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"A house divided cannot stand, and the Labour Party doesn’t seem to know what it stands for under Starmer’s leadership."
"The decision in October to suspend #Corbyn resulted in a damaging backlash, with left-wing members energised by #Corbyn’s leadership and vision
for a fairer Britain deciding to cut up their membership cards. By continuing to withhold the whip from #Corbyn, #Starmer is entrenching division in #Labour. It no longer feels like a place for people who share Corbyn’s values of eradicating poverty and inequality,
and creating a country for the many, not the few. Factionalism abounds and it seems clear to many that #Starmer’s purpose is to purge the party of left-leaning elements, rather than holding the #Tory government to account.
and creating a country for the many, not the few.
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Praying for defeat: Labour insiders accused of wrecking #Corbyn campaign in leaked report…
The #Labour Party has launched an “urgent investigation” into a leaked internal report on antisemitism, which has revealed evidence of factionalism and alleged sabotage that took place during Jeremy #Corbyn's four-year tenure as party leader.
The 860-page report found evidence of a “hyper-factional atmosphere” at the party’s headquarters with regards to #Corbyn, who was replaced by former shadow Brexit secretary Keir #Starmer as party leader earlier this month.
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The killing of Jeremy Corbyn
Peter Oborne and David Hearst

The former Labour leader was the victim of a carefully planned and brutally executed political assassination
Former Labour Leader Jeremy #Corbyn (Reuters)
Throughout his parliamentary career, the mild mannered, infuriatingly calm Jeremy Corbyn has never failed to excite strong emotions.
For his enemies, he will go down as one of Labour’s worst leaders.
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That Leaked Labour Party Report:… - via:@CraigMurrayOrg
That Leaked Labour Party Report

I have now read my way through all 851 pages of the suppressed and leaked Labour Party report on its handling of anti-semitism complaints. It is an important document, that is fundamental to understanding
major turning point in UK history, where Northern European social democracy failed to re-establish itself in the UK.
If whoever leaked the document still has access to the vast amount of original source material on which it is based, this is documentation of immense historical
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In May 2020 Keir ##Starmer asked the barrister Martin #Forde to investigate an explosive leaked Labour Party report which included outrageous allegations of racism, hyper-factionalism and even electoral sabotage by party officials.
It also seemed to show how the #Corbyn leadership tried to appease the right, leading for example to the expulsion of Jackie Walker and the resignations of Chris Williamson and Ken Livingstone.
But over a year later the Forde Inquiry still hasn’t reported.
Many people believe #Forde’s findings are being suppressed because the party’s leadership wants to bury the truth.
But we’re not going to let that happen.
That’s why we’re holding the “Not The Forde Inquiry”,
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The Labour Party disgusts me in this respect. Everything they seem to say or do is about supporting the #Israeli Apartheid State on the occupied West Bank.
Apparently the term ‘#Zionist’ is now an antisemitic term.
Statements like ‘just because you were once the victims of a horrific genocide and part of the Holocaust does not give you the right to become the perpetrators in #Palestine.’
Israel under UN CHARTER that dates back to the six day War in 1968
(I was ten years old when the Israelis sent their tanks in) must allow Palestinians to return to their original homelands. Say this and you will be called an antisemite and expelled from #Labour.
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By Angela:
I'm fed up with reading that Mr #Corbyn was a weak Leader! Compared to #Starmer, I have to laugh. It took a strong Leader to change the Dynamics of the Party for the better, whilst at the same time maintain his objectives against a barrage of non support.
It took a strong Leader to reach out to people left broken with Agendas that havent helped those people that he took the brunt of... It took a strong Leader to rise above the spurious #msm, and a strong Leader to battle the #skullduggery.
It took a strong Leader to hold the #Government to account, and to get evil #Policies reversed, win By #Elections, challenge the #Opposition, and increase #Public support, which he did at his Rallies. That strong Leader achieved unity in a short time.
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Nady Ghali
As a member and activist who spent a life time campaigning for labour, I have found myself suspended from the party on trumped - up charges,
After too many years of unbelievable utter hell and betrayal of Labour,
they are now begging people to stay in the party as they pretending that they did nothing!
222,000 people plus have been suspended and expelled on an unproven lies.
24 hour wall to wall feeding the media lies about #Corbyn.
The constant resignations, the walkout, the stabbings in front and backs of the left in the party, and yet they beg you or us to stay and caaallll for unity.
None of them have said anything at all about an apology!
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Keir Starmer has declared that Nicola Sturgeon should resign IF it’s found that she breached Ministerial code.
But where is the consistency? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
When Boris Johnson broke Ministerial code in 2020 (amongst other breaches) by admitting his Brexit plan broke the law, Starmer
did NOT call on him to resign. When Priti Patel was found to have broken Ministerial code over bullying her own staff, #Starmer did NOT call on her to resign.
Even when Health Secretary Matt #Hancock was ruled to have ‘acted unlawfully’ by a High Court Judge, with regard to the
delay in making the shady details of #Covid contracts with friends and party donors public, Keir Starmer did NOT call on him to resign - in fact he supported Hancock (!)
saying he should not resign over it.
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Roland Laycock
Labour Party leader, Sir Keir #Starmer, has been severely censured by the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers. Starmer resigned from the society when he was appointed DPP in 2008.
But he has now been banned from the Society of Socialist Lawyers because he is “demonstrably not a socialist”.
In a direct challenge to the govt, the academic board of University College London (UCL), which is the university’s highest academic authority,
has overwhelmingly voted to retract and replace the IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism.
Gavin Williamson has threatened to cut funding to universities that do not adopt the #IHRA’s discredited working definition.
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1) #MondayThoughts We have to face facts: the Labour Party leadership has now indisputably been taken over by the Centre-Right #Blairite faction who undermined #Corbyn's leadership & deliberately conspired to lose the 2017 & 2019 General Elections in order to get rid of Jeremy.
2) Yes, this may change in the future but I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for it to happen. Added to that the UK Westminster Parliament, so-called "representative democracy"- is hopelessly corrupt and appears impossible to reform.
3) Reform of our current political system "from inside" is impossible because of the profound right-wing bias of the Mainstream Media & determination of the current self-serving privileged elite to cling to power at all costs.
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The Role of the #Press in #Election rigging
This is the third part in a series about the rigging of the 2019 Dec #UK general election
where we focus on the role of the #British press in delivering the extreme right wing govts of Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, the United States
The Role of the #Media
I have no plans to relive any of the most despicable media output ever to disgrace the name of the 4th Estate. One of the main functions of an active, intelligent and questioning press is to hold those that govern us to account.
The #British #press have not only failed miserably to do that, but they have aided and abetted the very liars, fraudsters and racketeers who have taken over #Parliament and stolen the nations cutlery.
Wherever great power and wealth accumulate, corruption, bribery and fraud
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How sadly this all reflects on the country.
The Labour Party, who only fifteen months ago looked to ambitious programs of reform and renewal, and wished only to discuss the issues, now depends on an assumption that the population are so stupid
that they will vote for anyone who dresses up as John Bull, and now treat issues like a side-detail unless they can be used for cheap point-scoring? & still #Starmer and his cronies do not seem to realise that this means they are offering nothing the Tories do not already offer.
So why not just keep voting for the Tories?
Many are bound to ask
This is exactly why Jeremy #Corbyn emerged back in 2015 – because all the centrist candidates for Labour leader were saying exactly the same things as each other, & only #Corbyn offered anything more than #Toryism
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Today saw the launch conference for the Peace and Justice Project, founded by former Labour leader Jeremy #Corbyn. As the veteran British #socialist recently told Jacobin, the project aims to bring together movements around the world confronting the key questions of our time,
from the social fallout of the #COVID-19 pandemic to imperialist #war and #ecological disaster.

The conference was addressed by author Noam Chomsky, anti-apartheid activist Ronnie Kasrils, and climate activist Scarlett Westbrook. In #Corbyn’s own address, produced below,
the socialist leader argued against defeatism, insisting that, faced with today’s crises, social movements are already in a stronger position than they were at the time of the 2008 crisis.

Highlighting the power of demands like the Green New Deal, #Corbyn called for steps
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#Attention #UK #British #Public !!!
Andrew Bryant
Nearly 5 years ago, Jeremy #Corbyn pushed open the doors into the spacious and airy Offices of the Leader of the Opposition, overlooking the River Thames on Victoria Embankment. He already had some suspicions at this point,
but he could never have fully comprehended what was being plotted against him less than half a mile away at Labour's headquarters on Victoria Street.
Today is the deadline for submissions to the internal Labour inquiry, chaired by Martin Forde QC,
which is examining the past behaviour of former senior party staff. I've just written to the inquiry and these were my experiences.
As one of the first staff appointments in the office of the former Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, I worked on the same corridor as #Corbyn's
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Caroline Tipler
This is the most astonishing talk I have ever heard a politician give- it is exquisite, forensic, heartfelt. I was entranced at every point.

As it reaches the last few minutes I actually welled up with gratitude at his understanding of what we face
You know we often get a post/comment saying `if you listen/read one thing today make it this` and usually that pretty much guarantees that I will scroll on by.
HA, well, more fool you if you don`t listen to THIS video - and I will grovel at your feet if you come back at me
having listened and tell me I owe you 10 minutes of your life back.
Howard Beckett, NEC representative of Unite the Union, berates Keir #Starmer for attacking Jeremy #Corbyn during a time of national crisis
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15 Reasons the #EHRC Report can and should be challenged
#JVL has published many commentaries of the EHRC Report; so many that we have often been asked for a guide to key points to use in argument.
We have not finished our analysis of the Report.
Each time we read it we notice another problem. In particular, our legal advisors are still trying to list all the legal inadequacies and confusions of the Report – each provisional list they give us is longer than the last.
We will publish further lists of points to question as we proceed with our work.
#Starmer says "15 reasons you speak out"
15 Reasons the #EHRC Report can and should be challenged
#Starmer is trying to insist that we must all accept the EHRC Report in full and without question.
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Mike Nightingale

From "Our Correspondent" Adam Samuels...
"So now Keir #Starmer & Gen. Sec David #Evans are briefing THE DAILY MAIL!
Saying, blatantly, and with complete impunity, that they intend to continue to break #Labour's own rules,
the #NEC decision, #PLP standing orders and the #EHRC rules. And they've gone to one of the two most racist, disgusting sh*trags to say it.
To put this in perspective, they are literally saying they can do what the f**k they want, when they want,
including breaking all and any laws and rules they want to. In order to get Jeremy Corbyn to apologise for something he neither said or did.
While committing some of the worst offences it is possible to do under #Labour rules, #NEC rules, #PLP rules & #EHRC rules.
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Adrian Wait
The PLP #Labour Party is riddled with 'Class-Bias', the 'professional careerist' and 'status quo gravy train riders' are institutionally bias against the #working class they purport to serve... their arrogance crackles with hostility, their indifference flows
through their patronising disengagement and overwhelming sense of superiority this classism is at the root of their factionalism.
They don't mind the working class on the #frontline delivering leaflets is their place. But, woe betide anyone who drops their aitch's...
Although common in most regions of England and in some other English-speaking countries, H-dropping is often stigmatized and perceived as a sign of careless or uneducated speech. No top table for you matey!
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Jim Butler-Daulby
I've been banging on about this since the election!
The first clue came when #May - who had to do a very shady deal with the #DUP to cling on to power by her fingernails - suddenly, and confidently, shout across to Jeremy Corbyn;
"We will never let you anywhere near government!"
Where did that confidence come from? And who are the "we" she was referring to? How was #Kuensberg able to announce that "things look bad for #Labour" two hours before the official count?
And how did just 35% of the electorate return an *80* seat majority?
And, yes, as you've correctly shown, #postal voting increased by more than 50%! Why?
I don't, for a second, believe that this was a single issue (#Brexit) election!
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Philip Wagstaff
In his regular newsletter Chris Williamson this week writes:
Message from Chris...
This last week has been dominated by the closeness of the election in the U.S. and Trump’s defeat is welcome, but Biden’s victory isn’t really reason to celebrate. Jimmy Dore,
the popular podcast host, summed up the feelings of many in his tweet which said: “Thank God Biden Won! Now we have less rude people to start wars, rape the environment, screw workers, and Deny You Healthcare! WE WON!!!”
By contrast, Sir Keith Starmer welcomed Biden’s victory in a series of gushing tweets. In one of those tweets Sir Keith said: “Joe Biden and the Democrats have always shared Labour’s values and the links between our two parties remain strong.”
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1 "In period before #JennieFormby became Gen Sec in spring 2018, Labour HQ staff failed to act on the vast majority of complaints, incl. vast majority of complaints on #antisemitic conduct. Inbox used for complaints went months without being tended to."
2 "Corbyn & his new Gen Sec were sole reason Labour began to handle AS complaints properly at all. Even then a senior staffer ignored, obstructed & mishandled AS cases (despite being chased) then went to #MSM to complain that AS complaints weren't being dealt with in the party."
3 "IOW this RW saboteur created a problem and then used it to smear Labour LW as #antisemites despite fact #antisemitism complaints only began to be handled properly under #Corbyn. Other bad RW actors ( esp. MH) then flooded party with disingenuous AS complaints to clog system."
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Es an der Zeit die größte Terrororganisation der Welt zu verlassen und aufzulösen.
Den US/NATO-Kriegs-&Terrorismus-Komplex zusammen mit den Geheimdiensten CIA/NSA/MI6/Mossad/BND....den Saudis/Israel/Al-Qaida-ISIS..
Sind die Menschen im Westen lernfähig oder gibt es im Westen immer noch nichts Neues?
Wie viele immer unglaubwürdigere Lügen und Märchen müssen ihnen erzählt werden, bevor sie anfangen, dies zu hinterfragen?
Den Menschen im Westen wird das selbstständige Denken nicht mehr beigebracht sondern gezielt abgewöhnt.
Stattdessen wird Ihnen immer mehr beigebracht, was sie denken sollen und dürfen
Die Gesellschaft wird auf betreutes Denken statt selbständiges, unabhängiges Denken ausgerichtet
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Zeit für eine Kampfabsage zwischen den verschiedenen Zivilisationen, Kulturen, Religionen und Nationen. Zivilisationen, Kulturen und Religionen im ursprünglichen Sinne (nicht als Beherrschungsinstrumente missbraucht) bekämpfen sich nicht - sie tauschen sich aus &fließen zusammen.
Es ist an der Zeit, einem weiteren Kalten Krieg und dann womöglich heißen III. Weltkrieg entschieden entgegen zu treten. Das Großkapital schafft ständig neue Feindbilder und Konflikte um den Kapitalismus davor zu bewahren, vom Sozialismus überwunden zu werden. ImageImageImageImage
Nur für äußerst begrenztes Bewusstsein besteht die Geschichte der Welt &der "universellen" Menschenrechte nur aus der Westlichen Geschichte
und nur äußerst begrenztes Bewusstsein lehnt die westliche Kultur als Gegenreaktion ab...
Alle Kulturen sind Teil der Menschheitsgeschichte!
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