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Day 131 of #Russia's unprovoked war on #Ukraine.
In total though it's 8 years, 4 months - more than twice as long as WW1 and 2 years longer than WWII.

All the news, events and analysis as it happens, updated in real time right here in the daily thread, so scroll below!
Yesterday saw many civilian lives lost as Russia unleashed a barrage of missiles on eastern regions.

6 died in #Sloviansk, civilian buildings struck in #Kramatorsk and, as it only just made Sunday's thread, a repost of 🇷🇺 hitting a hospital in #Sumy

Three days ago I broke the news about @NHLFlyers losing a player - Ivan Fedotov arrested as he attempted to go to the States.

I can now confirm the Finnish born ice hockey star is in Severomorsk, #Murmansk to start his military service on Novaya Zemlya

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How to get the #grain out of #Ukraine?
The West has feasible options to challenge #Putin's #HungerPlan & avoid a #globalfamine.
Check out my latest piece at @TransitionsMag & see key arguments below THREAD 1/11
#Ukrainian defensive minefields around #Odessa & the #Russian #SeaBlockade are the two key challenges to establishing a secure sea lane for 🇺🇦 #grain export.
Concerning the first one, the requirements of safe shipping through minefields and effective #CoastalDefense are not incompatible, and a mine-free shipping channel to #Odessa would not seriously compromise the port's defence against #Russian #amphibious operations.
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The second oldest cryptocurrency, Litecoin was created with the goal to improve the accessibility and transaction speed of Bitcoin. Indeed, this cryptocurrency is arguably the fastest, taking on average less than 3 minutes to process the payment, #Odessa #PetrolDieselPrice… which is four times the speed Coupled with marginal fees charged by the wallet provider, which are typically under $1 (gaming websites themselves do not charge any fees for processing LTC deposits), this lightning speed makes Litecoin an ideal solution… for smaller routine transactions, which is what online casino deposits exactly are. Even though this digital currency is supported by a great many wallets and exchanges, the safest and easiest options are Coinbase and Exodus.
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#Kherson front region update 🧵 10 days since last update. Blackout by 🇺🇦 not much info came out of this area.But i will try to explain.Some info can't be shared,hope you understand Here the situation as of 29th. IMO.


@defmon3 @GeoConfirmed
@WarMonitor3 @JominiW
#Oleksandrivka area, according to my source in the area 🇺🇦 forces mainly 137th MC and SOF conducted operations and liberated #Stanislav. Mopping op. ongoing in area to the east. 🇷🇺 forces (DPR & VDV) fell back to #Shyrokabalka and will setup defenses near #Tomynabalka.
Toward #Pravdyne 🇷🇺 counter attacked and took up defensive position on the W/SW side. 🇺🇦 forces are attacking daily with drone assisted M777's and MLRS.
Active in this area is the 126TH TDF & SOF recon (See 🧵 ⬇️) north #StepovaDolyna is liberated.

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Day 128 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

The illegal, insane, inhumane war which was Putin's choice.

More murder and war crimes today as the little man in the Kremlin orders revenge for the loss if Snake Island

All the news right here in one place, welcome to the daily thread
The revenge from #Russia for the anger at losing #SnakeIsland is an horrendous missile attack on residents in #Odesa/#Odessa region.

17 dead and 31 injured as rescuers work at the site.

Yet another war crime

#RussiaIsATerroristState #StandWithUkraine
#Putin loves symbolism and to leave calling cards.
It's no coincidence that he ordered the murderous strikes on an apartment block and two leisure complexes in #Odesa region with exactly the same delivery as #Kremenchuk - three X-22 missiles fired from Tu-22 strategic bombers.
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When will #Ukraine fall and what will trigger it?
Some thoughts about strategy:
Many people often discussing why Ukraine is holding on some undefendable places in #Donbass and by doing this, sacrificing a huge quantity of people and material.
The best current example is
the battle for #Severodonestk and #Lyssytschansk.
Well, of course I do not have inside information, but here are my assumptions.
The #Donbass (and some neighboring oblasts as well) is the industrial center of #Ukraine. From my point of view all Western, and Ukrainian
intelligence and government institutions know very well, that #Ukraine will fall to #Russia. Therefore the question arose how to make it sustainably as painful as possible for the Russians, and thereby for Ukrainians, which will fall back into the Russian sphere.
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Starting a new Rus - Ukr thread

Last one ended here
No major movements on the map since my last update.
The only notable news is the reported entrance of Rus forces in Vovcherovka, 7 - 8 km south of #Lisichansk
The photos are reportedly from there but it's not known currently whether it's cleared completely ImageImageImageImage
Another interesting detail is that 2 small settlements Sinetski & Pavlograd (just across the river from #Lisichansk) are in the gray zone on the map.
The Rus probably haven't entered them likely due to being exposed to Ukr fire from the other bank Image
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Thread: 18 June 2022: Day 115 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update:

- #Russia has renewed its offensive around Izyum to try to encircle Severodonetsk

- Russian declared "humanitarian corridors" are likely to "manipulate the battlespace" as seen in Syria, and civilians trapped in Severodonetsk see them this way.
Interesting thread. The public messaging of #Russia and #China has become more overtly hostile to the #US-led world order; no reason to think the leaderships are not being honest about their views. Notable both see the collapse of the USSR as key.
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Rassegna Stampa
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
"Fondare una classe dirigente nuova, significa staccare la spina da tutte le correnti politiche dei palazzi...."
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Perché il servosterzo non viene più utilizzato nelle auto nuove
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L’#Ucraina esisterà ancora alla fine del conflitto?

La narrazione occidentale è sempre più lontana dalla realtà sul terreno.

Il mio nuovo articolo per #IntelligenceForThePeople 🧵
Abbiamo già visto come le narrazioni del conflitto propagandate da #Russia e Occidente divergano radicalmente:…

Tuttavia, nelle ultime settimane la versione occidentale appare sempre più distante dalla realtà sul terreno.
Lo stesso Zelensky ha ammesso di recente che circa il 20% del territorio ucraino è ormai sotto il controllo russo.
Le truppe di Kiev hanno quasi completamente perso la cittadina di #Severodonetsk e la provincia di #Luhansk.
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A #Sieverodonetsk, i #russi hanno buttato dentro truppe delle repubbliche fantoccio per supportare #ceceni e #wagner, e si è tornati alle linee di circa 3 giorni fa salvo due piccoli centri a ovest della città che sono in mano #ucraina.
1/2 della città è in mano #russa, il centro è no man's land perché oggetto di fuoco di artiglieria, 1/3 è in mano #ucraina.
Penso che col passare dei giorni emergerà come sia stata una carneficina da entrambe le parti.
(nel video, elementi della 72°mech ucraina in città)
Segni di ripresa delle operazioni russe da #Izyum e #Popasna dove molte truppe sono state concentrate di nuovo.
I #russi hanno ammassato truppe anche a sud di #Zaporizzje e molti si aspettano qualcosa verso la città capitale dell'oblast che i russi vogliono annettersi.
3/10 Fonte Institute for the study od War
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"Russian MoD video of VDV forces with both “O” and “V” markers (probably 76th Air Assault Division) in Ukraine with BTR-D, BMD-2, Tigr, Strela-10, etc." -- via
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (Día 99) - Comenzamos nuestro #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 El Monasterio de la Cueva de #Sviatorhirsk ha resultado dañado durante los combates de las últimas horas. Por el momento se desconoce hasta qué punto.

🟥 Gracias por compartir🙏
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (Día 99) - Al parecer, además de haber resultado dañados tanto la Catedral de la Santa Dormición, como los monasterios 3º y 4º, habrían muerto al menos tres religiosos.

🟥 En la imagen los incendios detectados por FIRMS en la zona de #Sviatohirsk.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (Día 99) - Las cifras de la contraofensiva ucraniana en el sur son muy dispares según la fuente. Varían desde una veintena de asentamientos recuperados, hasta estas otras, mucho más humildes.

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I want to give an assessment about the state of the war and what I think how it will continue. Moreover I want to address shortly the dispute between #ScottRitter and @GonzaloLira1968.
Eventually I want to add a political dimension to the whole picture.
#Ukraine #Russia #Kiev
First of all I want to state, that I do support Scott's assessment about the current state of the operation. Why? There is a special military operation ongoing, whose objective is, to free #Novorossiya, and probably either integrate it into #Russia or establish it as a new
country. Of course, because #Russia is considering #Novorossiya as Russian land, and the people as Russians. Therefore Russia is advancing extremely carefully, to preserve the population, as much as possible. If someone ask the question, how this
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Un articolo per chiarire alcune delle dinamiche che hanno portato alla guerra in #Donbas nel 2014.

Da #Donetsk a #Odessa (2014) - Parte Prima

Un thread ⬇️…
Recentemente mi sono imbattuta per caso in un thread in cui l’autore aveva postato il video di una manifestazione avvenuta a Donetsk nel 2014.
Al contrario dei video che avevo visto circolare sul Donbas nel 2014 con manifestazioni filorusse, si trattava di una manifestazione Euromaidan.
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The 87th daily 🧵 of the #Russia-#Ukraine war.

Russia's illegal invasion had a big boost in the last 72 hours.
Finally they claimed a 2nd big city in #Mariupol' while advances in the Donbas mean there's a real chance they can cut off 1000s of #Ukraine troops in #Luhansk region
But British intelligence is that #Russia is running out of drones.

While both sides are suffering big losses of unmanned aircraft, #Ukraine is able to replace but Russians are struggling

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
#Finland's gas supply from #Russia has today been cut off fur refusing to pay in Rubles.

However it's reported #Germany and #Italy approve rouble accounts for Russian gas payments.

Germany and Italy told companies they could open rouble accounts to “without breaching” sanctions
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Good morning! Day 86 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

This is the daily thread, with news and analysis updated throughout the day.

Things reaching boiling point in the #Donbas with danger for both sides and mass destruction once again.
Most British media this morning leading with news of @ZelenskyyUa's comments that east #Ukraine has been destroyed by #Russia

An update this this story for starters, where unfortunately the death toll is now 12 in #Severodonetsk alone, 50 houses destroyed
While the frontline in the east is described as "frozen" by some, it's not true. Not much movement with Ukraine generally holding strong

But there is one area of concern with a few thousand #Ukraine troops at risk of being surrounded as Russia opened up a spur in #Luhansk region
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Being a slow news day as far as info from the critical fronts, want to discuss an event from some days back. #Ukrainian sources released this drone video, claiming it shows a #Russian helicopter being destroyed on #SnakeIsland. Have wanted to discuss since I became aware of it on
May 8. For ~1 week, UA forces targeted #SnakeIsland (or nicer, Serpent Island, of ancient #Achilles lore) with a puzzling amount of air assets. As I reported then, it seemed evident that #Ukraine aimed to recapture the island as a PR coup. The island is also strategic as an AA
asset, has legal territorial ramifications, and is potentially important long term for commercial traffic control of the black sea including #Ukraine's vital exports of grains & wheat. The #Russian MoD later claimed there was such an assault & that significant air & other assets
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🧵🗣️🇺🇦 My daily Kenneth Gregg report: "Today, all Russian submarines in #Sveastopol have gone out to sea. Presumably to fire missiles at #Odessa, which has already had a rain of them over the past week.
Ground fighting has not been as fierce as yesterday. -->
"However, the Russians have gained a bridgehead near #Lyman. They have tried to hold positions at #Oleksandrivka and have tried to attack #Maryinka. The Ukrainian positions are holding. Also on the main front at the Donbas, we are holding the Russians at bay. -->
"My friend, who is fighting there, reported that the day has been unusually calm compared to yesterday's repeated Russian attacks.
At Izumy, the Russians have been very calm, probably moving troops to Kivsharvika to try to discourage the Ukrainian counter-offensive that aims -->
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 80) - Comenzamos nuestro #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.


🟥 Ucrania afirma haber alcanzado un Puesto de Mando ruso en #Neskuchne, mientras lanzaba una contraofensiva en la zona.

➡️ Localización:
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 80) - En relación con lo anterior, en Ucrania afirman haber atacado esa aldea desde el norte.

🟥Como sabemos, los combates en la zona han sido una constante durante meses, especialmente los bombardeos rusos y milicianos sobre posiciones ucranianas.
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1. Sytuacja na froncie w #Ukraina: ofensywa UKR pod #Kharkiv, zajęcie przez RUS #Rubizhne i podejście pod #Sievierodonietsk, dalsze RUS próby forsowania #SiverskyiDonets, rozpoznanie walką przez RUS pod #Popasna, obrona #Azovstal w #Mariupol, bitwa o #Zmiinyi Wsypę Wężową. 🧵...
2. W ramach ofensywy NE od #Kharkov Ukraińcy atakują rosyjską obronę w miejscowości #Vesele. Rosjanie podciągnęli więcej artylerii, której obie strony intensywnie używają. #wojnanaukrainie #WojnaWUkrainie
3. Pod #Izyum front zamarł, trwają pojedynki artyleryjskie, walki toczą się NW od #Lyman. W #Borova widziano wiele rosyjskie sprzętu wycofywanego w kierunku #Donbas. Wydaje się, że Rosjanie porzucili ten kierunek ataku. #wojnanaukrainie #RussianUkrainianWar
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Update #Ukraine
Im Überblick:
- beide Seiten melden weitere Gebietsgewinne;
- #Biden unterzeichnet Lend-Lease-Gesetz;
- russ. Vize-UN-Botschafter und brit.Skynews-Moderator streiten im Live-TV;
- Militärverwaltung von #Cherson plant die Eingliederung in Russland.
Im #Donbass toben weiterhin schwere Gefechte. Beide Seiten reklamieren weitere Gebietsgewinne.
Ukr.Truppen erklärten, dass sie weiter bei #Charkiw vorrücken und einige Ortschaften einnehmen konnten.
Die entsprechende "Charkiw-Offensive" begann schon vor einigen Tagen.
Russ. Truppen melden weitere Gebietsgewinne bei #Donetsk .
Insbesondere bei #Bilohorivka habe man erfolgreich vorstoßen können.
Den ukr. Verbänden in dem Gebiet drohe nun eine "operative Einkesselung", so russ. Quellen.
Heftige Kämpfe finden zudem bei #Severodonetsk statt.
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1/ It is one thing to pour weapons into #Ukraine, but for a country like this, it must provide for its citizens, not the least salaries, pensions and money to rune institutions. How will Ukraine and the West do it?
2/ Why #Russia should not be in a hurry in #Ukraine:
#EU planning to fund the operating expenses of Kiev for at least 3 months (€15 billion) through a new debt emission.
#Zelensky needs $7 billion per month to pay salaries, pensions & other gov expenditures.
3/ Give it few months. #Russia would have conquered the Donbas with #Odessa in the line of mire. With railways destroyed and sea access threatened, the Ukrainian economy will be paralyzed. The #EU would be bankrupt pouring money into Ukraine while asphyxiating its industry.
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