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#ShayneHunter – who is reportedly a founder of #Antifa Australia, claimed that he quit the radical far-left group because #Soros wanted to start a #civilwar in every country in the world.

This is a #Soros friend:


Emails from #Wikileaks. Check out those dates. Having lunches and dinners all the time.
Celebrating Birthdays...
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@BBCnews & @SkyNews & the multiple correspondents tasked with reporting/commenting on #Brexit you have a tendency to frame & report on optics not substance. Short thread on why yesterday was a very bad day for #UK @BrigidLaffan
1. GAC ministerial meeting met in Brussels yesterday. UK left an empty chair. Message-we won’t waste our resources on what concerns you even though it was a discussion about ‘rule of law’. Not smart when PM is going to Lux to meet #Juncker. @BrigidLaffan
2. Commission President Juncker & @MichelBarnier were cordial but clear in the post meeting statement. It is U.K’s ‘responsability’ to come forward with ‘legally operational solutions’. Despite the spin there are no such solutions on the table. @BrigidLaffan
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🖤❤️#WunDerBlokK #Lobbyismus die neue #EU-Kommission ist noch nicht im Amt, da wurde schon der erste Seitenwechsel eines scheidenden Kommissars bekannt: Günther #Oettinger hat in Hamburg eine Wirtschafts- und Politikberatung gegründet. In seinen… 1/14
2/14 zehn Jahren Amtszeit war er für Energie, Digitalwirtschaft sowie aktuell für Haushalt und Personal zuständig. Nun will #Oettinger seine enorme Bandbreite an Insiderwissen und Netzwerken als freischaffender #Lobbyist vermarkten. Ob er gleich im Herbst damit loslegen kann,
3/14 ist jedoch noch nicht so sicher,wie er offenbar glaubt.
Denn der noch amtierende Kommissionspräsident #Juncker mobilisierte das unabhängige #EthikKomitee,das Oettinger Grenzen für seine künftige Tätigkeit setzen kann.Laut Verhaltenskodex für #EU-Kommissare dürfen sie 2 Jahre
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2. "Frenchness is disappearing and being replaced by a kind #balkanization of enclaves not communicating with one another.... this is not a good recipe." Giulio Meotti

#Migration #France
3. "It can no longer be denied that a momentous and hazardous transformation is taking place. I'm mourning the passing of #France as a distinct country, or at least as the Western, Judeo-Christian nation it had hitherto been." Michel Gurfinkiel

#Migration #Europe
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@polenz_r Aber warum benutzt Ihr dann nicht die #Wissenschaftlich, sondern erlaubt der #ClimateChange-#Lobby ein Kind mit Aspergers für ihre Zwecke zu missbrauchen?
#GrethaThunberg #FridaysForFurture
@polenz_r Und das das Greta-Phänomen von langer Hand geplant war und dann stark gepuscht wurde, wurde spätestens klar mit den schnellen Auftritten bei dem #WEF, dann bei #Juncker in #Brüssel, dann ein Papstbesuch!

DAS ist kein adhoc Youth-movement!

#GrethaThunberg #FridaysForFurture
@polenz_r 3. Am Ende geht es um knallharte Interessen: #GreenEnergy ist Milliarden wert und der teuerste #Strom Europas lässt sich nicht ohne "big Emotion" verkaufen.

#GretaThunberg ist ein "hard sell" für Dummies!

#GretaThunberg #FridaysForFurture
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#Juncker announces extra summit on #Brexit extension next week: "I assume that we will not be able to reach a decision this week [at #EUCO] but that we will have to meet again next week," @JunckerEU told @DLF just now.
Asked what #May needs to "have in her bag" when she goes to Brussels to ask for #Brexit extra time, #Juncker told @DLF that "approval of the negotiated [Withdrawal] Agreement" is precondition for extension.
.@JunckerEU on @DLF: "My assessment... we'll probably have to meet again next week because Mrs May doesn't have approval for anything — not in her Cabinet and not in Parliament. As long as we don't know what Britain could say yes to, we can't come to any decision."
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#BREAKING: King Salman and Arab and European leaders arrive at the headquarters of the Arab-European Summit in Egypt's Red Sea resort town Sharm El-Sheikh
#LIVE: Egypt President #Elsisi: The Arabs and Europeans have mutual interest in activating joint dialogue and it is difficult to overcome current challenges with individual efforts
#LIVE: Egypt President #Elsisi: Terrorism has become a tool used by some countries to create chaos among its neighbors and its threat is spreading throughout the world as an epidemic. We need to stand united in the face of the scourge of terrorism
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Diplomatic sources: the #Corbyn visit to Brussels was a waste of time because he wants a) a general election b) a new deal featuring a customs union for which there is no time and he does not have a majority in the Commons. The visit left EU officials shaking their heads
The May visit also left EU officials shaking their heads in disbelief. May spoke of progress, Juncker was pessimistic that a no deal #Brexit could be averted. EU officials do not believe the WA will get a majority in the Commons
Work continues in Brussels on an additional document on #Brexit to be appended to the Withdrawal Agreement. It would have to be approved by EU leaders at their next summit on 21 March. It will then be given to UK. However it will not contradict the WA ie will not satisfy ERG
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Il "mea culpa" di Jean-Claude #Juncker sull'austerità è una fake news che fa molto comodo alla narrativa, non alla verità

Ieri Juncker ha rivendicato di essersi battuto contro il FMI.

Ecco un esempio del 2012: scontro pubblico Juncker-Lagarde…
Nel 2015, quando non era più presidente dell'Eurogruppo ma della Commissione, Juncker si è battuto sempre contro il FMI ma anche contro Schaeuble.

Ecco un esempio che coinvolge il suo ex capo-gabinetto Martin Selmayr…
Juncker è un socialdemocratico trasvestito da popolare che ha più volte detto di essere contro "l'austerità cieca".

Esempi: Niente procedura perché "la Francia è la Francia". Flessibilità all'Italia fino al punto di screditare le regole. Niente multa a Spagna e Portogallo.
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1. My Predictions For 2019:
- #Macron will find it more & more difficult to hold onto power.
- #Merkel won't last until 2021 & her power will further decrease this year quarter by quarter.
- I expect that the #Brexit-Exit-date will be moved (most likely by 12 months).
2. My Predictions For 2019:
- The issues of mass-#migration (few real #refugees) will continue to haunt #Europe, especially #Germany & continue to put pressure on the GER #Groko-government (#CDU/#CSU & #SPD).
#Predictions2019 #Year2019
3. My Predictions For 2019:
- The trend of right parties gaining more power (2018: #Italy, #Austria, #Brazil) will continue: In #France #LePen (#FN) will benefit from #Macron losing power, in #Germany the #AfD will gain further support in Eastern Germany (tbc).
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Je commence une petite collection sur la sciatique de #Juncker.
#Juncker ivre - Les tapes amicales des présidences européennes.
Jean-Claude #Juncker était-il IVRE au sommet de l’#Otan ?
#Europe #Ridicule
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Oggi #Savona scrive al #Sole24Ore,visibilmente preoccupato per la mancanza di dialogo da parte della #Commissione europea. La lettera stranisce, perché sembrava invece essere proprio questo l'obiettivo del #Governo, sin dalla sua nascita.L'#Ue non è un interlocutore, è un nemico
Molti mi chiedono un'opinione anche sul comportamento della Commissione, giudicato eccessivamente duro e non imparziale. Sono d'accordo, è sicuramente così. Ma lo è perché la Commissione è fatta da politici (contrariamente alla vulgata dei "#burocrati di #Bruxelles").
Sono politici che, come tali, pensano alla loro carriera all'interno dell'istituzioni #UE o negli stati. Ecco perché contrastare in maniera rigida l'operato di un Gov che in maniera netta manifesta ogni giorno la sua avversità nei loro, con tanto di insulti, diventa inevitabile.
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@CapitalJon @PaulGambles2 @AlastairWinter @Halsrethink @dlacalle_IA @OBrienSheehan @chloechotv 1. #EU-#Europe before 2000 was OK: Open borders within #EU for EU-citizens, people can live & work (and study) in all EU states (so take great care who joins - went too fast too far East). The seed of destruction came with the #EURO.
@CapitalJon @PaulGambles2 @AlastairWinter @Halsrethink @dlacalle_IA @OBrienSheehan @chloechotv 2. More centralization & #Merkel's #RefugeesWelcome (with the will to enforce mass-#migration on other #EU states) introduce more toxic cancer cells into the #EU!
A common budget (#Macron) & an #EU-army would be the end of true #democracy & #freedom within #Europe!
@CapitalJon @PaulGambles2 @AlastairWinter @Halsrethink @dlacalle_IA @OBrienSheehan @chloechotv 3. The next step would be the likes of #Merkel, #Macron & #Juncker enforcing their will by first witholding money & next send the #EU-army to topple the likes of #Orban in #Hungary.
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Juncker delivered his last #SOTEU2018 speech. Here are my major takeaways in a tweet #thread @CER_EU
1. As media had previously reported #Juncker decided not to focus on what his Commission achieved but on what still needs to be done to convince European citizens to say 'Yes' to the EU when they go to the polls next year.
2. I agree that it is not a good moment for pats on the back and I agree with #Juncker that member-states have in many respects held the Commission up from delivering on Commission's promises.
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