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#BREAKING: US envoy to Yemen Tim Lenderking says Yemen's #Houthis offensive on Marib ‘is the single biggest threat to peace efforts’
#BREAKING: US envoy to Yemen #TimLenderking says if we do not stop the fighting in Yemen’s Marib ‘it will trigger a wave of even greater fighting and instability’
#BREAKING: US envoy on Yemen Tim Lenderking says Iran’s support to the #Houthis is ‘quite significant and it’s lethal;’ no real evidence Tehran wants to support a resolution to the conflict in Yemen
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No mention was made of the facts that a Saudi invasion, not Iranian meddling, began this war, which has led to what has been assessed as the world's worst humanitarian crisis, in 2015;that the Saudi occupiers, who receive at least 70% of their weapons
from their chief strategic partner, the #US, have killed thousands of #Yemeni civilians; that while #Houthi missile strikes have mainly targeted Saudi military installations and oil infrastructure, the #Saudis and their invasion partners have indiscriminately attacked
civilians, partially or completely destroying over 500 healthcare facilities and bombing over 100 ambulances, even as the Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged the country.

But the #Houthi moves also point to the simpler, more-sinister reason why this war has turned so violent:
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The #US is perceived as a foreign aggressor, not a neutral arbiter, and allow that to guide further actions: The Biden administration needs to shift the mindset with which it approaches the war in #Yemen:
by Annelle Sheline…
The #US is not seen as a neutral arbiter, and so trying to behave as if it were will be ineffective. The US has supported #Saudi Arabia’s efforts throughout the war, despite occasionally imposing some limits on US assistance.

Yet the US maintains a close military
partnership with Saudi and helps to enforce the blockade that is starving #Yemen of food and fuel. The fact that special envoy Tim Lenderking found it “confusing” that the #Houthis rebuffed his ceasefire proposal demonstrates that he does not understand that the #US is seen
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Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Bruce Riedel has described the ongoing Saudi blockade as “an offensive military operation that kills civilians,” a situation that belies administration claims that the Saudi regime is “committed and eager to find a solution to the conflict.”
The coalition that sent the letter to the Biden administration acknowledged that it has taken some “critical first steps toward peace and food security in #Yemen,” including announcing an end to U.S. support for offensive operations in Yemen and relevant arms sales and
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@PauliVahtera Kiitos Pauli Vahtera!🌷🙏 Moni on lamautunut korruption ja poliitikkojen röyhkeiden laittomuuksien puristuksessa.

– Salaten ja valehdellen EU:hun. Valta luovutettiin maan rajojen ulkopuolelle…
@PauliVahtera Lipposen hallitus harhautti Suomen yllättäen euroon | 5.3.2017
- Suomi liittyi – tai paremminkin liitettiin – euroon ”yllättäen” eduskuntaa ja kansaa harhauttaneella taktikoinnilla,…
@PauliVahtera #Patria #Ukraina @SuomenEduskunta harhautettiin myös #NATO -Isäntämaasopimus -tekstissä, Niinistö PV: n ylipäällikkönä, jälleen kansan harhautuksen keskiössä.
-Isäntämaatuki esitellään Natolta saatavana tukena, vaikka kysymys on Natolle annettavasta tuesta
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One clear video of an #Houthi Qasef-2K drone being hunted out of the skies by #RSAF F-15 Eagle.
Yes, as the comment has been made already and more people will say it, the drone, of course, is by far a cheaper option, the cost ratio of F15 vs drone is obviously 50x and more, with/without import costs on the drone....
Very valid point here by Thomas. I guess this comes down to full "bigger picture" - the last impact has taken out a single storage tank at Jizan Aramco site, for example.
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Six years of fierce war later, and legitimacy has still not been restored. Nothing has been gained but ruin and destruction in #Yemen at the hands of those close to the people in land and bloodlines.

Dr Amira Abo el-Fetouh

Hundreds of thousands of #Yemenis have been killed in schools, mosques and markets; the missiles launched from the land of the Two Holy Mosques has not distinguished between civilians and soldiers. The goal is to eliminate the #Yemeni people, if not by missiles, then by
disease. Even cholera has been recorded among children, killing thousands, according to a report by the World Health Organisation. Famine has also spread across the country as a result of the unjust blockade imposed on it by #Saudi Arabia and the #UAE, the home of Arab
1/4 ImageImage
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"The Saudi-led coalition of Arab states has dropped more than 22,000 bombs in #Yemen since its intervention in 2015 and has contributed to the death of nearly a quarter of a million people since the conflict began. #American weapons systems have played a key role in the
1/2 Image
genocidal war that has produced millions of war refugees in what can only be characterized as the greatest human tragedy of the 21st century.

The high stakes of defeat
"Major advances by #Houthi forces on the strategically vital oil and gas hub of #Marib last week have
forced Saudi Arabia to offer a ceasefire agreement to the rebels. The offer came on Monday, after the rebel army seized Mount Hilan, threatening the #Yemeni military’s first line of defense and causing a disruption in global energy prices.
"The ceasefire proposal includes
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#CIA Pressured #Yemen to Release #alQaeda Leader From Prison
More evidence of CIA support for al-Qaeda exposed.

by Alexander Rubinstein…
#WASHINGTON (Substack // Alex Rubinstein) — Explosive new recordings released by the #Houthi government of #Yemen pile more earth atop mountains of existing evidence of the U.S. government’s support for the very same terrorists it has claimed to be waging war against for
nearly two decades.

The Moral Guidance Department, a branch of the Yemeni Armed Forces of the revolutionary Houthi government of #Yemen published last week a number of secret documents and phone calls from the former regime of longtime president Ali Abdullah Saleh.
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How could Washington give #AnsarAllah reason to see a ceasefire as a better path than continued warfare?

To begin, the U.S. could demonstrate goodwill by convincing Saudi Arabia to end the blockade of #Yemen, including the airport in Sana’a and
the port at #Hodeida, both under #Houthi control.

Such a step would signal the #Biden administration’s commitment to concrete steps aimed at helping to wind down this conflict and address unfolding humanitarian concerns. In the process, if the #Saudis agree to lifting the
blockade, the #Houthis could, in turn, agree to halt all attacks on #Saudi territory to address #Riyadh’s legitimate security concerns.

Regardless of how the Biden administration approaches the #Houthi movement, it is safe to say that the future of large areas of northern
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#BREAKING: #Houthi militia confirms group targeted migrant camp in Sanaa, says it left 44 migrants killed
#Houthi militants confirmed Wednesday that 44 migrants have been been killed in a fire at a detention camp last week in #Sanaa #Yemen
#BREAKING: #OIC stresses the need for swiftly implementing the Riyadh Agreement
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#BREAKING: GCC ministers hold meeting
#BREAKING: Al-Zayani: The difficult and delicate conditions in the Middle East require unified action
#BREAKING: Al-Zayani: We have witnessed widespread international solidarity with Saudi Arabia against the Houthi terrorist attacks
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#LIVE: @UN envoy to Yemen #MartinGriffiths says the conflict in Yemen is deteriorating with the continuation of the #Houthi militia’s offensive on Marib and cross-border attacks targeting Saudi Arabia @OSE_Yemen
#LIVE: @UN envoy to Yemen #MartinGriffiths says fuel imports haven't entered #Hodeidah since January; calls on the parties to "prioritize civilian needs above all else and not to weaponize the economy." @OSE_Yemen
#LIVE: @UN envoy to Yemen #MartinGriffiths says there must be an independent investigation into the cause of the fire that killed dozens of Ethiopian migrants at a Sanaa detention facility @OSE_Yemen
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#BREAKING: Scores of migrants burned to death at #Houthi migrant detention centre in Sanaa, HRW report says
#BREAKING: Five survivors of #Houthi migrant camp fire speak of mistreatment in HRW report
UPDATE: Scores of migrants were killed on March 7 after Houthi security forces launched unidentified projectiles into an immigration detention center in Sanaa, causing a fire, @HRW said
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#BREAKING: Arab coalition says Yemen's #Houthis fired two ballistic missiles towards Saudi city of #Khamis_Mushait - state TV
#BREAKING: Arab coalition says two ballistic missiles fired by Yemen's #Houthi militia fell in uninhabited border areas - state TV
#BREAKING: Arab coalition says it destroyed a fortified cache of ballistic missiles and launchers in Saada, northwestern Yemen
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#Yemen—Every day, dozens of the #Houthis militiamen are killed, in some days the number reaches hundreds, and those who try to escape the battle field, get shut by their seniors.
On the other hand, there are reports that informal meetings are being held between the #Houthi representatives and a third party mediating between them and the 🇺🇸United States.
Most security experts from the Persian Gulf state emphatically that the launches at #Aramco were not carried out by the Houthis but by the #Hezbollah Unit 400. @CENTCOM @coalition @IDF
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NEW: "We're pleased" says @PentagonPresSec on US-#SouthKorea reaching consensus on cost-sharing deal for US troops

Says the deal will "strengthen our alliance & our shared defense"
"The effort we have applied ... underscores the level of importance " of the US-#SouthKorea relationship, per @PentagonPresSec
"Military readiness on the peninsula is always a high priority" per @PentagonPresSec, noting upcoming training events
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We have “some special guests for #InternationalWomensDay, announces @PressSec.
Remarks from co-chair of the Gender Policy Council and Chief of Staff to @FLOTUS, Julissa Reynoso, and co-chair and executive director of the Gender Policy Council Jennifer Klein. #InternationalWomensDay
Asked about weekend border trip at the request of @POTUS, Julissa Reynoso, says "we do plan to brief the president on it" this week.
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‘The Axis of Resistance Media Network’
Designating #Iranian-linked media outlets can limit their activities, but a more holistic strategy is needed if Washington hopes to effectively counter the regime’s regional propaganda machine. 1
Reminder—#Iranian operatives sent threatening emails to Democratic voters while posing as members of the pro-Trump white nationalist group the Proud Boys. 2
One of the entities behind this disinformation campaign was the Islamic Radio and Television Union #IRTVU, which supports and in many cases created the bulk of the television channels and other media outlets run by #Iran’s proxies abroad—
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#YEMEN:Mohammed al-Houthi: Saudi talk of peace plan is a lie
Member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammad Ali al-#Houthi,has said “no serious peace initiative has been put forward in #Yemen, and all initiatives presented by our movement to bring peace to the country have
been rejected.”

“All what you are observing is only propaganda in media, but there is no peace plan. There is nothing,” Mohammed Ali al-#Houthi said in an exclusive interview with Sputnik News.
“We have not found any peace plan at all so far, they have not accepted the
peace initiatives we have presented in a clear and stated manner. They have not been able to present real peace plans to ensure security and stability for the #Yemeni people and to stop the aggression and the blockade,” he added.
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🇸🇦The Arab Coalition has confirmed it has intercepted and destroyed a #ballistic missile attack by the #Iran-backed #Houthi militia targeting Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh.
4 attacks in less than 24 hours. 1/4
The latest attack on #Riyadh comes just hours after the #ArabCoalition said on Saturday it intercepted and downed an explosive-laden drone launched by the #Houthis towards Saudi Arabia’s Khamis Mushait. 2/4
The Arab Coalition also confirmed that it was monitoring the launching of a number of explosive drones by the Houthis in #Yemen on Saturday night and that it had intercepted and destroyed one targeting Jazan. 3/4
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#YEMEN:Massive rallies have been held all over #Yemen, condemning the aggression and blockade imposed by the #US-backed #Saudi-led aggression against the country.

On Friday, hundreds of thousands of #Yemenis from all over the country flocked to the Bab al-Yaman Square in
the #Yemeni capital of Sana’a, in which they took part in the protest titled “The Siege by the #US Aggression Coalition Kills #Yemeni People”.
Participants in the protests raised banners condemning the silence of the world in the face of war crimes against the Yemeni people.
They also called on the world to go out in in solidarity stand and protests to demand an end to the aggression, the lifting of the blockade and the release of detained oil derivative ships.
They deplored the shameful international silence towards the war crimes against the
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A short thread shows crimes The Saudi-led coalition and its sanctions against #Yemen:👇
4.000.000 million #Yemeni children are in the stage of starvation, and if it continues like that, in 2021 it will be the largest famine in the world.
1 child dies every 8 minutes from malnutrition and poor health care
7.000 Yemeni children under 15 years old, are recruited in the war as front-row soldiers
80% of the Yemeni total population below the poverty

20.000.000 #Yemenis suffer from shortage or lack of food
70% of the agricultural sector is destroyed
200% increase in arbitrary detention, torture, and enforced disappearance
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Mohammed al-#Houthi condemns UN Envoy’s hypocrisy on Ma’rib offensive

Top member in the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, has commented on UN Envoy to #Yemen Martin Griffiths’ briefing to the UN Security Council, in which he called for a halt to
fighting in the northeastern province of #Marib.
#Griffiths classifies the battle as an offensive on Ma’rib despite the fact that the battle there has never stopped since the failure of the aggression countries’ and their mercenaries’ offensive on the #Nihm district
[east of Sana’a] until today,” Mohammed al-#Houthi Said"
“The UN Envoy knows since the beginning that that the aggression countries have rejected the nine points initiative regarding Ma’rib, and are determined to go ahead with what it called the” liberation of the capital Sana’a”
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