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Thread 1/13:

My piece in the @spectator:

Q: Is #Corbyn a friend of #Muslims?

A: Only some Muslims.…
2/13: Corbyn’s world view is binary: Imperialist (US and it’s client states) and anti-imperialists (Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Russia, China etc)

If you are victimized by one of the anti-imperialist regimes, you will get no support.
3/13: By speaking against the oppression of an anti-imperialist regime you have become a pawn of imperialist. The regime can now treat you as it wishes: barrel bombs and chemical weapons (Assad), starvation (Maduro), mass incarceration (Iran), annexation (Putin).
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Cannot believe that @GordonDimmack is the person Stranahan, Nixon & @theProgSoapbox go to for an analysis of #Briexit. All I see is an emotional tirade without any political analysis "No enterprise is more likely to succeed than one concealed until it is ripe for execution."
1. Corbyn is a Brexiteer he may have campaigned to remain but to bring about the changes the Labour Party want the UK has to leave the EU.
Wonder why Gordon in his rants makes no mention of that?
2. #Corbyn has played a blinder. Boris Johnson told the UK we would leave on the 31st of October with or without a deal. He has been pushed into a corner and embarrassed. He is now forced to try and negotiate a deal!
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What's the deal with with Jeremy Corbyn? For those who haven't followed the story, here's why so many people, and especially Jews, are concerned about the man who presided over the Labour antisemitism crisis. [A thread based on…]
2/ Let's begin in January 2006—it's not the very beginning, but still a very good place to start. Not for the first time, Corbyn then campaigned for the release of two convicted terrorists who who set off a bomb at a London building HOUSING JEWISH CHARITIES and at the IL embassy.
3/ In 2009, #Corbyn warmly called Hezbollah "friends," described them as committed to "peace, social justice, and political justice," and called on people to support them. Hezbollah, a proscribed terror organization, inter alia had BOMBED AN ARGENTINA JEWISH CENTER, killing 85.
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And let's get today's #Brexit thread started

#Letwin is expected to make an application for an emergency debate sometime after 17:30 which, if successful, will result in an emergency debate on Brexit sometime around 18:00

In the meantime the real stuff is still going on...

behind the scenes

Senior Tory rebels have been in to see Johnson and have basically come back out describing the meeting as being crap, and the Johnson is still sticking to the claim that the whip will be withdrawn from any Tory MP that votes against the government

All the current rumblings from Labour still seem to indicate that they won't back a vote calling for a General Election unless legislation is in place to stop a No Deal Brexit on 31 October, but that's still a case of wait and see

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This morning I sent a tweet to someone who was clearly smearing #Corbyn I started by saying "You joined the Lib Dems because you are a #Tory You line your pockets on the hard work of others." For my troubles I received a lot of abuse.
Nice to know that remainers consider a nurse and veteran a cultist dickhead. I actually voted remain, but would rather see Corbyn negotiate a trade deal that keeps many of the freedoms we have than have a no deal Brexit!
To debate and discuss the nuances of brexit etc. Is one thing but to use #Antisemitism #Racism #Cult and the notion that Lib Dems are progressive is another.
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For people who have been involved in politics for a longtime, this is not the first documented outbreak of #LabourAntisemitism amongst the Far Left of the party but this time it is different for many reasons which I will now explain. 1/8
The last time @UKLabour had a truly Socialist leader was Neil Kinnock, who also found himself attracting a great army of undesirable members (as is always the case) under Socialism, many of whom were #AntiSemitic but he had most of them expelled from @UKLabour. 2/8
It may even have cost him the chance to become PM, but fortunately we will never know. so now fast forward to the election of #Corbyn as leader of @UKLabour a man with an extremely well documented past for siding with terrorist organisations - in particular anti-Israel ones. 3/8
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Elaboro meglio la questione #Corbyn-#Brexit perché già vedo girare molte bestialità su testate anche importanti (ammesso che ne rimangano).

In sintesi: Corbyn non ha affatto cambiato idea.
Innanzitutto, il partito ha subito perdite catastrofiche.

-EU 2014: 25,4% (p)
-UK 2017: 39,99% (m)
-EU 2019: 14:1% (p)

(p)roporzionale / (m)aggioritario
Sono invece in fortissima ascesa i partiti con chiara posizione pro (Brexit Party, 31%) o contro (LibDem, 20%; Verdi 12%) Brexit.

I partiti ambigui sono stati puniti dall'elettorato (Tory a un abissale 9%).
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Have you heard of #Hotelling’s Law? In a two party system, it says that you get most votes by minimising the political distance between the parties. It’s worked well in the past, but it’s about to bring an end to both #Labour and the #Tory party. 1/n…
Hotelling’s law worked really well for Tony #Blair. #Thatcher had moved the Tory party to the right, so #NewLabour had an opportunity to increase its vote share by also moving rightwards. 2/n
Politics had shifted. Both parties held broadly similar policies. Blair’s political stance, although to the left of Thatcher’s, was much further right than any Labour leader previously (or since). Labour was able to capture ground that the Tories had left unguarded. 3/n
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Children in Victorian poverty in our schools: @Channel4News this evening.

My dad died when I was small. Subsequently, I had two episodes of homelessness as a child (early 1960s). I stole food to feed my Mum and me.

When I became a teacher in inner London, I still saw poverty...
But it seemed *comparatively* unusual, resulting from particular circumstances (like my experiences).

What's become clear in the last 5 years is that it's no longer unusual, it's no longer temporary, it's no longer linked to illness or 'inadequacy'. Now it's a feature of life.
In part I blame myself. By the late 1980s, as I watched families with children at my school find it harder and harder to cope, it was becoming clear that Tory policies were creating a poverty time bomb; but I was in a sort of denial, as I tried to keep my own head above water.
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Now, where was I? Oh yes, threads earlier talking about v likely #Corbyn #Labour government that failure of MV3 has created. I warn you that I've been to a Bottomless Brunch of Prosecco with some of my cousins, but short thread follows.
Let's start here: even in their best case scenario, #Labour is likely to be in a minority. Evidence is legion that they are going to catch an absolute *tonking* in Scotland, and I'd be surprised if they had held more than one seat there as things stand.
In that situation, LDs, SNP, Green, Plaid will try to hold them to another #EUref. Given c.25-35 Labour rebels, they will need a combined majority of 50-70 to avoid tearing themselves apart over this. That's the first step.
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So, where are we today? Overall I would say that the #Labour #Corbyn strategy is working well, and is likely to see Jez in No. 10 at some point in the next year or just over a year.
The #Conservatives are experiencing what looks to me rather like damage ERM crisis did to them in autumn 1992. Have lost 13 points (!) with @YouGov in just six weeks. Bear in mind that experience shows that such falls get worse for some time - could be headed v low.
The moment MV3 failed to pass was a clarifying one, and therefore welcome here - had been wondering for years what was keeping the CON score so high. It was #Brexit. We're now at 50/50 whether it even happens. They will struggle to recover.
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#Brexit news for today:

Nigel Adams, Minister for Wales, and Governement whip has resigned the #Cabinet over #TheresaMay's way forward.


You can hear #TheresaMay's reaction from here

So the splitting of the #ToryParty continues. Where will it end? And can we expect resignations from #Labour if #Corbyn is seen as giving up too much to #TheresaMay during the discussions tonight.

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THREAD 1. Philip Rosenberg – Director of Public Relations at @BoardofDeputies talking on Argentinian radio re. #antisemitism and #Jewish-#Muslim relations in #UK and #France.
2. #antisemitism is growing in the UK - Incidents in the UK are increasing each year, especially on social media but antisemitism in #France is different re. violence. It’s much more violent in #France than in the #UK.
3. Origin of antisemitism in the UK – generally related to extreme anti-zionism, also old antisemitic tropes re. control and banking unrelated to Israel are also present and used in relation to Israel.
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Diplomatic sources: the #Corbyn visit to Brussels was a waste of time because he wants a) a general election b) a new deal featuring a customs union for which there is no time and he does not have a majority in the Commons. The visit left EU officials shaking their heads
The May visit also left EU officials shaking their heads in disbelief. May spoke of progress, Juncker was pessimistic that a no deal #Brexit could be averted. EU officials do not believe the WA will get a majority in the Commons
Work continues in Brussels on an additional document on #Brexit to be appended to the Withdrawal Agreement. It would have to be approved by EU leaders at their next summit on 21 March. It will then be given to UK. However it will not contradict the WA ie will not satisfy ERG
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Luciana Berger cited #Labour becoming "institutionally #AntiSemitic" as a key reason for quitting the party.

Despite all the evidence, there are those who still deny the severity of #LabourAntisemitism. Here's a thread detailing how institutionalised it truly is...
Starting at the very top with @JeremyCorbyn.

He infamously referred to #Hamas and #Hezbollah as "friends". Both organisations call for the extermination of #Israel, and regularly carry out attacks against #Jews. They're also both officially classified as #terrorist groups.
Perhaps the most well-known incident is #Corbyn's attendance at a wreath-laying ceremony in Tunisia in 2014, which honoured the terrorists who murdered 11 #Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Mr Corbyn claimed to be "present but not involved".
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THREAD: Debunking the #DailyMail #Corbyn Scandal Tsunami.

As the imminent resolution to #Brexit looks JC shaped, the capitalist establishment is in melt down. Red Tories are poised to press the big red button & the plain ole blue Tories are shooting out chaff. Let's go! 1/
1) JC Showed Off to His Mates he Got Laid!
So, he's male then. Next!

2) JC is a Tyrant Who:
Seized power (twice elected)
Purged moderates (barely acknowledges their sabotage)
Crushes dissent (hasn't sacked any1 for ages)
Leaves others to dirty work (was only 1 to table PV) 2/
3) Corbyn Hates Women!

"'Misogynist put downs!"
(Definitely said 'stupid people')…

"Labour never had a female leader!"
(but JC picked first ever 50/50 sex-balanced cabinet)

"He doest do housework cos he's too obsessed with fixing the world!"
(OK?) 3/
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Yesterday I cancelled my #Labour membership. Tonight I watched #TulsiGabbard speak #Liverpool & its #Labour members have been disparaged by @wesstreeting & others. We once looked to advocates of peace now we smear them.
I wish I had watched the video before I cancelled my membership. I live in a city that gave us Bessie Braddock, that sought justice for the 96 & I threw in the towel to my regret. the latest #TULSI2020 smear. #Corbyn & #Gabbard seek peace and are feared!
I am tired of the smear campaigns propagated by the warmongering media. They live in fear that the truth will come out! @MerseyPensioner @ElaineDyson1 @mac123_m @oneoflokis @RChilvers @silverrich39 @upsadaizy @evertonfc2 @threadreaderapp Unroll
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What the hell is @jeremycorbyn doing?
Why is he enabling #Tory #Brexit?
Is this the final betrayal?
No, it isn't.
It's the predicted effect of decisions taken 2-3 years ago. All things considered, it's not as bad as it could have been (thanks to #StopBrexit crowd).

To understand why, I need to outline 2 important mechanisms that most people, politicians and commentators seem to ignore, dismiss or simply don't get. They have different and somewhat opposite consequences, but are both decisive in the current & foreseeable predicaments.
1st and foremost: the biggest constraint that applies to political decision-making comes from the past decisions & policies.
It is a massive constraint.
Cameron COULD NOT convincingly campaign for #Remain, because his own policies CREATED the discontent channelled by #Leave.
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Labour Against the Witchhunt wouldn't even report a Nazi.

LAW have welcomed former MP Jim Sheridan's reinstatement by the party. He was suspended last summer over an #antisemitic statement he posted on Facebook. But LAW don't accept he did anything wrong in the first place. /1
When Labour members err, there ought to be opportunity for them to learn from the experience and make amends. But comrade Sheridan's statement after his suspension was lifted suggested his only regret was getting caught and he appeared to blame those who complained about him. /2
Let's recall what got him into trouble: Sheridan declared he had lost respect and empathy for an entire ethnic group - "the Jewish community" - due to events in @UKLabour. The #Holocaust, pogroms and persecution no longer moved him because of "their Blairite plotters". /3
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Murdering #Palestinians is always justified for #Israel & their lobbies, just because Palestinians continue to exist. Notice most Hasbara trolls these days deny the centuries of Palestinian history & culture.
#Hasbara trolls deny that Palestine every existed, despite the maps clearly showing that it did, they even deny that Palestinians were a people. #Zionist lies have reached epic proportions & this is being noticed.
#Israelis will not be believed, their epic lies have devalued any cause they may have had. Additionally, the lies they have perpetrated against #Corbyn & Labour have completely devalued the accusation of antisemitism. In the end they will lose.
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I served my country. I saw the horrors war and I was scarred. I saw hate and fear in equal measure. I find it harder since my service to maintain my anger. I react inappropriately at times to the mildest of criticism. I have sought counselling but keep reliving the past.
I never judged someone by their religion, ethnicity, colour or gender. When someone was dying, injured or in distress I reached out to help. It was what I had signed up for it was what I trained for. I thought it would make a difference.
It did make a difference. It changed me it left me damaged because I could not being the suffering to an end. Today the UK feels like the War Zone I left behind. Division, distrust and hate seep from every sinew of our society.
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A 2017 analysis of #LabourAntisemitism #Israeli born author @jsternweiner asks why the attacks was so hysterical & political. A reference is made to Rebecca Hilsenrath CEO of the EHRC who questions Labours response to Antisemitism.
In early 2018 a furore occurred over an #AntiSemitic Mural.. #Corbyn was criticised for responding to a Facebook post by street artist, Mear One, in 2012, which asked why the image faced destruction. Corbyn apologised and provided an explanation
The #BBC published his apology and explanation on the 23/03/2018 on the 25/03/18 Rebecca Hilsenrath CEO of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Retweeted the comment in the image without clarification. Is this someone who is truly independent?
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Integrity Initiative And Affiliates Behind Multiple Attacks On Disobedient Media…
In the weeks following the hack, major narratives pushed by legacy press in the last two years have been exposed as state-friendly propaganda, including but not limited to: #Russiagate, the #Skripal poisoning, the smearing of #Corbyn, & attacks on the #Catalan independence mvt.
In April last year, Disobedient Media reported on Joseph #Mifsud’s ties to UK intelligence figures, and other connections suggesting British influence at the heart of the #TrumpRussiaCollusion narrative, concluding:…
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@ShaunLawson is not being honest. @JeremyCorbyn was offered by the leader of the Israeli Labour Party to meet in Israel. He did not even respond. To his own sister party! This comment is utter nonsense. I am not surprised. He spouts much other drivel.
Now this silencing thing. Nonsense.

Of course you have the right to shout. But you have *no* right to pretend you represent the mainstream.

The Board of Deputies represents many opinions. You may even belong to organizations that elect representatives.

@ShaunLawson says it’s defamatory. I shall quote an honest man @stephenpollard on this: When they threaten you wth litigation they never sue.
This is typical far left. All gob and no trousers.
If you mean it, sue him. We’ll be happy to watch you lose.
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