlamDunk” Official Report Stating That The “Entire Khashoggi Body” Was Melted In Acid & Destroyed, Thus There Will be “NO Body”????!!!!!!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Most Importantly Why In The World I’ve Been The Only One Asking The Questions Needed To Be Asked Loud & Clearly By Every Journalist (Even The Moron Ones) Who’s Been Covering This a Scripted PsOp Case??!! For 4+Weeks I’ve Been Reporting on This Case From #Turkey Debunking Crap!!!
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1. The newest revelation into the #Khashoggi incident. Turkish officials now say his body was dismembered to be dissolved quickly. Yet, they have previously stated parts of his body were found at the Consulate General's house. But not the whole body? Huh?…
2. Would you REALLY leave body parts in such a conspicuous place? The place obviously was going to be searched and they have to known the parts would be found! Sounds like evidence was planted to me! Turks say they have video and audio evidence of the murder, but have yet to...
3. ...release anything to prove this statement. They have also reported that #Khashoggi's remains may have been taken out of the country. I wrote a post a few days ago detailing the flight that brought the alleged hit men to Turkey from Saudi and how it left that night from...
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1/ You might agree or not with this author analysis' on Iran's stance on #Khashoggi but it is true that those called #Iran reformists in the West, Khatami and then Rouhani, sought better relations with #SaudiArabia, just to be rebuffed.…
2/ This really calls into question #Iran reformists' project of engagement with the West because as long as the West is wedded to the #Saudi monarchy, this monarchy will make everything in its power to marginalize #Iran for fear it might replace it as a regional power.
3/ Unlike #Russia who has been torn between East & West because of its geography, #Iran has always looked West, because of its elite, revolutionary or not. Maybe now it is time to look firmly East and never look back again.
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IMPORTANT Report- #Khashoggi Case. This Report Is Spot In! Accurate!Reporting from #Turkey on this Case & screaming about this for weeks!!- “Khashoggi Case- Analysis of an Information Operation”… via @SecStudiesGrp
Spot “on”- eating & twitting
#Türkiye- #Kaşışçı Hikayesinde O Dediğim Bir İki Gazete Diye Kendini Gösteren Lanetler: İfşa Ediliyorlar. Daha Çok Çıkacak Bunun Gibi- Rezil ve Rezil Edenler.
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The Turkish government successfully used an information operation to elevate the case of Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance into a major international incident with strategic implications. SSG's analysis of the #Khashoggi case.…
Western media outlets appear to have accepted the risk that they were being manipulated by a foreign govt w/a brutal record on the rights of journalists. They should give an account of why they elected to do so & what they will do in the future to assure it doesn't happen again.
The Western press needs to reflect upon their role in being the vector for hostile information operations. Russian, Iranian, and now Turkish elements have wielded emotional appeals through the press in order to divide Americans.…
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#Khashoggi Case: Just Pausing To Check Your Pulse. It’s Been Grueling 26 Days Reporting on This Case From #Turkey Single-Handedly. Do You Want Me To Continue Covering #Khashoggi Case?
I’ll Pause- Wait for YOUR Votes:-)
I’m even letting the #MSM pendejos vote😂😂😂
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This is Khashoggi Case False Narrative. #Khashoggi Relocated to #Turkey. He & his shady Turkish-Pakistani Partner (Arab Spring Operatives with Soros Fubding)With big $$$$$ Set Up NGO-Businesses Here. He bought a lavish flat in #Istanbul. Opened 3 hefty bank accounts. U Selling BS
How Do I Know All This You BS-Seller? I’ve been in #Turkey Reporting on #Khashoggi Case Since Day 1 via Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds (Check It Out). I have Top sources in #Turkey & within #US #Intel Community (Former & Present). And I contacted #Saudi Embassy in DC. You Selling BS
Do You Want A Documented Proof? “Who Financed & Organized the Lavish Conference #Khashoggi Attended (Flying 1st Class from #Istanbul To #London) Just a few days prior to being supposedly sliced-dicedI’m Inviting Everyone 2 Checkout this #DeepState Funded Conference 4 #Terrorists
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1. @Americanlll @Dina1trump @MastersShelby @RealEyeTheSpy @O_IrishT @_ImperatorRex_ @prayingmedic @qanon76 @WeAreOne_Q

Where'd the story on #Khashoggi go? The media narrative on him was nonstop 24/7 for 2 weeks then BAM, his story disappeared as fast as he did. Why? Read on...
2. Folks, this Khashoggi incident has WAY too many suspicious angles to it. You all know I've written multiple pieces on this as events and facts have developed. I still stand by my very first writing, a theme I have carried the whole time. This incident is doing one major thing.
3. From the earliest of campaign speeches, @realDonaldTrump spoke VERY unfavorably of the Saudis. Many times he's said they were responsible for 9/11 and that we invaded the wrong country by going to Iraq, implicating we should've invaded Saudi! He's also said for far too long...
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2. ...#DeepState lords in the #Democratic party. #HRC and #Hussein aren't the face of the democratic party anymore. We can tell that by the severe lack of attendees at their "rallies". They're has-beens, criminals who will soon be in prison. They're irrelevant, trying...
3. become relevant again. It's an obvious ploy for attention and sympathy. Think about this: Each one of these "targeted" people have insane security, personal assistants, guarded compounds, etc. It has been said that each of these packages were apparently hand delivered...
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1. #Saudi has a bad track record of announcing formal mechanisms to look into deaths of civilians at the hands of its own officers which have then utterly failed to credibly investigate those deaths. See #Yemen. See #Khashoggi.…
2. Each victim of an unlawful Saudi coalition strike in #Yemen is as worthy of concern as a Washington Post columnist. A groom and his wedding party. A child locked in jail. Villagers digging a well. Crowds shopping at a market. All killed or wounded in coalition bombings.
3. For years, the #Saudi coalition—armed and assisted by the #US—has killed and wounded thousands of civilians in Yemen, leaving behind a trail of death, destruction, and broken lives.
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📱Can you hear me now?📱

Chatty Cathy Trump loves to chat on his cell phone with all his BFF’s including RU & Chinese intel listening in as he games out various scenarios to make the Mueller Investigation vaporize &/or intentionally outs our intel for 💰🙄

Statement on the FBI’s Investigation of Suspicious Packages

Packages identified to date were addressed to:

* George Soros
* F SOS Hillary Clinton
* F President Barack Obama
* F CIA Director John Brennan, care of CNN
* F AG Eric Holder
* Rep Maxine Waters

📌Ukrainian oligarch & Manafort associate Dmytro Firtash is one step closer to seeing the inside of a U.S. courtroom.

The European Union Court of Justice issued a ruling denying the possibility for Firtash to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.
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Details on #Khashoggi affair:
News coming out from #Turkey that President @RT_Erdogan is still hot on the affair, presenting a large list of demands to #SaudiArabia and the #USA, including compensation for the devaluation of the Turkish lira and support to #Qatar and #Egypt MB +
#Turkey has received Khaled al-Faysal 4 times and was agreed to invest $30 bn in the country. In addition, there are tens of Fethullah Gülen in #SaudiArabia that #Riyadh will have to "deal with" to please #Ankara.

#CIA Director didn't listen to the Saudi conversation between the consulate & MBS head office but it seems MBS was also present and his voice seems clear in the taped conversation. Saoud al-Kahtani denied MBS's presence during #Khashoggi's interrogation

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.@Jeremy_Hunt says the Saudi cover-up of Khashoggi is "not ... credible".… But didn't the UK, only a month ago, "welcome" Saudi self-investigations of much bloodier crimes in Yemen?…
.@Jeremy_Hunt says the Saudi #Khashoggi cover-up is "not ... credible".… But, didn't Theresa May assure that, when Saudis are accused of violating international law, "they investigate that and they learn the lessons from it"?…
On 9 August 2018, a Saudi strike on a school bus in a market killed 51 people, including 40 children. A Coalition investigation eventually admitted to "mistakes" but denied criminal wrongdoing.
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.@RT_Erdogan played his strategy brilliantly by releasing for weeks & on a daily basis fresh info related to #Khashoggi, attracting offers from #USA (panicking of the idea of losing a golden blackmailed resource/MBS) & from #SaudiArabia King Salman eager 2protect his criminal son
#Turkish President can always return to revive the #Khashoggi affair by releasing new evidence, filmed or taped, if he doesn't get what he was promised.
And what he was promised?

@RT_Erdogan ended, in his speech today, MBS responsibility and joined the "official Saudi version".
President @RT_Erdogan secured his demands, to my mind, when talking to @realDonaldTrump over the phone yesterday and with King Salman twice in a week.

The only hope for justice remains the Washpost & other media if these are willing to continue putting pressure on #SaudiArabia.
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