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Life Warriors need to speak up now! Last year, Kansas Supreme Court invented state constitutional right to abortion & adopted "strict scrutiny standard" more stringent then even Roe--meaning state would be unable to pass even common sense measures. 1/
2/ Laws requiring informed consent and parental notification would be unconstitutional. And even bans on 3rd trimester post-viability abortions couldn't w/stand scrutiny. Kansas Senate has passed constitutional amendment to return the issue to legislative branch.
3/3 But 4 Republicans in the Kansas House are refusing to support the amendment which simply returns the question to the legislative branch!! #ksleg The four are:
@DonHineman @Kessinger4KS Tom Phillips, and Bill Pannbacker. If you're a Kansan, call them. And everyone else pray!
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Senators are recognizing individuals from their districts for accomplishments at the moment. We expect Rs and Ds to break for caucus meetings soon, then return for debate on abortion amendment. #ksleg
Also, please welcome KU student @sydhoover17 to our coverage team for this session. She is helping me with coverage of the abortion amendment this afternoon #ksleg
Heading to caucus now #ksleg
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In 2018, Johnson County, KS’s commissioner told me about a dangerous feature in the county’s new ES&S voting machines. I reported on it (below), & experts now call it “Permission to Cheat.”

Why did ES&S just testify that none of its customers use it?! 1/…
At 1:00:15, ES&S tells @GKButterfield that he is unaware of any customers using the “AutoCast” feature (which allows voters to cast “paper ballots” w/o reviewing them).

As I reported in 2018, Kansas’s most populous county DOES use that feature! 2/
3/ Article by election-security expert Andrew Appel, citing my article, and nicknaming the feature “Permission to Cheat.”…
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We’re about a half hour from @GovLauraKelly’s State of the State speech. Lawmakers and spectators are filling the House chamber. #ksleg #kshouse
Gov. Kelly has taken the podium. #ksleg
Kelly, the Kansas’s third woman governor, takes a moment to recognize other women leaders in state government.

“For the first time in Kansas history, women sit at the helm of all three branches of government.” #ksleg
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Secretary of State Scott Schwab doesn't like the ACLU's "odd insistence of filing costly litigation." The lead plaintiff in a lawsuit over the Crosscheck data breach doesn't like Schwab's "tone deaf" response to ending the litigation #ksleg…
Schwab: “Our office expects future disagreements to be resolved responsibly, through communication and collaboration, not courtroom confrontations motivated by financial gain at taxpayer expense.” #ksleg…
Scott Moore: “I would have been happy to come to an agreement outside of the courts, but that was never going to happen while Kris Kobach was in office." #ksleg…
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U.S. Rep. Steve Watkins faces allegations of voter fraud and perjury after listing UPS store in Topeka as home residence on voter registration. He actually lives in Overbrook but cast ballot in last month's Topeka elections #ksleg #ks02 via @TimVCarpenter…
Jim Joice, Watkins’ chief of staff, said the representative mistakenly portrayed his residence to be the UPS building: “He just filed it incorrectly. I think that’s a little ludicrous.” #ksleg #ks02…
State Rep. Blake Carpenter, a conservative Republican on the House Elections Committee: “This person undoubtedly voted in an election in November for candidates that he had no constitutional right to vote for ..." #ksleg #ks02…
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We want what we want when we want it. That’s human nature. In the case of state government, when revenues are up its easy to forget how far we’ve come
Our troubles began with the Great Recession and were exacerbated by the tax cuts of 2012 & 2013. For our public schools, the trouble was further compounded by the repeal of the funding formula. Frozen funding under the Block Grant still impacting the system today.
To cope, most districts spent into reserve funds to shield students from the deepest harm. Even now, certain elements of our new formula base calculations on a “three prior year” rolling average which will smooth budgets in the long run but hurt at the moment.
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The progressive Left is licking its chops, hoping that Republicans in the Senate will “pass something” on gun control, as McConnell has said they’ll do. The Left will repeat several lies when that debate starts. Here’s the truth: #ksleg #2A #kssen
Lie 1: Unlike other countries, America is plagued by mass shootings. This is a false premise that assumes that because gun ownership is higher in the USA than other countries, the incidence of mass shootings is too. #ksleg #2A
The truth: America ranks 67th of 97 countries in mass shootings per capita--a long way behind countries where the possession of firearms is uncommon. #ksleg #2A #ussenate
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Standing room only & a distressing number of people opposed to even studying an LGBT NDO for City of Shawnee
But also lots of folks in favor! The younger folks all +, nice enough to let me stand by them
Some opinions 🤔
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Good morning, I would like to talk about school schedules, local control, and the child care shortage facing families.…
To begin, I do not think that the #ksleg should determine the school schedule. That is for our local school boards (or perhaps the State Board of Education). But, not us.
What I do want to talk about, as a parent and taxpayer, are the difficulties that an erratic schedule can impose on families.
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On record comment from @NRSC spokeswoman on Kobach: “Just last year Kris Kobach ran and lost to a Democrat. Now, he wants to do the same and simultaneously put President Trump’s presidency and Senate Majority at risk."… #ksleg #kssen
I'm a little overstuffed with quotes from Republicans criticizing Kobach as a candidate, but Sam Brownback's former chief of staff David Kensinger sent me this one about his fellow Kansas Republican: "L-O-S-E-R." #ksleg #kssen
Kensinger's antipathy toward Kobach post-2018 is well-documented…
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What happened to the #ksleg House coalition to hold up the budget for passing Medicaid expansion this year?
After weeks of of bipartisan conversations, a coalition of 20+ House Republicans & the every House Democrat rejected the budget bill Friday afternoon. Not because there aren't good things in the budget, but because passing a budget is the only thing required before adjournment.
Adjourning without the Senate passing Medicaid expansion meant rejecting more than half a billion dollars for Kansas & another year of 100,000+ Kansans going without access to affordable healthcare provided by expansion. A majority of the Senate wants to pass expansion now.
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Skimpy health plans touted by Trump bring back familiar woes for consumers…
“These plans can sound good,” said Sandy Praeger, former Republican ins. regulator in KS and onetime president of the Ntl Assn. of Ins. Commissioners. “Like a time-share apartment, you may think you are getting a good deal. But if people get sick, they find they’re not covered.”
ICYMI: This morning Association Health Plans and SB 32 (Farm Bureau non-insurance) were bundled with three other bills in a conference committee report which will receive an up/down vote by #ksleg. Rep. @cindy_neighbor and Senator Mary Ware spoke against the plans.
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Good afternoon from the Kansas Senate. A big afternoon ahead. Possible votes on school funding and taxes. Follow along. #ksleg
Potential vote on SB 22, the tax bill. This would send bill to Kelly, who hasn't said definitively what she would do, but has warned lawmakers not to change taxes this year.

Also expect debate on SB 142, which adds $90m (roughly) in school funding to adjust for inflation. #ksleg
Senate votes unanimously to confirm Lee Norman as KDHE secretary. #ksleg
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The House Elections Committee introduced bills based entirely or largely upon recommendations made by the Commission in our Annual Report, including addressing an loophole in campaign finance transparency and requiring e-filing for state candidates. #ksleg
HB 2169 provides that political mailings that avoid exact words like "vote for X" or "support X" must still include who paid for the ad if the only reasonable interpretation is to support or oppose a specific candidate. This language is currently used by the FEC. #ksleg
HB 2170 requires that all candidates for state office file campaign finance reports electronically. This would ensure that accurate campaign finance data is available to the public rapidly, as well as providing increased cost efficiency. #ksleg
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@st_vockrodt and I reviewed 5,000 emails from the Kansas Department of Revenue involving contacts with CGI surrounding a $61 million no-bid contract the company landed in 2017.

Here’s what we learned…… #ksleg
CGI and KDOR officials talked in early and mid-2016 about potential upgrades to the state’s tax systems. Talks progressed to the point where KDOR was asking for a comprehensive proposal from CGI. #ksleg
Then, in September, KDOR put a halt to discussions. Kansas didn’t have an active contract with CGI that could have been used to avoid an RFP #ksleg
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#Thread on the recent election from Western Kansas #ksleg Representative Adam Smith (adapted to @Twitter from his newsletter here…)
The election night map showed a significant portion of Kansas blanketed in red and only some of the the highly populated counties showing blue.
A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

It's not always black and white... or in this case, red & blue.

The first look at the above map from the Secretary of State's website after the initial election results were complete may leave some Kansans feeling like their voice doesn't matter.
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I'm at Holiday Inn in North Topeka where a small gathering is waiting for Steve Bannon to stump for Watkins. Organizer says he's en route from Topeka airport #ksleg #ks02
There's a screen set up, so some are wondering if he's just appearing by video. About a dozen people here. #ksleg #ks02
Watkins campaign just called to make it clear they have nothing to do with this rally. There are Watkins signs up in the rally room #ksleg #ks02
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Kobach cites FAIR report saying KS spends $377M public benefits on illegal immigrants. 1/2 of that is public schooling for immigrant children. If elected, would Kobach try to challenge US Supreme Court that ensures education for children regardless of status? #ksleg #ksed #ksgov
Look at what Kobach did in Alabama in 2011. Kobach wrote and pushed for HB 56 in Alabama, a bill that critics say, among many things, tried to intimidate undocumented children from attending school. #ksleg #ksed #ksgov
HB 56 disrupted Alabama schools. Eventually the school provision in that bill was blocked. Will Kobach try the same thing in Kansas? #ksleg #Ksed #ksgov
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What a debate! Well done, @KansasStateFair!

We're proud to support @gregorman, not only the Independent choice, but the best choice to lead ALL OF KANSAS into the future.

And thank you to everyone from #teamorman!

ICYMI: Our recap ⬇️ #ormanforkansas #ksgov #ksleg
To open, Greg lamented the two decades of decline that has occurred at the hands of Republican AND Democratic administrations:

"Kansas used to be a leader—a place that other states looked to for inspiration. But now we're a cautionary tale, and both parties are to blame."
With 27 years of experience turning businesses around while giving employees the confidence and stability they need to build their best lives, Greg is ready to do the same for Kansas.
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Election expert: Kansas’s ES&S voting system would allow some votes to be altered in a way that a manual audit or recount could not detect. By @jennycohn1 for @tytinvestigates #ProtectOurVotes…
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Wow. Jurisdictions considering election equipment made by voting machine mega-vendor ES&S should read these email exchanges between Johnson County Commissioner Ronnie Metsker & ES&S. Thread. #ProtectOurVotes #ksleg
via @warrendad cc: @tytinvestigates… 1/
2/ "I assume we will somehow be ready for canvass. I am not sure. What I have seen today while our team has struggled to function on software that will not operate, gives me grave concern."
3/ "This is unprecedented. They [the top 3 county attorneys] are gathering to discuss the last minute ‘bad media coverage damage control.’ ES&S is the central focus of the situation * * The public microscope is out. They are already relentless."
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This is more like it! A Republican candidate for the Sedgwick County, Kansas Commission has requested a HAND recount after his 1% primary loss to a Republican who sits on that Commission! 1/ #ksleg cc: @tytinvestigates…
2/ Sedgwick County uses the same ES&S ExpressVote system as Johnson County, which experienced a massive glitch uploading results on August 7 in the GOP gubernatorial primary. As shown here, they also make some candidates harder to find.…
3/ Pls read about the recent ES&S “glitch” in Johnson County and the history of ES&S, including the gaping security holes with ES&S’s last touchscreen sensation (the iVotronic), in the piece I wrote for @tytinvestigates. TY.…
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At 9:00 p.m., just b4 a"glitch" delayed further reporting by Johnson County, Kobach was behind by 44 votes in the state & 13% in the County. At the time, there was only one other (much smaller) county left. When reporting resumed, Kobach had the lead... #ksleg @tytinvestigates 1/
2/ At 9:07 p.m., a reporter for the Kansas City star reported that Johnson County would not display further results for at least two hours due to a “computer glitch.”
3/ According to Johnson County, each of its 196 voting location had its own encrypted USB drive, and the drives were taking too long to upload.
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