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🇨🇱¿Cuándo me van a dejar comprar acciones o poder elegir el #ETF que más me gusta? “Quiero Nike. Me gustaría invertir en el Nasdaq. Hay un ETF del S&P 500 que encuentro es mejor. Un ETF de clean energy me hace sentido”. Ahora con Fintual Acciones* te la hacemos fácil. Abro hilo🧵
Lo pensamos, le dimos una vuelta y ahora lo tenemos. Hoy Fintual Acciones ofrece construirte un portafolio con + de 1000 activos, sin comisiones y con un spread de dólar de máximo un peso respecto del precio al que acceden las mesas de dinero de los propios bancos y corredoras.
El dólar te lo entregamos a lo que realmente cuesta. No como cuando pagas tu tarjeta de crédito y te cobran un tipo de cambio de fantasía, de 15, 20 o 30 pesos más caro que lo que está mostrando google.…
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A Sell report by a convertible bond analyst about a company starting with “A” that didn’t quite go right in retrospect…

This one goes back 20+ years and imo is One of the most interesting phases of Amazons history - it’s journey through the dot com bust…let’s dig in…#AMZN
The report was written by Ravi Suria - a Chennai boy when he was all of 29. Imagine what it might have taken to take head on internal pressure, board me,get pressure and from the company targeted…he admitted it ruined his life for two years…
If we imagine ourselves at that time, How to react to such a caustic congruence of red flags??100s of M$ burnt in failed e-comm acquisitions, high attrition in senior team, lack of confidence amongst internal senior team, list of failed initiatives outnumbered ones that succeeded
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The CPI report came in Thursday with headline at 7.7% and core at 6.3%, both lower than expected. And boy oh boy did risk assets like that. Everything was partying like there was no tomorrow.

Let’s have a quick look at what F happened here?

Firstly, yields in the US and Europe collapsed, which saw the dollar weakening given Europe a bit more breathing room. China was the only country to see yields rise on a weekly basis properly reflecting the reopening story.

Everyone and their mother suddenly celebrated inflation at 7.7% and that saw the largest daily move up in the SPY since the spring of 2020. You know .. back when rates and inflation were near zero. I don’t quite get the rush to suddenly turn uber bullish risk assets.

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#SPY $SPY Market Overview 9/9 #MSFT #AMZN #AAPL $AAPL $AMZN $MSFT
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$SPY Closed above Wk 50%. High Chance of going OB Wk. 🎯405.84


Over extended on Wk (404.2)

Wk bounced off UTL

GAP⬆️419.96 - 421.22

50D MA ~401.6

Inverted C/H & Inverted H/S
SUPPLY: 402.42 - 406.03
DEMAND: 380.66 - 389.09 / 389.45 - 390.9
D FVG: 405.84 - 414.09
$AMZN Closed in D EMA☁️but above the 50D MA (~127.1)

D EMA☁️🐻

C/H Pattern.

Sitting right at DTL from AUG 16th.

$AAPL Closed below D EMA☁️ & 50D MA (157.6) Over extended (~157.6)

D EMA☁️🐻

C/H Pattern.

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$SPY Wk still over extended (~403) 4.65pts. Futures↔️

Closed above the Wk 50%. High probability to go outside week🎯405.84

GAP⬆️419.96 - 421.22

50D MA ~401.25

Inverted C/H & Inverted H/S

D. Setup: 2⃣2⃣
L. Entry: 398.59 / S. Entry: 390.2

#SPY ImageImageImageImage
SUPPLY: 398.58 - 401.55 / 402.42 - 406.03
DEMAND: 380.66 - 389.09 / 389.45 - 390.9
D FVG: 405.84 - 414.09 ImageImage
$AMZN Closed below D EMA☁️but above the 50D MA (~126.23).

C/H Pattern.

Sitting right at DTL from AUG 16th.

$AAPL Closed below D EMA☁️& 200D MA(~161) & 50D MA (157.23) Over extended (~158.86)

C/H Pattern.

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How to Read my Chart:

E = Early Entry
S = Safer Entry
D = Daily Entry (Previous Day High / Low)
Wk = Weekly Entry (Previous Week High / Low)
BF = Broadening Formation
D/UTL = Down/Up Trendline
IB = Inside Bar1⃣
OB = Outside Bar3⃣
FTC = Full Time Frame

#StocksafterDark #SADTips
#SADnation - You do NOT need to trade every Day. You do NOT need to hit the🌙on each trade. You do NOT need to go ALL in. You do NEED a plan & CONSISTENCY is🔑

2022 has 251 days:

$100/D = $25.1K
$500/D = 125.5K
$1K/D = 251K
$5K/D = $1.25M

2023 = 250D

#SADucation #SADtips

#SADnation Have you gone 🟢➡️🔴?

Have a 🎯 & 🛑 in mind before entering into a trade.

Learn to scale out of your positions & adjust your 🛑Where you place them is your personal Risk➡️Reward tolerance.

Learn to get ⬆️ & walkaway when you’re🟢.

5% > -1%

Wins compound.

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Storytime: A while ago, #AWS outmaneuvered one of our competitors in the cloud

#AMZN isn’t just big, they can out-think you too. Wardley Maps are one of their tools. (@swardley)

Our friends made a Facial Recognition (FR) system specifically for Fraud Detection on AWS. 1/8
#AWS noticed the usage analytics and recommended using it for general user authentication (red).

Our competitor saw no problems with this – their secret sauce was the algorithm - not the UI or API.

Everything was built on EC2. 2/8
AWS then built their own version – Rekognition – just for User Authentication.

Our competitor was happy as their algorithm was “industrial strength” and won awards in “NIST Testing”. User Auth is a toy by comparison.

AWS built on the then-new ECS instead of EC2. 3/8
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1/ $SOFI is a Sleeping Giant👇
1.Banking Merger Pending
2.@Galileo_Tweets powers 70% of world #Fintech
3. Trades Crypto
4. Trades stocks
5. provides - all kind of Loans
6. provides Insurance
7. International expansion
8. single app for all your need
9. User growth very high
#Sofi owns @Galileo_Tweets is the #amzn of #Fintech
2020: CEO Clay Wilkes Galileo Powers 👇

95% of digital banking in USA runs
70 of the top 100 #fintech in the world are clients, such as Robinhood, Chime, DAVE, Monzo, Moneylion, Transferwise, Klarna…
3/ When @Marqeta with 400M revenue is valued at ~ $16B then just the @Galileo_Tweets part of #sofi $SOFI needs to be valued at $8B .
Marqeta gets 400M Rev
Galileo gets 200M rev
what about valuation of banking , crypto, loans, insurance , Stocks , china expansion of #Sofi ?
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A 🧵 about investment mistakes from a guy that has made them all. Topic:


We have seen the Crypto market drop over 50% from its previous highs earlier this year.

IMO the decision to sell is the hardest decision anyone is faced with when investing money.
It doesn’t matter if you’re investing in cryptocurrencies or stocks. Whether it’s #Bitcoin or #AMZN, selling is a difficult call to make.

My personal struggle with the “should I sell” decision is likely a common struggle.

The decision to buy is easy. You’ve done your research
and you truly believe in the utility of the token - so you buy. In a bull market with everything going up - you buy. You believe in the business or the product - so you buy. You believe you have inside information - so you buy. You experience FOMO - so you buy.
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Voce sabe o que a #AMZN, #UBER, #ABNB, #MELI, #FB, #TWTR, #RBLX, #ENJU3, #NINJ3 e Ifood tem em comum? O famoso Network Effect, ou em bom portugues, efeito rede.
A grosso modo o efeito rede significa que quanto mais consumidores tiver um produto ou serviço, maior será sua demanda, tanto de fornecedores quanto de usuários.
Ex: O que faz o whatsapp uma ferramenta tao interessante? O fato de que quase todo mundo usa! Quantos mais usuários vc tem, mais trafego se tem e por consequência mais usuários vc captura.
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💥He recopilado las 69 MEJORES EMPRESAS que lo pueden hacer mejor en los próximos años💥
👉Descripción, precio, crecimiento, características y valuación de 5 años en un sola página⚡️
🔥SUPER hilo desglosado en sectores🔥
El informe completo en mi web
16 sectores con mucho potencial:
1 Base de datos🖥️
2 Internet💻
3 Games / Streaming🎮
4 Fintech💸
5 Impresoras 3D📟
6 Evs🚗
7 Semiconductores🔌
8 Drones🚁
9 Realidad virtual📺
10 Software💽
11 Renovables☀️
12 IoT📠
13 Telemedicina🩺
14 Medicina🧬
15 Ecommerce🛒
16 Cannabis🍀

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1. I JUST RECENTLY BOUGHT $493,000 of $ROKU stock.

I missed the +217% one year run up in 2020. But as of today, I'm up about 27% for a 2 month hold so far.

Here's my extensive 25-post due diligence on #ROKU.

(read the full thread)
2. First, stop thinking of $ROKU as a hardware company.


They started that way, but have shifted into a much more lucrative space - their 'Platform.'

More on that shortly.

Think of them as having part of their biz as hardware, but most of it as their Platform.
3. Most people I talk to say, "Why do I need #ROKU if my TV already has its own build in apps?"

I get it. People don't yet realize what ROKU offers. But they will. Just like people didn't understand other tech at the start (Paypal, Amazon, Netflix, etc.)
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1/ One of the models I use most in business analysis is tech stack trees 🌳

Every product is built on and enabled by 1 or more technologies.

Understanding where a product fits on its higher-level tech stack is an important part of any long-term strategy or investment thesis.
2/ A tech stack "tree" is higher-level version of a traditional tech stack. It shows not only the tech something is built on, but what's built on it. A typical stack tree looks something like this:
3/ Here's a few examples of stack trees from the tech industry, although they can be drawn out for products *any* industry. #AMZN #NVDA #TWLO
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1/ Confessions of a retired #trader.

In July 2000 I bought #AMZN at $30 a share. I was a big fan and day trading to pay my startup bills.

A few days later as it touched $45, I flipped it. The trade paid for our parents visit to the US that summer.

My kids found out yesterday.
2/ It was less than a thousand shares. Total gain on the trade - $5k to $6k (in 2000 US$).

Just enough for 4 tickets from Karachi to LA for Ammi, Abba and my two sisters.

I bought it again in July 2001. Sold it when I got wiped out after the market closure post 9/11
3/ Sometimes just for fun, I do the math.

1000 shares of #AMZN at $30 a share. Worth a tidy penny today.

Then I look at pictures of us with Ammi, Abba, Nani, my two sisters with Amin on Malibu beach.

And there is no doubt in my mind.

Best #trade I ever made. #family
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Anyone else feel a bit nauseous when they see this?

$AMZN 1999-2010
$BTC 2017-2021

Just for the record, I'm not Macro bearish, but this fractal makes me 🤮 a little. Image
If this plays out... #Bitcoin Image
#AMZN vs #BTC Fractal Update:

There are very few people who believe these levels are even possible (~5.5k). 'Max pain scenario' and all that.

I'm trading the chart as I see it, not by this Fractal, just keeping eyes on. 👀 Image
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Analysis: #NASDAQ: #AMZN

Case 11 Inc

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

Amazon has seen a tremendous uptrend since early 2015 culminating in a top @ $2050.50 reached in September 2018. Conditions since then have become broadly range bound.

Chart 1
Monthly Chart: The most important lines - TLs, #TL pivots and horizontal #pivots have been laid out. Watch for monthly closes below these levels to get an indication of the next moves.

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