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Here's your AB COVID # analysis for Tues Oct 5th. 1/
Cases/d yest 715, a humongous 44% from last Mon's 1277. 7 day ave down 11% to 1407 from 1584. Positivity 8.79% compared to last Mon's 11.61%. Remember, one data point doesn't make a trend, but reassuring that things are trending down. 2/
Hospitalizations: Thurs-16 to 825 (revised from 823 Yest and 803 Fri) Fri -2 to 823 (revised from 820 yest) Sat +23 to 846 (revised from 843 yest) Sun -13 to 834 (revised from 822 yest) Yest +8 to 842 (subj to revision). Very flat, little movement for 10 days now. 3/
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So, it's time for a long tweet thread on airborne transmission, and the resistance of AHS, AH, and Canadian IPAC (that's Infection Prevention and Control) to acknowledge the problem, and mitigate it, resulting in umpteen preventable illnesses and deaths. 1/
We've known from at least May 2020 (perhaps China recognized it in Jan '20) that COVID was primarily transmitted via airborne means, by inhaled aerosols. However, IPAC has been using an alternate concept known as contact/droplet (c/d). 2/…
As time has gone on, there has been increasing quality and quantity of scientific studies supporting airborne/aerosol transmission. It's quite irrefutable now. 3/………
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#COVID19AB Video Analysis
From CMOH presentation to PCN 13 Sep 2021

Sorry - no scorecard for a couple of days - have to put that aside to get caught up on this, which has become urgent in chaotic weeks since.

I wanted to follow up on this thread on Deceptive Framing. πŸ‘‡
In my 14 Sep thread:
β€’ I quoted @cfrangou 13 Sep thread,
β€’ who did some prescient reporting on CMOH's presentation to the Primary Care Network at 6pm on that night of Monday 13 September
β€’ including the video, which was taken PRIVATE the next morning.…
I don't know who ordered it to be taken private: PCN, CMOH, or both. No explanation AFAIK.

Taking it private put more attention on @cspotweet video clips, and on my thread.

Over 314K views, over 7% of Alberta's population.

I'm not a Kardashian.

All y'all are suspicious...
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Here's your AB COVID # analysis for Tues Sept 28th. 1/
Mon Cases/d 1300 a # decr from last wk's 1424. 7d ave now 1584, % decr from 1645. We seem to be flattening the curve all right, but I'm not comfortable with persistent cases around 1600/d. Positivity 11.46%, identical to last Monday's. 2/
Hospitalizations: inpts. Thurs +2 to 849 (revised from 847 yest and 818 Fri) Fri -9 to 838 (revised from 837 yest) Sat -40 to 798 (revised from 795 yest). Sun +19 to 817 (revised from 798 yest). Yest +20 to 837 (subj to revision). 3/
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Here's your AB COVID # analysis for Mon Sept 27th, covering the days of Fri/Sat/Sun. And it's not good. 1/
Cases Fri 1889, a 17.8 % incr over last Fri's 1604. Sat 1547, a 2.3% decr from 1591. Sun 1765, a 22.9% incr from 1436. 7d ave 1633, essentially the same as last wk's 1631. Plateauing, but with 2 of the worst 3 days of the #intentionallycruelwave this weekend, I fear rising #s. 2/
Positivity Fri 11.99% compared to last Fri's 10.07%. Sat 10.37% (last wk 9.84%). Sun 11.76% (last wk 10.99%). Positivity bending upwards, which is ominous. 3/
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#COVID19AB Balanced Scorecard
Mon 27 Sep

If you remember my hurricane analogy from yesterday, today we emerged from a weekend without communications from Alberta Health.

There was no sunshine. No respite between bands. Only the 250 km/h eyewall.
@jvipondmd @GosiaGasperoPhD @RajBhardwajMD @TehseenLadha @drdagly @plasercalgary @GermHunterMD @kwburak @PfParks @dupuisj Test Positivity

4th Wave was unusual as Test Positivity was a steep, unhesitating rise.

⬆️not πŸ“ˆ

We have seen that frightening line with Delta all over the world.

Researchers sometimes change their graph to log scale and are shocked to still see it.
When Test Positivity stuttered in September, then peaked in mid-September (urban mask mandates & restrictions) experts with @PopAlberta kept warning of danger.

My analogy then was a 1000-km wide wildfire at 80 km/h.

Because there weren't strong province-wide safety measures.
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Hi @jkenney,
I hear you don't want to put a hard lockdown in place because you don't want to punish the vaccinated. Can I let you in on a not-so-secret secret? The vaccinated are being punished either way. It's not really safe to be out an about. There is no room 1/
for car accidents, sports injuries, or illness in our hospitals. We are being told to stay home in the midst of a predictable 4th wave. Seriously, the only people not being punished under your leadership are the unvaccinated who you continue to whip into a freedom frenzy. 2/
So can we stop pretending that you have any consideration for the lives and livelihoods of the vaccinated. WE ALREADY DID the right thing. We keep doing the right things. This wave is all about the last 20% of the province who are all willfully unvaccinated 3/
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Here's your AB Covid # analysis for Friday Sept 24th (presented late night Sun Sept 26th, thanks to some away time this weekend). 1/
Thurs cases 1695, a 15.5% decr from last Thurs 2006. 7d ave 1554/d, a 5.4% decr week over week. But before you start celebrating the 1st drop in 7d ave cases of the #intentionallycruelwave, plz read the entire thread. Positivity 10. %, compared to last Thurs's 11. 2/ ImageImageImage
Hosptializations: On Friday, the Case Hosp Rate jumped another 0.1% to 4.3%, to the highest of the pandemic. As this is an average of all 4 waves, you know the rate right now is much much higher for the #intentionallycruelwave. (it was 4.0% at the end of the 3rd wave.) 3/ Image
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#COVID19AB Balanced Scorecard
Stats reported Fri 24 Sep

This weekend feels like seeing a Cat 5 hurricane bearing down on a remote island on Fri evening, knowing we won't hear for some days until power & telecom are back, praying for few deaths & devastation when they're out. ImageImageImage
Except we're not a remote island in open ocean. We're in Alberta, supposedly a modern society.

The hurricane has not passed. We've just had outer bands pass through. Rain, wind, storm surge, etc.

The 250 km/h eyewall is still coming. Major casualties. Hail & Devastation. Image
Modern society? Let's compare AB to City of Chicago

AB 4.4m
Chi 2.7m City (9.6m Metro)

Daily Cases:
AB 1554
Chi 412

Test Pos:
AB 10.11%
Chi 2.9%

AB 1061
Chi 25

Avg Daily Deaths
AB 14.1
Chi 3.57

Fully Vax
AB 62.4%
Chi 57.4%… ImageImage
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Whew. Ok. Took me a long time to decompress tonight
You see amongst all if it, I have a mother who is at the greatest risk. She is both immunosuppressed AND she has severe COPD. Even after a 3rd dose...COVID would likely mean certain death. So there's that. We
had to have a pretty ugly discussion again tonight around risk and what her wishes would be and THAT is excruciating. So on the heels of swabbing all's what I can tell you:
What I saw today (in themes and patterns cuz that's how I roll)
What Alberta has is a massive problem with utter confusion. This will come as no surprise to anyone who has attempted to ABIDE by the absolute abomination of PHOs and mandates and "suggestions" we have been presented with by a government that is hellbent on not upsetting the
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Once again, a thread from Dr. Vs DMs. This takeover has reminded me how deeply Albertans care. How desperate they are for information to be transparent. And how simultaneously they are confined by circumstances that try to silence them. #FirebreakAB @PopAlberta To all of those 1/
whose stories are belowβ€”thank you for sharing. I have to confess, the similarity in all of them is maddening. Everyone is from a HCW or someone in education. Everyone has a direct impact on the tiny humans with the least protection. 2/
It did not need to be this way. #intentionallycruelwave #COVID19AB –Michelle aka #PopABSiri 3/
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Here's your AB COVID # analysis for Wed Sept 22nd. 1/
Yest's cases/d 1371, a 16.4% decr over last Tues's 1641. Weirdly big drop, and across the province, which suggests this is something strange and not a big trend ?election day?. 7d ave 1613, a 5% incr over last wk. Positivity 9.06% (last Tues 10.61%). 2/
Hosp'ns: inpts: Last Fri +11 to 739 (revised from 735 yest and 733 Mon) Sat +20 to 759 (revised from 755 yest and 747 Mon). Sun +17 to 766 (revised from 760 yest and 738 Mon). Mon +27 to 793 (revised from 760 yest). yest +17 to 810 (subj to revision)(new pandemic record) 3/
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Here's your AB COVID # analysis for Tues Sept 21. 1/
Yest cases/d 1539, a 7.7% incr over last Mon's 1429. 7d ave now 1656, 7d incr of 12.2% from last Mons 1476. (yest 12.7%, Fri 22%, so slowing growth evident). Positivity 11.13% (last wk 12.23%). Continued slow drop. 2/
Hospitalizations: inpts. fri +12 to 735 (revised from 733 yest) Sat +20 to 755 (revised from 747 yest) Sun +5 to 760 (revised from 738 yest). Yest +14 to 760 (subject to revision). 7d incr Fri-Fri of 27% (yest 30%). New record for total hosps at 996 (2nd wave record of 905). 3/
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Here's your AB COVID # analysis for Mon Sept 20th, covering Fri/Sat/Sun. 1/
Cases/d Fri 1617, a 1.9 % decr from last Fri's 1648. Sat 1604 an 8.4% incr from last wk's 1480. Sun 1448, an 8.4% decr from last Sun's 1580. 7d ave wk over wk incr of 12.7% from 1457 to 1642 yest.(fri 27%, Thurs 22%) 2/ ImageImage
Positivity Fri 10.02% (last wk 11.66), Sat 9.76% (last wk 12.29), Sun 10.08% (last wk 12.04). Definite bending of the curve here, and flattening of the cases/d, unsure why, possibly the mask mandate instituted Sep 3? surprised it has been so powerful.3/ Image
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Here's your AB COVID # analysis for Wed Sept 15th, and some thoughts on the presser today, and on some of the measures announced (and not announced). 1/
Yest Cases/d 1659, a 35.7% incr over last Tues 1222. 7d ave now 1543, a 21.8% incr over last wk's 1266 (yest 16%). Positivity 10.46%, last Tues 11.67%, a nice drop... but a single data point does not a trend make. Here's hoping, though. 2/
Hospitalizations: inpts: Last Wed +12 to 556 (revised from 553yest 548 Mon 539 Fri and 525 Thurs). Thurs -1 to 555 (revised from 551 yest 549 Mon and 517 Fri) Fri +32 to 587 (revised from 584yest and 578 Mon) Sat +9 to 596 (revised from 597 yest and 588 Mon) 3/
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Here are my initial thoughts on the announcement today.
YES I’m relieved measures are finally being implemented.
BUT they’re a hodgepodge of rules that still pander to the unvaccinated and are difficult to understand (see @UbakaOgbogu tweet), let alone implement: 🧡 1/n
1.The only ABSOLUTE restriction is for indoor social gatherings (10 max for vaxxed, no for unvaxxed) which is essentially unenforceable.
2.Other measures have a RESTRICTION EXEMPTION which means unvaccinated citizens can participate with a private negative test - MAJOR equity issues AND won’t drive our vaccination numbers up sufficiently.
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A short 🧡 on the #intentionallycruelwave in Alberta. 1/
No matter how you slice it, crafting policy to intentionally cause infection, death, and longterm disability among Albertan kids and adults, causing health care collapse, is unbelievably cruel. How did it come to this? 2/…
Even if unintentional (which I doubt, show me the receipts, how can the result not telling parents of infection in their classes not be obvious?), once the consequences of the policy were evident, why not reverse the policy, and try and save lives? Isn't that the gov'ts job? 3/
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Just watched the full recording of @CMOH_Alberta's presentation yesterday to Alberta family doctors on the current state of #COVID19AB (still accessible here):
I do appreciate Dr Hinshaw acknowledging her mistake - Thank you.
But issues remain.
🧡 1/
Some of these issues are serious and have already been discussed by other commentators:
I’ll point out some other concerns I still have that may have not yet been expressed, or needs reinforcement.
@CMOH_Alberta is still comparing pediatric COVID with sports injuries.
This is a false comparison:
-Kids can’t spread sports injuries to other kids, or to society at large.
-We’re doing our best to prevent sports injuries (helmets, etc) and are not doing so for COVID.
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If you noticed that many of my recent posts have expressed frustration with unvaccinated Albertans & found yourself wondering I take the subject so personally... now it can be told! TRIGGER WARNINGS: Cancer, chronic pain, Covid #MyLifeIsNotElective #IntentionallyCruelWave 1/x
I had a spine surgery in February 2020 to correct a deteriorating disc condition that had left me in chronic pain for almost a decade. 2/x
That successful surgery was supposed to be followed by a second procedure -- a fusion in the lumbar spine -- within the year, to be performed by the same surgeon. 3/x
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Here's your AB COVID # analysis for Tues Sept 14th. 1/
Cases/d yest 1459, a 12.5% incr over last Mon's 1296. 7d ave now 1487 up 16% in 7 d from 1282. (yest 16%). positivity 12.18 (last wk 12.77, creepily stable at 11-12, too high showing we're missing tonnes of community spread) 2/
Hospitalizations: inpts: Wed +11 to 553 (revised from 548 yest 539 Fri and 525 Thurs) Thus -2 to 551 (revised from 549 yest and 517 Fri) Fri +33 to 584 (revised from 578 yest) Sat +13 to 597 (revised from 588 yest) Sun +31 to 628 (revised from 605 yest). 3/
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Hey Parkland County School trustees! You've earned a thread based on your participation in the #IntentionallyCruelWave. So received this today. 1/
This is the letter parents received yesterday from the board of trustees, hiding under the (obviously outdated) guidance given by the @CMOH_Alberta on Aug 13th. 2/
Meanwhile, staff received this note yesterday, with trustees rejecting a mask mandate, based on the (outdated, as from Aug 13th) advice of the CMOH. 2/
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Here's you AB COVID # update for Thur Sept 9th. 1/
Cases/d 1522 highest in the #IntentionallyCruelWave. 13.5% incr over last Wed's 1341. 7 d ave now 1294, a 16% incr over last wk's 1115. Positivity 11.04%, essentially identical to last wk's 10.99%. 2/
Delta: Aug 30 major revision down to 839 (from 882) so now 90.7% of daily cases. Aug 31 1182/1341=88.1%. Sept 1 1223/1341=91.2% Sept 2nd 1253/1427=87.8%. Other variants dissipating. 3/
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Here's your AB COVID # analysis for Tues Aug 31st. 1/
Cases/d 938, a 46% incr over last Mon's 641. 7 day ave now 1050 up 51.7% in a wk. Doubling time remains 13 ds. Positivity now an astounding 12.42% new #intentionallycruelwave high, up from last week's 10.89%. 2/
positivity in the central zone now above 20%. In the North an astoundingly scary 32.2%. 3/
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Here's your AB COVID # analysis for Fri Aug 20. 1/
Yest cases 763, a 30.2% increase over last Wed's 586. 7 day ave 586, a 39.1% incr over last week's 421.
11.5d doubling time, similar to last 2d. That means if trends continue. on Aug 30th, ave 1172 cases/d, Sept 9 2344, Sept 20 4688... 2/
Positivity 8.32%, another #intentionallycruelwave (aka delta wave) record, compared to last week's 6.17. Ongoing 2% rises week over week. 3/
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